Robin Williams – A Tragic Loss

Those of you who have followed my ministry for any length of time, and/or who have read my book (Teshuvah: David’s Key) have heard or read my allusion to Victor Frankl’s powerful psychological modality of “Logo Therapy,” which is founded in part on the concept of “Dereflection,” and which has as one of its primal roots–the use of humor (yes, humor).

Humor is a powerful anticeptic, and has been proven to save lives–quite literally.  However, at the same time obsessive-compulsive humor has often been proven to mask deeply troubled waters within a given soul.  I use humor constantly, to survive the condition of catastrophic tinnitus.  I therefore know what I am talking about.

You may find a great overview of Victor Frankl’s contributions at this link, below:

Victor Frankl

Little was known of Robin Williams’ personal torment–his torment deep-down.  Many know of his traumas with divorce, drug abuse and depression.  But few know of the spiritual dynamics behind such. The following web-link represents a timely article on the spiritual dynamics behind Robin’s suffering.

I have as a deliverance minister come face-to-face with many elements represented herein.  May this brief article shed light on how you can more effectively be an Ambassador of Light in increasingly dark times:

Robin Williams – A Study in Spirituality

I should mention as well, and though I’ve yet to hear or read of such to date; I strongly believe the deepest root of Robin’s pain to have been a broken relationship with his father.  The Father’s heart could have healed Robin, had he the encounter his soul so desperately needed.

Your trench-mate,