An Amish Journey to Forgiveness – Amish Bishop Ben Girod

Amish Bishop Ben GirodAmish Bishop Ben Girod, in synagogue, Nazareth, Israel

One of the great honors of my life has been that of representing the Amish and Mennonites on three missions to Israel–missions which exemplified the deepest display of collective teshuvah that I have witnessed.

It was no less an honor for me that Ben Girod would ask me to compose the initial draft of his book: An Amish Journey to Forgiveness. I was equally honored to co-labor with Micah Smith, founder of Global Gateway Network, who conducted the final edit of the book.

Having been invited as well to pen the Preface to the book, I was deeply humbled to know my thoughts would grace the opening pages of this precious work. And it is with joy that I announce that the book has finally gone to print; now available online.

Within the Amazon link below, you may click on the “Book Excerpt” tab, and thereafter read the Preface that I was equally honored to compose.

I encourage you to consider ordering your copy of this Kingdom Jewel of story.

You may order a copy of the book through Amazon, by clicking the web-link below:


Your trench-mate,