Healing from Trauma – A Potent Prayer Model from Jim and Pat Banks

Roughly 6 years ago (2014) a dear friend copied me on a video of Jim and Pat Banks’ teaching about the nature of trauma, and healing/deliverance from the same. At the time in which my dear friend copied me on such, I had reached a serious stage of “ministry burnout,” having facilitated pastoral care/prophetic counseling/inner healing/deliverance non-stop for several years–this in addition to “pastoring” (I rather prefer the phrase, “functioning as senior leader”) of an area congregation.

I knew from much personal experience in facilitating the brand of ministry that I’ve been “wired for,” that there is a very real counter-punch to such, which affects the minister involved. I was however unaware of the concept and/or phrase, “Secondary Trauma,” which Jim and Pat do a great job of defining, substantiating, and ministering-to. It was as they placed their figurative finger upon such that I realized I was in fact suffering from the same. I had absorbed many layers of the very trauma I had ministered-to, over many years, and needed some very serious rest and renewal. Personal trauma was nothing foreign to me, having lived through extreme trauma as a child, as well as what is best described as outright ghoulish trauma during one particular church plant of many years previous.

I’ve inserted below, a web-link to an audio-file representing a 24-minute prayer uttered by Jim and Pat, over a group of people present for one of their conferences. This soaking-prayer speaks to trauma in general, and covers a very wide range of such. As you are inclined to receive this prayer, I encourage you to secure a place of solitude and silence, and allow yourself to be immersed in this prayer. Come into agreement with the many prayers prayed, by verbalizing them if you wish, and/or internalizing them in your spirit.

As you may scroll-down through this page (i.e. the “Healing and Deliverance” page as a whole) you will eventually meet with my original mention/post of Jim and Pat Banks, in the form of a video from one of their conferences. Within the video you will meet with a very helpful explanation of the how’s-and-why’s of trauma, as well as the subsequent healing approach, followed by prayer ministry.

For an expanded overview of the Banks’ ministry, you may go to their site via this web-link, below:

House of Healing Ministries


I have inserted below, the page-link to the FREE downloadable MP3 audio of the 24-minute soaking prayer for Healing from Trauma. You will see as you access this page, a blue icon/prompt reading: “Download the Trauma Prayer Now“:


You may also access a PDF copy of the prayer transcript, for your reading, here:

*Note: I have edited the prayer to rather speak directly to the individual versus the original group-declaration of prayer, that the reader my more personally pray such.

Prayer for Healing from Trauma – Jim and Pat Banks

On a closing note; I will share that I was very encouraged to hear Jim state nearly verbatim, something that I shared with my wife roughly 20 years ago, as I found myself explaining to her why that almost daily, the most broken people on the planet were drawn to me. This to say that throughout my Christian life, and where ever I go, the most broken, offensive, mentally and emotionally ill, “scary”, “deranged”, violent, “social deviants” make their way to me–very often in public. I was sharing with her the countless stories of having faced-off with demons of every flavor, many of which have manifested in public places, and I have engaged very colorful ministry sessions as the result. But it was during this conversation that I shared a pattern, a theory, a system, and perhaps more pointedly–a demonic warfare strategy that has revealed itself in virtually every person I have ministered to on a one-on-one basis, which totals many thousands to date. This is what I said to my wife, verbatim, 20 years ago:

“What I have observed, without exception, with each and every person that I have ministered to, and who has appeared ravaged, demonized, devastated, terminally-torn, and totally resigned to life (i.e. suicidal), is that they were so traumatized at a young age, that they have spent the bulk of their adult lives recovering from such trauma–instead of walking in the fullness of their callings. It appears to me that this is a master-plan of Satan, that of so traumatizing people that their ultimate calling is forfeited. It seems he and his hordes have a prophetic ability to see-into the futures of those who would otherwise mature into the most formidable forces for Jesus. And, I very often see with prophetic eyes, who these ravaged souls are supposed to be; it is why I do what I do in accommodating them into my life, and going-the-distance with them–knowing that on the other side of their healing is God’s fearsome recompense in and through the freedom and deliverance which releases these into the remainder of their callings.”

I had never heard another person utter nearly verbatim what I stated above, as shared with my wife 20 years ago, until I heard Jim Banks say the same within the “Healing form Trauma” video (accessible as you further scroll-down through this “Healing and Deliverance” page – my initial post of 2014).

You may purchase Jim and Pat Banks’ book, The Effects Of Trauma And How To Deal With It, from the House of Healing Ministries web-link at the onset of this post.




Renewing Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit – An Audio Scriptural Declaration

The following YouTube video is a very healthy medium by which to cleanse your complete “chassis” as you opt to press the “deluxe” button at the figurative drive-through “car wash.”

I have used the car wash analogy on 100s of occasions as I’ve taught/spoken/written about Healing and Deliverance abroad. To further imagine this analogy, is to recall the automated panel at the entrance of a drive-through car wash, wherein one must select the level of wash desired. And, in the instance of Healing and Deliverance, I generally encourage people to submit to the “full monte” – which includes “undercarriage wash.”

John Eckhardt has done a great job in orchestrating many scriptural proclamations and declarations in this narrated audio, which, when repeated in tandem by the listener, acts as a “full monte” car wash, which quickly cleanses our “chassis” of dust, dirt, road grime, bird tax filings, etc, whereupon we may emerge cleansed of all that wars against us.

Entitled Prayers That Rout Demons, the listener does well to repeat each sentence as the narrator proclaims or declares such. One may find it difficult to keep-up with the pace herein. If so, simply opt to repeat the words and or phrases you have time to cover, omitting complete sentences if needed. The narrator does give pause at the close of each excerpt of scripture. One may also opt to inwardly repeat such. The key is that of believing, receiving, declaring and coming into agreement with these truths spoken to the works of darkness, where after one may emerge from a cold, cloudy day, to then break forth into a deeply penetrating ray of sunshine which warms the bone marrow.

I encourage you to find a place of solitude, and wed your spirit to these timeless truths:


A blanket of peace over you today,




Tinnitus Healing Mediums

A fews days ago, Saturday February 4th, I phoned-in to Natural Solutions Radio to talk on-air with Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph, a Naturopathic Doctor who has been gifted with tremendous insight and wisdom in the naturopathic and hollistic health and healing department.

To access the audio-video of our conversation, simply click on the hyper-link below:

Natural Solutions Radio – February 4th 2017

Once there, click on the link to the 2nd half of the “Second Hour,” at which point you should this this video image below:

As you then start this video, Fast-Forward to 09:00 minutes into the video, and you’ll get our conversation, which lasts about 15 minutes.

During this session Dr. Ben-Joseph discusses many naturopathic healing mediums for tinnitus, including the merits of 528hz Tuning Fork Therapy. As a bonus, he first discusses Dreams and Surfing–the latter being very near and dear to my heart.

During our on-air time he also mentions “Sound Cancellation” techniques presently being experimented with by audiologists, which entails subjecting the ears to the same frequency presently being suffered in the brain. Over time, a frequency cancellation (a re-training of the brain) may result.

One can determine their Tinnitus frequency with the online sound-sampling and corresponding “sound-cancellation” tool, below:

*CAUTION: Initially place your computer volume at its lowest level, and very gradually increase it. 


There are several tinnitus cancellation videos available on YouTube. Once you’ve determined your frequency you can simply conduct the YouTube search by placing such in the Search bar. The YouTube video below is that representing 7700 Hz Frequency (the frequency I presently contend with 24 hours a day). It is a sound-cancellation video lasting 10 minutes:

To your healing,



Jim Banks – Healing from Trauma

The following video offers a great (condensed) overview of how to approach healing of the traumatized soul.  The final 20 minutes of the video represents a prayer prayed-over the attendees of this session, and which you can receive for yourself.

Interesting to note, is Jim’s reference to “Secondary Trauma”; the notion that those walking the trenches of healing with others, can and often do absorb a layer of trauma themselves; the prolonged absorption of which equates to the need for healing and release of the same.  It is this very dynamic which propelled me to recently embark on a sabbatical from prophetic counseling/inner healing/deliverance ministry.

Jim’s prayer therefore is very timely.  Many thanks to my friend Cathy for sharing the video session with me.

Your trench-mate,



Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

Over 25 years ago a dear saint suggested that I add this volume to my reading line-up, which at the time represented at least a dozen books being read simultaneously.  It was as I began the book that all the others then sat idle for a few days (except my Bible), until I read the book through to completion.

Frankl, having written from a place of great depth as the result of horrible suffering during the Nazi Holocaust, captured my attention immediately.

One of the more profound elements of the book for me, was that of his unusual revelation of the nature of the gift of humor–a gift divinely placed out our disposal in the darkest of times.  Frankl coined this facet of his Logotherapy modality, “Paradoxical Intention.” I alluded to this topic in my own book.  I have since encouraged 1000s of people within my care to find humor in the most unsuspecting places, and I have demonstrated such many times over, by ushering them into an untimely laugh in the midst of pouring their hearts out over the gruesome details of their personal suffering.

Finding the absurdities within our traumas is often a means by which to belittle them, thus reducing their impact, and ultimately overcoming them for good–one of the primary tenets of the concept of Paradoxical Intention. To the extreme contrary of course, laughing at everything is a form of denial.  But we are not talking about laughing at everything here, we are rather talking about finding the means to laugh at the things which seek to eat us alive with grief, fear, depression, unrelenting sadness, and emotional numbness–the overcoming of trauma.

I have inserted below, an audio-link to the complete book; 4 hours and 44 minutes worth (“444”).  If you so desire therefore, you may click on this link below and begin enjoying a jewel of a book. Simply write-down where you left-off time-wise, and you can resume at any point.

Your trench-mate,




Self-Deliverance: A Guide by Graham Powell

As I pen this brief note I am embarking on a critically needed sabbatical from deliverance ministry.  It has taken me a number of years to realize that those ministering to perpetual trauma in others, ultimately suffer from secondary trauma, and need a season of healing themselves. During this time I wish to strongly recommend that those seeking deliverance ministry consider purchasing a copy of Graham Powell’s book: Christian Set Yourself Free.

You may purchase the title via Graham’s web site, below:

Graham Powell – Center Mountain Ministries

I personally received ministry from Graham many years ago, and will readily affirm his spiritual depth, maturity, anointing and wisdom on this topic.

Your trench-mate,



Robin Williams – A Tragic Loss

Those of you who have followed my ministry for any length of time, and/or who have read my book (Teshuvah: David’s Key) have heard or read of my allusion to Victor Frankl’s very effective psychoanalytic modality of “Logoyherapy,” which is founded in part on the concept of “Paradoxical Intention,” a phrase, coinage and concept of Frankl’s own making, and which has at its primal root–the use of humor (yes, humor).

Humor is a powerful anticeptic, and has been proven to save lives–quite literally.  However, at the same time obsessive-compulsive humor has often been proven to mask deeply troubled waters within a given soul, and denial.

I use humor constantly, to survive the condition of “catastrophic tinnitus” (the highest level of tinnitus).  I therefore know what I am talking about when to comes to the merits of Frankl’s Paradoxical Intention approach.

You may find a great overview of Victor Frankl’s contributions at this link, below:

Victor Frankl

Little is publicly known of Robin Williams’ personal torment–his torment deep-down.  Many know of his traumas with divorce, drug abuse and depression.  But few know of the spiritual dynamics behind such, the true spiritual roots of such. The following web-link represents a timely article on the spiritual dynamics behind Robin’s suffering.

I have as a deliverance minister come face-to-face with many elements represented herein.  May this brief article shed light on how you can more effectively be an Ambassador of Light in increasingly dark times:

Robin Williams – A Study in Spirituality

I should mention as well, and though I’ve yet to hear or read of such to date; that I strongly believe the deepest root of Robin’s pain to have been a broken relationship with his father.  The Father’s heart could have healed Robin, had he the encounter his soul so desperately needed. Consider the reality that your life and your life-witness could very well be the only glimpse of the Father’s heart that some may ever see in this lifetime.

Your trench-mate,




For those who’ve read my book (Teshuvah: David’s Key) you know very well my 13-year (to date) saga with this condition.  And, as I’ve iterated in my book, I look to the day when the Lord will heal me.

This particular article below (“Tinnitus Article – PBS”) does a good job of describing the condition.  Note that within the article body you will find some audio samplings (see red framed text box on right border of message body) of what many tinnitus sufferers hear around the clock.  In my case, the “7700hz” audio sampling (web-link also below) is very close to what I’ve heard 24 hours a day, for 13 years at this stage, and at a very loud volume (roughly double the volume of what is heard in this sampling).

Audio sampling of 7700hz:


If you suffer as I do, know that there is hope for healing, for its only a matter of time before a cure is found.


Tinnitus Article – PBS

Your trench-mate,



MPD/DID and The Broken Heart

*MPD – Multiple Personality Disorder

*DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder

*DID has replaced MPD as a clinical diagnosis/label. They are one-in-the-same.

It is difficult to address this combined topic without also contributing several pages of thoughts herein.  I’ve yet managed to greatly condense my thoughts, aware that the average time available to read, exacerbated by the average attention span, dictates that I attempt to keep my posts to that which requires no more than 12 minutes of a person’s time.

Please note that my ability to write several pages on this topic in no way suggests that I’m an expert on the subject.  It rather underscores that I have ministered to a sea of people, sporadically, for 33 years at this stage–a sea of people who’ve been ravaged by every known trauma to mankind, and my collective experience has taught me many things along the way.  I write from experience therefore, versus clinical indoctrination.

Having facilitated a number of deliverance and inner healing sessions centered around DID, I’ve come to realize an interesting frequency with which DID is the natural byproduct of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).  In my personal experience, the SRA victims that I’ve ministered to have been subjected to such at a very young age, without exception. Though there are many who’ve suffered the same, as adults.  The primary subsequent trauma(s) is that which is now commonly labeled DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), having replaced MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) as a diagnosis/label.  In simple terms, and in terms foreign to clinical psychology; DID denotes a “broken heart” — a heart which has become fragmented at the point-of-trauma.  One fragment remains the child–locked in the age time-warp in which the trauma occurred–the child which still needs healing–though the fragment lives now within the collective heart of an adult.  Another fragment represents the adult, who has tried to survive and cope–minus the lost fragment of childhood.  The task then, is to integrate the fragments, by speaking healing therein, while also casting-down and casting-out any remaining demonic strongholds therein.

It is important to note that one does not have to face the trauma of SRA to incur DID.  There are many kinds of trauma which spawn such, in my personal experience in ministry.

I’ve spoken in very simple terms here, so as not to overwhelm those who may be new to these dynamics.  In keeping this post simple, I am reminded of a timely quip from the late Woody Guthrie: “Any fool can take something simple, and make it complex.  However, it takes a genius to take something complex, and make it simple.”  A true, authentic, gifted Teacher can take something complex, and make it simple.  Those who take something complex and keep it complex, often do so with a strong root in egocentricity.  I do make it a point to break-down the mask of complexity, and expose its most elementary form. In so doing I’ve crafted a quip/maxim of my own, which goes like this: “Most seemingly complex issues or conditions can be reduced and deduced to a very simple explanation.”

With the above in view, I continue…

Most Apologists and Theologians, who are often one-in-the-same, enjoy attacking anything done in the name of the Lord which initially appears not to be found within the pages of Scripture.  These unfortunately welcome the “paralysis of analysis” into their lives.  Meaning, they engage so much analysis that they’ve fallen-prey to the paralysis of spiritual bondage. As such, much of what I write comes under attack by the same, as it often speaks to unusual dealings and experiences with the Lord.  To this end, I remind the reader firstly that our God is The God of Creativity.  He creatively speaks to each of us, all of the time.  And often times, when He cannot get our attention through His creative means in the course of a given day, He’ll wait until we’re in a deep sleep to do so.  Look up Job 33:14-16.  Give that a quick read right now.

With rare exception most that I have interacted with within the professional fields of psychiatry and psychology have been trained to perpetuate secular-humanistic modalities which equate to two primary courses of action imposed upon a given seeker/client:

1) The seeker/client is classified by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders).


2) The seeker/client is dully sold on the notion of taking psychotropic medication of one form or another.

Two very destructive conditions then ensue: 1) the seeker/client immediately forms an identity with the DSM classification.  They begin to define themselves by the same.  The new label becomes who they are; they thereafter align the totality of their being with this life-lense and life-filter.  And, 2) the seeker/client is immediately ushered into a mental, emotional and subsequent spiritual fog as the result of the psychotropic medication.  The end-result? The person is stuffed into a place of terminal bondage–not unlike a cold, dark, damp and frightening corner of a basement–especially so as the industry is successful in convincing the seeker/client that their respective therapy and medication should received/adopted as a “lifestyle” (i.e., terminal therapy and terminal medication).

I have met thousands (I mean this quite literally) of people who have for many decades been strung-along by these professionals, all the while never having experienced any measure of freedom and healing, while their therapists line their pockets with a healthy stream of revenue–which in turn lines the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

Am I wholly discounting the place and purpose of secular psychiatry, psychology and corresponding medications?  No, for occasionally I see merit in such, especially when the general industry is utilized as what I refer to as “a bridge over a turbulent brook.”  The bridge being the therapy/medication, and the turbulent brook being a tumultuous season in life (spawned by various traumas and triggers), which requires a superficial crutch for a time.  The rare exception being those with extreme chemical imbalances who must maintain such for prolonged seasons.  However, and again, I am not sold on the notion of an adult staying on psychotropic medication for life (i.e., a “lifestyle drug”).  For on countless occasions I have observed people being completely set free of dependence upon such–healed by the power in the name of Y’shua–people who had previously riddled their bodies with drugs for decades, having been convinced that it was required as a “lifestyle” (a cunning marketing concept within the industry).

Therefore, please take no offense if you are working in said industry, and please rather understand my point of view–having seeing the power of God at work in this regard.

Every facet of needed healing and freedom can be found in Y’shua–Jesus.  I’ve seen this truth played-out on thousands of occasions.  Give the following video a view, and observe how persons who’ve been bound for decades, while in the care of the “professionals,” are rather set-free within an hour, by the power of the blood of and cross of Y’shua:

For those of you who rather prefer a brief trek into the academic discussion of such (those left-brain-dominant); you may also enjoy the brief article linked below:

Dispelling Myths About Dissociative Identity Disorder

Your trench-mate,



Depression – How it Works

Upon the news of comedian/actor Robin Williams’ death today, I was deeply saddened. For Robin made me laugh on many occasions; there are not too many people who can do that.

As a long-time student of Holocaust Literature I have read 100s of stories of death camp survivors and their harrowing tales of unspeakable anguish.  One survivor who emerged from the rubble, and who’s writing’s I have devoured, would go on to develop a branch of psychotherapy known as “Logotherapy.”  The man, Victor Frankl, in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, discovered a fascinating “gift” within the human makeup, while himself experiencing unspeakable anguish in Nazi death camps.

The gift that Frankl discovered is best described in my recounting of his statement regarding the same. As I do not have the book in front of me (it’s at least 30 feet from me, on one of my bookshelves at the moment), I will paraphrase.  I believe my paraphrase to be pretty close to what he actually said.  I will say that what I recall of the excerpt it is nearly verbatim what he has stated verbally in taped interviews.  It goes like this:

“When a human being has faced the limits of anguish and suffering, and feels that all hope, reason, will and sanity has finally left them, and they begin to teeter upon such grief that they can actually will to die at any moment; they can and often have tapped a gift built-into the human construct, which gives them the renewed will to continue living. This gift?  Humor.  For humor, if for nothing more than but a momentary relief from our suffering, will, if allowed its course, fuel just enough hope to carry us into yet another day.”

Frankl experienced this dynamic himself–the life-saving elements of humor.  He would later develop a facet of Logotherapy which challenges a given client to do the absurd–to laugh at their worst fears, traumas and pain, in essence meeting the absurd with the absurd.  In so doing, the fear/trauma/pain monster is belittled–belittled just long enough for the client to gain enlarged perspective. This concept, of Frankl’s creation, is called “Paradoxical Intention.”

Barring an expanded and formal essay on “How Depression Works,” I’ve penned this post to in turn post a video of Glenn Beck, as he honored the life of Robin Williams earlier today on his daily show.  Having formally studied clinical depression, I tend to favor at this stage sharing very personal glimpses of those who’ve been there, for these kinds of glimpses teach me more than anything I’ve read in formal study.

Glenn happens to underscore the gift of humor in this video.  Though I doubt he is aware of Frankl’s Logotherapy modality, he has yet affirmed the epicenter of Paradoxical Intention:

Glenn Beck Tribute to Robin Williams

Your trench-mate,



Pastoral Care/Spiritual Life Coaching

David is a Pastoral Care Provider/Certified Spiritual Life Coach; a former planting-pastor; an Ordained Minister; a holder of a dual-major ThM degree in Theology and Christian Counseling; a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors; and a member of Healthcare Providers Service Organization.

Should you wish Pastoral Care/Spiritual Life Coaching ministry, such can be conducted in-person, via phone, and/or via Skype.  You may contact David at:

Email: PressOnward(at)yandex.com

*Note: All Pastoral Care/Spiritual Life Coaching services are FREE, with no expectation of financial offerings/contributions. Contributions which are yet accepted are re-channeled to the benefit of widows and orphans, via: http://www.Persecution.com. David has received healing and deliverance through the FREE gift of God, and in turn extends ministry to others for FREE, as the result.

Overcoming the Spirit of Narcissism

“But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

II Timothy 3:1-7 (NASB)


At this stage in history, for anyone to deny that we are in the Last Days is to reveal a gross measure of ignorance and a corresponding lack of spiritual discernment.  We are in fact in the last days, and the above excerpt of scripture underscores but one of many excerpts of scripture which are unfolding before our very eyes.

Here in the West, to be a “lover of self” in the context of the prophecy above, is to be a Narcissist, obsessed with one’s self, by way of contemporary and generalized definition. This is distinctly contrary to loving (i.e., caring for) one’s self as the result of having a life-changing encounter with the Lord–Who enables one to see themselves as He does (see Mark 12:31).

The roots of narcissism are that of a wholly spiritual dynamic, versus that of a clinical, secular definition. The secular designation is that of a poor attempt to define what is in actuality a demonic stronghold–the more advanced stronghold of which we will discuss shortly (referred to clinically as Covert Narcissism).

Demons only inhabit a person when they’ve received a figurative license or invitation to do so.  And in the instance of narcissism, I have observed the invitation and/or license to typically come through 3 primary avenues, as reflective of my protracted experience not only as a counselor, but also as a self-inflicted victim at one stage in my life.

These 3 avenues are as follows:

1) That of a deep and unhealed wound wrought of neglect, abandonment and/or rejection (expanded upon further, below).

2) That of the deeply-seated and prolonged suppression of unresolved sin, and, correspondingly, unresolved guilt, which is exacerbated by demonic condemnation (also expanded upon further, below).

3) The very dangerous state of “lukewarmness” as a Believer, spoken of in Revelation 3:16 (expanded upon presently). For it is the lukewarm state which numbs us to the Holy Spirit’s beckoning to maintain intimacy with Him, during which intimacy, among other things, we are affirmed by Him in ways far deeper than man (read mankind) can affirm us. As we then, as Believers, subsequently ignore this ongoing invitation (i.e., gentle prodding), by failing to daily intimate with Him, we then fall prey to seeking it from others. It is in this subsequent quest to be affirmed by the hands men that we thereafter position and posture ourselves in such a way as to receive constant praise and accolades from the same–to the fill the affirmation void. This is the very formula which has led to the creation of 10s of 1000s of “rock star pastors” adorning pulpits throughout the fruited plane of the United States as I type. They feed off the affirmation rendered to them as they stare into the faces of their adoring fans on Sunday mornings. These are no different than heroine addicts. When one has succumbed to such, the Spirit of Narcissism has once again received a first-class invitation to set-up camp within a person’s mind and heart–a stronghold.

As the lukewarm Believer successfully succumbs to the above cycle, they are then numbed to the Holy Spirit’s chastening, and are ultimately released to their own devices and subject to a specific form of judgement in the form of mental illness spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:11: “…for this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence…”.  The initial context of this verse speaks to non-Believers who continue to believe what is false.  I tend to believe it speaks more pointedly of those who instinctively know that what they are embracing is false.  I have observed this dynamic played-out in the lives of thousands of Believers, over several decades. This delusion to which 2 Thessalonians speaks, includes Narcissism.

In the case of the rejection and abandonment wound, narcissism serves initially as a form of self-preservation, which takes on the form of serving and affirming one’s self–in the absence of such from others.  Over time, self-absorption grows. As it does, the door to our soul that was initially only slightly ajar, is ultimately flung wide-open, following which the demon of Narcissism (i.e., obsessive love of self, in its base form) waltzes-in, unpacks its bags, sets-up camp, stretches its legs, and cultivates a multifaceted stronghold.

In the case of the prolonged suppression of unresolved sin, and corresponding terminal guilt and associated condemnation, one is predisposed to fabricating a hyper-spiritual exterior, whereby a person perpetually sells the world on their divine attributes and their super-human qualities, thus disarming any potential question otherwise. One thereafter perpetually seeks to draw attention to themselves, affording a perpetual spotlight under which they may continue to sell their hyper-spiritual state to the world about them.  As long as they continue to successfully sell all others about them, they successfully defer any potential scrutiny or questioning as to what may lay beneath.  Over time, the person ultimately “closes the sale” on their very selves–whereas the fabricated superficial or hyper-self becomes their reality.  At this stage, gross self-absorption ensues, along with deeply entrenched deceit and delusion.

Lastly, and by way of warning once again, especially to the Christian reader; and while realizing I am in part repeating myself; understand that in the case of those straddling the fence of their faith, and marinating lives of lukewarmness by attempting to allow wanton carnality and marginal faith in Christ to “sleep in the same bed” together; a blanket invitation is released for the tentacles of 2 Timothy 3:1-7 (i.e.,”…a deluding influence…”) to envelope their lives.  For the present reality is that the spiritual war being waged about us is far more dangerous than the average Believer can fathom.  And until we resolve to perpetually cling to the Lord in daily intimacy with Him, while also through corresponding necessity “die daily” to our carnal selves; we willfully wander out from under the protective “shadow of His wings” (Psalm 91) and stumble blindly into enemy fire–not unlike that of willfully wandering into enemy machine gun fire on a contemporary military battlefield–the end result of which is that of being riddled with bullet-like seeds of demonic infestation–including the Spirit of Narcissism (*note that I call it by namea demon).

Deliverance from the above variations of narcissistic strongholds typically occurs in one of two ways: Firstly, and following the acknowledgement of one’s condition and the resolve to repent; opting to team with someone in deliverance ministry, to cast-out the roots of this mangy critter, followed thereafter by a willful turning (teshuvah) in the opposite direction.  And secondly, through self-deliverance.  James 4:7 says that “…if we resist the devil he will flee.”  This is the essence of self-deliverance–resisting (starving) the demon until he gets tired and moves on to the next house.

Self-deliverance is quite simple.  Below I will outline some cursory steps for performing such:

1) Establish a schedule of concerted fasting and prayer, perhaps for a few days leading up to a pre-scheduled time for your self-deliverance.  During this brief time of fasting and prayer (ideally a period of 3 days or more), and which can be a partial-fast; pray that the Holy Spirit reveal the tentacles of this stronghold, that you will have a focused inventory of what to renounce as you perform self-deliverance.

2)  As you engage your self-deliverance session, begin by taking communion, and reading John 6:51-58 (from a physical bible–will explain why, in a moment).  As you ingest the elements, ask the Lord to further free you from the Tree of the Knowledge and Good and Evil, and to further attach you to the Tree of Life–Y’shua (Jesus).

After first reading the excerpt from John, follow such with the elements.  Leave your bible open to this passage, and press it against your heart.  Hereafter, close your eyes, and proceed to breathe-in deeply, in through the nose, and out through the mouth.

3)  As you maintain the above posture, and with your eyes closed, picture in your mind’s-eye the Cross of Christ, and thereafter focus upon that image.  As you do so, verbally renounce the Spirit of Narcissism, while continuing to breathe deeply, in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Declare to it the authority of the Blood of Y’shua, and His Cross.  You can use the name of Jesus if you wish; I simply prefer Y’shua for deeply personal reasons, but of course Y’shua and Jesus are the same Person, and the demons know Him by both names (smiling).

4)  As you repeatedly exhale, the many tentacles of the Spirit of Narcissism will loosen, and will be expelled.  This process generally does not take more than 15 minutes or so. They often exit by making a person repeatedly yawn, belch, sneeze, cough or even flatulate.

5)  Following this session of communion and renunciation, do business with the Lord, by asking the Holy Spirit to invade those places in your spirit and soul which were previously manipulated by the demonic; invite Him to take full-habitation of your heart, and to thereafter guard-against re-habitation.  Ask Him to water the seeds of the authentic  Fruit of the Spirit in your heart (Galatians 5:22-24), which will counter the counterfeit components that were previously at work. The key is that to replace, not to keep vacant (see Matthew 12:43-45).  Our goal is to welcome the full habitation of the Holy Spirit’s working in our hearts, not to “sweep” our hearts clean, leaving them empty, as thereafter the “critters” will waltz right back, and wreck the house worse than before.

*Note: For many, a re-visit of these steps over several self-deliverance sessions may be required. I encourage you to not grow weary in your pursuit. For if you can imagine what is required to pry a live starfish from a submerged rock, you will have a fitting mental motion picture of what is required to pry the Spirit of Narcissism from one’s heart.


Wholly counter to the above approach to self-deliverance, secular psychology and psychiatry seeks to remedy narcissism with a Cognitive approach, which attempts to free a person from the outside-in, through a change in thinking and outward behavior, when in fact the issue resides in our heart(s), and to be more specific: our heart-wound(s).  The only true freedom from such a stronghold is that from the inside-out, by addressing the spiritual component–which governs our cognition.  It is because of the above “ships passing in the night,” that tens of millions of people in the West have submitted themselves to secular counseling and therapy, as well as psychotropic meds, for much of their adult lives perhaps, to thereafter discover that near the end of their lives they had never been set-free of the strongholds their therapists had artfully masked through secular-humanistic “therapy” and medication, all the while reaping the spoils of insurance billing revenues.  Hello?

One of the more advanced manifestations of narcissism as categorized by secular therapists, is that of “Covert Narcissism.”  In general terms, the secular definition does a fair job of defining the outward characteristics of such.  However, and again, their approach to addressing such is wholly useless in weeding-up and casting-out the demonic tentacles of such, which are very crafty about hiding within the deep recesses of our hearts during secular therapy, only to reappear down the road. This reality serves to pointedly affirm my conclusion that most issues which are readily categorized as “mental illness” actually have their roots in the heart–what I refer to as “heart-issues.”

I have pasted below, a brief video addressing Covert Narcissism, which, again, is but one way to describe one of the advanced manifestations of narcissism.  As you view this brief video, and as you would experience pangs of conviction (defined by Holy Spirit nudging or tugging within your soul), you may very well have such the stronghold. If so, there’s no need to panic.  Simply commit to the above process of self-deliverance and kick this “critter” out of your life, and be done with it.  Once freed, do your best to repair the damage to those you’ve alienated and wounded, by more deeply embracing the Crucified Life; daily dying to self, and embracing a lifestyle of authentic humility.

Video – Covert Narcissism


*Note to healing and deliverance ministers, counselors, therapists and ministers in general: In facilitating prophetic counseling and deliverance for 1000s of people to date, I have come to realize that the most effective, fruitful, powerful and proven “tool” for those facilitating such, is really not a tool at all. Much rather, it is the heart-posture of the facilitator–a heart-posture which is graced with compassion, which in turn allows the free-flow of Jesus’ power to heal and deliver. When we examine the gospels, we find in the Book of Matthew alone, 8 references to Jesus’ compassion–which corresponded with those being healed (e.g. “He saw a large crowd, and felt compassion for them, and healed their sick” [Matt. 14:14]).  The Greeks defined compassion as that of a deep churning of one’s inward parts. As you pray for Jesus’ compassion, you will subsequently find those within your care experiencing authentic freedom as the result of Jesus moving through you.

Your trench-mate,





Yom Tov, Friends:

Often within the counseling, inner healing and deliverance ministry which I regularly facilitate, I will draw upon a counseling or therapy modality which I rather deem to be a ministry-model; known as Logotherapy.

To quickly pacify my mainstream-ministry colleagues, I wish to assure you that Logotherapy firstly, is not representative of classic psychology and psychiatry as you may understand it.  I say this as I am keenly aware of the depths of the darkness which lurks within the corridors of much of secular psychology and psychiatry.  Nor secondly, is Logotherapy a form of psychoanalysis as psychoanalysis is commonly understood—Logotherapy rather supersedes the common definition of psychoanalysis. In fact, Logotherapy, the elemental essence of Logotherapy, is in my experience an authentic ministry-model created by a godly Jewish survivor of the Nazi death-camps of World Word II.

My time is limited this morning as I pen this article, so I must therefore keep this concise (concise to me, that is), to perhaps expand upon it sometime later.  I will therefore offer the simplest sketch possible on this topic, yet a sketch which will hopefully more so yield a broader brushstroke of understanding, in the end.

Firstly, something seemingly extra-biblical does not necessarily make it counter-biblical.  An example of this concept is that of the myriads of books written in my lifetime which portray profound personal experiences and dealings with God—experiences and dealings which seem to parallel the Apostle Paul’s experience portrayed in II Corinthians 12:3, wherein he was “…caught up into the Third Heaven…and heard inexpressible words which man is not permitted to speak.”  Many of these heavenly experiences that I have read and heard are accounts of those I have known personally.  Additionally, I too have had many experiences with God which would alarm most, however I know them to have been more authentic than daily life as we know it.  The nature of many of these experiences, both mine and others, cannot be found within the pages of scripture, yet I know them to be true and authentic—carefully cultivated discernment affirms this. Most within mainstream Christianity typically opt to quietly categorize such things as one having experienced “an epiphany,” to then safely say nothing further as they internally equate “epiphany” with delusion (a conclusion quickly and neatly filed within their left-brain).

Secondly, I have been a formal student of Psychology, Human Behavior and Theology, as well as an informal student of Psychiatry, for decades.  Within my studies I have found the bulk of the fruits of the teaching and application of secular psychology, human behavior and psychiatry to be rather wanting and even pale when contrasted with the life-giving and life-changing dynamics of daily meditation upon Scripture, the Bible–the Torah, the Tanakh, the Old Testament; and the B’rit Hadasha, the New Testament, as well as the accompanying divine romance which Scripture beckons our souls to engage.  For when it comes to helping human beings to meet with authentic and lasting freedom from emotional and psychological torment, the inner transformation and healing which results from immersing ourselves in Scripture, and yielding to its transforming effects upon our souls, subsequently conforming ourselves to it, we meet with thee most potent avenue on the planet for terminal personal change.

As I allude to the potency of Scripture, the Word of God, I wish to insert a brief analogy which came to me many years ago.  I had just finished an extended time of quiet-time with the Lord, a time of lingering stillness with Him, when I recalled my first experience with a microscope in a high school science class. I recall placing a small drop of tap water on a small glass slide.  Looking at the drop of water, I saw translucent matter—nothing to be seen in it beyond clear water.  However moments later, as I carefully slid the slide under the microscope, zoomed-in on the drop of water and then further magnified it, I discovered this small drop of water to be alive with living organisms.  As we therefore drink common tap water, we are ingesting living organisms, most of which are quickly destroyed by the components of our immune systems.  Scripture, to the transverse, is very much like the still and apparently lifeless drop of water on the slide, in that as we meditate upon the pages therein; and though the ink on the page appears dry and lifeless; if you were to place a spiritual microscope over but one letter of such, you would see what is called in Hebrew, “Mayim Chaim,” or “living water”; you would see elements of life, which when meditated upon, are ingested into our souls and which transform us each time we absorb such.

As we consider the posture of meditating upon Scripture as a life-transforming activity, I offer by contrast what I believe to be a grave misnomer in this regard, largely spawned by what I believe to be a mistranslation of II Timothy 2:15, wherein we find it in the King James Version (Olde English) to read, “Study to shew thyself approved…” The concept of “study” within the Western mind is that in simple terms to dissect and analyze text, and then cram as much as we can into our left-brains, to then be spewed-out at test-time upon examination, later.  We call this regurgitation, “education.” Such the model and paradigm has graced Bible colleges and seminaries for 100s of years in this country, producing 10s of 1000s of graduates who have left-brains packed with Bible trivia and knowledge—but no intimacy with the God therein.

The actual Greek-translated “study,” reads, “Be diligent.”  Further, a Hebrew translation of this verse begins, “Give diligence…” (הֱיֵה שָׁקוּד). As well, Psalm 119:97 in Hebrew translation reads, “Oh how I love Your law; it is my [King David] meditation all day long.”

With the above in view, I am thoroughly convinced that the Holy Spirit rather prefers we are diligent to meditate upon Scripture, verses “study” it (as we understand the concept of “study” in the West).  As we still ourselves, calm our left-brains, and breathe-in the life-transforming properties of Scripture, our souls are then cleansed (by “Mayim Chaim” – “living water”) and further transformed.

Returning again to the application of secular psychology, psychoanalysis and psychiatry; I contend that “professionals” largely and woefully ignore the spiritual construct of a person—the most critical component of the human being.  And because the spiritual aspect of people is largely ignored, lasting inward change rarely occurs.  Instead, what appears to be changed behavior (outwardly) is very often that of the result of the experimental application of psychotropic drugs—lifelong experiments.  The spiritual makeup of a person then ignored, a patient or client will go on to ingest drugs which include chemical properties which purposefully induce violent withdrawal symptoms, leading the victim to believe that they must then succumb to a “lifestyle drug” (a very clever phrase used by the pharmaceutical and medical industries to suggest patient-agreement that a given drug should simply be taken—for life).

Of course, the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry quietly laughs all the way to the bank, while the physicians who quietly receive untold kick-back’s for pushing such, laugh with them.

I believe it timely at this point in my musings to issue a disclaimer of sorts. I know many people who are presently on psych-meds.  It is not my purpose to unduly inflict guilt, remorse and condemnation towards you.  Most if not all of those who know me, know also that I view psych-meds as serving some limited purposes (key word: limited).  I define these “limited purposes” as follows: psych-meds can serve the purpose of a bridge over troubled waters; troubled waters defined as seasons in our lives which are sometimes marked by mental and emotional trauma.  Once we have fully crossed this bridge however, and we have placed both feet firmly on the bank, on the other side of the troubled waters, it is then time to plan a deliberate path which leads away from the bridge—leaving the bridge behind. This is where I often differ with secular psychiatry, secular psychology and general medicine.  It is also why my ministry is classified as “Scripture-Based and Prayer-Based.”  The other side of the “troubled waters” to which I refer, and the other “bank” on the other side of the “bridge” to which I refer, looks very different from the bank defined by the medical and pharmaceutical industries, who rather define this bank as the threat of the cessation of the revenue-stream they have managed to carefully and deceptively extract from your wallet. We are therefore talking about two very different “banks.”

Please understand also that I am not unduly encouraging the reader to flush their meds and be done with them at a moment’s notice—unless God has clearly spoken to you to do so.  I am simply saying that medical treatment in this age represents a hybrid of those who truly want to help you—and monstrous corporations which fuel their appetites by brainwashing you into believing you must be dependent upon their advice and services for the remainder of your life.

Please understand, friends, that I do acknowledge the small minority of medical practitioners and pharmaceutical chemists who enter these fields with pure motives.  However, the monstrous corporations that they go on to serve out of college foster a goal quite removed from the pure origins of these young, fledging professionals.  For anymore, upon a visit to your local physician you are quite fortunate to have the opportunity to make eye contact with them before they become preoccupied with writing-out your next prescription—a transaction which often occurs within 3 to 5 minutes of your entrance into the examination room (i.e., “drive-through medicine”).

With these primary introductory points in view, I begin my brief expose of Logotherapy by first introducing you to the man who birthed this work.

The late Victor Frankyl, a Jew, survived imprisonment at no less than four Nazi Death Camps during World War II.  During this period Frankyl was subjected to unspeakable suffering, as were all Jews, Jewish Sympathizers and Nazi-Opposition who shared the same fate.  During Frankyl’s nightmare in the death camps, he witnessed many truly noble acts committed by men and woman who were often only hours from death, weakened by sickness, starvation, and internal resignation to life—the will to die.  Within Frankyl’s observance of the many noble acts, he discovered a truly revelatory dynamic which he later coined the “Will to Meaning.”  In essence, and in short, what Frankyl observed was that while in the face of unspeakable suffering and agony, a given person would find purpose in for example forfeiting their last scrap of moldy bread to be fed to someone who appeared to them to be in worse shape than themselves; perhaps only minutes away from death, versus the hours allotted to themselves—the “meaning” exemplified in their mission to get this final morsel into the mouth of their dying and fellow inmate, and which subsequently elevated them beyond their immediate suffering. They had then “willed” (read: made the internal and calculated decision) to engage a mission far beyond the immediate concern on their own survival, and in so doing had tapped “meaning” (read: divine purpose), which gave them the internal resolve to carry it out.  Subsequently, the all-consuming satisfaction which was then injected into these noble beings—came that in the form of life-sustaining purpose (meaning) which propelled them into the next day.  Whereupon had they not “willed” to carry-out such “meaningful” noble acts (read: The Will to Meaning), their longstanding and internal resignation to the clutches of death would have run its course within a matter of but a few hours.

In very simple and corresponding terms therefore; written particularly for those seeking to understand the basis for my implementation of a very real symbiosis between Logotherapy and Prayer-Based/Scripture-Based Counseling Ministry; I offer what is nothing less than a profound parallel to one of the more beautiful and passionate exclamations of the Apostle Paul; namely that found in Philippians 3:13-14, which reads:

“…one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

This one scriptural excerpt powerfully encompasses the core philosophy of Logotherapy—that of taking our eyes off of our own suffering long enough to engage a divine purpose which speaks life into others (i.e., “the upward call of God”).

Victor Frankyl had practiced psychiatry prior to his capture and imprisonment.  It was not until he had survived the death camps however, that he then returned to civilized life as a visionary—one who had received an acknowledged “download” from God, which would then reshape his practice for the remainder of his life, and which would spawn a large following of therapists who would go on to perpetuate the same.

What is little known about Frankyl, is that his parents, recognizing “the writing on the wall” with respect to the implications of Nazi occupation of Eastern Europe at the time; agreed that Frankyl would flee to the U.S., to sustain his practice—and his very life.  However, only days before making the clandestine voyage, Frankyl’s heart altered his plans.  Knowing full well that he could very well be soon exterminated along with his parents, he found a great deal more meaning in forfeiting his life for the sake of spending the remaining waking moments with his parents.  As divine providence would then have it, he yet emerged from the holocaust, alive.

I should insert at this point, two things: 1) I do not consider myself a “therapist.” I rather consider myself a “minister”.  And 2), I have opted to utilize Logotherapy as a “springboard” for ministry, versus that of a formal therapy—which only ends in therapy, and nothing more. This to say that I draw upon an essential tenant of Logotherapy as but a springboard into the greater reality of helping others to discover their spiritual mission in life, as well as also helping them to dig a deeper well of their personal intimacy with God—through new life in Y’shua—Jesus.  For it is in and through intimacy with God; or renewed intimacy with God; and deeper intimacy with God; that we more clearly see the unique mission (meaning) that we have been given in this life—a mission larger than life itself—and a mission which will elevate us above our deepest suffering, pain and turmoil, so much so that our suffering, pain and turmoil is overshadowed by the wake of our much larger purpose (i.e., “…forgetting what lies behind [and] embracing the upward call of God…”).

Having studied at length the lives and works of Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Carl Jung, Ivan Pavlov, Jean Piaget, B.F. Skinner, Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Pee-Wee Herman and many others (hey, just kidding about Pee-Wee—just making sure you’re still paying attention); I have come to conclude that these contemporary pioneers of formal psychology and psychiatry have unduly perpetuated what Frankyl has coined the “Existential Vacuum”—a phrase which, in very simple “layman’s terms” means: the vanity of perpetual focus upon self, and which King Solomon (much earlier than the above-named “pioneers”) called, “vanity of vanities, striving after the wind” (or, in cattleman’s vernacular, “wrestling a greased pig”).

We cannot cure our selfish beings by looking yet further inward.  To the contrary, we cure our selfish beings by looking upward—to God—and to His larger purpose (meaning) for our lives.  Once we then grasp the larger purpose, gaining His view of our “issues,” we can then resume our inward gaze to meet with divine perspective—a cure to our inner turbulence within the soul and spirit (what psychologists and psychiatrists call “the psyche”).

In simple terms therefore, the more focused upon self that we become, the more separated we become from gaining the divine perspective which will enable us to cure the very pain which has successfully lured us into perpetual self-focus, or narcissism, to begin with.

The only image that remains with me vividly, and that within the 100s of children’s books I have read, is that of a young boy laying on a rich green hillside, all alone, and gazing up at a turquoise sky adorned with cotton-white and puffy clouds on a warm sunny day.  He imagines animal shapes formed therein, and he is smiling.  I recall intently observing this image within a children’s book when I was perhaps 10 or so—wishing that I were that boy; wishing that I could be so carefree and at-peace that I could lay on a hillside, on a warm sunny day, and forget time while imagining the animal shapes in white puffy clouds.

It is in Mathew 18:3, that Y’shua (Jesus) reminds us that unless we can embrace the simplicity of His message like a child, and with child-like simplicity and trust, we will not see the Kingdom of which He preached, taught and modeled.  Much earlier in time, Y’shua’s ancestor King David, in the Book of Psalms, chapter 131, verse 2, muses: “Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; like a weaned child rests against his mother, my soul is like a weaned child within me.”

King David was describing his heart-posture as he drew near to God in his daily time of prayer and meditation, as he poured-out his heart to God in prayer, meditated upon His Word, and then sat in stillness and in silence, to be deeply affirmed by the permeating presence of God drawing near to him.  Y’shua’s call to become “like a child,” and King David’s description of feeling “like a weaned child,” describe the profound act of looking upward and into the arms of a Father—Father God to be more precise, to the extent that we escape the trappings of our narcissistic natures, and find the true essence of meaning in our lives.  Once we discover this meaning, and we make the conscious and deliberate decision to act upon this meaning, we have then engaged what Victor Frankyl coined “the will to meaning.”

Minutes after Victor Frankyl was permanently freed from his final death-camp, he wandered several hundred yards from the place of his previous captivity; a bastion of perpetual misery, agony, torture, suffering, hideous stench and death; and began to quietly walk upon a railroad track.  In a state of post-traumatic shock that few of us can imagine, he eventually fell to his knees, looked up into the sky, raised his hands, began to weep, and simply said, “My Lord and my God.”  It was at that moment, after having inspired countless fellow prisoners to will to continue with life, that he fully acknowledged and embraced God as his medium of sustenance and salvation from eminent death.  It was also then that he embraced the profundity of his purpose, his meaning.  He had survived, that he could then go on to help many others survive.  Therefore, not unlike the illustration of the young boy on the hillside, looking up into the sky with complete freedom to imagine, Victor Frankyl met with the same freedom—the freedom to imagine the endless possibilities of meaning—when our lives are submitted to the embrace of the God who created us to find and fulfill such meaning.

As you ponder what I’ve just written, please be reminded that my purpose in penning this brief article is that to offer but a very simple glimpse into the work of Logotherapy as it is interwoven into the ministry of pastoral counseling which I regularly facilitate.  It is the symbiosis between the two which has been my focus. My article herein was not by any means that to represent a formal study of Logotherapy. Much rather, at best this has been but a cursory glimpse, a subjective glimpse into but one primary tenet of Logotherapy, coupled with corresponding tenets of scripture.

May you soon discover, embrace and act upon the depth and breadth of the calling to which you have been uniquely equipped.

Your trench-mate,