For those who’ve read my book (Teshuvah: David’s Key) you know very well my 13-year (to date) saga with this condition.  And, as I’ve iterated in my book, I look to the day when the Lord will heal me.

This particular article below does a good job of describing the condition.  Note that within the article body you will find some audio samplings (see red framed text box on right border of message body) of what many tinnitus sufferers hear around the clock.  In my case, the “7500hz” audio sampling (at the bottom of the list) is very close to what I’ve heard 24 hours a day, for 13 years at this stage, and at a very loud volume (roughly double the volume of what is heard in this sampling).

Here’s an additional audio sampling:

If you suffer as I do, know that there is hope for healing, for its only a matter of time before a cure is found.


Tinnitus Article – PBS

Your trench-mate,