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Amish on Fire

A few months ago I had the honor once again of ministering among the Amish of Eagle Valley Church community in Libby Montana. It was a heart-warming reunion for me, having first met this community while I ministered in their midst in 2007. It is difficult to believe that 15 years have transpired since this initial meeting. I would go on to tread Israeli soil with the associated Anabaptist Connections ministry team on 3 occasions, representing 3 unique missions (in 2010, 2012 & 2013 respectively)—missions far removed from the posture and paradigm of tourism. The team was comprised of both Amish and Mennonites representing many states and a few countries, with members of the Eagle Valley Church community and Anabaptist Connections team of Libby representing the epicenter.

I could go on for many pages about the powerful things that happened on those missions with these dear Amish and Mennonites, as well as the powerful events which have unfolded in meetings among them throughout the country, since.  For the present however, I wish to briefly expand upon one of the words I delivered while recently in their midst.

Barring a definitive history of the Amish and Mennonites, I will offer the reader a brief glimpse of such, to then springboard into authenticating the title of this segment of the article.

In the spirit of radical reform, and a break-away representing broad refutation of Roman Catholic theology and practice, as well as other established Protestant sects, one Menno Simons (1496-1561) representing Swiss-German culture and geography, would rise-up to champion the Anabaptist movement. It was roughly 1693 that one Jakob Amman would then break-away from the Mennonites due to a theological schism of sorts, thus forming the Amish. Mennonites and Amish, as well as Hutterites, comprise the Anabaptist beliefs and associated lifestyle, though there remains some nominally conflicting theology between the Old Order groups. Most of the world at large does not recognize the distinctions herein, but rather tends to lump them into the same “stream” by way of their “plain” (Old Order) standard of dress and agrarian lifestyles. In recent decades however, there has been a growing trend toward migration from the Old Order, especially among those who have wholly embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the fullness of His Holy Spirit flowing through them—the Spirit-filled Life. It is these, among the Amish and Mennonites that I most pointedly speak of at this juncture.

During what is often formally chronicled as the “Munster Rebellion” (pronounced “Menster”) of Munster Germany, three prominent Anabaptist leaders who were at the forefront of an uprising, hold-out and siege in opposition to the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Munster (1535), were ultimately tortured and martyred. Many others were imprisoned. Their bodies were then placed in steel cages and affixed to the exterior structure of the steeple of St. Lamberts Church, in full view of the local populace (to my knowledge the cages remain to this day).

The bones of these 3 martyrs are said to have remained within the cages for 50 years. Some contend that it was considerably longer.

I have omitted much detail of this saga, to rather arrive at the point of my initial mention of such: there remains Anabaptist martyr’s blood in the soil of Munster, and throughout a much greater sphere in Europe, which has been crying-out for God’s holy recompense for 600+ years. God’s recompense entails His meting-out of manifold judgment which far transcends the sin/rebellion/iniquity/wickedness which warrants such. Why do I now alight upon God’s holy recompense within this saga? God’s recompense is often timeless, ageless, mysterious, and ultimately terrifying (“It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God,” Heb. 10:31). And, in the spirit of His timelessness and mystery (His omniscience and omnipotence), I have recently witnessed His divine recompense being released in the form of fiery anointing and authority resting upon spirit-filled Amish and Mennonites—which will equate to the redemption of millions of souls saved for each single martyred and imprisoned Anabaptist in Munster, in 1535—and every martyred Anabaptist thereafter throughout unfolding history.

It was while standing before the Amish of Eagle Valley Church in Libby Montana more recently, that I saw quiet and graceful flames fire of God’s anointing and authority hovering over these dear End-Times warriors—far in excess of their personal awareness. As I stood there I was reminded of an analogy the Lord gave me many years ago, which paints a vivid picture of what it means to carry His anointing and authority in these End-Times. In short, there exists Night Vision technology within the military, which renders the heat-score (image) of the human body despite total darkness (consider the raging darkness presently all about us in these End-Times). The heat emanating from the human body on a battle field, at night, renders an image which appears larger than the body itself, as the heat-trace of the body lingers beyond one’s frame as a person moves about. So the authority and anointing emanating from these End-Times Anabaptists radiates far in excess of their frame, and their awareness.

When I reflect upon Daniel chapter 12, Matthew chapter 24, II Thessalonians chapter 2, and Revelation 7; I cannot conclude anything other than the reality that we are marching headlong into severe times of persecution and martyrdom here in the West. Our immediate neighbors to the North, in Canada, are already meeting with the heart of the Communist Beast. The U.S. is only ½ a step behind them, at best. As we march further into such, I foresee the Amish especially merging to the frontlines of a Frontal Assault upon the works of darkness.

It is difficult to navigate a vehicle forward when we are glued to our rear-view mirror. Those therefore, who have emerged from tremendous suffering and persecution, and who have discarded their rear-view mirrors by forgiving and praying for their persecutors, walk in tremendous authority. And in the case of my 15-year observation of rapidly emerging numbers of Spirit-filled Amish abroad, it is the sweetness of humility and gentleness which, when coupled with gracefully-healed wounds that equates to a powerful measure of spiritual authority.

It was in 2007, amidst my first visit to Libby Montana to minister among the Amish community surrounding Eagle Valley Church, and while staying the night with senior leaders Lloyd and MaryEtta Miller; that I was abruptly awakened at 3:33AM, whereby my wristwatch bore testament of the time. Being awakened precisely at 3:33AM had become a common event for me (since 09-09-99 the consistent awakenings have corresponded with a prayer-directive contained in Jeremiah 33:3), I knew therefore that the Lord had something in store for me as I slithered out of bed and wandered into Lloyds study, which also served as his Prayer Room. This room, on the 2nd floor of his home, is situated in a corner of his home in such a way that it appears much like a spire within the construct of a castle. The windows overlook a vast expanse of Eagle Valley, including the church grounds. As I gazed into the darkness, and while still able to make out the beautiful ridges of the immediate hills and the mountains beyond, I beheld a vision of endless streams within the Body of Christ of converging to the valley, and dispersing from the valley. I knew in an instant that the bulk of these people were Believers who had come to Eagle Valley to be equipped for battle, and as they dispersed they did so with fierce resolve—to march headlong into all that the works of darkness would choose to throw at them. The vision bore semblance to the old train yards active in large cities a century ago, whereby locomotives and endless numbers of boxcars would be disconnected, reconnected and rerouted.  The two photos below bear very close semblance to the vision:

Upon my recent return to Libby, I witnessed the very unfolding of this vision.

Senior leader Lloyd Miller and his late wife MaryEtta served the Eagle Valley Church for a quarter of a century. Tirelessly, and through many storms, they remained faithful to their calling. They served to lay the foundation for many who would evolve into mature Soldiers of the Cross, and who are now piercing the works of darkness with the Light of Life.

During my recent return to Eagle Valley, and while I participated in the ordination of the incoming pastoral leadership team, Lloyd, while stepping-down from his role as senior leader, also in the same moment was stepping-up and into a role as an Ambassador of Eagle Valley Ministries—poised to impart to the nation (and beyond) all that has been imparted to him, in Libby Montana. To authentic this transition, I received a vivid vision of Lloyd while yet still on the plane destined for my connection in Spokane Washington; a vision in which Lloyd was departing Libby in a plane, circling over the country, and landing back in Libby. I observed this cycle repeated, in the vision. The day after my arrival in Libby, and while visiting with Ben and Barbara Girod (apostolic pioneers of Holy Spirit visitation which has been sweeping the Anabaptist nation for decades at this juncture); I shared my vision of Lloyd, with Ben. Ben immediately shared that in just the past few days he had, oddly enough, noticed a small plane repeatedly taking off, circling, and then landing in the immediate area, and thought it peculiar.

1 Corinthians 15:46 reads: “The spiritual is not first, but the natural; first the natural, then the spiritual.” This verse aptly captures the very dynamics melded between my vision of Lloyd, and Ben’s natural observation of the aircraft, so close together.

The incoming Eagle Valley leadership team represented by Benjamin and Dora Girod and Steven and Orpha Girod, and the collective Intercessory and Worship Teams, has gracefully embraced the baton and is now racing toward the finish line with fire and authorityAmish on Fire.



The Covid-19 “Pandemic”

Some of you reading this article recall my initial posting of an article in December of 2019 (while I suffered from a severe case of Covid—the sickest I’d ever been to date), entitled: The Truth about Covid-19. With a very high fever, accompanied by a long list of other severe symptoms including lung infection, I failed to remain cognizant of the fact that because of my article title, the Google tentacle of The Beast System would quickly find my article and excise it from my website, which it did, only 36 hours after I posted it. My article stated primarily three key words to describe all of what was then unfolding: Luciferian Global Governance.

Those 3 words have proven true, beyond the imagination, over the past 2 years.

My bout with Covid, which began a few days prior to Christmas in 2019, lasted a full month. It was the sickest I could ever recall being—until late December of 2021, when I again contracted a similar virus, yet with symptoms even worse. This mystery virus spanned a full 2 months, wherein once again I felt I was on my deathbed, and spent 90% of my time in bed—unable to read, unable to worship, and unable to pray with any fervor. I emerged 20 pounds lighter; weight I did not need to lose; feeling much like a listless vapor; and with my spirit-man starving for hope and healing. I’ve fully recovered from such just shy of 2 weeks ago, as of this writing.

I share my saga with the associated sicknesses, to in turn assert that through my healed wounds in this regard, I’ve earned a few badges and ribbons which I now proudly display—in the form “truth-bombs” which, thankfully, have been authenticated many times over since December 2019, as many are waking up and “smelling the coffee.” The offense spawned by my boldness herein is certainly not intended. Rather, it seems to necessarily run this course as it meets with denial resident within the yet-blinded masses—who have been artfully programmed to believe otherwise. And, the truth is this: Covid-19 and the associated “vaccines” against such were created in the very same laboratories—several years ago—long before President Trump’s media-touted “Operation Warp Speed.”

The “pandemic” has been nothing of the sort, and has been anything but “naturally occurring.” As asserted in December of 2019, this entire charade, which so happens to have peaked with the rollout of 5G (isn’t that interesting timing?) is the “engine” of Agenda-21, which was birthed at the United Nations in 1992, under the banner of “Sustainable Development” (read: Eugenics—population reduction) and which has more recently undergone a minor name change to rather read “Agenda 2030.”

As ghastly at it sounds, the Luciferian Globalists in 1992 decided to formally launch a global murder campaign (genocide) which was to climax in 2021 – a plan 30 years in the making. Now it appears they need another 9 years in which to accomplish their goal. And, though millions of people are dropping like dead flies by the minute as the result of the death-jabs (“vaccines”), it apparently is not happening quickly enough for the Luciferian Globalists, so another World War in is order; this time with Russia—in the form of Russia against the world—the New World Order to be precise (I will expand upon the true nature of this military activity, in a moment). Nuclear war, and the death of hundreds of millions of people, is the current NWO goal—with the U.S. leading the way—the most visible face of the NWO presently. Intellectually, and once again, they tout the “Sustainable Development” mantra (key language within the original Agenda-2021 treatise and the more recent Agenda-2030), while unaware that the demonic forces propelling them simply want blood in the streets, throughout the world—the blood of those who’ve yet to meet with the saving knowledge and grace offered by the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are some among the broader readership of this article now circulating on the web, that are understandably agitated by the piercing and grim language I am using. You must however understand that this is wholly necessary, in light of the gravity of the hour. Some of you who have happened upon this article have been so dumbed-down and deceived by our Western CIA-managed news network that it takes a figurative “slap upside your head” to shake you out of your deceived stupor—long enough to recognize truth. I simply refuse to employ “flowery” language to assuage those who would rather drink Eternity Lite—a popular elixir comprised of 3 primary ingredients: Comfort, Convenience, and Compromise—ingredients which are presently assailing Western Christianity especially.

As 2022 continues to unfold, tens of millions of people will die around the world as the result of the wicked assault upon their bodies in the form of the Covid death-jabs. Consider how often you now hear ambulance and EMT sirens about you; far more frequently than a year ago. Traffic related deaths have increased a staggering 300% in the past year (you will not find that truthful statistic on the web presently), in and through people dying at the wheel as the result of the death-jabs. The medical industry, especially in the West, and which is largely controlled by Bill Gates, will continue to artfully mask the nature of these deaths and the true statistics. And, because the deadly symptoms are so widespread, it is quite easy for the medical community to select an endless number of Causes of Death. The death-jabs so viciously attack the entirety of the vital organs, that Cause of Death can easily be cloaked in an endless array of medical explanations—dully masking the original assault upon the body.

I have shared all of this, to in turn implore you to step outside of your comfort-zone and begin to more boldly witness to those about you, even when the risk is very high. I have been doing so for many years now, and have correspondingly earned the right to challenge you to do the same.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, The Davos Clan, the Bilderbergs; all of Washington D.C.; and a long host of other unnamed Luciferian actors around the world, comprise the New World Order—which will soon roll-out yet another “global pandemic,” with even greater measures of enforcement and lifestyle restrictions—and consequences. The time is now, therefore, to prepare your hearts to stand firm and hold fast to your witness of the Lord Jesus Christ and faith in Him alone, to sustain you during what is quickly becoming the darkest season in human history.

Meditate on this verse for a moment: “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (Prov. 4:18).

It is amazing, how much prophetic significance is nestled within the Book of Proverbs, and the Psalms. What King Solomon was seeing, as a visionary, as he penned this proverb, was the growing illumination of God’s anointing, authority and grace adorning Believers as they march into the darkness of the End-Times. The “full day” symbolizes the Day of the Lord—His return. And, as we contend to stay anchored within His perfect will, we will not only be free of the fear of what is presently unfolding and intensifying, but will welcome the battle—knowing resolutely that we have been fashioned for this very moment in history.



 Russia “Invades” Ukraine

A more appropriate title for this segment of my article would read:

Russia Rescues Ukraine

What relative few in the West understand presently, is that we are under the greatest onslaught and barrage of media mind-warm deception in the history of mass-media—an extremely toxic “Psy-Op” (psychological operation) which spans the globe presently, and which has convinced, in my estimation 97% of the planet, that Russia is committing an evil atrocity by “invading” Ukraine. To the contrary, they are rescuing Ukraine from Nazi occupation and New World Order control.

What the reader must rather understand and acknowledge is that Russia is presently the only remaining Christian Nation of consequence on the planet (with Jordan trailing closely behind). For while the U.S.S.R. once did in fact harbor the vicious beast of Communism, with all of the catastrophic Christian persecution inherent with such, the nation has, since discarding the U.S.S.R. cloak, increasingly embraced the true tenets of authentic Christianity as emulating from the Eastern/Russian Orthodox Church.

Conversely, the United States is no longer a Christian nation, it is rather the most celebrated face of the New World Order, with Washington D.C. now looking no different than what is depicted of ancient Babylon—in complete opposition to God, defying everything that is Christian, and celebrating everything that is perverse and abominable. Even those with but meager measures of  spiritual discernment operating in them presently, cannot deny that the following verse captures the epicenter of what the U.S. government has presently devolved to:

“The wicked strut about in pompous self-importance on every side, as vileness is exalted and baseness is prized among the sons of men” (Ps. 12:8).

When counterfeit-president Barack Hussein Obama announced that “the United States is no longer a Christian nation,” he was making the only truthful statement that I’ve heard him make since discovering him in 2007. Relative few are unaware that he presently manages the White House and the Pentagon (and of course his two wet sock puppets Joe and Kamala), and he is in turn directed by the New World Order and the Chinese Communist Party—seemingly divided directors—but are they really (?).

Russia has in recent decades, undergone a remarkable transformation within its spiritual DNA, granting and embracing the fluid influence of the authentic Christian impact of the Orthodox Church. While acknowledging that every representation of “organized religion” holds the very real potential for the deadly toxicity of the Religious Spirit along with some bad actors in its midst, I will yet assert that I have observed for decades at this juncture, the remarkable preservation, cultivation and perpetuation of Ancient Christianity, in the power of its purity, in and through the Eastern/Russian Orthodox Church. This influence includes the personal impact within one Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. has, for roughly 25 years most pointedly, exercised and carried out the deeply deceptive practice of overpowering many nations in the name of countering “terrorism”, while slaughtering millions of innocent civilians through massive bombardment, and murdering heads of state abroad, with shockingly wicked overarching motives—which most typically equate to what I categorize as Blood Money—assets, revenue and subsequent worldly power and domination as the result of mass-murder. Libya, Kosovo, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Venezuala, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and more recently Ukraine, are some of those victims. The CIA manages these nefarious operations for the NWO oligarchs—the dozen or so billionaires who constitute the upper-crust of the NWO. As difficult as this is to swallow, our tax payer dollars have been funding global terrorism for decades. No less painful is the reality that the federal government of the United States has been wholly infiltrated by Communism, and is now an irrefutable Police State, with every branch of the federal government having been infected by the cancer of Communism, including the judicial system in its entirety, and the Pentagon. Our tax payer dollars are funding the entire monster. The Communist takeover went into “overdrive” when Barack Hussein Obama slithered into the White House—with the help of his CIA handlers. For the 8 years which followed, the very soul of this nation was wholly excised, laying the foundation for the total destruction of the nation. Such the destruction was placed on “Pause” for the 4 years that Donald Trump was in office (what I refer to as “A Season of Mercy” – the title of an article I penned and posted shortly after Trump was installed)—asserting that when Trump exited the White House, the Communist hyenas would finish-off the tattered remains of the charred “Stars-n-Stripes” pitifully flapping in the breeze—a breeze forerunning the approach of an ominously dark cloud of Communism on the horizon.

In 2013 – 2014, the CIA managed the overthrow of the duly elected president of Ukraine, which was preceded by a CIA-managed civil revolt and Color Revolution—utilizing the very same formula employed in Libya, Kosovo, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan the U.S. (e.g., Antifa and BLM) and several other nations. In typical fashion, the West especially during 2013 – 2014 was deceived into believing that Ukraine’s previous president was a tyrant. Once the overthrow was complete, a perverted comedian, actor and performer was installed, to serve solely as an NWO puppet, while an array of 11 biochemical warfare labs were installed in the nation, as well as nuclear warheads—aimed at Russia—and stationed on Russia’s very border. Ukraine had thereafter become a massive money laundering hub and a military hornet’s nest for the New World Order—positioned to destroy Russia. Since 2014, the NWO, with the U.S. leading the way, has used Ukraine as a black market clearing house for every profitable revenue stream spawned by deeply cloaked vice, including business deals involving Joe and Hunter Biden, placing tens of millions of dollars in their personal pockets. Hunter Biden remains on the board of directors of one of the largest racketeering companies in Ukraine.

As I conclude my remarks and insights into what is truly transpiring between Russia and Ukraine presently, and subsequently between Russia and the New World Order; I wish to once again draw upon a phrase I’ve used in previous pages; that of having earned the right to speak to a certain topic.

During my U.S. Navy training, the one’s that I listen to the most, were those who bore the scars of previous combat. They had earned the right to capture my full attention. To the contrary, those who wore shiny brass on their shoulders and had nothing to offer but academics; were tolerated with a grain of salt and were very often dangerous in the heat of conflict. On this sentiment, and barring excessive detail, I’ll divulge that I was in the Black Sea in close (illegal) proximity to the USSR shore for 2 extended operations, in 1979 and 1980 respectively. During these 2 operations, which generally involved “surveillance” (read between the lines), I met with 4 encounters that I can vividly recall, wherein our Naval craft were in literal, critical, and extremely dangerous stand-offs with Soviet Naval craft. In each instance, guns were drawn, large guns were manned, safeties were “OFF”, tempers had flared, shouting matches had begun, and any wrong-move could have easily set-off WWIII. In one such encounter, wherein both opposing crafts were dangerously close to blowing each other out of the water, I looked into the eyes of a Soviet sailor manning a dual-cannon aimed directly at us. Just when I thought we were all going to kill each other, I took off my hat and threw it to him “Frisbee” style. I had grown up on the beaches of Southern California and had some technique down. Amazingly, the sailor caught the hat. Within a fraction of a second all eyes on both crafts were fixed upon what just happened between us two opposing sailors. The Soviet sailor then looked deeply into my eyes for a good 3 seconds, before removing his hat, and he then threw it to me, whereupon I caught it. For a full 5 seconds thereafter, all eyes continued to marvel over what had just transpired, and the Soviet sailor and I smiled broadly at one another.

We had Russian-speaking translators on our craft, and the Soviet craft had English-speaking translators on theirs. Just moments previous the translators had been shouting at each other via megaphones, threatening to blow each other out of the water. Moments later, an odd measure of peace had enveloped the whole scene. We had CIA, Delta Force, SEALs and Marine Recon onboard—enough collective testosterone to arm a nuclear bomb. And all of these were stricken with an immediate exhalation of tension. Sailors on both crafts could be seen and heard laughing moments after the hat exchange.

I once happened upon a book entitled, How the Irish Saved Civilization. Being dominantly Irish on both sides of my family (what is considered in Ireland, “Irish Stew”), it could be said that this Irishman “saved civilization” at one point, in 1980.

I have said all of the above, to in turn say that the entire world is presently (as I type) being lied-to about the true nature of what is presently unfolding in Ukraine. Russia, and Vladimir Putin are presently at-war with the New World Order Neo-Nazis—the most vicious and wicked actors on the planet—presently conspired to destroy Russia, to subdue Russia, to rape Russia in the same way that it has raped this once-great-republic—the United States of America—that they may in turn rule the planet.

A large cross-section of those living in Ukraine are Russian, and support their “motherland.” This same populace largely views Ukraine as a portion of Russia—which it was, long ago. There is also a large cross-section of the populace in Ukraine which is keenly aware of the Neo-Nazi/NWO overthrow of the country between 2013 and 2014, and is grateful that Russia is now liberating them. Within those grateful for Russia’s liberation is a formidable underground militia which seeks as well to topple the Neo-Nazi/NWO regime. In addition, there is a sizeable percentage of Ukrainian military personnel which resent their counterfeit leader, knowing full-well what transpired between 2013 and 2014. This collective populace is completely ignored by mass-media.

I am fully aware of Vladimir Putin’s former roles in leading the KGB and an enormous section of the Soviet army at one stage in history, and I am subsequently aware that he is not an innocent choirboy. However, I am more importantly aware of what God has been doing in his heart, as I have been given glimpses of his heart over the past 2 decades. On this note, you must know that Putin has fiercely defended the Eastern/Russian Orthodox Church at large, and has equally defended the right of every Christian in Russia to gather in public worship. With the same fierceness, he has opposed the attempts of the LGBTQ+ movement to gain a foothold in Russia, openly stating that their practices and agendas are an abomination in the sight of God. Conversely, the U.S. is actively destroying Christianity and has destroyed tens of thousands of church congregations due to lockdown’s over the past 2 years—while at the same time promoting and celebrating the “woke-ness” of the LGBTQ+ agenda, to include seeking to legitimize pedophilia.

When I was in the Navy, I was conditioned to believe that the USSR was the very “axis of evil,” and that the U.S. was God’s gift to mankind—”righteous liberators and saviors amidst global terrorism.” Decades later, and having keenly observed the metamorphosis in both countries, I have witnessed the shocking 180 degree shift in my paradigm—through the lenses of Spiritual Discernment, and I am fully convinced that Russia is fighting for the last remaining national hold-out of authentic Christianity—while the U.S. is leading the way in attempting to destroy such.

I am very familiar with End-Times eschatology, and the placement of Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, and other critical excerpts of scripture which allude to “Gog and Magog”; and the exegetical implications that Russia, along with China, appear to converge upon Israel during the climax of the End-Times. I will grant that this suggested scenario which has been long touted among “Bible Prophecy Experts” for as long as I’ve been studying the Bible (40 years), seems plausible. However, at this juncture in time, and as I’ve candidly outlined in the previous pages, Russia is presently being used to head-butt the most wicked military coalition in history—and he’s doing so while representing the last Christian nation on the planet.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” (Is. 5:20).

This sobering exclamation was written over 1600 years ago, and in the year 2022 it speaks to the shocking measure of wickedness now enveloping the planet—and being grotesquely celebrated here in the United States. As the nation reels in iniquity and deceives the masses to a greater degree with each passing hour, may you find yourself graced with pure spiritual discernment which will enable you to quickly recognize evil that is being positioned as good, and good that is being positioned as evil.

*Segment Postscript (03.18.2022): I was tipped today (10 days after posting this article), to the contents of the hyper-link below, wherein Catholic Archbishop Carlos Vigano (on 03.17.2022) systematically affirms the critical tenets of my article, above. As you would access the web-link below, which captures Archbishop Vigano’s statement, you may scroll-down within the article to his brief/concise 10-point analysis of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Web-Link, below:

Archbishop Carlos Vigano – on Russian-Ukraine Conflict



February 02, 2022 (“2-22-2022”), has come and gone with a good deal of Biblical numerological and associated prophetic fanfare. Equally so, it marked a sharp page in contemporary history, as representative of the day that Russia chose to head-butt the New World Order, by reclaiming Ukraine and destroying its Nazi occupation therein.

On 2.22, I was reminded of the “222” revelation I had experienced in Israel in 2010 some 12 years ago, while preparing to deliver a message to the Amish-Mennonite away-team in Christ Church Chapel, Old Jerusalem. We were all suffering from a combination of major jetlag; fatigue associated with a busy ministry schedule and difficult sleep patterns during our mission, while conversely overjoyed by all that we were witnessing of God moving in our midst. As I manned a pulpit and looked into the faces of my dear comrades-in-arms there in Christ Church Chapel, I recall a refreshing wind filling my lungs as I shared my brief message on Revelation 22:2. The verse reads as follows:

“…On either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

It is here, nestled in the final chapter of the Bible; John’s vision of the River of Life and the Tree of Life, wherein the individual leaves represented “healing of the nations.”

In the moment in which I shared this verse in Old Jerusalem in 2010, I saw my Amish-Mennonite comrades as individual leaves—evoking healing to the nations—and more pointedly in the context of our mission to Israel—healing to the nation of Israel—in the form of a figurative eye salve which would in turn unveil the reality and majesty of Jesus Christ—calling the nation to repentance and salvation in Him. And, it is remarkably timely, that as world-war has once again been unleashed (albeit in and through the NWO luring Russia into such), I would once again be reminded that we individual Believers can harness the power of the heavens through the Holy Spirit, to evoke healing to war-enraged nations—through the power of intercessory prayer and the act of imitating Jesus, daily.

As I was reminded of this prophetic metaphor from Revelation 22:2, on the very date of “02.22.2022,” I was also reminded of something which Richard Wurmbrand stated in one of his books, as he also drew upon the symbol of leaves. The brief excerpt is from his book entitled, “With God in Solitary Confinement.” In so doing, Wurmbrand speaks from depths of suffering that relative few have suffered here in the West. It reads as follows:

“Be determined only to cling to God, even if He slays you, even if He slays your faith. If you lose your faith, then remain faithlessly His. If all the fruits of the spirit disappear, and you remain a barren tree with only leaves, remember that leaves also have a purpose. Under their shadow, the fruitful ones may rest in the embraces of their Divine Lover. Leaves are used by the bride to make a garland for her beloved. Leaves are changed into healing medicines. And even when the leaves become yellow and fall withered to the ground, they can form a beautiful carpet on which He will walk toward those who, unlike you, have remained faithful to the end.”

Richard Wurmbrand knew suffering unspeakable, having endured 14 years of both Nazi and Communist torture and imprisonment in Romania during the late ‘40s through early ‘60s. Three (3) years of his 14-year chronicle of suffering was that spent in a horrendous solitary cell—30 feet below ground, while never seeing any daylight, never hearing any sounds of nature, never bathing, eating only dirty water with rotten cabbage in it, being drugged, and being beaten and tortured constantly for refusing to divulge the collective identities of either Christian leaders in the region, and for refusing to deny Christ as his Savior. Having read nearly all of Wurmbrand’s writings to date, and had I to choose but 1 volume to recommend to you in the event you’ve yet to read him, I would encourage you to find a copy of his book entitled In God’s Underground, which I believe offers the most panoramic view of his larger story of high-stakes ministry, deathly torture and suffering, and his ultimate freedom. He was long deemed “the Apostle Paul of the iron curtain.” And, he earned every letter of that title. His book, In God’s Underground, is no longer in print however you can find it online via a used book portal search. It is worth its weight in gold.

As 02.22.2022 drew to a close and I found myself in bed in the late evening, reading 1 of several books I’m reading simultaneously (I usually have 5 or 6 going at once), I turned to the next meditative installment of a volume entitled The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis, which is said to have been written in the early 15th century, in Latin, and composed in the Netherlands. I believe I’m on my 3rd reading of this volume over the past 25 years or so. It is very rich. And so, once again, I turned to another meditation in the book, as 02.22.2022 draws to a close, and I feast upon his meditation of “Holy Communion”—a practice which I am ever-increasingly discovering evokes power inwardly, and outwardly. As I finished this meditation in the book, and the beautiful reflection of the power of the taking of Holy Communion (aka the Lord’s Supper), my eyes happen to glance downward as I close the book for the evening—whereupon I just happen to notice that this mediation is finished on page “222.”

For decades at this juncture, I have witnessed the power of Holy Communion in the context of deliverance ministry sessions. The demonic hordes at war against us hate the act of Holy Communion. As such, and as I’ve coached seekers of deliverance ministry in partaking of such at the onset of a given ministry session, I have in turn watched the roots of demonic strongholds begin to loosen their grip, where after the excising of these strongholds comes more easily and gracefully. Equally so, as I personally take Communion with my wife on a regular basis, we experience the inherent power and dynamism of the body and blood of Jesus flowing through us and cleansing us, freeing us, healing us, changing us and empowering us.

In more instances than I can recall in recent decades, I have found myself in the midst of complex and volatile ministry/church congregation situations, wherein revelation, insight, discernment, understanding and direction was needed. Very interesting, has been my consistent experience of Holy Spirit prodding me to suggest the group or team share in Holy Communion, and thereafter pray for revelation of how to move forward. Without waiver, the taking of Communion has broken a barrier which was previously blocking fluid understanding, revelation and forward motion. The Lord was very pointedly, on the evening of 02.22.2022, underscoring the critical importance of this powerful practice, to be cherished and exercised consistently hereafter, individually and corporately, especially so in light of the rapidly encroaching darkness about us presently.

I will close this segment of the article by quoting an excerpt from The Imitation of Christ, and the segment which ended on page 222 of the book:

“As it is written in Job: the wicked spirit comes among the children of God so that he may, by his old malice and wickedness, trouble them or make them overly fearful and confused, in order to diminish their affection or take away their faith, on the chance that he may thereby make them either completely cease from Communion or else approach it with little devotion.”

This excerpt pointedly captures the mind-games employed by Satan and his hordes, to so numb a Believer with the sting of guilt, remorse, despair, confusion, doubt, fear and hopelessness, that they thereafter become indifferent and apathetic to the power inherent with taking Communion. Or, if they do take it, in their internal resignation they do not align their hearts with the act, which would otherwise allow the Holy Spirit to further transform, cleanse, heal, refresh and empower them.

The demonic goal is that to cause the Believer to conclude internally: “What does it matter anymore?” This strategy can be likened to a warrior on the field of battle, staggering about in the “fog of war,” walking headlong into enemy fire—while completely forgetting that in his hands he holds a tactical nuclear rocket that could wipe his enemy completely off the battlefield. So strategic and powerful is this weapon in our hands, when we practice the taking of Communion. It is for this reason that Satan will do everything in his power to distract and thwart the transaction, as he knows its inherent and intrinsic power.

Hebrews 4:16 reads: “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

The “throne of grace and mercy” awaits us—if we dare to march through the fog of war and trust that it will be there “in time of need.”

Recall also II Corinthians 2:11, which reads: “…that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not unaware of his schemes.”

The word “schemes” in the Greek (noēma) denotes “mind games.” The assault on the minds of Believes in this hour is staggering. I know this too well, as I battle 24 hours a day, and for 21 years at this juncture, with a hideous assault upon my mind, in the form of “Catastrophic Tinnitus” – the highest known level of Tinnitus, and which can be likened to extremely loud microphone-feedback—squealing 24 hours a day—in my head—and which happens to most closely mirror 7700Hz—a frequency which the reader can find on YouTube if curiosity meets you. It is in desperation that I must daily cling to the “mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16).

Wicked forces (i.e., “the prince of the power of the air,” Eph. 2:2) which have captured and manipulated mass-media have most pointedly since January of 2009 affixed themselves to the minds of the masses much like starfish affix themselves to rocks in the surf. I have attempted to pry starfish from rocks with my hands, amidst my surfing escapades when I was much younger, out of simple curiosity. And, it was amazing, the strength they have to remain affixed to rocks. So it is with demonic strongholds that assault our minds in this hour. Believers cannot willingly expose themselves to what they know internally are lies in the media. For falsehood, repeated often enough, morphs into the perception of truth in the mind (history has shown that Nazis and Communists employ this tactic very successfully). The mind becomes tired of refuting the falsehood and eventually gives-in and accepts it as truth.

Recall II Thessalonians 2:11, which reads: “…for this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence [delusion] so that they will believe what is false…”

This formula is applied initially to those who refuse the knowledge of God and His Son Christ Jesus. However, I have witnessed this formula also artfully assaulting Christians, in and through having facilitated 1000s of deliverance ministry sessions.

I am convinced that all congregations and ministries are wise to hereafter incorporate the consistent practice of Communion as they meet moving forward, that they may in turn equip themselves with every available weapon, to remain victors amidst the encroaching darkness of the End-Times. We are presently surrounded by “the fog of war” – and we will not advance on the battlefield if we cannot see-through such. We need every available tool at our disposal presently, to do so.



Revival Postponed

The photo above was taken within a small Texas town in my vicinity. The photo speaks volumes—far in excess of the understanding of the individual who applied the letters to the congregation’s sign.

For quite some time I’ve been listening to countless prophetic voices and the voices of mainstream Christianity here the West, announcing with great fervor the rapid approach of the “Greatest Revival” and/or “Great Awakening.” In 99% of such pronouncement, I have not heard the most critical element required to strike the match with lights such the fire of Great Revival or Great Awakening. This “match” happens to be NATIONAL REPENTANCE—a nation on its knees, then prostrate on its face, in tears of remorse—crying-out to God for His mercy in the wake of our collective failure to prevent spiritual harlotry from consuming the Western Church.

I have in the past few years only heard one noteworthy voice that has underscored the critical component of repentance as the actuating prelude to Revival or Great Awakening.

God chose to use Israel as the scriptural example, over and over and over again, of how they must “turn from their wicked ways, that He might in turn forgive their sins and heal their land” (II Chron. 7:14). The verse reads in full, as follows:

“If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Those who have studied the progression of Contemporary Christian history here in the West, via recounting the visitations and subsequent seasons of revival in Cain Ridge Kentucky, Cleveland Tennessee, Azusa Street Los Angeles California, Wales; The Latter Rain Movement, etc., have observed that each powerful manifestation of God was preceded by a humble band of Believers choosing to meet regularly to fast and to pray in a spirit of repentance, for God’s holy outpouring upon a congregation, a town, a state, or a nation. Any perceived “movement” of God that was not preceded by such, was soulishly manufactured, and ultimately equated to the sowing of confusion and heartache, in the end.

I recall many years ago, a saga involving what began as a small town which was quickly investor-developed into a thriving vacation attraction, and for many Christians, as one ministry in particular had built an extremely expensive facility and media team which began to attract growing numbers of Believers. At one point, the ministry bought a premium full-page ad in a very widely read Christian magazine. They touted an “outpouring” which had begun. The ad read very much like the old parchment signs nailed to trees 150 years ago in the West, advertising what amounted to “snake oil” elixirs, which promised to “heal all that ails ya,” and with dates and times in which to converge at a certain wagon stationed just outside town.

It was as I saw the ad, while flipping through the magazine that I’ve only glanced-through maybe a handful of times in 40 years; that in an instant I was shown the true nature of what was behind the ad. The ministry advertising such would go on to host many conferences over several years. I would occasionally catch video glimpses of meetings therein, which were wrought with the manufacture of what is best described as superficial hyper-emotionalism. Discernment spoke very loudly of the embarrassingly soulish antics displayed during “ministry time.” I do not doubt that the many conferences ultimately paid for the extravagant facility and massive chunk of acreage. And, I do not doubt that those behind this sad scheme thought that if they combined just enough fanfare and flailing, God might just show up and do what their ad had dully marketed.

I’m my lifetime, and pointedly so since 1981, I’ve been privileged to have sojourned at length with 4 different “streams” within the Body of Christ, and which have in turn left eternal impacts upon me, challenging me to become more Christ-like, and to navigate my calling. In each of these 4 streams, there has been one central ingredient which was responsible for spawning an environment which the Lord found fit to regularly inhabit, and which spawned His manifest presence in life changing ways; most importantly in and through His power to save, heal and deliver. This one central ingredient may be found within one very unsuspecting verse; a verse you rarely hear alluded to from Western pulpits. It reads as follows:

“The Lord sustains all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down” (Ps. 145:14).

Leaders who “fall” regularly at Jesus’ feet, while at the end of their human “ropes” with self-sufficiency; who realize that they cannot keep their ministry going through soulish hype any longer; who have concluded that they can no longer with any peace spoon-feed their teams or congregations secondhand revelation; who can no longer withstand the inner turmoil of secretly harboring an ongoing vision of building a personal ministry empire and a name for themselves; and who remain “bowed down” in humility before Him, and before men, with a contrite heart, will be regularly “raised up” and into a position to witness God’s visitation in their midst on a regular basis—irrespective of what is going on in the world about them. Through this heart-posture, and in this subsequent environment, people are saved, healed, delivered, transformed and equipped for every good work.


Your trench-mate,

























Fourth Watch – Fourth Reich




Shortly into the journey long referred to as “the spirit-filled life,” Believers in Jesus begin to find themselves awakened at 03:00AM in the morning. Unless they then have a seasoned saint in their lives available to explain the new phenomenon they typically rollover and go back to sleep. Thereafter, it takes a while to clue-in to what is transpiring. In short, the Lord Himself often longs to speak to us during this hour (the “fourth watch”).

In Jesus’ day (as He physically walked the Earth), the “fourth watch” constituted the hours between 03:00AM and 06:00AM, an adaptation of the Roman system of manning a military watch around a given occupied perimeter or established seat of government.

“…in the fourth watch of the night He [Jesus] came to them…” (Matt. 14:25, NASB).

There are many significant moments and corresponding messages in Scripture which occur and speak to this general timeframe even long before such was defined as the “fourth watch.” Just a handful of such include for instance, the Bridegroom wooing His Bride throughout the Song of Solomon in the wee hours of morning, and correspondingly Matthew 25:1-13. Then Jesus’ resurrection in Matthew 28:1; angels appearing to shepherds in Luke 2:8-14; Moses leading the Israelites across the Red Sea in Exodus 14:25-46; and so on, with many more encounters throughout Scripture believed to be that during the “fourth watch” of the night.

It is when our physical bodies are at their most vulnerable state that Jesus often calls upon our spirit-man to respond to His desire to “sup” with us—to speak to us and to reveal things which we are otherwise not fully capable of grasping during our typical waking hours, as our minds are so often muddled and overloaded with audio-visual confusion (to include witchcraft oozing from every major news network) and physical chaos about us from hour to hour. As we then consider the excerpt above from Matthew 14:25, and Jesus approaching His disciples on the water “in the fourth watch of the night,” consider also this interesting parallel from Job 33:14-26, which reads:

“…God speaks once, or twice, yet no one notices it. In a dream, a vision of the night, when sound sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds, then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction” (NASB).

At this juncture in United States history, and that especially to the discerning Believer in Jesus, the level of wickedness presently shrouding our nation can be readily likened to Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich of Nazi Germany. In fact, the wicked actors presently destroying the nation are doing so with systematic directives taken straight from Nazi and Communist handbooks (Nazi’s and Communists being figurative “first cousins” within the larger family of demonic hosts which constitute the very hordes of hell).

To the contrary, and for the non-discerning public who have no concept of intimacy with the Lord; wickedness is typically only found in horror movies and novels, whereas life as they understand it (outside of the movie theater or novel) is largely molded by mass-media—which does their thinking for them. Like sheep to the slaughterhouse therefore, the vast majority of Americans have fallen for the very same strategy employed by the Nazis in luring millions of Jews to the gas chambers. The 21st century version however reads thusly: “to survive the ‘pandemic’ one must hurry to find the nearest ‘vaccine’ outlet and get not 1, but multiple jabs, and possibly even receive such on a monthly basis for the indefinite future.”

It should be quite clear to the discerning Believer as of this date that wicked actors based in the U.S. and abroad (i.e., Fauci, Gates, Soros, Obama, the Rothschilds, the Bilderberg and Davos clans, etc.) have created a man-made virus of little intrinsic consequence, rather designed to spawn a level of fear which was to propel the masses to run to get the (deadly) “vaccine.” In fact, the death-jab is no “vaccine” at all. Much rather, it was initially marketed as “a virus symptom suppressant.” And, not only is it not a “symptom suppressant”—it is in fact an immune system destroyer—leaving the jabbed victim vulnerable to an endless array of viral intrusions. Gene Therapy, and more precisely Gene Manipulation (i.e., the altering of one’s very DNA) is what is occurring universally among those succumbing to the jabs. The intrusion does not stop there; it gets worse. In short, the overarching intent of the death-jab was that to kill the victim within 2 years—giving the “medical machine” (industry) adequate time to financially fleece the victim’s family. The medical industry and the media industry are both wholly complicit in this wicked charade that has been the “Covid-19 Pandemic.” Those who own and run the medical and media monsters are in fact “in bed” with the creators of the most wicked mass-murder scheme in human history. They all answer to the father of lies: Satan.

As one who has facilitated thousands of deliverance ministry sessions over several decades, I must add to the above that I’ve discerned yet another toxic layer within the death-jab, and which I’ve yet to hear anyone speak to. The layer to which I refer is that rooted in the presence of aborted fetus cell lines within the shot contents. As the demonic architects of such (the luciferian globalist cabal) are fueled, managed and government by bloodlust, so a variety of demonic spirits are injected into the veins of hapless victims. Where after, almost immediately, the behavior the victim is altered, and often becomes progressively and unexplainably aggressive, hostile, and foreign. I am personally addressing (i.e., ministering-to) such within a number of victims presently.

To those unaware of the larger program which was birthed long before the rollout of the “Covid-19 Pandemic”; allow me to introduce “Agenda 21” – the 1992 United Nations unilateral agreement involving all world powers, the Luciferian Global Elite, and their subsequent adoption of “Sustainable Development.” In short, the Sustainable Development mantra is that which espouses reducing the world’s population by 95%” – by the year 2021 – to “sustain the planet.” Let the reader rather read: Lucifer wants mass-murder unleashed on a global scale. This is the true epicenter of “Agenda 21″ (more recently redefined to read “Agenda 30 [2030]”).

I sniffed-out this “agenda” many years ago—before I knew its name. The Holy Spirit had connected the dots for me. When I then met with the formal name, it made perfect (albeit demonic) sense.

We can aptly refer to this demonic network of maniacs as the Fourth Reich—marching in step and never skipping a beat—right where the Third Reich left off in Nazi Germany—over 75 years ago.

As a timely aside; and for those prone to “fact-checking” on the Internet; may I remind the reader that the Deep State both fabricates and scrubs “facts” – around the clock. As such, if one is using the Beast System’s Google tentacle, one will be led down a rabbit hole of deception. Rather, one may use or better yet, to search-out “Agenda 21” – to meet with actual facts—while they last.

On this, the 20-year anniversary of “911” – with the felling of the World Trade Center and the extravagant measures to which the CIA concocted the narrative, to include convincing the American public that anyone who questioned the media narrative was a “Conspiracy Theorist;” allow me to produce “the smoking gun.” No one that I am aware of to date has identified this “dotted line.” Please allow me.

Within just 4 months following the events of “911” a movie was released (i.e., right about the time that millions of Americans began to seriously question many components of the news narratives which simply did not add-up and which were rapidly surfacing), which would go on to yield $313 million in ticket sales. The movie was a fine production, an outstanding performance by Russell Crowe, and a very timely distraction from the horrors of 911, but the movie was something more—it was was planned concurrent with “the attacks of 911.” The movie: A Beautiful Mind, would depict a Nobel Laureate mathematician (John Nash) who, as the result of suffering paranoid schizophrenia would suffer a constant barrage of delusional episodes wherein he was certain that “the feds” (CIA, FBI, DHS, etc.) were evil maniacal monsters fixated upon killing him as the result his amazing abilities to intuit mathematical probabilities – demonstrated while working for the Pentagon in an assignment targeted at unveiling USSR military espionage stratagems.

Are we “connecting the dots” yet? In the end, the “beautiful mind” (John Nash) is revealed in the movie to have only imagined the evil within his own government, as the result of his delusion induced by his paranoid schizophrenia. Moral of the story: anyone who imagines that our very own government is capable of the evils depicted as delusion within this movie, are “Conspiracy Theorists” and likely mentally ill. Further, and for those “fact-checkers” among you, allow me to assert that you will never meet with online factual evidence of this truth: the CIA “consulted” with the movie producers. Rather read: the CIA birthed the very movie narrative—while laterally birthing the “911” program. That’s the true level of wickedness now lapping at our doorsteps. But go ahead, if it makes you feel any better, simply preclude that I (the writer) am as schizophrenic as was John Nash depicted in the movie.

By the way, the masterminds behind the 911 charade have direct ties to defense contractors which would go on to earn nearly $140 BILLION dollars during the course the “war,” with the Halliburton company alone (with direct ties to the Bush and Cheney families) earning nearly $39 BILLION dollars.

Bloodlust and Greed are the demons which birthed “911.” That is the epicenter, the largely unknown core of the how and why of “911.”

Most Americans have for many decades been so dumbed-down by the dual assault of “prescription medication” (drugs) and the equally toxic witchcraft (spiritual delusion) spawned by mass-media, to the degree that they simply cannot think beyond what their electronic devices tell them to think from moment to moment, and therefore cannot begin to connect-the-dots that I have offered for the connecting, above (the product of demonic design).

With my abbreviated focus upon the “911” saga aside, on this the 20th anniversary of such, allow me to return to our more immediate saga relative to “The Covid-19 Pandemic” – our more immediate “conspiracy theory.”

On 100s of occasions for nearly 2 years at this juncture, I have heard the following phrase, verbatim, and that following the question posed to me as to what I “see” of the “Covid-19 Pandemic” narrative: “But why would they want to kill everyone?”  The answer lay in the Agenda 21/2030 program. More deeply however, and once again, the answer lay in the author of the program—Lucifer. His goal is to murder everyone before they have the opportunity to meet with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. And in the case of ignorant and non-discerning Believers, his lateral goal is that to murder them before they arrive at a place of maturity and boldness which would springboard them into sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Enter an eternal truth—one of many nestled within the Old Testament:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6, NASB).

At the spear-tip of the collective lack of knowledge within the Western Body of Christ presently, and that namely in the U.S., is an internationally-known group of Christians with rock-star-status, who have adorned TV screens and book covers for many decades—personalities who have built personal ministry empires through the misdirected financial gifts of non-discerning sheep—while said personalities have cultivated an intoxicating dependence upon themselves on the part of the non-discerning sheep. And like nursing sheep, they are fed 1% milk (“revelation”) from week-to-week, never learning and understanding that God has offered each of us spiritual tools by which to see and hear Him for ourselves. As of this writing, many of the aforementioned rock stars have over the past year availed their personal ministry empires for the trafficking of the Covid-19 death-jab (“vaccine”).

Millions of ignorant Believers to date have thusly submitted to the coercion of their rock star idols—idols which have in turn been coerced by government operatives who have targeted church leaders who have influence over significant Christian populations, which in turn, and once again, unveils the spirit behind such coercion: Antichrist—the same spirit which was voted-in to the White House in November of 2008 and 2012—via the willing conduit of one Barack Hussein Obama—the conduit of Communist destruction of this once-great Republic. Thereafter emerged one Donald Trump, who I concluded then and I conclude now, symbolized a season of mercy within the larger and impending destruction of the Republic. I would go on to write an article entitled the same (reflected in the hyper-link below):

One prophetic voice would go on to dully encapsulate my entire article into but one sentence: “Trump is serving as a doorstop.”  Indeed that prophetic voice was absolutely correct, in that Trump kept the door of terminal judgment from slamming-shut on our nation—irrespective of what most deemed genuine or disingenuous about him, albeit for 4 years. It was during this period that the Western Body of Christ was wooed by the Holy Spirit to dive-deep, to lay hold of their spiritual roots and station themselves like oak trees on the battle field—readied for what was approaching on the horizon—the horizon that I was seeing from the position of a wall—a very lonely, isolated and unpopular wall—a wall that many choose not to ascend in this lifetime—as it symbolizes a violent affront to what I call “The Three C’s”: Comfort, Convenience, and Compromise.

It would be during the height of our national slide into the “3-C” composite represented in Revelation 3:16 (i.e., “lukewarm-ness”), that I would go on to pen the first edition of “The Teshuvah Times” (hyper-link below):

Since penning this first edition, I have pondered on dozens of occasions what to produce in subsequent editions, and have drawn a puzzling “blank.” I have at this juncture concluded that there was supposed to be but one edition—within which the central message remains active.

Lest the reader succumb to despair at this juncture, having been met with the bitter aftertaste of such unorthodox truths unveiled thus far in this article, allow me to regroup with the contents of a few paragraphs previous; namely the reality that millions of Christians have been deceived into pursuing the death-jab. For those of you reading this article and who have been lured into such; know that there is a way out, a way to be freed from its clutches, a way to be healed. This way out is pointedly displayed in this powerful verse:

“With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26, NASB).

Those are the words of Jesus—or Y’shua, if you prefer—He goes by both names—dependent upon whether we’re eating a bagel or a burrito at the time we call upon His name. This verse declares that you have access to God’s healing power, and that He maintains the ability to erase the contents of the jab from your veins—in an instant.

And, to the Cessationists and Dispensationalists who have theologized God’s power right out of Scripture, I have this to say to the both of you: cease and dispense—in Jesus’ name!

Additionally, to the Apologists among you who have succumbed to the sterile propensities within your approach to studying Scripture, and who have equally excised the dynamic power right out of Scripture, I have this to say to you: apologize.

Allow me to seal-the-deal (without apology) to those who have renewed hope in being delivered of the effects of the death-jab, by revisiting something else that Jesus has stated:

“Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you” (Luke 10:19, NASB).

Therefore, while keeping Matthew 19:26 and Luke 10:19 in your reticle crosshairs, I encourage you to repent, to fast, and to pray, while believing that Jesus’ promises are true and are yours for the asking. Armed with these truths, declare them boldly and renounce what has been injected into your veins. Regular set aside the taking of Communion, where after set to the task of Scriptural declaration and renunciation. Communion is a powerful transaction, and one which pry’s demonic tentacles off the victim, not unlike prying-off the tentacles of a starfish as it is affixed to a rock.

Lest the reader preclude that I’ve fallen prey to what could be otherwise deemed presumptive-hyper-faith (<—insert here the name of any rhinestone-clad televangelist), allow me to recall the Apostle Paul’s experience around a campfire on the Island of Malta, back in the day. The scene is recounted in Acts chapter 28 (vv. 1-6), whereby Paul is received by the island natives with great kindness, and they build a fire for Paul to keep him warm amidst an approach rain. Paul helps them build the fire by collecting additional kindling. Unbeknown to Paul however, there is a poisonous viper nestled within the kindling, which in turn escapes the flames and makes a B-line to Paul, whereby it strikes him on the hand and clamps-down on him. The viper is a deadly one; however Paul simply shakes-off the snake and slings it into the fire, then goes on about his business.

Either we believe the promise of Luke 10:19 above; or we don’t. We’ve reached a junction, dear saints, where we no longer have the luxury of straddling the fence on these points in Scripture. We must embrace a radical faith in this hour, or be consumed by the encroaching wickedness. We no longer have the luxury of hiding within the shadow of comfort, convenience and compromise. As we rather choose a radical measure of faith, we may then crawl-out from under the wrong shadow—and into the “…shadow of His wings…” – as so beautifully portrayed within Psalm chapter 91.

At this juncture I have admittedly painted a despairing canvas in describing where we are as a nation, as of this writing. However, in the same spirit that I have offered hope to the non-discerning Believer in Jesus, I offer hope to those who see just a few remaining and charred fragments flapping in the breeze of what used to be the “stars-n-stripes” – our national flag.

Seeing where our country was headed almost decade ago (2012) as a spirit of antichrist was once again voted-in to the White House (i.e., a spirit of antichrist, vs. thee antichrist) I wrote a book about personal repentance, entitled: Teshuvah—David’s Key (“teshuvah” being the Hebrew word for repentance [pron. “teh-shu-vah”]; the Hebrew definition of which is the richest I’ve found). The sole premise and thesis of the book is based upon a personal story of repentance, paralleled with King David’s story of repentance, designed to encourage the reader to embrace the same, that they may in turn, not unlike the toppling of dominos, impact people abroad who would begin to ignite a spreading fire of national repentance. I was simple-minded enough to believe that my simple-minded book would ignite such. In the end, I’m simply doing my small part to fuel what could ultimately become a national “wildfire” of repentance on the part of the Westernized/Americanized Church—which has wallowed in spiritual prostitution and harlotry for the 4 decades that I have been a Believer.

Know this: As goes the Church, so goes the country—until the End of the Age is upon us.

If the reader has access to Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you may read my book for free, online. It was never my intent to reap personal profits from the sale of the book. To the contrary, all proceeds fund a ministry which feeds and cares for widows and orphans worldwide—widows and orphans of pastors who have been martyred for sharing the gospel. I originally sought only to charge $3.33 for the book, yet was required to charge more, whereupon I then charged $8.88 for the book. One may access the free Kindle Unlimited version or purchase the hard copy at the following hyperlinks:

Free Kindle Unlimited Version:

Paperback Version:

With the focus upon national repentance, and that namely from within the Westernized/Americanized Church, I wish to return for a moment to the initial premise of this article, by briefly (I promise) alighting upon my personal history and experience with the “Fourth Watch” – the wee hours of morning, wherein the Holy Spirit gently prods us to make the choice to yield to His beckoning, to then still ourselves and sit in silence, as we contend to hear His voice.

It is during the Fourth Watch that for the past 20 months especially, I have heard but one word for the collective Western Church: “Repent! “.  I have during this period heard many prophetic voices offering a myriad of directives from the Lord, to include endless promises of great revival to come. However during the same period I have only heard but one voice among this sea of voices using the word “Repentance” – which must necessarily precede “revival.”

Throughout the pages of Scripture and church history beyond such, through current date, no measure of visitation, restoration, deliverance or revival has occurred without an entire people group, town, region or nation falling before God in complete contrition, and repenting for the sins of the same. If we do so as a nation and with the collective Church leading the way, God will raise-up a hedge of protection against the mass-murder of millions.

Barring the response on the part of our nation to fall prostrate before God with a contrite heart of repentance, we will in short order face civil war—by demonic design—which will closely resemble “Kristallnacht” (German, for “Night of Broken Glass”) – when Nazi’s stormed what had become (by Nazi design) Jewish ghettos throughout the occupation, and shattered the windows of many thousands of Jewish-owned stores, synagogues, and Jewish-occupied apartments homes, and thereafter dragged their occupants to death camps—while executing many on the spot for resisting such.

The 21st century version of such death camps happens to be sponsored by FEMA.

If the above scenario begins to unfold, there is an excerpt of Scripture which must be discussed, and one which millions of people in my estimation have largely misunderstood for centuries, as the result what I believe to be a critical mistranslation of Scripture, which has spawned subsequent misunderstanding on a grand scale. The verse in question, and rendered initially from the King James Version, reads: “Thou Shalt Not Kill” (Exodus 20:13). A more accurate rendering of the verse is that reflected in the New American Standard version, which reads: “You shall not murder.”

There is a very sobering distinction between killing in self-defense, and murdering as the result of demonic rage and bloodlust. We must come to terms with this truth, as awkward as it is for most in the Christian community to acknowledge, let alone discuss at length.

The original Hebrew definition of the word in question, upon which the King James Version was penned in the year 1611, is that of “rasah,” pronounced “raw-taskh” (רָצַח). And, the root definition of such is that to “murder” – versus “kill.” The primary root-definition therefore is that to “murder,” while the extended definition does include the word “kill” – albeit to a lessor emphasis.

I have concluded on this uncomfortable word-study for the purposes of preparing you the reader for what you may have to do to defend yourself, your family, your friends, and the helpless among your sphere of influence. We are quickly approaching a point at which the nation will be enveloped in unspeakable treachery if not stopped. My personal conviction is that Believers in Jesus were not formed, fashioned and equipped just to die at the hands of a Nazi-Communist Regime hell-bent on murdering the entire country (and the world at large) with a death-jab marketed as a “vaccine.” I simply cannot accept that. Dying as a martyr while sharing the gospel is one thing, however dying as the result of a Nazi-Communist government’s enforcement of mass-murder via a death-jab is another thing all together, and one that I will personally fight to expose and defeat.

Having thus chosen to physically withstand such if the fight comes to me, I will do what is necessarily to eliminate the threat, while equipping others to do the same. I realize that in stating such many church leaders abroad who have befriended me over a number of decades will scoff at me. Such is the cost of “sticking to one’s guns” (pun intended) when one has marinated a deeply-seated conviction as the result of meditating upon the same for a very long time. My conviction herein can be readily likened to a similar conviction which ultimately led one Dietrich Bonheoffer to the Nazi gallows. I will not compare myself to Dietrich spiritually, but I will assert that I share his level of courage–a level of courage which will be required of all of us in the days ahead.

One of the most unpopular dynamics incurred within the exercising of authentic leadership, is that of very often feeling lonely and isolated—as the result of the masses opposing what you personally know to be truth and/or wisdom—and exercising such at all costs.

“And they overcome him [the Antichrist] because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death (Revelation 21:11, NASB).

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently declared that anyone questioning and/or refuting the media industry/medical industry narrative of the “Covid-19 Pandemic” and the proposed death-jab solution to the same, is a “potential terrorist threat.” Thus stated, it is more fitting that the agency rather be named the Department of Homeland Destruction. In this vein, this article alone is worthy of qualifying me as a potential “terrorist threat.” This said, I am wholly aware of the gravity and cost of the truths I have chosen to circulate in and through this article. It will take this level of boldness from all us, if we are to survive what our Nazi-Communist government has planned for us, even before 2021 comes to a close.

I have to date experienced the mysterious scrubbing of articles from my web site; the immediate erasure of social media posts; the terminal blockage of log-in’s to social media; the extended blockage of any Internet access via my devices; the remote termination of brand new electronic devices (including phones); the remote hacking and manipulation of the onboard software which controls the ECU in my vehicle; the mysterious and repeated remote termination of my debit and credit cards; and the repeated confirmation that everything I write or speak into a device is recorded. Despite all of this, I continue, with boldness, to declare brutally honest truths. I believe each of us are called to such in this hour—no matter what.

I am convinced that as of October 15th of this year, a little over a month from the writing of this article, a largely unknown “shift” will occur within the bowels of the Beast System presently seated in Washington D.C. This “shift” will accelerate the wickedness planned for our largely unsuspecting nation—if not stopped. News media will not divulge such. It is up to “We the People,” and more importantly, We the Believers, to expose, refute and push-back the works of darkness through lives of contrition, brokenness, repentance and boldness in the days ahead—before the Lord. We have the collective authority to counter-punch such with a Kingdom-shift. In this spirit, there is no more fitting excerpt of Scripture than that rendered in Jeremiah 1:10, which reads:

“See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to tear down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant” (NASB).

We have been given this authority; it is now time to act upon it.

Your trench-mate,


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The View from Here


The View from Here


October 3, 2020


Growing up within the urban jungle that Southern California was in the 60s and 70s, I found myself wholly unaware that I was being exposed to the international community, the globe, and that for a much larger purpose later in life—a purpose which would transcend the imagination of a young, confused, depressed, fearful, fatherless and angry boy.

Exposed to every conceivable ethnicity on the planet, I quickly learned one thing which all of these ethnicities had in common: they hated me. It would take some time for me to realize that my blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin were an affront to them all. I grew up as a racial minority in my neighborhood. I was daily threatened, sneered at, yelled at, scorned and berated. And, very often I was beaten by gang members.

I would later travel the world in the Navy, visiting nearly 20 countries. Thereafter I would visit Israel on three occasions, under very unusual circumstances. I would also, over a period of 24 years, attend 8 colleges and universities spanning 7 states. I would sit under many dozens of professors who, for the most part, merely parroted what their professors had imparted to them, as I rarely met with what I discerned to be original thought. Throughout this panorama of academia I would meet many professors proudly representing their unique ethnicities, while also holding me in contempt for my blonde hair, blues eyes, and fair skin. So much for the theory which espouses that education is the solution for racism. Quite to the contrary, racism resides in the heart—which is where it must be excised, and that through spiritual surgery alone.

Most of my life, at this juncture, has been one protracted journey in overcoming rejection and persecution—for simply being born White (with dominant Irish ancestry on both sides of my family). Moreover, I would ultimately discover that moving-in, growing-in and walking-in the power and authority of the Revelatory Gifts would stir up yet another level of persecution—the persecution inherent within the demonic hordes assigned to torment those who represent the Light of Life—Christ Jesus.

In and through a lifetime of threats, scorn, hateful opposition, slander and even physical beatings, I have met with a few divinely orchestrated moments which have provided a healing balm to a very bruised and battered heart. One such moment came about while nestled close to a large fieldstone fireplace within a retreat center in the hills of Black Mountain North Carolina, and while engaged in a “fireside chat” with one of most influential prophets within contemporary church history, and who in recent years has transitioned to glory. “Uncle Bob,” as I affectionately referred to him at the time; and as he had done within my previous encounters with him; donned a broad smile, knowing the condition of my heart, and while also knowing precisely what needed to be spoken in that moment. I recall him stated the following, verbatim:

“Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you” (Matt. 5:11-12).

Sometimes, the most profound words of knowledge are those which come through the quoting of Scripture—at precisely the right time. I had read this passage many times before, over many years, yet when it was personally delivered to me on this recounting, it bore the fruit of Proverbs 25:11, which reads:

“Like apples of gold in settings of silver, is a word spoken in right circumstances.”

Following this retreat, I would continue to minister at many church venues far and wide, and within many conferences, all the while remaining mindful of the special fireside chat with Uncle Bob, wherein through divine timing I had been reminded of the necessary pain associated with advancing on the battlefield of one’s calling.

On the first day of this year (January 01, 2020), I penned an article representing a series of items I felt strongly impressed to share with friends abroad. One could call it A Word for 2020. Within the article I focused upon a series of bullet-points. My very first bullet-point therein, was this:


As the result of positioning this one word as my very first bullet-point within the article, I met with a very sour response from many, far and wide. It should be noted that I do not write and distribute my articles to solicit a response; I rather write and distribute them out of obedience—come what may. With all of the New Year’s glee and glitz at the time, my readers were wishing for a dose of what could readily be referred to as party-line hype, promising further marination of sentiments which might preserve The American Dream which we so desperately cling to—a dream which has cost many their callings—for none of us were ever called to pursue The American Dream. Much rather, we were called to forsake such the vein pursuit.  Consider Luke 18:29-30, accordingly:

“There is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive many times as much at this time and in the age to come, eternal life.”

I often sit atop a figurative wall; a very tall, remote, wall of stone, removed from the masses. Upon this wall I look-out and over the horizon, and I see things. What I have seen with growing momentum since January of 2009 especially, is the very real tidal wave of persecution coming to the Western Church. Nearly every other corner of the globe has already been traumatized by such persecution. However the West has largely been spared such, until now.

The collective church in the U.S. has been on lock-down for many months as of this writing, being threatened and fined for public assembly. This, my friends, is persecution—the persecution I wrote about on January 1st of this year—the word which was met with sour faces at the time.

We have arrived…

I deem this day, a Day of Decision, wherein church leadership must define who they will serve. Will we serve a Luciferian Globalist Communist Regime, or, will we serve the Lord God Almighty? Some of you may take exception to my use of the words “Communist Regime.” I have news for you; the Communists presently holding this country captive equally take exception with you.

How is it, that Communism has overtaken the country, while a sitting patriotic president wars against the same? It is quite easy; we, the Western Church, have allowed it—in and through our dumbed-down, passive, apathetic, spoon-fed, weak, feeble and undiscerning state. One prophet has aptly described the current Americanized Church (a phrase of my personal coinage some 25 years ago), as follows: “big screens, skinny jeans and smoke machines.” And there you have it; the masses have for decades been spoon-fed 1% milk, when they should have been personally hunting for, and eating, meat.

The Western Church is currently being held captive—once again, a posture of its own making. Those discerning among you have at this juncture concluded that the “Covid-19 Pandemic” is no “pandemic” at all, and was rather the brainchild of Luciferian Globalists which include George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, and a long host of other Satanists.  The layers of wickedness sown by this small band of actors alone, is hideous, were it publically known. It should come as no surprise that the “Moderna” company which has recently made billions of dollars in vaccine sales to the U.S. government is co-owned by George Soros and Bill Gates. Equally, it should come as no surprise that Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci were college roommates—both of whom have harbored long-standing visions of global depopulation. Shall we do the math? 1) Create a seeming worldwide pandemic; 2) offer the solution in the form of a vaccine; and 3) kill-off 2/3’rds of the earth’s population through the deadly vaccine.

The above formula happens to be one of the more readily utilized by our Luciferian Globalist—Deep State—Shadow Government overlords. The formula looks like this:

  • Great a problem.
  • Anticipate the reaction.
  • Provide the solution.

Or in short: Problem>Reaction>Solution.

The Problem-Reaction-Solution formula works especially well when it is coupled with yet another formula, that of the “Strategy of Tension,” defined by the creation of ongoing false-flag events, staged simultaneously, and which in turn keep the masses (the general populace) on-edge, confused, fearful, and in a state of unrest—lacking peace. The aforementioned emotions and state of being, lead to the manufactured dependence upon government as “savior.” And further, such dependence ultimately leads to the acceptance of global governance. This progression lays the red carpet for the grand entrance of the Beast System, as forecasted within Revelation (13:17).

One of the more celebrated false-flags is that of the “George Floyd murder” (allegedly killed by police), and which gave context for the Black Lives Matter scorching of cities around the country. Firstly, the “murder” was faked. George Floyd is alive and well. Secondly, the BLM uprising and riots have been artfully manufactured and managed by one Barack Hussein Obama, while being wholly funded by one George Soros.

The list of all of the false-flags presently strangulating the country grows by the day. All the while much of the Body of Christ in this country swallows it—hook, line and sinker. Friends, our collective lack of spiritual discernment in this country is downright ghastly.

In late January of this year I sought to compose and post yet another article; this one wholly exposing the “Covid-19 Pandemic” hoax. I was compelled to warn the Western Church against falling-prey to the implications of such. At that juncture what I was shown had yet to find its way onto the Internet. As I went to post the article, I discovered that all of my personal electronic devices had been “blackballed” from connecting to the Internet (remotely programmed to prevent them from connecting). This condition remained for 8 months. A computer programmer would later confirm my suspicion, that it was a government entity which had hacked and blocked all of my devices. It is helpful for the reader know that there were several activities in which I was involved at the time, which served to expose the wickedness within the Deep State and Shadow Government—my personal effort in exposing evil, and more pointedly exposing the collective assault upon our sitting president.

Consider the following verse for a moment:

“Do not participate in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead even expose them (Eph. 5:11).

Know this, friends; I don’t run about looking for evil for the sole purposes of exposing the same. However, I do readily expose wickedness in high places when I see it, for the purposes of alerting Intercessors far and wide to the strategies we may employ to undercut and tear down the same.

Earlier in this article I underscored how the timing of the spoken Word of Scripture can be profoundly impactful. How’s this for timing?

“I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant” (Jere. 1:10).


When the law of the land becomes law-less-ness, it is time to be the Church! And to act upon God’s grace, and to rather heed the law of the Lord—which is that of forsaking not the fellowship of the brethren!

“Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have made a habit, but let us encourage one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching” (Heb. 10:25).

Do you see “the Day approaching”?

I am presently sitting atop a remote, barren, secluded, cold and stony wall, looking out over the horizon, and I see “the Day approaching.” And as this day approaches, we are to be about the business of shining brighter and brighter until the full day.

“The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (Prov. 4:18).

Our countenance should be shining brighter with each passing day as the encroaching darkness seeks to overshadow us. It is very difficult to illuminate this encroaching darkness while we’re practicing “social distancing” and “self-quarantine,” and as we forsake the assembly of the brethren.

Pastor Rodney Howard Brown in Florida was one of the very first well-known church leaders who chose to publicly defy Communist law. He was immediately crucified by many other pastors around the country, who called him “rebellious” and “moving in lawlessness.” Little did his crucifiers know that Rodney was accurately seeing the lock-down for what it truly was and is—a demonic assault upon the doors of the collective Western Church at large. Shame on those who crucified this bold pastor! I don’t swim in the same “stream” as this pastor, however I do swim in the same boldness, and I for one will not bow my knees to the god of Communism—the public mask of Satanism.

The New Testament is wrought with the steady progression of persecution and martyrdom. Such persecution forced the Believers of “The Way” to dive deep, and to make their “calling and election sure” (II Pet. 1:10). There was no time for compromise; either one was committed to Christ wholly, or one was destined to be “spewed-out of God’s mouth” through judgment (Rev. 3:16).

The steady progression of persecution and martyrdom throughout the ages is dully chronicled in the riveting book, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (by John Foxe). Contemporary chronicling of the same continues through a number of ministries, not the least of which is Voice of the Martyrs, founded by the late Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. Having read all of Richard and Sabina’s writings, I’ve concluded the most profound book of theirs to be that entitled In God’s Underground, a heart-wrenching account of Richard’s collective 14 years in prison, as well as Sabina’s 3 years in prison, during the Communist Romania era. Copies of this book can only be found within used book inventories abroad. These 2 books alone (Foxe and Wurmbrand) should be required reading for every Believer at this juncture in time. It is my belief, that shadowed political pressure forced this book from the printing press. You owe it to yourself to find such.

There are many fine works among contemporary Christian authors, who recount tremendous suffering of saints abroad, to include that of the account of Brother Yun – “The Heavenly Man” – who suffered severely at the hands of the Communist China regime. Brother Yun, who once went over 2 months without food or water while in prison (a “medical miracle”), chronicles at the end of his journey of severe suffering; that the only greater pain than that experienced through torture within the bowels of the Chinese prison system, was that of Western Christians slandering him—by spreading the widespread rumor that his story was false.

My overarching purpose in speaking so seriously about the progression of persecution and ultimate martyrdom, is that to conclude the discussion by stating that it is my personal belief that the countless millions who have died for the sake of the Cross over the past 2000 years, have not done so that we within the Western Church may in turn live self-indulgent lives of compromise while fattening ourselves on an artificial and toxic diet of premillennial rapture doctrine. I simply do not see the substantive Scriptural case for the ultimate manifestation of what I deem to be theological escapism.

My aim at this juncture is that not to engage a tit-for-tat apologetics argument on the timing of the Rapture, but to rather issue a divine wake-up call to the Westernized Church, to prepare itself to define what it truly believes—proceeded by an unyielding defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—come what may.

Many among you may be familiar with the following phrase: “hidden in plain sight.”

Allow me to posit a biblical example of such:

“…in the world you will have tribulation…” (John 16:33).

The soil of our planet the world over cry’s-out with the blood of the martyrs who have gone before us. Can you not in turn see the absurdity of the contrast between their often brutal death, and our Westernized mode of Christianity, presently?

As I near a close to this diatribe (the reader: “Thank you, David”), I wish to offer a brutally candid, honest, and painfully vulnerable glimpse of my personal orbit—as it corresponds with all that I’ve shared thus far.

I have been a tent-making-minister for 39 years to date. I have for 3 extended seasons within this 4-decade period, carried the title of “pastor” – as the result of bi-vocationally placing one foot in the secular workplace and one foot in the planting, cultivation and building of local congregations. I have used nearly all of what would be otherwise called “vacation,” to answer invitations far and wide, to minister abroad. In the past 20 years specifically, I have worked within the federal (Department of Defense) contracting arena, hovering in and out of 6 different roles within construction management at military bases and disaster response sites around the country. The atmosphere within these projects has been very dark, and heavily laced with filth, vice, shocking vulgarity, hatred, malice, violence, slander, threats and perpetual disrespect. I readily liken this environment to that of prison life. And, this work has been a personal prison, for me. This employment sector however is the only opportunity I have had at gainful employment, and I have subsequently accepted it. As dark is it is, it becomes even darker when I covertly share the Gospel of Christ Jesus with the men surrounding me. Sporadically, I lead men to the Lord; buy them nice bibles; and do my best to shepherd them before moving onto the next project. And, it is with high-risk that I minister in this environment. I share this you, to underscore that I have earned the right to in turn say to you that we must be risk-takers in this late hour, and with boldness share the Gospel with those who are headed toward eternal slaughter. On this note, meditate on the verse below for a moment:

“Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, oh hold them back” (Proverbs 24:11).

In exactly 1 month from now, a carefully planned completion of the Communist overthrow of this nation will meet with the demonic activation of what could rightly be called “D-Day” – or Day of Destruction. The campaign began in January of 2009; it then shifted into Overdrive in January of 2017 as Donald Trump was sworn into office. The “campaign” in question is the wicked and covert dealings-in-darkness comprised of the infinite financial backing of George Soros and the wicked imagination and management of Barak Hussein Obama. These “covert dealings” include but are not limited to: the total destruction of the nation’s economy; the whole perversion of the educational system; the exaltation of sexual eroticism and perversion; the excising of any and every semblance of biblical morality; the death of Christianity in its entirety; and the wholesale slaughter of at least 2/3rds of the Earth’s population by the year 2030 (i.e., “Agenda 2030” – the deeply veiled Luciferian Globalist plot to kill-off the bulk of human life on this planet—formerly “Agenda 21”).

The epicenter of the Agenda 2030 plan was set in motion long ago, with the careful planning and creation of the Covid-19 virus, which did not begin in China, but rather began in a research lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (i.e., the United States). The funding was provided by the Obama Administration. The “money runner” was none other than “Dr. Anthony Fauci” – who personally oversaw transfer of the Covid-19 construct to Wuhan China.

The Covid-19 “plan” did not quite go as planned, as its impact was no greater than the average flu season, possibly less. Mass-Media however (which is owned and managed also by the Luciferian Globalists) is kicking this dead-horse, around the clock, in an effort to keep the narrative alive. The medical industry (also owned by Luciferian Globalists) is equally complicit, in and through the manufacturing of falsified records and diagnosing millions with virus—when in fact the same millions have contracted nothing of the sort. The narrative must remain alive—in order to sell the nation, and the word at large, on the remedy—the vaccine—which happens to contain nanoparticles that serve as a tracking mechanism not unlike a GPS transponder; which happens also to contain enzymes which trans-mutate human DNA; and which also wholly undermines one’s immune system—leaving the vaccinated person dangerously vulnerable to millions of viruses. In the end, the vaccine is simply one of the many tentacles at-play in the fulfillment of the Luciferian Globalists’ Agenda 2030 program.

(Pictured below: Barack Hussein Obama and Alexander Soros–plotting the death of what remains of America).

I have re-visited the Covid-19 hoax to remind you of the depths of wickedness now lapping at our feet not unlike an incoming tide on a coastal shore, whereby if one does not ascend to higher ground (i.e., the hill called Calvary), one will be consumed by such the tide. Such the tide includes what I believe to be the covert and deliberate infecting of President Trump and the First Lady, to bolster to the American public and the world at large, the hype and fear underlying a pushing of a “Phase II” narrative—the “accelerated re-emergence of the virus” – which in turn further emphasizes the apparent need for the vaccine. Once again: Problem>Reaction>Solution.

I wrote an article in January of 2017 shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated, entitled: A Season of Mercy.  And, I still contend that Donald Trump’s presence in the White House symbolizes a season of mercy. Further, it is mercy that we so desperately need in this hour, hence our corresponding need for ardent prayer and intercession as November 3rd of 2020 approaches. No, Donald Trump is not our national “savior,” however he does once again symbolize the potential for an extended season of mercy—before our nation, not unlike the fatally damaged Titanic ocean liner, pitches skyward and plunges into the dark depths below—never to return to a position of global influence.

As we rapidly approach what could very well be even greater darkness than we now see, may the lamp of Jesus resident within your heart, be found upon a lampstand, for all the world to see, that those who see it may decide whether to continue stumbling about in darkness—or to follow the Light of Life.

“No one, after lighting a lamp, puts it away in a cellar nor under a basket, but on the lampstand, so that those who enter may see the light“ (Luke 11:33).

Your trench-mate,


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