The Tumbleweed Times – Vol. II

The Tumbleweed Times, Colorado County Texas – Vol. II


“The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (Prov. 4:18, NASB).

As Believers, every day in which we choose, often painfully so, to refuse to buckle to temptation, pressure, discouragement, strife and despair, and rather press-in and forge forward in our callings as torch bearers, our “light” shines brighter, and is further evident for the world to see—amidst rapidly encroaching darkness.

The brightness of our countenance, and that irrespective of how we feel about ourselves from day to day, increases, until the “full day,” as we choose to be obedient to the daily process of death to the carnal nature, that the redeemed nature may rather be seen.

“…I die daily” (1 Cor. 15:31, NASB).

It is when we feel that nothing more can die within us; and that we are but a frail and charred remain of God’s fiery dealings; that we discover yet more to be purged from our carnal nature. To this end, I can recall like it was just yesterday, over 40 years ago standing in the presence of an early mentor who quipped:

“Ya know David, just when you think that God has thoroughly purged you of the ‘old man,’ and you feel like you’ve been peeled like an orange, He will then place that peeled orange in the palm of His hand, and (((squeeeeeeeeze))) it until every last drop is gone.”  He then laughed hilariously, patted me on the shoulder and said, “Fasten your seatbelt young brother, the ride is about to begin.”

That “full day” to which Proverbs 4:18 alludes, is the fulfillment, the apex, the climax and finish line of the race to which we’re called—whether such the climax is defined by the day we meet Him this side of His returning—or whether we happen to be alive when He does return for His Bride. Either day is the “full day.”

“…Run in such a way that you may win” (1 Cor. 9:24, NASB).

To finish the race ahead of us, wherein for many of us the Finish Line is almost in view; requires that we push the outer edge of “The Zone” – that state often described by long-distance runners – which is a product of the will – the will to finish – which is, in itself winning – irrespective of whether one is first to cross the Finish Line.

The outer edge of “the zone” is often seen in the faces of runners as they refuse to collapse—when agony is clearly on their faces—all the while spectators on the sidelines are cheering them on, shouting, “Don’t stop! You’ve got this! Press on!” These long-distance runners, though often physically, mentally and emotionally numb as they will to meet the finish line, can yet hear the cheers from the sidelines. These collective cheers over the centuries have spoken brief deposits into millions of these fatigued souls—deposits which have given them just enough inspiration to make it to the finish line.

Many of you have, following the shocking assault on humanity over the past 2 years alone, felt as if you’ve been running the remainder of the race before you on sheer will—often feeling mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, numb. Today as I pen this letter, consider my voice but one of many, on the sidelines of your race—a distant voice amidst the clamor of spectators—the voice of one crying within the wilderness of global chaos . This voice actually comes to you from atop a distant wall; a wall which often feels cold, lonely and desolate; yet a wall which enables the watchman to see out and into the horizon.  And, in the same way that the trained ear will recognize the beauty of “polyphonic texture” sewn within the fabric of Baroque Ear composers (e.g., Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Telemann, etc.), so the spiritually trained ear will recognize the authenticity of a voice crying from atop a distant wall—a voice which seeks to cut-through mass-confusion and delusion, to in turn speak-into those who will listen, which are relative few at this juncture. These runners who strain to register this distant voice amidst the throngs of spectators may in turn receive something of vision, affirmation and encouragement—just enough to make it to the Finish Line.

Those of you who’ve read my articles over the years, which date-back 25+ years ago at this juncture, and/or those who’ve listened to me from behind a given pulpit over the same span or beyond, know that I’m faithful to share precisely what I’m given from atop the wall—even when what I’m given may initially be pointedly unsettling. These also know that I always finish a given message with the reminder that we win in the end—for I’ve read “the back of the book,” many times. I therefore will always follow what initially tastes “salty” – with that which tastes “sweet.”

Those who aspire (or “earnestly pursue” [1 Cor. 14:1]) to be used as conduits of the sure-word-of-prophecy and the revelatory gifts as a whole, must understand that you are charged with relaying both that which is sweetand that which is salty—come what may.

And so, in the spirit of my previous letters, articles and messages, I share with you two parts: 1) that which I am seeing approaching on the horizon; and 2) that which reminds us that we have the victory, and that we win—in the end.

There are three critically-timed excerpts of scripture which comprise the gist of that which I wish to voice to you from atop a distant wall today, as you find yourselves hitting “the zone” within the race you’re presently running. The first of these is Matthew chapter 24, in its entirety. I will however insert hereafter an abbreviated representation of this chapter, in the form of excerpts from verses 3 thru 33:

“…What will be the sign of Your coming and the end of the age? …many will come in My name…and will mislead many…you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars…nation will rise against nation…there will be famines and earthquakes…these are merely the beginnings of birth pangs [contractions]…many will fall away and hate one another…many false prophets will arise and mislead many…because lawlessness is increased the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved…the gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to the whole world, then the end will come…there will be great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world…for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short…when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door…”.

In reflection of this very sobering chapter, understand that this one chapter reads as if it is the only authentic and trusted news broadcast on the planet presently. For an anchor person could this very day read this chapter “On Air,” and in so doing render the most accurate “news” of the day—for Matthew chapter 24 is now unfolding before our eyes—“live.” To deny such is to welcome a dangerous state of denial, which, prolonged, can readily morph into delusion—the inability to recognize reality and truth.

When one is in denial, one has chosen to believe a false reality—an untruth. The Apostle Paul very soberly warns us in II Thess. 2:11, that when we willfully choose untruths as our reality—we welcome a “deluding influence” – God’s specific measure of judgment for such.

Many will fall away…the love of many will grow cold…” This specific prophetic warning within Matthew 24 is further underscored elsewhere in scripture, to include 1 Timothy 4:1, which reads: “…the Spirit explicitly says that in later times, some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons…”.

Again, this is precisely where we are, presently. Many are in fact “falling away” and the love of many is in fact “growing cold.” Just how do we guard ourselves against succumbing to such? The answer lay within the parable of the “foolish virgins” in Matthew 25. The Bridegroom came for His virgins (the Bride of Christ) at midnight (a time of darkness), and only those who had kept their lamps burning were then able to navigate a path to meet Him in that moment amidst the darkness outside (a very timely metaphor for the state of the world presently). Herein lay the expositional, personal application. For it is as you keep oil in your lantern, that your flame will remain lit, thus illuminating the darkness enough to recognize the current ebb and flow of Kingdom activity—namely the approach of the Bridegroom—Who is nearer now than ever before. The lamp oil is the supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit in your daily life—which is the byproduct of cultivating daily intimacy with the Lord—one on one, as much as, and whenever, possible—even when on the run amidst chaos, stress, strife and pandemonium. It is not necessarily the timespan we spend at Jesus’ feet, but rather our heart-posture (our hunger for Him), which moves His heart and prompts Him to respond by watering and renewing your soul—even within the context of but a few minutes, if this is all one has to avail. It is as you carve-out windows in time in which to still yourself, that you are able to then recognize the “still, small voice” of the Lord—which will again water your soul, keeping you refreshed, lively, and alert.

“Blessed is the man who listens to Me, watching daily at My gates, waiting at My doorposts” (Prov. 8:34).

The posture depicted in Proverbs 8:34 is that of a person who is so hungry for but a glimpse of the Master of the house; that they, like a stray cat or dog, humbly waits at a door, hoping in desperation that the master of the house will let them in and feed them, and warm them, thus having compassion for them.

Gigi and I are presently caring for a Ferrell cat, which appeared from the woods not long ago. He (“Herbie”) is not unlike a sea of strays that we’ve cared for over many years. It is such a precious parable to see played-out in the animals which have sought us out and have waited at our doors over so many years. Overwhelmed with compassion, we always make beds for them in our outbuildings, and care for them throughout the day. As we have a small zoo of indoor-only cats and dogs, we typically must keep the stray cats in outside quarters, which they nonetheless cherish, as we also create sources of heat for them when it is cold outside (“Herbie” presently enjoys hand-warmer-packets placed under his bed each night, in addition to a heat-generating layer of Styrofoam under the same).

*The reader may read more of our heart-warming adventures with animals via the link below:

As you press-in daily, and refuse to succumb to the potentially heart-numbing effects of the raging darkness about us presently, and thus keep oil in your lamp, your vision will remain illuminated just enough to recognize the movement of Jesus about you—amidst the darkness—inclusive of the ebb and flow of His kindness, compassion, mercy and love, and its potential to flow through you hour by hour—right into the hearts of the lost who are strewn out about your orbit presently—and who are also looking for a door, whereby the master of the house may extend compassion—in the same way that you first received the same.

It was Jesus’ compassion for the sick and the lost, which unleashed the powers of heaven, to save, heal and deliver. When we extend Jesus’ compassion to the lost and hurting about us, we too tap into the powers of heaven, and enable a portion of earth to be invaded by heaven (“…on earth as it is in heaven…”, Matt. 6:10). As we therefore opt to remain conduits of compassion, while taking our focus off ourselves, we unlock and unleash yet another dynamic heavenly force captured in Proverbs 11:25, which reads: “…He who waters will himself be watered.”

As one who has facilitated many 1000s of healing and deliverance sessions over a number of decades, I’ve learned to recognize patterns among the masses, which in turn represent seasons, which ultimately reveal warfare strategies levied at the Saints abroad. The demonic hordes about us rarely act randomly. To the contrary, their tactics are very often calculated on a wide scale. As such, it is not uncommon for me to be approached by many people within the course of but one week, who are being hit or hammered with the very same assault. With this in view, I have met with, and with accelerated frequency, a very large number of Believers who have confided that their “first love” seems lost; that their joy has been stolen; and that they no longer harbor the spiritual hunger that they used to. In summation, all of these symptoms are the result of the venomous sting of the demonic hordes about us, which have received orders to infect our thoughts and emotions, thus spawning subsequent actions which enable our testimonies to erode—very much like the sandy seashore facing the battering of an approaching storm.

Our defense against falling away and our love growing cold, is to once again keep our lamps full of oil, by refusing to allow the events about us to dissuade us from finding daily time with the Lover of our Soul, that we may daily hear His voice (amidst the clamor of many others) and feel His heartbeat for us. Intimacy with the Lord is that which will illuminate our paths no matter how dark it gets outside. Additionally, the personal affirmation we receive from Him in our times of intimacy, will free us from falling-prey to seeking such from others—a pitfall which many high-profile leaders succumb to, as their busyness often overshadows their time spent alone with the Lord, where after they unknowingly and embarrassingly fall into seeking to fill this affirmation-void by feasting upon the accolades of their adoring fans among the sea of people seated beneath their pulpits on Sunday mornings. Such the practice may easily turn into an addiction, which is no less destructive than those living in alleyways, while addicted to crack (I have spoken healing and deliverance into both profiles, which, once again, are not too far apart with respect to underlying heart-conditions).

In Matthew 18:3, Jesus tells us pointedly that “…unless you become as a little child, you’ll not see the Kingdom.” Roughly 30 years ago the Holy Spirit whispered a visual image to me as I re-read this verse, while alone in a very quiet apartment in a small town. He showed me a small child climbing onto its father’s lap, and thereafter resting its head against its father’s chest. As the child began to fall asleep, the father slowly placed his arms around the child, holding it close. The child could only hear the heartbeat of its father, while equally feeling its father’s warm embrace. The child did this every day. And, when the child was not on its father’s lap, it yet heard its father’s heartbeat. Everywhere that child went it heard its father’s heartbeat above the clamor of its daily orbit. The child felt its father’s heartbeat for itself, and also felt its father’s heartbeat for everyone encountered throughout the day.

This picture of Matthew 18:3 is pointedly profound in the context of seeking to daily keep our lanterns full of Holy Spirit oil. For as we press-in to such intimacy with our Father on a daily basis, we conclude such times by being affirmed more deeply than anyone can humanly affirm us, which, again, frees us from seeking the same from them—versus seeking such from the Father Himself. Secondly, within the context of every encounter we have with someone or some circumstance throughout the day thereafter, we hear our Father’s heartbeat—His heartbeat for those we meet, and His heartbeat in the midst of every circumstance.

Some of you reading this letter have faced trauma from your earthly fathers. Some of you, like me, grew up without a father. Perhaps even like me, you had no living grandfather; no father-figure to speak of, at all. Such the void can be filled in but one way: by asking Jesus to enable your eyes to see the outstretched arms of our heavenly Father—extended to you, and inviting you to become as a little child, to include crawling upon His lap daily, that you might feel His embrace and hear His heartbeat for you—which, once again, enables you to hear His heartbeat for the lost and the dying about your path from day to day.

One final element of this Matthew 18:3 message whispered to me 30 years ago, is this: when we embrace the Lord in daily intimacy, by leaning against His chest, upon His lap, we minister to Him. This is the most profound ministry in which we will engage in this lifetime. All else, to include highly celebrated public ministry, is but third in line—after that of ministering to our immediate families. The bulk of Western church leaders have this priority terribly distorted. For public ministry is but a byproduct of our ministry to the Lordfirst and foremost. The fruitfulness, authority and anointing which may potentially adorn our public ministries, is that wholly contingent upon our intimacy with the Lord and our ministry to Him, first, and our immediate families second. As we enable the divine realignment of these priorities, it is with relative grace and ease that God’s anointing freely flows through us, over us, and around us as we grace a given pulpit, or square-off with a lost soul in an alleyway, or engage a coworker who feels compelled to share a struggle with you. This profound truth is rarely spoken of in Bible Colleges, Schools of Ministry, and Seminaries throughout the West (I know, I’ve attended them).

I believe it fitting to insert the timely telling of a brief story at this juncture.

David Yonggi Cho, founding leader of the world’s largest congregation (Yoido Full Gospel Church), based in Seoul South Korea, and overseeing 830,000 people at last check; was the keynote speaker amongst an impressive lineup of internationally-known leaders gracing a church leadership conference here in the U.S. some time ago. As the conference climaxed, and it came time for the long-awaiting keynote speaker, 1000s of leaders were on the edge of their seats, with laptops, tablets and e-devices of every flavor, ready to eagerly take notes—notes which may perhaps reveal ancient secrets to growing their ministries or church campuses into personal ministry empires (truth be known). As David mounted the platform an uproarious measure of applause flooded the conference center as everyone stood to their feet to honor this amazing brother. As the noise level subsided, David scanned the crowd with his characteristic smile, and for an extended time thereafter simply remained quiet. David was waiting for the Holy Spirit to fully blanket the massive crowd—to prepare their hearts for what he was about to share (truth be known). Minutes later, as he discerned the timing was right, he said this: “Undoubtedly all of you are expecting me to share something of how one goes about growing a ministry or church campus into galactic proportions, like Yoido Full Gospel Church. I have whittled the secret down to but one simple item. In the afternoon, I take a nap.”

Following that sentence, David went silent again, donned his characteristic smile, and again scanned the massive crowd for what was an awkwardly long period for the onlookers. All that could be heard was small pockets of people nervously chuckling, albeit briefly, where after they resumed the position of their e-devices, at the ready to blaze a trail of critical note-taking. But nothing thereafter came, as David then dismounted the pulpit and exited the conference, to fly back to Seoul South Korea.

The hosting MC then awkwardly approached the pulpit, and said, “Well, I suppose we can never accuse David Yonggi Cho of being long-winded and being insensitive to time-constraints.”

Relative few of those many 1000s present in that moment, were able to truly embrace the substance of what David had just shared. For our Western culture, which is unduly mirrored in much of the public ministry adorning the fruited plane presently, does not and cannot equate rest with being the most productive thing to do. And most pointedly, in the spiritual context, it is when we are fully rested that we pose the greatest threat to our adversary the devil.

Aware of the expanse of those who read this letter, there are a goodly number of you who serve the Body of Christ in measures which impact large numbers of people, especially those among you presently serving as Shepherds. To these, do know that I am keenly aware of the pitfall of carrying upon one’s shoulders the collective expectations, needs and wants of a large number of people. If we permit it to, this collective dynamic can weigh upon our shoulders like a large sack of potatoes we must carry with us wherever we go, including taking it home, which impacts our families; and taking it to bed, which erodes our ability to fully rest. This said, please be reminded that there is only one Person you must please in your public ministry capacity, and that is your Father in heaven. For when you carefully guard your rest, you in turn carefully guard those moments in time wherein He may then massage your heart, clear your mind, and free your emotions of all that weigh heavily upon you. Second-only to Him, is your spouse and your children, or your adoptive family (a family of friends who have figuratively adopted you, or which you have figuratively adopted). All of those on the periphery, many of whom you undoubtedly care for deeply, as a good Shepherd does, must be coached in seeking their primary sustenance from the Lord Himself, that they may be freed from over dependence upon leadership for their sustenance. May this reminder free you from such the burden and enable you to hereafter carefully guard your rest.

“The one who endures to the end shall be saved.” This one simple sentence, which concludes my personal reflections on the 1st of 3 primary excerpts of scripture in view presently, debunks a handful of pet, westernized and popularized doctrines which have led multitudes astray over a period of centuries. As we revisit this simple statement, consider a very simple rule of interpretation that I learned in one of many (8) colleges/universities/seminaries I attended over a 24-year period while engaged in “higher learning” (tongue-in-cheek). The simple rule of interpretation in question, reads thusly:

  • What does the passage in question say, literally (i.e., exegesis)?
  • What did it mean to whom it was said (i.e., historical context)?
  • What does it mean to me, today (i.e., expositional, practical, contemporary application to my personal life in 2023)?

In this instance, verse 13 of Matthew chapter 24 musters the same answer to all 3 questions: there is no room for misinterpretation, for what is clearly stated is clearly to be interpreted: you must endure to the end, to remain saved.

It is not how we begin the race which matters most, but how we end the race.

In Matthew 16:23, Jesus alarmingly rebukes Peter by exclaiming, “Get thee behind me Satan!” This is the Apostle Peter, who was given the keys to the Kingdom, and whose revelatory faith was to be the rock upon which the Church would be built, and Jesus is calling him “Satan!” What are we to learn of this, in the context of “enduring to the end”? It is this: at any moment any one of us may succumb to be Satan’s very mouthpiece, if we fail to “hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (II Cor. 10:5). That should be very sobering for us all.

Martin Luther, who revolutionized Christianity with his “95 theses,” would in later life succumb to cursing Jews. Much of westernized theology and church history artfully sweeps that reality under the carpet. Was Luther “holding his thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ” in that moment when he cursed Jewish people? No, he wasn’t. Did he lose his salvation as the result of cursing Jews? No, I don’t believe he did, as I am quite certain that he had a “come to Jesus meeting” before he transitioned to glory. Luther’s slip-of-the-tongue could very well have been that rooted in his affinity with strong micro-brewed beer, which was one of his diet staples. It doesn’t really take much to prod any of us into compromising our tongues. And, as we observed of Peter, he had transitioned from a place of profound revelation in one moment, to a place of being called “Satan!” by Jesus, in the next. If this could happen to Peter, it can happen to us.

We are in fact, in the End-Times, friends. It is time to face spiritual sobriety, to shake-off the cobwebs of western influence, which is at this juncture no different than Babylonian influence, and allow Jesus to cleanse our “system boards” through a Holy Spirit reboot (i.e., “control+alt+delete”), that we may clearly recognize the signs of the times, and order our steps accordingly. This does not mean that we cannot have fun, or exercise humor, or engage frivolous joys; but it does mean that we are wise to take a step back, take a deep breath, rub our eyes, look skyward, thus recognizing (discerning) that Jesus is fast approaching. For some of you, and to this end, a mini-retreat is presently in order, wherein and whereby you bring everything to a screeching halt, and excuse yourself from your hurried orbit, and spend a few days in stillness—contending for the “still, small voice” of the Lord—which beckons us to come away with Him to a quiet place. If there are those among you who take this suggestion seriously, you may wish to consider fasting and meditating upon Psalm 119 in its entirety, while also praying Psalm 119 (i.e., using many excerpts of this chapter as prayer springboards, equating to a panoramic conversation with God). This can be a powerful transaction.

We now come to the 2nd installment of the three primary excerpts of scripture which comprise the gist of that which I wish to impart to you today via this letter:

“Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, that you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God” (II Thess. 2:1-4).

I spoke of spiritual sobriety a moment ago. I will in turn say something that I pray will be very sobering for the reader to now consider. What if, this “apostasy” to which Paul referred, is unfolding right now? What if, after enduring decades of hideous assaults while sitting atop a cold, lonely watchman’s wall; that which I have witnessed unfolding on the horizon is now upon us? My deep and unwavering conviction is that this End-Times turning point, the “apostasy,” is now unfolding beneath our very noses.

The “apostasy” is the great falling-away; a tsunami of souls who have chosen, through exasperation, exhaustion and demonic harassment, to forsake the faith; and who have caved to the pressures of the world and the demonic deception levied against them, and have thrown down the baton.

Can a believer really do this? Yes, they can. Recall my unwavering conviction that we “must endure to the end, to be saved.”

I have met many of these, one-on-one; who have sat before me and declared that they’ve thrown down their lamp and have no intention of relighting the candle within. These have been stung and wooed by the very Spirit of Antichrist, and have chosen to rather do his bidding. My response? Without waiver I have exuded the compassion of Jesus, and have asked Him to move through me and demonstrate such—right on the spot. On most occasions He has answered my prayers, and subsequently brought many to tears, followed by a long embrace, and ending with me reaffirming their election, their calling, and the promise of Lamentations 3:22-23, which declares that when they awaken in the morning they will meet, like fresh dew on the grass, Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness—which was waiting for them long before they awakened.

An untold sea of Believers is presently under hideous demonic assault, a strategy with one end in mind: the turning of a heart once on fire for Jesus, to that of a cold and embittered vessel of doom. You, the reader, could very well be the only stopgap measure that some of these souls will ever encounter, before leaping into an abyss of despair. The one ingredient that will arrest them from their defeated and exhausted stupor is Jesus’ compassion. When you are filled with such, your every word and deed, seemingly simple and insignificant as they may seem, may be just enough to melt the hearts of those otherwise destined to forsake The Way.

The 3rd and final excerpt of scripture of particular meditation, and which I’ve pulled from “the back of the book” (the Book of Revelation), reads as follows:

“Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city” (Rev. 22:14).

This excerpt, friends, is nestled within the final chapter of the final book of the Bible. It doesn’t get any more “final” than that. You’ve all heard the old quip, “the buck stops here.” Well, this is where the buck stops. And, it stops with what is often overlooked as one of the most profound words for all of us, in this lifetime. Please allow me to expand a moment.

It was roughly 24 years ago, that during a fast while away at a conference in the hills of North Carolina that the Holy Spirit graced me with something I had not noticed while previously glossing over this verse countless times previous.

Re-read Revelation 22:14 once more. Now, refocus upon that word “wash.” This word denotes on ongoing act. That is, a daily act. This is the quintessential “active verb.” And, for your daily act of “washing your robe,” you inherit the “right to the tree of life [in the end], and may thereafter enter by the gates into the [eternal] city.”

Understand that this washing of one’s robe is not a one-time act (i.e., “once saved, always saved”), but is rather that of a daily acknowledgement of one’s sinful condition, whereby the Blood of Jesus is claimed; the Cross of Christ is claimed; and one’s sonship is boldly declared as the result of “dying daily,” and receiving resurrection life every time we kneel at the foot of the Cross, and ask Jesus to cleanse us of the old nature, that we may further walk-in the new nature, and fulfill all that Jesus has apportioned to us to accomplish.

II Peter 1:10 admonishes us to “Make every effort to make your calling and election sure, for if you do these things, you will never stumble.” I pondered for many years, what it meant from a practical, daily standpoint, to reaffirm one’s calling and election. Certainly the quoting and proclaiming of several corresponding excerpts of scripture will dully underscore the tenets of our calling and election. However, it was not until that day in the mountains of North Carolina, 24 years ago, that I then understand that we make our calling and election sure, by daily “washing our robes” – in the Blood of Jesus, as we awaken each morning to the promise of Lamentations 3:22-23, and Jesus’ mercy awaiting us like fresh dew on the grass—even before we awaken from our sleepy stupor.

“The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease; for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

There are a number of you who’ve succumbed to what I have long-referred to as “spiritual fatigue” – defined by internal weariness as the result of fighting many significant and successive spiritual battles, on many fronts, for many years. You well-know the promises of God, His faithfulness; and have seen Him move in mighty ways. Your fatigue yet has had a numbing affect upon you, and you are simply tired, battle weary. This paragraph was not penned with presumption; it was penned as the result of a word-of-knowledge. And, the word-of-knowledge comes as the result of God’s immeasurable love for those of you to whom this paragraph is specifically addressed. You know you are among these that I’m now addressing because the Holy Spirit has prompted you to offer this to him, now, while allowing Him in this moment, as you still yourself, to renew your spirit and remove this deep abiding fatigue.

I’m praying that the battle-weary warriors among you, who have just felt the Holy Spirit begin to cradle your heart, will also draw you into a deep sleep the next time you retire for the night, and completely cleanse you of the remaining traces of this deep, abiding spiritual fatigue. He can and very often does visit us deep in the night, to do what He does best. I pray that hereafter you will awaken to the reality that He has renewed your spirit, where after you’ll realize you have new strength with which to clutch and wield the Sword of the Lord—the Word of God; and charge back into this battle of the Last Days.

Your Trench-Mate,

David the Lessor

















The Tumbleweed Times


The Tumbleweed Times

Colorado County, Texas

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Amish on Fire / The “Covid-19 Pandemic” / Russia “Invades” Ukraine / “222” (02.22.2022) / ”Revival Postponed”



Amish on Fire

A few months ago I had the honor once again of ministering among the Amish of Eagle Valley Church community in Libby Montana. It was a heart-warming reunion for me, having first met this community while I ministered in their midst in 2007. It is difficult to believe that 15 years have transpired since this initial meeting. I would go on to tread Israeli soil with the associated Anabaptist Connections ministry team on 3 occasions, representing 3 unique missions (in 2010, 2012 & 2013 respectively)—missions far removed from the posture and paradigm of tourism. The team was comprised of both Amish and Mennonites representing many states and a few countries, with members of the Eagle Valley Church community and Anabaptist Connections team of Libby representing the epicenter.

I could go on for many pages about the powerful things that happened on those missions with these dear Amish and Mennonites, as well as the powerful events which have unfolded in meetings among them throughout the country, since.  For the present however, I wish to briefly expand upon one of the words I delivered while recently in their midst.

Barring a definitive history of the Amish and Mennonites, I will offer the reader a brief glimpse of such, to then springboard into authenticating the title of this segment of the article.

In the spirit of radical reform, and a break-away representing broad refutation of Roman Catholic theology and practice, as well as other established Protestant sects, one Menno Simons (1496-1561) representing Swiss-German culture and geography, would rise-up to champion the Anabaptist movement. It was roughly 1693 that one Jakob Amman would then break-away from the Mennonites due to a theological schism of sorts, thus forming the Amish. Mennonites and Amish, as well as Hutterites, comprise the Anabaptist beliefs and associated lifestyle, though there remains some nominally conflicting theology between the Old Order groups. Most of the world at large does not recognize the distinctions herein, but rather tends to lump them into the same “stream” by way of their “plain” (Old Order) standard of dress and agrarian lifestyles. In recent decades however, there has been a growing trend toward migration from the Old Order, especially among those who have wholly embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the fullness of His Holy Spirit flowing through them—the Spirit-filled Life. It is these, among the Amish and Mennonites that I most pointedly speak of at this juncture.

During what is often formally chronicled as the “Munster Rebellion” (pronounced “Menster”) of Munster Germany, three prominent Anabaptist leaders who were at the forefront of an uprising, hold-out and siege in opposition to the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Munster (1535), were ultimately tortured and martyred. Many others were imprisoned. Their bodies were then placed in steel cages and affixed to the exterior structure of the steeple of St. Lamberts Church, in full view of the local populace (to my knowledge the cages remain to this day).

The bones of these 3 martyrs are said to have remained within the cages for 50 years. Some contend that it was considerably longer.

I have omitted much detail of this saga, to rather arrive at the point of my initial mention of such: there remains Anabaptist martyr’s blood in the soil of Munster, and throughout a much greater sphere in Europe, which has been crying-out for God’s holy recompense for 600+ years. God’s recompense entails His meting-out of manifold judgment which far transcends the sin/rebellion/iniquity/wickedness which warrants such. Why do I now alight upon God’s holy recompense within this saga? God’s recompense is often timeless, ageless, mysterious, and ultimately terrifying (“It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God,” Heb. 10:31). And, in the spirit of His timelessness and mystery (His omniscience and omnipotence), I have recently witnessed His divine recompense being released in the form of fiery anointing and authority resting upon spirit-filled Amish and Mennonites—which will equate to the redemption of millions of souls saved for each single martyred and imprisoned Anabaptist in Munster, in 1535—and every martyred Anabaptist thereafter throughout unfolding history.

It was while standing before the Amish of Eagle Valley Church in Libby Montana more recently, that I saw quiet and graceful flames fire of God’s anointing and authority hovering over these dear End-Times warriors—far in excess of their personal awareness. As I stood there I was reminded of an analogy the Lord gave me many years ago, which paints a vivid picture of what it means to carry His anointing and authority in these End-Times. In short, there exists Night Vision technology within the military, which renders the heat-score (image) of the human body despite total darkness (consider the raging darkness presently all about us in these End-Times). The heat emanating from the human body on a battle field, at night, renders an image which appears larger than the body itself, as the heat-trace of the body lingers beyond one’s frame as a person moves about. So the authority and anointing emanating from these End-Times Anabaptists radiates far in excess of their frame, and their awareness.

When I reflect upon Daniel chapter 12, Matthew chapter 24, II Thessalonians chapter 2, and Revelation 7; I cannot conclude anything other than the reality that we are marching headlong into severe times of persecution and martyrdom here in the West. Our immediate neighbors to the North, in Canada, are already meeting with the heart of the Communist Beast. The U.S. is only ½ a step behind them, at best. As we march further into such, I foresee the Amish especially merging to the frontlines of a Frontal Assault upon the works of darkness.

It is difficult to navigate a vehicle forward when we are glued to our rear-view mirror. Those therefore, who have emerged from tremendous suffering and persecution, and who have discarded their rear-view mirrors by forgiving and praying for their persecutors, walk in tremendous authority. And in the case of my 15-year observation of rapidly emerging numbers of Spirit-filled Amish abroad, it is the sweetness of humility and gentleness which, when coupled with gracefully-healed wounds that equates to a powerful measure of spiritual authority.

It was in 2007, amidst my first visit to Libby Montana to minister among the Amish community surrounding Eagle Valley Church, and while staying the night with senior leaders Lloyd and MaryEtta Miller; that I was abruptly awakened at 3:33AM, whereby my wristwatch bore testament of the time. Being awakened precisely at 3:33AM had become a common event for me (since 09-09-99 the consistent awakenings have corresponded with a prayer-directive contained in Jeremiah 33:3), I knew therefore that the Lord had something in store for me as I slithered out of bed and wandered into Lloyds study, which also served as his Prayer Room. This room, on the 2nd floor of his home, is situated in a corner of his home in such a way that it appears much like a spire within the construct of a castle. The windows overlook a vast expanse of Eagle Valley, including the church grounds. As I gazed into the darkness, and while still able to make out the beautiful ridges of the immediate hills and the mountains beyond, I beheld a vision of endless streams within the Body of Christ of converging to the valley, and dispersing from the valley. I knew in an instant that the bulk of these people were Believers who had come to Eagle Valley to be equipped for battle, and as they dispersed they did so with fierce resolve—to march headlong into all that the works of darkness would choose to throw at them. The vision bore semblance to the old train yards active in large cities a century ago, whereby locomotives and endless numbers of boxcars would be disconnected, reconnected and rerouted.  The two photos below bear very close semblance to the vision:

Upon my recent return to Libby, I witnessed the very unfolding of this vision.

Senior leader Lloyd Miller and his late wife MaryEtta served the Eagle Valley Church for a quarter of a century. Tirelessly, and through many storms, they remained faithful to their calling. They served to lay the foundation for many who would evolve into mature Soldiers of the Cross, and who are now piercing the works of darkness with the Light of Life.

During my recent return to Eagle Valley, and while I participated in the ordination of the incoming pastoral leadership team, Lloyd, while stepping-down from his role as senior leader, also in the same moment was stepping-up and into a role as an Ambassador of Eagle Valley Ministries—poised to impart to the nation (and beyond) all that has been imparted to him, in Libby Montana. To authentic this transition, I received a vivid vision of Lloyd while yet still on the plane destined for my connection in Spokane Washington; a vision in which Lloyd was departing Libby in a plane, circling over the country, and landing back in Libby. I observed this cycle repeated, in the vision. The day after my arrival in Libby, and while visiting with Ben and Barbara Girod (apostolic pioneers of Holy Spirit visitation which has been sweeping the Anabaptist nation for decades at this juncture); I shared my vision of Lloyd, with Ben. Ben immediately shared that in just the past few days he had, oddly enough, noticed a small plane repeatedly taking off, circling, and then landing in the immediate area, and thought it peculiar.

1 Corinthians 15:46 reads: “The spiritual is not first, but the natural; first the natural, then the spiritual.” This verse aptly captures the very dynamics melded between my vision of Lloyd, and Ben’s natural observation of the aircraft, so close together.

The incoming Eagle Valley leadership team represented by Benjamin and Dora Girod and Steven and Orpha Girod, and the collective Intercessory and Worship Teams, has gracefully embraced the baton and is now racing toward the finish line with fire and authorityAmish on Fire.



The Covid-19 “Pandemic”

Some of you reading this article recall my initial posting of an article in December of 2019 (while I suffered from a severe case of Covid—the sickest I’d ever been to date), entitled: The Truth about Covid-19. With a very high fever, accompanied by a long list of other severe symptoms including lung infection, I failed to remain cognizant of the fact that because of my article title, the Google tentacle of The Beast System would quickly find my article and excise it from my website, which it did, only 36 hours after I posted it. My article stated primarily three key words to describe all of what was then unfolding: Luciferian Global Governance.

Those 3 words have proven true, beyond the imagination, over the past 2 years.

My bout with Covid, which began a few days prior to Christmas in 2019, lasted a full month. It was the sickest I could ever recall being—until late December of 2021, when I again contracted a similar virus, yet with symptoms even worse. This mystery virus spanned a full 2 months, wherein once again I felt I was on my deathbed, and spent 90% of my time in bed—unable to read, unable to worship, and unable to pray with any fervor. I emerged 20 pounds lighter; weight I did not need to lose; feeling much like a listless vapor; and with my spirit-man starving for hope and healing. I’ve fully recovered from such just shy of 2 weeks ago, as of this writing.

I share my saga with the associated sicknesses, to in turn assert that through my healed wounds in this regard, I’ve earned a few badges and ribbons which I now proudly display—in the form “truth-bombs” which, thankfully, have been authenticated many times over since December 2019, as many are waking up and “smelling the coffee.” The offense spawned by my boldness herein is certainly not intended. Rather, it seems to necessarily run this course as it meets with denial resident within the yet-blinded masses—who have been artfully programmed to believe otherwise. And, the truth is this: Covid-19 and the associated “vaccines” against such were created in the very same laboratories—several years ago—long before President Trump’s media-touted “Operation Warp Speed.”

The “pandemic” has been nothing of the sort, and has been anything but “naturally occurring.” As asserted in December of 2019, this entire charade, which so happens to have peaked with the rollout of 5G (isn’t that interesting timing?) is the “engine” of Agenda-21, which was birthed at the United Nations in 1992, under the banner of “Sustainable Development” (read: Eugenics—population reduction) and which has more recently undergone a minor name change to rather read “Agenda 2030.”

As ghastly at it sounds, the Luciferian Globalists in 1992 decided to formally launch a global murder campaign (genocide) which was to climax in 2021 – a plan 30 years in the making. Now it appears they need another 9 years in which to accomplish their goal. And, though millions of people are dropping like dead flies by the minute as the result of the death-jabs (“vaccines”), it apparently is not happening quickly enough for the Luciferian Globalists, so another World War in is order; this time with Russia—in the form of Russia against the world—the New World Order to be precise (I will expand upon the true nature of this military activity, in a moment). Nuclear war, and the death of hundreds of millions of people, is the current NWO goal—with the U.S. leading the way—the most visible face of the NWO presently. Intellectually, and once again, they tout the “Sustainable Development” mantra (key language within the original Agenda-2021 treatise and the more recent Agenda-2030), while unaware that the demonic forces propelling them simply want blood in the streets, throughout the world—the blood of those who’ve yet to meet with the saving knowledge and grace offered by the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are some among the broader readership of this article now circulating on the web, that are understandably agitated by the piercing and grim language I am using. You must however understand that this is wholly necessary, in light of the gravity of the hour. Some of you who have happened upon this article have been so dumbed-down and deceived by our Western CIA-managed news network that it takes a figurative “slap upside your head” to shake you out of your deceived stupor—long enough to recognize truth. I simply refuse to employ “flowery” language to assuage those who would rather drink Eternity Lite—a popular elixir comprised of 3 primary ingredients: Comfort, Convenience, and Compromise—ingredients which are presently assailing Western Christianity especially.

As 2022 continues to unfold, tens of millions of people will die around the world as the result of the wicked assault upon their bodies in the form of the Covid death-jabs. Consider how often you now hear ambulance and EMT sirens about you; far more frequently than a year ago. Traffic related deaths have increased a staggering 300% in the past year (you will not find that truthful statistic on the web presently), in and through people dying at the wheel as the result of the death-jabs. The medical industry, especially in the West, and which is largely controlled by Bill Gates, will continue to artfully mask the nature of these deaths and the true statistics. And, because the deadly symptoms are so widespread, it is quite easy for the medical community to select an endless number of Causes of Death. The death-jabs so viciously attack the entirety of the vital organs, that Cause of Death can easily be cloaked in an endless array of medical explanations—dully masking the original assault upon the body.

I have shared all of this, to in turn implore you to step outside of your comfort-zone and begin to more boldly witness to those about you, even when the risk is very high. I have been doing so for many years now, and have correspondingly earned the right to challenge you to do the same.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, The Davos Clan, the Bilderbergs; all of Washington D.C.; and a long host of other unnamed Luciferian actors around the world, comprise the New World Order—which will soon roll-out yet another “global pandemic,” with even greater measures of enforcement and lifestyle restrictions—and consequences. The time is now, therefore, to prepare your hearts to stand firm and hold fast to your witness of the Lord Jesus Christ and faith in Him alone, to sustain you during what is quickly becoming the darkest season in human history.

Meditate on this verse for a moment: “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (Prov. 4:18).

It is amazing, how much prophetic significance is nestled within the Book of Proverbs, and the Psalms. What King Solomon was seeing, as a visionary, as he penned this proverb, was the growing illumination of God’s anointing, authority and grace adorning Believers as they march into the darkness of the End-Times. The “full day” symbolizes the Day of the Lord—His return. And, as we contend to stay anchored within His perfect will, we will not only be free of the fear of what is presently unfolding and intensifying, but will welcome the battle—knowing resolutely that we have been fashioned for this very moment in history.



 Russia “Invades” Ukraine

A more appropriate title for this segment of my article would read:

Russia Rescues Ukraine

What relative few in the West understand presently, is that we are under the greatest onslaught and barrage of media mind-warm deception in the history of mass-media—an extremely toxic “Psy-Op” (psychological operation) which spans the globe presently, and which has convinced, in my estimation 97% of the planet, that Russia is committing an evil atrocity by “invading” Ukraine. To the contrary, they are rescuing Ukraine from Nazi occupation and New World Order control.

What the reader must rather understand and acknowledge is that Russia is presently the only remaining Christian Nation of consequence on the planet (with Jordan trailing closely behind). For while the U.S.S.R. once did in fact harbor the vicious beast of Communism, with all of the catastrophic Christian persecution inherent with such, the nation has, since discarding the U.S.S.R. cloak, increasingly embraced the true tenets of authentic Christianity as emulating from the Eastern/Russian Orthodox Church.

Conversely, the United States is no longer a Christian nation, it is rather the most celebrated face of the New World Order, with Washington D.C. now looking no different than what is depicted of ancient Babylon—in complete opposition to God, defying everything that is Christian, and celebrating everything that is perverse and abominable. Even those with but meager measures of  spiritual discernment operating in them presently, cannot deny that the following verse captures the epicenter of what the U.S. government has presently devolved to:

“The wicked strut about in pompous self-importance on every side, as vileness is exalted and baseness is prized among the sons of men” (Ps. 12:8).

When counterfeit-president Barack Hussein Obama announced that “the United States is no longer a Christian nation,” he was making the only truthful statement that I’ve heard him make since discovering him in 2007. Relative few are unaware that he presently manages the White House and the Pentagon (and of course his two wet sock puppets Joe and Kamala), and he is in turn directed by the New World Order and the Chinese Communist Party—seemingly divided directors—but are they really (?).

Russia has in recent decades, undergone a remarkable transformation within its spiritual DNA, granting and embracing the fluid influence of the authentic Christian impact of the Orthodox Church. While acknowledging that every representation of “organized religion” holds the very real potential for the deadly toxicity of the Religious Spirit along with some bad actors in its midst, I will yet assert that I have observed for decades at this juncture, the remarkable preservation, cultivation and perpetuation of Ancient Christianity, in the power of its purity, in and through the Eastern/Russian Orthodox Church. This influence includes the personal impact within one Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. has, for roughly 25 years most pointedly, exercised and carried out the deeply deceptive practice of overpowering many nations in the name of countering “terrorism”, while slaughtering millions of innocent civilians through massive bombardment, and murdering heads of state abroad, with shockingly wicked overarching motives—which most typically equate to what I categorize as Blood Money—assets, revenue and subsequent worldly power and domination as the result of mass-murder. Libya, Kosovo, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Venezuala, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and more recently Ukraine, are some of those victims. The CIA manages these nefarious operations for the NWO oligarchs—the dozen or so billionaires who constitute the upper-crust of the NWO. As difficult as this is to swallow, our tax payer dollars have been funding global terrorism for decades. No less painful is the reality that the federal government of the United States has been wholly infiltrated by Communism, and is now an irrefutable Police State, with every branch of the federal government having been infected by the cancer of Communism, including the judicial system in its entirety, and the Pentagon. Our tax payer dollars are funding the entire monster. The Communist takeover went into “overdrive” when Barack Hussein Obama slithered into the White House—with the help of his CIA handlers. For the 8 years which followed, the very soul of this nation was wholly excised, laying the foundation for the total destruction of the nation. Such the destruction was placed on “Pause” for the 4 years that Donald Trump was in office (what I refer to as “A Season of Mercy” – the title of an article I penned and posted shortly after Trump was installed)—asserting that when Trump exited the White House, the Communist hyenas would finish-off the tattered remains of the charred “Stars-n-Stripes” pitifully flapping in the breeze—a breeze forerunning the approach of an ominously dark cloud of Communism on the horizon.

In 2013 – 2014, the CIA managed the overthrow of the duly elected president of Ukraine, which was preceded by a CIA-managed civil revolt and Color Revolution—utilizing the very same formula employed in Libya, Kosovo, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan the U.S. (e.g., Antifa and BLM) and several other nations. In typical fashion, the West especially during 2013 – 2014 was deceived into believing that Ukraine’s previous president was a tyrant. Once the overthrow was complete, a perverted comedian, actor and performer was installed, to serve solely as an NWO puppet, while an array of 11 biochemical warfare labs were installed in the nation, as well as nuclear warheads—aimed at Russia—and stationed on Russia’s very border. Ukraine had thereafter become a massive money laundering hub and a military hornet’s nest for the New World Order—positioned to destroy Russia. Since 2014, the NWO, with the U.S. leading the way, has used Ukraine as a black market clearing house for every profitable revenue stream spawned by deeply cloaked vice, including business deals involving Joe and Hunter Biden, placing tens of millions of dollars in their personal pockets. Hunter Biden remains on the board of directors of one of the largest racketeering companies in Ukraine.

As I conclude my remarks and insights into what is truly transpiring between Russia and Ukraine presently, and subsequently between Russia and the New World Order; I wish to once again draw upon a phrase I’ve used in previous pages; that of having earned the right to speak to a certain topic.

During my U.S. Navy training, the one’s that I listen to the most, were those who bore the scars of previous combat. They had earned the right to capture my full attention. To the contrary, those who wore shiny brass on their shoulders and had nothing to offer but academics; were tolerated with a grain of salt and were very often dangerous in the heat of conflict. On this sentiment, and barring excessive detail, I’ll divulge that I was in the Black Sea in close (illegal) proximity to the USSR shore for 2 extended operations, in 1979 and 1980 respectively. During these 2 operations, which generally involved “surveillance” (read between the lines), I met with 4 encounters that I can vividly recall, wherein our Naval craft were in literal, critical, and extremely dangerous stand-offs with Soviet Naval craft. In each instance, guns were drawn, large guns were manned, safeties were “OFF”, tempers had flared, shouting matches had begun, and any wrong-move could have easily set-off WWIII. In one such encounter, wherein both opposing crafts were dangerously close to blowing each other out of the water, I looked into the eyes of a Soviet sailor manning a dual-cannon aimed directly at us. Just when I thought we were all going to kill each other, I took off my hat and threw it to him “Frisbee” style. I had grown up on the beaches of Southern California and had some technique down. Amazingly, the sailor caught the hat. Within a fraction of a second all eyes on both crafts were fixed upon what just happened between us two opposing sailors. The Soviet sailor then looked deeply into my eyes for a good 3 seconds, before removing his hat, and he then threw it to me, whereupon I caught it. For a full 5 seconds thereafter, all eyes continued to marvel over what had just transpired, and the Soviet sailor and I smiled broadly at one another.

We had Russian-speaking translators on our craft, and the Soviet craft had English-speaking translators on theirs. Just moments previous the translators had been shouting at each other via megaphones, threatening to blow each other out of the water. Moments later, an odd measure of peace had enveloped the whole scene. We had CIA, Delta Force, SEALs and Marine Recon onboard—enough collective testosterone to arm a nuclear bomb. And all of these were stricken with an immediate exhalation of tension. Sailors on both crafts could be seen and heard laughing moments after the hat exchange.

I once happened upon a book entitled, How the Irish Saved Civilization. Being dominantly Irish on both sides of my family (what is considered in Ireland, “Irish Stew”), it could be said that this Irishman “saved civilization” at one point, in 1980.

I have said all of the above, to in turn say that the entire world is presently (as I type) being lied-to about the true nature of what is presently unfolding in Ukraine. Russia, and Vladimir Putin are presently at-war with the New World Order Neo-Nazis—the most vicious and wicked actors on the planet—presently conspired to destroy Russia, to subdue Russia, to rape Russia in the same way that it has raped this once-great-republic—the United States of America—that they may in turn rule the planet.

A large cross-section of those living in Ukraine are Russian, and support their “motherland.” This same populace largely views Ukraine as a portion of Russia—which it was, long ago. There is also a large cross-section of the populace in Ukraine which is keenly aware of the Neo-Nazi/NWO overthrow of the country between 2013 and 2014, and is grateful that Russia is now liberating them. Within those grateful for Russia’s liberation is a formidable underground militia which seeks as well to topple the Neo-Nazi/NWO regime. In addition, there is a sizeable percentage of Ukrainian military personnel which resent their counterfeit leader, knowing full-well what transpired between 2013 and 2014. This collective populace is completely ignored by mass-media.

I am fully aware of Vladimir Putin’s former roles in leading the KGB and an enormous section of the Soviet army at one stage in history, and I am subsequently aware that he is not an innocent choirboy. However, I am more importantly aware of what God has been doing in his heart, as I have been given glimpses of his heart over the past 2 decades. On this note, you must know that Putin has fiercely defended the Eastern/Russian Orthodox Church at large, and has equally defended the right of every Christian in Russia to gather in public worship. With the same fierceness, he has opposed the attempts of the LGBTQ+ movement to gain a foothold in Russia, openly stating that their practices and agendas are an abomination in the sight of God. Conversely, the U.S. is actively destroying Christianity and has destroyed tens of thousands of church congregations due to lockdown’s over the past 2 years—while at the same time promoting and celebrating the “woke-ness” of the LGBTQ+ agenda, to include seeking to legitimize pedophilia.

When I was in the Navy, I was conditioned to believe that the USSR was the very “axis of evil,” and that the U.S. was God’s gift to mankind—”righteous liberators and saviors amidst global terrorism.” Decades later, and having keenly observed the metamorphosis in both countries, I have witnessed the shocking 180 degree shift in my paradigm—through the lenses of Spiritual Discernment, and I am fully convinced that Russia is fighting for the last remaining national hold-out of authentic Christianity—while the U.S. is leading the way in attempting to destroy such.

I am very familiar with End-Times eschatology, and the placement of Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, and other critical excerpts of scripture which allude to “Gog and Magog”; and the exegetical implications that Russia, along with China, appear to converge upon Israel during the climax of the End-Times. I will grant that this suggested scenario which has been long touted among “Bible Prophecy Experts” for as long as I’ve been studying the Bible (40 years), seems plausible. However, at this juncture in time, and as I’ve candidly outlined in the previous pages, Russia is presently being used to head-butt the most wicked military coalition in history—and he’s doing so while representing the last Christian nation on the planet.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” (Is. 5:20).

This sobering exclamation was written over 1600 years ago, and in the year 2022 it speaks to the shocking measure of wickedness now enveloping the planet—and being grotesquely celebrated here in the United States. As the nation reels in iniquity and deceives the masses to a greater degree with each passing hour, may you find yourself graced with pure spiritual discernment which will enable you to quickly recognize evil that is being positioned as good, and good that is being positioned as evil.

*Segment Postscript (03.18.2022): I was tipped today (10 days after posting this article), to the contents of the hyper-link below, wherein Catholic Archbishop Carlos Vigano (on 03.17.2022) systematically affirms the critical tenets of my article, above. As you would access the web-link below, which captures Archbishop Vigano’s statement, you may scroll-down within the article to his brief/concise 10-point analysis of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Web-Link, below:

Archbishop Carlos Vigano – on Russian-Ukraine Conflict



February 02, 2022 (“2-22-2022”), has come and gone with a good deal of Biblical numerological and associated prophetic fanfare. Equally so, it marked a sharp page in contemporary history, as representative of the day that Russia chose to head-butt the New World Order, by reclaiming Ukraine and destroying its Nazi occupation therein.

On 2.22, I was reminded of the “222” revelation I had experienced in Israel in 2010 some 12 years ago, while preparing to deliver a message to the Amish-Mennonite away-team in Christ Church Chapel, Old Jerusalem. We were all suffering from a combination of major jetlag; fatigue associated with a busy ministry schedule and difficult sleep patterns during our mission, while conversely overjoyed by all that we were witnessing of God moving in our midst. As I manned a pulpit and looked into the faces of my dear comrades-in-arms there in Christ Church Chapel, I recall a refreshing wind filling my lungs as I shared my brief message on Revelation 22:2. The verse reads as follows:

“…On either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

It is here, nestled in the final chapter of the Bible; John’s vision of the River of Life and the Tree of Life, wherein the individual leaves represented “healing of the nations.”

In the moment in which I shared this verse in Old Jerusalem in 2010, I saw my Amish-Mennonite comrades as individual leaves—evoking healing to the nations—and more pointedly in the context of our mission to Israel—healing to the nation of Israel—in the form of a figurative eye salve which would in turn unveil the reality and majesty of Jesus Christ—calling the nation to repentance and salvation in Him. And, it is remarkably timely, that as world-war has once again been unleashed (albeit in and through the NWO luring Russia into such), I would once again be reminded that we individual Believers can harness the power of the heavens through the Holy Spirit, to evoke healing to war-enraged nations—through the power of intercessory prayer and the act of imitating Jesus, daily.

As I was reminded of this prophetic metaphor from Revelation 22:2, on the very date of “02.22.2022,” I was also reminded of something which Richard Wurmbrand stated in one of his books, as he also drew upon the symbol of leaves. The brief excerpt is from his book entitled, “With God in Solitary Confinement.” In so doing, Wurmbrand speaks from depths of suffering that relative few have suffered here in the West. It reads as follows:

“Be determined only to cling to God, even if He slays you, even if He slays your faith. If you lose your faith, then remain faithlessly His. If all the fruits of the spirit disappear, and you remain a barren tree with only leaves, remember that leaves also have a purpose. Under their shadow, the fruitful ones may rest in the embraces of their Divine Lover. Leaves are used by the bride to make a garland for her beloved. Leaves are changed into healing medicines. And even when the leaves become yellow and fall withered to the ground, they can form a beautiful carpet on which He will walk toward those who, unlike you, have remained faithful to the end.”

Richard Wurmbrand knew suffering unspeakable, having endured 14 years of both Nazi and Communist torture and imprisonment in Romania during the late ‘40s through early ‘60s. Three (3) years of his 14-year chronicle of suffering was that spent in a horrendous solitary cell—30 feet below ground, while never seeing any daylight, never hearing any sounds of nature, never bathing, eating only dirty water with rotten cabbage in it, being drugged, and being beaten and tortured constantly for refusing to divulge the collective identities of either Christian leaders in the region, and for refusing to deny Christ as his Savior. Having read nearly all of Wurmbrand’s writings to date, and had I to choose but 1 volume to recommend to you in the event you’ve yet to read him, I would encourage you to find a copy of his book entitled In God’s Underground, which I believe offers the most panoramic view of his larger story of high-stakes ministry, deathly torture and suffering, and his ultimate freedom. He was long deemed “the Apostle Paul of the iron curtain.” And, he earned every letter of that title. His book, In God’s Underground, is no longer in print however you can find it online via a used book portal search. It is worth its weight in gold.

As 02.22.2022 drew to a close and I found myself in bed in the late evening, reading 1 of several books I’m reading simultaneously (I usually have 5 or 6 going at once), I turned to the next meditative installment of a volume entitled The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis, which is said to have been written in the early 15th century, in Latin, and composed in the Netherlands. I believe I’m on my 3rd reading of this volume over the past 25 years or so. It is very rich. And so, once again, I turned to another meditation in the book, as 02.22.2022 draws to a close, and I feast upon his meditation of “Holy Communion”—a practice which I am ever-increasingly discovering evokes power inwardly, and outwardly. As I finished this meditation in the book, and the beautiful reflection of the power of the taking of Holy Communion (aka the Lord’s Supper), my eyes happen to glance downward as I close the book for the evening—whereupon I just happen to notice that this mediation is finished on page “222.”

For decades at this juncture, I have witnessed the power of Holy Communion in the context of deliverance ministry sessions. The demonic hordes at war against us hate the act of Holy Communion. As such, and as I’ve coached seekers of deliverance ministry in partaking of such at the onset of a given ministry session, I have in turn watched the roots of demonic strongholds begin to loosen their grip, where after the excising of these strongholds comes more easily and gracefully. Equally so, as I personally take Communion with my wife on a regular basis, we experience the inherent power and dynamism of the body and blood of Jesus flowing through us and cleansing us, freeing us, healing us, changing us and empowering us.

In more instances than I can recall in recent decades, I have found myself in the midst of complex and volatile ministry/church congregation situations, wherein revelation, insight, discernment, understanding and direction was needed. Very interesting, has been my consistent experience of Holy Spirit prodding me to suggest the group or team share in Holy Communion, and thereafter pray for revelation of how to move forward. Without waiver, the taking of Communion has broken a barrier which was previously blocking fluid understanding, revelation and forward motion. The Lord was very pointedly, on the evening of 02.22.2022, underscoring the critical importance of this powerful practice, to be cherished and exercised consistently hereafter, individually and corporately, especially so in light of the rapidly encroaching darkness about us presently.

I will close this segment of the article by quoting an excerpt from The Imitation of Christ, and the segment which ended on page 222 of the book:

“As it is written in Job: the wicked spirit comes among the children of God so that he may, by his old malice and wickedness, trouble them or make them overly fearful and confused, in order to diminish their affection or take away their faith, on the chance that he may thereby make them either completely cease from Communion or else approach it with little devotion.”

This excerpt pointedly captures the mind-games employed by Satan and his hordes, to so numb a Believer with the sting of guilt, remorse, despair, confusion, doubt, fear and hopelessness, that they thereafter become indifferent and apathetic to the power inherent with taking Communion. Or, if they do take it, in their internal resignation they do not align their hearts with the act, which would otherwise allow the Holy Spirit to further transform, cleanse, heal, refresh and empower them.

The demonic goal is that to cause the Believer to conclude internally: “What does it matter anymore?” This strategy can be likened to a warrior on the field of battle, staggering about in the “fog of war,” walking headlong into enemy fire—while completely forgetting that in his hands he holds a tactical nuclear rocket that could wipe his enemy completely off the battlefield. So strategic and powerful is this weapon in our hands, when we practice the taking of Communion. It is for this reason that Satan will do everything in his power to distract and thwart the transaction, as he knows its inherent and intrinsic power.

Hebrews 4:16 reads: “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

The “throne of grace and mercy” awaits us—if we dare to march through the fog of war and trust that it will be there “in time of need.”

Recall also II Corinthians 2:11, which reads: “…that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not unaware of his schemes.”

The word “schemes” in the Greek (noēma) denotes “mind games.” The assault on the minds of Believes in this hour is staggering. I know this too well, as I battle 24 hours a day, and for 21 years at this juncture, with a hideous assault upon my mind, in the form of “Catastrophic Tinnitus” – the highest known level of Tinnitus, and which can be likened to extremely loud microphone-feedback—squealing 24 hours a day—in my head—and which happens to most closely mirror 7700Hz—a frequency which the reader can find on YouTube if curiosity meets you. It is in desperation that I must daily cling to the “mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16).

Wicked forces (i.e., “the prince of the power of the air,” Eph. 2:2) which have captured and manipulated mass-media have most pointedly since January of 2009 affixed themselves to the minds of the masses much like starfish affix themselves to rocks in the surf. I have attempted to pry starfish from rocks with my hands, amidst my surfing escapades when I was much younger, out of simple curiosity. And, it was amazing, the strength they have to remain affixed to rocks. So it is with demonic strongholds that assault our minds in this hour. Believers cannot willingly expose themselves to what they know internally are lies in the media. For falsehood, repeated often enough, morphs into the perception of truth in the mind (history has shown that Nazis and Communists employ this tactic very successfully). The mind becomes tired of refuting the falsehood and eventually gives-in and accepts it as truth.

Recall II Thessalonians 2:11, which reads: “…for this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence [delusion] so that they will believe what is false…”

This formula is applied initially to those who refuse the knowledge of God and His Son Christ Jesus. However, I have witnessed this formula also artfully assaulting Christians, in and through having facilitated 1000s of deliverance ministry sessions.

I am convinced that all congregations and ministries are wise to hereafter incorporate the consistent practice of Communion as they meet moving forward, that they may in turn equip themselves with every available weapon, to remain victors amidst the encroaching darkness of the End-Times. We are presently surrounded by “the fog of war” – and we will not advance on the battlefield if we cannot see-through such. We need every available tool at our disposal presently, to do so.



Revival Postponed

The photo above was taken within a small Texas town in my vicinity. The photo speaks volumes—far in excess of the understanding of the individual who applied the letters to the congregation’s sign.

For quite some time I’ve been listening to countless prophetic voices and the voices of mainstream Christianity here the West, announcing with great fervor the rapid approach of the “Greatest Revival” and/or “Great Awakening.” In 99% of such pronouncement, I have not heard the most critical element required to strike the match with lights such the fire of Great Revival or Great Awakening. This “match” happens to be NATIONAL REPENTANCE—a nation on its knees, then prostrate on its face, in tears of remorse—crying-out to God for His mercy in the wake of our collective failure to prevent spiritual harlotry from consuming the Western Church.

I have in the past few years only heard one noteworthy voice that has underscored the critical component of repentance as the actuating prelude to Revival or Great Awakening.

God chose to use Israel as the scriptural example, over and over and over again, of how they must “turn from their wicked ways, that He might in turn forgive their sins and heal their land” (II Chron. 7:14). The verse reads in full, as follows:

“If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Those who have studied the progression of Contemporary Christian history here in the West, via recounting the visitations and subsequent seasons of revival in Cain Ridge Kentucky, Cleveland Tennessee, Azusa Street Los Angeles California, Wales; The Latter Rain Movement, etc., have observed that each powerful manifestation of God was preceded by a humble band of Believers choosing to meet regularly to fast and to pray in a spirit of repentance, for God’s holy outpouring upon a congregation, a town, a state, or a nation. Any perceived “movement” of God that was not preceded by such, was soulishly manufactured, and ultimately equated to the sowing of confusion and heartache, in the end.

I recall many years ago, a saga involving what began as a small town which was quickly investor-developed into a thriving vacation attraction, and for many Christians, as one ministry in particular had built an extremely expensive facility and media team which began to attract growing numbers of Believers. At one point, the ministry bought a premium full-page ad in a very widely read Christian magazine. They touted an “outpouring” which had begun. The ad read very much like the old parchment signs nailed to trees 150 years ago in the West, advertising what amounted to “snake oil” elixirs, which promised to “heal all that ails ya,” and with dates and times in which to converge at a certain wagon stationed just outside town.

It was as I saw the ad, while flipping through the magazine that I’ve only glanced-through maybe a handful of times in 40 years; that in an instant I was shown the true nature of what was behind the ad. The ministry advertising such would go on to host many conferences over several years. I would occasionally catch video glimpses of meetings therein, which were wrought with the manufacture of what is best described as superficial hyper-emotionalism. Discernment spoke very loudly of the embarrassingly soulish antics displayed during “ministry time.” I do not doubt that the many conferences ultimately paid for the extravagant facility and massive chunk of acreage. And, I do not doubt that those behind this sad scheme thought that if they combined just enough fanfare and flailing, God might just show up and do what their ad had dully marketed.

I’m my lifetime, and pointedly so since 1981, I’ve been privileged to have sojourned at length with 4 different “streams” within the Body of Christ, and which have in turn left eternal impacts upon me, challenging me to become more Christ-like, and to navigate my calling. In each of these 4 streams, there has been one central ingredient which was responsible for spawning an environment which the Lord found fit to regularly inhabit, and which spawned His manifest presence in life changing ways; most importantly in and through His power to save, heal and deliver. This one central ingredient may be found within one very unsuspecting verse; a verse you rarely hear alluded to from Western pulpits. It reads as follows:

“The Lord sustains all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down” (Ps. 145:14).

Leaders who “fall” regularly at Jesus’ feet, while at the end of their human “ropes” with self-sufficiency; who realize that they cannot keep their ministry going through soulish hype any longer; who have concluded that they can no longer with any peace spoon-feed their teams or congregations secondhand revelation; who can no longer withstand the inner turmoil of secretly harboring an ongoing vision of building a personal ministry empire and a name for themselves; and who remain “bowed down” in humility before Him, and before men, with a contrite heart, will be regularly “raised up” and into a position to witness God’s visitation in their midst on a regular basis—irrespective of what is going on in the world about them. Through this heart-posture, and in this subsequent environment, people are saved, healed, delivered, transformed and equipped for every good work.


Your trench-mate,

























Fourth Watch – Fourth Reich




Shortly into the journey long referred to as “the spirit-filled life,” Believers in Jesus begin to find themselves awakened at 03:00AM in the morning. Unless they then have a seasoned saint in their lives available to explain the new phenomenon they typically rollover and go back to sleep. Thereafter, it takes a while to clue-in to what is transpiring. In short, the Lord Himself often longs to speak to us during this hour (the “fourth watch”).

In Jesus’ day (as He physically walked the Earth), the “fourth watch” constituted the hours between 03:00AM and 06:00AM, an adaptation of the Roman system of manning a military watch around a given occupied perimeter or established seat of government.

“…in the fourth watch of the night He [Jesus] came to them…” (Matt. 14:25, NASB).

There are many significant moments and corresponding messages in Scripture which occur and speak to this general timeframe even long before such was defined as the “fourth watch.” Just a handful of such include for instance, the Bridegroom wooing His Bride throughout the Song of Solomon in the wee hours of morning, and correspondingly Matthew 25:1-13. Then Jesus’ resurrection in Matthew 28:1; angels appearing to shepherds in Luke 2:8-14; Moses leading the Israelites across the Red Sea in Exodus 14:25-46; and so on, with many more encounters throughout Scripture believed to be that during the “fourth watch” of the night.

It is when our physical bodies are at their most vulnerable state that Jesus often calls upon our spirit-man to respond to His desire to “sup” with us—to speak to us and to reveal things which we are otherwise not fully capable of grasping during our typical waking hours, as our minds are so often muddled and overloaded with audio-visual confusion (to include witchcraft oozing from every major news network) and physical chaos about us from hour to hour. As we then consider the excerpt above from Matthew 14:25, and Jesus approaching His disciples on the water “in the fourth watch of the night,” consider also this interesting parallel from Job 33:14-26, which reads:

“…God speaks once, or twice, yet no one notices it. In a dream, a vision of the night, when sound sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds, then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction” (NASB).

At this juncture in United States history, and that especially to the discerning Believer in Jesus, the level of wickedness presently shrouding our nation can be readily likened to Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich of Nazi Germany. In fact, the wicked actors presently destroying the nation are doing so with systematic directives taken straight from Nazi and Communist handbooks (Nazi’s and Communists being figurative “first cousins” within the larger family of demonic hosts which constitute the very hordes of hell).

To the contrary, and for the non-discerning public who have no concept of intimacy with the Lord; wickedness is typically only found in horror movies and novels, whereas life as they understand it (outside of the movie theater or novel) is largely molded by mass-media—which does their thinking for them. Like sheep to the slaughterhouse therefore, the vast majority of Americans have fallen for the very same strategy employed by the Nazis in luring millions of Jews to the gas chambers. The 21st century version however reads thusly: “to survive the ‘pandemic’ one must hurry to find the nearest ‘vaccine’ outlet and get not 1, but multiple jabs, and possibly even receive such on a monthly basis for the indefinite future.”

It should be quite clear to the discerning Believer as of this date that wicked actors based in the U.S. and abroad (i.e., Fauci, Gates, Soros, Obama, the Rothschilds, the Bilderberg and Davos clans, etc.) have created a man-made virus of little intrinsic consequence, rather designed to spawn a level of fear which was to propel the masses to run to get the (deadly) “vaccine.” In fact, the death-jab is no “vaccine” at all. Much rather, it was initially marketed as “a virus symptom suppressant.” And, not only is it not a “symptom suppressant”—it is in fact an immune system destroyer—leaving the jabbed victim vulnerable to an endless array of viral intrusions. Gene Therapy, and more precisely Gene Manipulation (i.e., the altering of one’s very DNA) is what is occurring universally among those succumbing to the jabs. The intrusion does not stop there; it gets worse. In short, the overarching intent of the death-jab was that to kill the victim within 2 years—giving the “medical machine” (industry) adequate time to financially fleece the victim’s family. The medical industry and the media industry are both wholly complicit in this wicked charade that has been the “Covid-19 Pandemic.” Those who own and run the medical and media monsters are in fact “in bed” with the creators of the most wicked mass-murder scheme in human history. They all answer to the father of lies: Satan.

As one who has facilitated thousands of deliverance ministry sessions over several decades, I must add to the above that I’ve discerned yet another toxic layer within the death-jab, and which I’ve yet to hear anyone speak to. The layer to which I refer is that rooted in the presence of aborted fetus cell lines within the shot contents. As the demonic architects of such (the luciferian globalist cabal) are fueled, managed and government by bloodlust, so a variety of demonic spirits are injected into the veins of hapless victims. Where after, almost immediately, the behavior the victim is altered, and often becomes progressively and unexplainably aggressive, hostile, and foreign. I am personally addressing (i.e., ministering-to) such within a number of victims presently.

To those unaware of the larger program which was birthed long before the rollout of the “Covid-19 Pandemic”; allow me to introduce “Agenda 21” – the 1992 United Nations unilateral agreement involving all world powers, the Luciferian Global Elite, and their subsequent adoption of “Sustainable Development.” In short, the Sustainable Development mantra is that which espouses reducing the world’s population by 95%” – by the year 2021 – to “sustain the planet.” Let the reader rather read: Lucifer wants mass-murder unleashed on a global scale. This is the true epicenter of “Agenda 21″ (more recently redefined to read “Agenda 30 [2030]”).

I sniffed-out this “agenda” many years ago—before I knew its name. The Holy Spirit had connected the dots for me. When I then met with the formal name, it made perfect (albeit demonic) sense.

We can aptly refer to this demonic network of maniacs as the Fourth Reich—marching in step and never skipping a beat—right where the Third Reich left off in Nazi Germany—over 75 years ago.

As a timely aside; and for those prone to “fact-checking” on the Internet; may I remind the reader that the Deep State both fabricates and scrubs “facts” – around the clock. As such, if one is using the Beast System’s Google tentacle, one will be led down a rabbit hole of deception. Rather, one may use or better yet, to search-out “Agenda 21” – to meet with actual facts—while they last.

On this, the 20-year anniversary of “911” – with the felling of the World Trade Center and the extravagant measures to which the CIA concocted the narrative, to include convincing the American public that anyone who questioned the media narrative was a “Conspiracy Theorist;” allow me to produce “the smoking gun.” No one that I am aware of to date has identified this “dotted line.” Please allow me.

Within just 4 months following the events of “911” a movie was released (i.e., right about the time that millions of Americans began to seriously question many components of the news narratives which simply did not add-up and which were rapidly surfacing), which would go on to yield $313 million in ticket sales. The movie was a fine production, an outstanding performance by Russell Crowe, and a very timely distraction from the horrors of 911, but the movie was something more—it was was planned concurrent with “the attacks of 911.” The movie: A Beautiful Mind, would depict a Nobel Laureate mathematician (John Nash) who, as the result of suffering paranoid schizophrenia would suffer a constant barrage of delusional episodes wherein he was certain that “the feds” (CIA, FBI, DHS, etc.) were evil maniacal monsters fixated upon killing him as the result his amazing abilities to intuit mathematical probabilities – demonstrated while working for the Pentagon in an assignment targeted at unveiling USSR military espionage stratagems.

Are we “connecting the dots” yet? In the end, the “beautiful mind” (John Nash) is revealed in the movie to have only imagined the evil within his own government, as the result of his delusion induced by his paranoid schizophrenia. Moral of the story: anyone who imagines that our very own government is capable of the evils depicted as delusion within this movie, are “Conspiracy Theorists” and likely mentally ill. Further, and for those “fact-checkers” among you, allow me to assert that you will never meet with online factual evidence of this truth: the CIA “consulted” with the movie producers. Rather read: the CIA birthed the very movie narrative—while laterally birthing the “911” program. That’s the true level of wickedness now lapping at our doorsteps. But go ahead, if it makes you feel any better, simply preclude that I (the writer) am as schizophrenic as was John Nash depicted in the movie.

By the way, the masterminds behind the 911 charade have direct ties to defense contractors which would go on to earn nearly $140 BILLION dollars during the course the “war,” with the Halliburton company alone (with direct ties to the Bush and Cheney families) earning nearly $39 BILLION dollars.

Bloodlust and Greed are the demons which birthed “911.” That is the epicenter, the largely unknown core of the how and why of “911.”

Most Americans have for many decades been so dumbed-down by the dual assault of “prescription medication” (drugs) and the equally toxic witchcraft (spiritual delusion) spawned by mass-media, to the degree that they simply cannot think beyond what their electronic devices tell them to think from moment to moment, and therefore cannot begin to connect-the-dots that I have offered for the connecting, above (the product of demonic design).

With my abbreviated focus upon the “911” saga aside, on this the 20th anniversary of such, allow me to return to our more immediate saga relative to “The Covid-19 Pandemic” – our more immediate “conspiracy theory.”

On 100s of occasions for nearly 2 years at this juncture, I have heard the following phrase, verbatim, and that following the question posed to me as to what I “see” of the “Covid-19 Pandemic” narrative: “But why would they want to kill everyone?”  The answer lay in the Agenda 21/2030 program. More deeply however, and once again, the answer lay in the author of the program—Lucifer. His goal is to murder everyone before they have the opportunity to meet with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. And in the case of ignorant and non-discerning Believers, his lateral goal is that to murder them before they arrive at a place of maturity and boldness which would springboard them into sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Enter an eternal truth—one of many nestled within the Old Testament:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6, NASB).

At the spear-tip of the collective lack of knowledge within the Western Body of Christ presently, and that namely in the U.S., is an internationally-known group of Christians with rock-star-status, who have adorned TV screens and book covers for many decades—personalities who have built personal ministry empires through the misdirected financial gifts of non-discerning sheep—while said personalities have cultivated an intoxicating dependence upon themselves on the part of the non-discerning sheep. And like nursing sheep, they are fed 1% milk (“revelation”) from week-to-week, never learning and understanding that God has offered each of us spiritual tools by which to see and hear Him for ourselves. As of this writing, many of the aforementioned rock stars have over the past year availed their personal ministry empires for the trafficking of the Covid-19 death-jab (“vaccine”).

Millions of ignorant Believers to date have thusly submitted to the coercion of their rock star idols—idols which have in turn been coerced by government operatives who have targeted church leaders who have influence over significant Christian populations, which in turn, and once again, unveils the spirit behind such coercion: Antichrist—the same spirit which was voted-in to the White House in November of 2008 and 2012—via the willing conduit of one Barack Hussein Obama—the conduit of Communist destruction of this once-great Republic. Thereafter emerged one Donald Trump, who I concluded then and I conclude now, symbolized a season of mercy within the larger and impending destruction of the Republic. I would go on to write an article entitled the same (reflected in the hyper-link below):

One prophetic voice would go on to dully encapsulate my entire article into but one sentence: “Trump is serving as a doorstop.”  Indeed that prophetic voice was absolutely correct, in that Trump kept the door of terminal judgment from slamming-shut on our nation—irrespective of what most deemed genuine or disingenuous about him, albeit for 4 years. It was during this period that the Western Body of Christ was wooed by the Holy Spirit to dive-deep, to lay hold of their spiritual roots and station themselves like oak trees on the battle field—readied for what was approaching on the horizon—the horizon that I was seeing from the position of a wall—a very lonely, isolated and unpopular wall—a wall that many choose not to ascend in this lifetime—as it symbolizes a violent affront to what I call “The Three C’s”: Comfort, Convenience, and Compromise.

It would be during the height of our national slide into the “3-C” composite represented in Revelation 3:16 (i.e., “lukewarm-ness”), that I would go on to pen the first edition of “The Teshuvah Times” (hyper-link below):

Since penning this first edition, I have pondered on dozens of occasions what to produce in subsequent editions, and have drawn a puzzling “blank.” I have at this juncture concluded that there was supposed to be but one edition—within which the central message remains active.

Lest the reader succumb to despair at this juncture, having been met with the bitter aftertaste of such unorthodox truths unveiled thus far in this article, allow me to regroup with the contents of a few paragraphs previous; namely the reality that millions of Christians have been deceived into pursuing the death-jab. For those of you reading this article and who have been lured into such; know that there is a way out, a way to be freed from its clutches, a way to be healed. This way out is pointedly displayed in this powerful verse:

“With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26, NASB).

Those are the words of Jesus—or Y’shua, if you prefer—He goes by both names—dependent upon whether we’re eating a bagel or a burrito at the time we call upon His name. This verse declares that you have access to God’s healing power, and that He maintains the ability to erase the contents of the jab from your veins—in an instant.

And, to the Cessationists and Dispensationalists who have theologized God’s power right out of Scripture, I have this to say to the both of you: cease and dispense—in Jesus’ name!

Additionally, to the Apologists among you who have succumbed to the sterile propensities within your approach to studying Scripture, and who have equally excised the dynamic power right out of Scripture, I have this to say to you: apologize.

Allow me to seal-the-deal (without apology) to those who have renewed hope in being delivered of the effects of the death-jab, by revisiting something else that Jesus has stated:

“Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you” (Luke 10:19, NASB).

Therefore, while keeping Matthew 19:26 and Luke 10:19 in your reticle crosshairs, I encourage you to repent, to fast, and to pray, while believing that Jesus’ promises are true and are yours for the asking. Armed with these truths, declare them boldly and renounce what has been injected into your veins. Regular set aside the taking of Communion, where after set to the task of Scriptural declaration and renunciation. Communion is a powerful transaction, and one which pry’s demonic tentacles off the victim, not unlike prying-off the tentacles of a starfish as it is affixed to a rock.

Lest the reader preclude that I’ve fallen prey to what could be otherwise deemed presumptive-hyper-faith (<—insert here the name of any rhinestone-clad televangelist), allow me to recall the Apostle Paul’s experience around a campfire on the Island of Malta, back in the day. The scene is recounted in Acts chapter 28 (vv. 1-6), whereby Paul is received by the island natives with great kindness, and they build a fire for Paul to keep him warm amidst an approach rain. Paul helps them build the fire by collecting additional kindling. Unbeknown to Paul however, there is a poisonous viper nestled within the kindling, which in turn escapes the flames and makes a B-line to Paul, whereby it strikes him on the hand and clamps-down on him. The viper is a deadly one; however Paul simply shakes-off the snake and slings it into the fire, then goes on about his business.

Either we believe the promise of Luke 10:19 above; or we don’t. We’ve reached a junction, dear saints, where we no longer have the luxury of straddling the fence on these points in Scripture. We must embrace a radical faith in this hour, or be consumed by the encroaching wickedness. We no longer have the luxury of hiding within the shadow of comfort, convenience and compromise. As we rather choose a radical measure of faith, we may then crawl-out from under the wrong shadow—and into the “…shadow of His wings…” – as so beautifully portrayed within Psalm chapter 91.

At this juncture I have admittedly painted a despairing canvas in describing where we are as a nation, as of this writing. However, in the same spirit that I have offered hope to the non-discerning Believer in Jesus, I offer hope to those who see just a few remaining and charred fragments flapping in the breeze of what used to be the “stars-n-stripes” – our national flag.

Seeing where our country was headed almost decade ago (2012) as a spirit of antichrist was once again voted-in to the White House (i.e., a spirit of antichrist, vs. thee antichrist) I wrote a book about personal repentance, entitled: Teshuvah—David’s Key (“teshuvah” being the Hebrew word for repentance [pron. “teh-shu-vah”]; the Hebrew definition of which is the richest I’ve found). The sole premise and thesis of the book is based upon a personal story of repentance, paralleled with King David’s story of repentance, designed to encourage the reader to embrace the same, that they may in turn, not unlike the toppling of dominos, impact people abroad who would begin to ignite a spreading fire of national repentance. I was simple-minded enough to believe that my simple-minded book would ignite such. In the end, I’m simply doing my small part to fuel what could ultimately become a national “wildfire” of repentance on the part of the Westernized/Americanized Church—which has wallowed in spiritual prostitution and harlotry for the 4 decades that I have been a Believer.

Know this: As goes the Church, so goes the country—until the End of the Age is upon us.

If the reader has access to Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you may read my book for free, online. It was never my intent to reap personal profits from the sale of the book. To the contrary, all proceeds fund a ministry which feeds and cares for widows and orphans worldwide—widows and orphans of pastors who have been martyred for sharing the gospel. I originally sought only to charge $3.33 for the book, yet was required to charge more, whereupon I then charged $8.88 for the book. One may access the free Kindle Unlimited version or purchase the hard copy at the following hyperlinks:

Free Kindle Unlimited Version:

Paperback Version:

With the focus upon national repentance, and that namely from within the Westernized/Americanized Church, I wish to return for a moment to the initial premise of this article, by briefly (I promise) alighting upon my personal history and experience with the “Fourth Watch” – the wee hours of morning, wherein the Holy Spirit gently prods us to make the choice to yield to His beckoning, to then still ourselves and sit in silence, as we contend to hear His voice.

It is during the Fourth Watch that for the past 20 months especially, I have heard but one word for the collective Western Church: “Repent! “.  I have during this period heard many prophetic voices offering a myriad of directives from the Lord, to include endless promises of great revival to come. However during the same period I have only heard but one voice among this sea of voices using the word “Repentance” – which must necessarily precede “revival.”

Throughout the pages of Scripture and church history beyond such, through current date, no measure of visitation, restoration, deliverance or revival has occurred without an entire people group, town, region or nation falling before God in complete contrition, and repenting for the sins of the same. If we do so as a nation and with the collective Church leading the way, God will raise-up a hedge of protection against the mass-murder of millions.

Barring the response on the part of our nation to fall prostrate before God with a contrite heart of repentance, we will in short order face civil war—by demonic design—which will closely resemble “Kristallnacht” (German, for “Night of Broken Glass”) – when Nazi’s stormed what had become (by Nazi design) Jewish ghettos throughout the occupation, and shattered the windows of many thousands of Jewish-owned stores, synagogues, and Jewish-occupied apartments homes, and thereafter dragged their occupants to death camps—while executing many on the spot for resisting such.

The 21st century version of such death camps happens to be sponsored by FEMA.

If the above scenario begins to unfold, there is an excerpt of Scripture which must be discussed, and one which millions of people in my estimation have largely misunderstood for centuries, as the result what I believe to be a critical mistranslation of Scripture, which has spawned subsequent misunderstanding on a grand scale. The verse in question, and rendered initially from the King James Version, reads: “Thou Shalt Not Kill” (Exodus 20:13). A more accurate rendering of the verse is that reflected in the New American Standard version, which reads: “You shall not murder.”

There is a very sobering distinction between killing in self-defense, and murdering as the result of demonic rage and bloodlust. We must come to terms with this truth, as awkward as it is for most in the Christian community to acknowledge, let alone discuss at length.

The original Hebrew definition of the word in question, upon which the King James Version was penned in the year 1611, is that of “rasah,” pronounced “raw-taskh” (רָצַח). And, the root definition of such is that to “murder” – versus “kill.” The primary root-definition therefore is that to “murder,” while the extended definition does include the word “kill” – albeit to a lessor emphasis.

I have concluded on this uncomfortable word-study for the purposes of preparing you the reader for what you may have to do to defend yourself, your family, your friends, and the helpless among your sphere of influence. We are quickly approaching a point at which the nation will be enveloped in unspeakable treachery if not stopped. My personal conviction is that Believers in Jesus were not formed, fashioned and equipped just to die at the hands of a Nazi-Communist Regime hell-bent on murdering the entire country (and the world at large) with a death-jab marketed as a “vaccine.” I simply cannot accept that. Dying as a martyr while sharing the gospel is one thing, however dying as the result of a Nazi-Communist government’s enforcement of mass-murder via a death-jab is another thing all together, and one that I will personally fight to expose and defeat.

Having thus chosen to physically withstand such if the fight comes to me, I will do what is necessarily to eliminate the threat, while equipping others to do the same. I realize that in stating such many church leaders abroad who have befriended me over a number of decades will scoff at me. Such is the cost of “sticking to one’s guns” (pun intended) when one has marinated a deeply-seated conviction as the result of meditating upon the same for a very long time. My conviction herein can be readily likened to a similar conviction which ultimately led one Dietrich Bonheoffer to the Nazi gallows. I will not compare myself to Dietrich spiritually, but I will assert that I share his level of courage–a level of courage which will be required of all of us in the days ahead.

One of the most unpopular dynamics incurred within the exercising of authentic leadership, is that of very often feeling lonely and isolated—as the result of the masses opposing what you personally know to be truth and/or wisdom—and exercising such at all costs.

“And they overcome him [the Antichrist] because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death (Revelation 21:11, NASB).

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently declared that anyone questioning and/or refuting the media industry/medical industry narrative of the “Covid-19 Pandemic” and the proposed death-jab solution to the same, is a “potential terrorist threat.” Thus stated, it is more fitting that the agency rather be named the Department of Homeland Destruction. In this vein, this article alone is worthy of qualifying me as a potential “terrorist threat.” This said, I am wholly aware of the gravity and cost of the truths I have chosen to circulate in and through this article. It will take this level of boldness from all us, if we are to survive what our Nazi-Communist government has planned for us, even before 2021 comes to a close.

I have to date experienced the mysterious scrubbing of articles from my web site; the immediate erasure of social media posts; the terminal blockage of log-in’s to social media; the extended blockage of any Internet access via my devices; the remote termination of brand new electronic devices (including phones); the remote hacking and manipulation of the onboard software which controls the ECU in my vehicle; the mysterious and repeated remote termination of my debit and credit cards; and the repeated confirmation that everything I write or speak into a device is recorded. Despite all of this, I continue, with boldness, to declare brutally honest truths. I believe each of us are called to such in this hour—no matter what.

I am convinced that as of October 15th of this year, a little over a month from the writing of this article, a largely unknown “shift” will occur within the bowels of the Beast System presently seated in Washington D.C. This “shift” will accelerate the wickedness planned for our largely unsuspecting nation—if not stopped. News media will not divulge such. It is up to “We the People,” and more importantly, We the Believers, to expose, refute and push-back the works of darkness through lives of contrition, brokenness, repentance and boldness in the days ahead—before the Lord. We have the collective authority to counter-punch such with a Kingdom-shift. In this spirit, there is no more fitting excerpt of Scripture than that rendered in Jeremiah 1:10, which reads:

“See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to tear down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant” (NASB).

We have been given this authority; it is now time to act upon it.

Your trench-mate,


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The View from Here


The View from Here


October 3, 2020


Growing up within the urban jungle that Southern California was in the 60s and 70s, I found myself wholly unaware that I was being exposed to the international community, the globe, and that for a much larger purpose later in life—a purpose which would transcend the imagination of a young, confused, depressed, fearful, fatherless and angry boy.

Exposed to every conceivable ethnicity on the planet, I quickly learned one thing which all of these ethnicities had in common: they hated me. It would take some time for me to realize that my blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin were an affront to them all. I grew up as a racial minority in my neighborhood. I was daily threatened, sneered at, yelled at, scorned and berated. And, very often I was beaten by gang members.

I would later travel the world in the Navy, visiting nearly 20 countries. Thereafter I would visit Israel on three occasions, under very unusual circumstances. I would also, over a period of 24 years, attend 8 colleges and universities spanning 7 states. I would sit under many dozens of professors who, for the most part, merely parroted what their professors had imparted to them, as I rarely met with what I discerned to be original thought. Throughout this panorama of academia I would meet many professors proudly representing their unique ethnicities, while also holding me in contempt for my blonde hair, blues eyes, and fair skin. So much for the theory which espouses that education is the solution for racism. Quite to the contrary, racism resides in the heart—which is where it must be excised, and that through spiritual surgery alone.

Most of my life, at this juncture, has been one protracted journey in overcoming rejection and persecution—for simply being born White (with dominant Irish ancestry on both sides of my family). Moreover, I would ultimately discover that moving-in, growing-in and walking-in the power and authority of the Revelatory Gifts would stir up yet another level of persecution—the persecution inherent within the demonic hordes assigned to torment those who represent the Light of Life—Christ Jesus.

In and through a lifetime of threats, scorn, hateful opposition, slander and even physical beatings, I have met with a few divinely orchestrated moments which have provided a healing balm to a very bruised and battered heart. One such moment came about while nestled close to a large fieldstone fireplace within a retreat center in the hills of Black Mountain North Carolina, and while engaged in a “fireside chat” with one of most influential prophets within contemporary church history, and who in recent years has transitioned to glory. “Uncle Bob,” as I affectionately referred to him at the time; and as he had done within my previous encounters with him; donned a broad smile, knowing the condition of my heart, and while also knowing precisely what needed to be spoken in that moment. I recall him stated the following, verbatim:

“Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you” (Matt. 5:11-12).

Sometimes, the most profound words of knowledge are those which come through the quoting of Scripture—at precisely the right time. I had read this passage many times before, over many years, yet when it was personally delivered to me on this recounting, it bore the fruit of Proverbs 25:11, which reads:

“Like apples of gold in settings of silver, is a word spoken in right circumstances.”

Following this retreat, I would continue to minister at many church venues far and wide, and within many conferences, all the while remaining mindful of the special fireside chat with Uncle Bob, wherein through divine timing I had been reminded of the necessary pain associated with advancing on the battlefield of one’s calling.

On the first day of this year (January 01, 2020), I penned an article representing a series of items I felt strongly impressed to share with friends abroad. One could call it A Word for 2020. Within the article I focused upon a series of bullet-points. My very first bullet-point therein, was this:


As the result of positioning this one word as my very first bullet-point within the article, I met with a very sour response from many, far and wide. It should be noted that I do not write and distribute my articles to solicit a response; I rather write and distribute them out of obedience—come what may. With all of the New Year’s glee and glitz at the time, my readers were wishing for a dose of what could readily be referred to as party-line hype, promising further marination of sentiments which might preserve The American Dream which we so desperately cling to—a dream which has cost many their callings—for none of us were ever called to pursue The American Dream. Much rather, we were called to forsake such the vein pursuit.  Consider Luke 18:29-30, accordingly:

“There is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive many times as much at this time and in the age to come, eternal life.”

I often sit atop a figurative wall; a very tall, remote, wall of stone, removed from the masses. Upon this wall I look-out and over the horizon, and I see things. What I have seen with growing momentum since January of 2009 especially, is the very real tidal wave of persecution coming to the Western Church. Nearly every other corner of the globe has already been traumatized by such persecution. However the West has largely been spared such, until now.

The collective church in the U.S. has been on lock-down for many months as of this writing, being threatened and fined for public assembly. This, my friends, is persecution—the persecution I wrote about on January 1st of this year—the word which was met with sour faces at the time.

We have arrived…

I deem this day, a Day of Decision, wherein church leadership must define who they will serve. Will we serve a Luciferian Globalist Communist Regime, or, will we serve the Lord God Almighty? Some of you may take exception to my use of the words “Communist Regime.” I have news for you; the Communists presently holding this country captive equally take exception with you.

How is it, that Communism has overtaken the country, while a sitting patriotic president wars against the same? It is quite easy; we, the Western Church, have allowed it—in and through our dumbed-down, passive, apathetic, spoon-fed, weak, feeble and undiscerning state. One prophet has aptly described the current Americanized Church (a phrase of my personal coinage some 25 years ago), as follows: “big screens, skinny jeans and smoke machines.” And there you have it; the masses have for decades been spoon-fed 1% milk, when they should have been personally hunting for, and eating, meat.

The Western Church is currently being held captive—once again, a posture of its own making. Those discerning among you have at this juncture concluded that the “Covid-19 Pandemic” is no “pandemic” at all, and was rather the brainchild of Luciferian Globalists which include George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, and a long host of other Satanists.  The layers of wickedness sown by this small band of actors alone, is hideous, were it publically known. It should come as no surprise that the “Moderna” company which has recently made billions of dollars in vaccine sales to the U.S. government is co-owned by George Soros and Bill Gates. Equally, it should come as no surprise that Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci were college roommates—both of whom have harbored long-standing visions of global depopulation. Shall we do the math? 1) Create a seeming worldwide pandemic; 2) offer the solution in the form of a vaccine; and 3) kill-off 2/3’rds of the earth’s population through the deadly vaccine.

The above formula happens to be one of the more readily utilized by our Luciferian Globalist—Deep State—Shadow Government overlords. The formula looks like this:

  • Great a problem.
  • Anticipate the reaction.
  • Provide the solution.

Or in short: Problem>Reaction>Solution.

The Problem-Reaction-Solution formula works especially well when it is coupled with yet another formula, that of the “Strategy of Tension,” defined by the creation of ongoing false-flag events, staged simultaneously, and which in turn keep the masses (the general populace) on-edge, confused, fearful, and in a state of unrest—lacking peace. The aforementioned emotions and state of being, lead to the manufactured dependence upon government as “savior.” And further, such dependence ultimately leads to the acceptance of global governance. This progression lays the red carpet for the grand entrance of the Beast System, as forecasted within Revelation (13:17).

One of the more celebrated false-flags is that of the “George Floyd murder” (allegedly killed by police), and which gave context for the Black Lives Matter scorching of cities around the country. Firstly, the “murder” was faked. George Floyd is alive and well. Secondly, the BLM uprising and riots have been artfully manufactured and managed by one Barack Hussein Obama, while being wholly funded by one George Soros.

The list of all of the false-flags presently strangulating the country grows by the day. All the while much of the Body of Christ in this country swallows it—hook, line and sinker. Friends, our collective lack of spiritual discernment in this country is downright ghastly.

In late January of this year I sought to compose and post yet another article; this one wholly exposing the “Covid-19 Pandemic” hoax. I was compelled to warn the Western Church against falling-prey to the implications of such. At that juncture what I was shown had yet to find its way onto the Internet. As I went to post the article, I discovered that all of my personal electronic devices had been “blackballed” from connecting to the Internet (remotely programmed to prevent them from connecting). This condition remained for 8 months. A computer programmer would later confirm my suspicion, that it was a government entity which had hacked and blocked all of my devices. It is helpful for the reader know that there were several activities in which I was involved at the time, which served to expose the wickedness within the Deep State and Shadow Government—my personal effort in exposing evil, and more pointedly exposing the collective assault upon our sitting president.

Consider the following verse for a moment:

“Do not participate in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead even expose them (Eph. 5:11).

Know this, friends; I don’t run about looking for evil for the sole purposes of exposing the same. However, I do readily expose wickedness in high places when I see it, for the purposes of alerting Intercessors far and wide to the strategies we may employ to undercut and tear down the same.

Earlier in this article I underscored how the timing of the spoken Word of Scripture can be profoundly impactful. How’s this for timing?

“I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant” (Jere. 1:10).


When the law of the land becomes law-less-ness, it is time to be the Church! And to act upon God’s grace, and to rather heed the law of the Lord—which is that of forsaking not the fellowship of the brethren!

“Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have made a habit, but let us encourage one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching” (Heb. 10:25).

Do you see “the Day approaching”?

I am presently sitting atop a remote, barren, secluded, cold and stony wall, looking out over the horizon, and I see “the Day approaching.” And as this day approaches, we are to be about the business of shining brighter and brighter until the full day.

“The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (Prov. 4:18).

Our countenance should be shining brighter with each passing day as the encroaching darkness seeks to overshadow us. It is very difficult to illuminate this encroaching darkness while we’re practicing “social distancing” and “self-quarantine,” and as we forsake the assembly of the brethren.

Pastor Rodney Howard Brown in Florida was one of the very first well-known church leaders who chose to publicly defy Communist law. He was immediately crucified by many other pastors around the country, who called him “rebellious” and “moving in lawlessness.” Little did his crucifiers know that Rodney was accurately seeing the lock-down for what it truly was and is—a demonic assault upon the doors of the collective Western Church at large. Shame on those who crucified this bold pastor! I don’t swim in the same “stream” as this pastor, however I do swim in the same boldness, and I for one will not bow my knees to the god of Communism—the public mask of Satanism.

The New Testament is wrought with the steady progression of persecution and martyrdom. Such persecution forced the Believers of “The Way” to dive deep, and to make their “calling and election sure” (II Pet. 1:10). There was no time for compromise; either one was committed to Christ wholly, or one was destined to be “spewed-out of God’s mouth” through judgment (Rev. 3:16).

The steady progression of persecution and martyrdom throughout the ages is dully chronicled in the riveting book, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (by John Foxe). Contemporary chronicling of the same continues through a number of ministries, not the least of which is Voice of the Martyrs, founded by the late Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. Having read all of Richard and Sabina’s writings, I’ve concluded the most profound book of theirs to be that entitled In God’s Underground, a heart-wrenching account of Richard’s collective 14 years in prison, as well as Sabina’s 3 years in prison, during the Communist Romania era. Copies of this book can only be found within used book inventories abroad. These 2 books alone (Foxe and Wurmbrand) should be required reading for every Believer at this juncture in time. It is my belief, that shadowed political pressure forced this book from the printing press. You owe it to yourself to find such.

There are many fine works among contemporary Christian authors, who recount tremendous suffering of saints abroad, to include that of the account of Brother Yun – “The Heavenly Man” – who suffered severely at the hands of the Communist China regime. Brother Yun, who once went over 2 months without food or water while in prison (a “medical miracle”), chronicles at the end of his journey of severe suffering; that the only greater pain than that experienced through torture within the bowels of the Chinese prison system, was that of Western Christians slandering him—by spreading the widespread rumor that his story was false.

My overarching purpose in speaking so seriously about the progression of persecution and ultimate martyrdom, is that to conclude the discussion by stating that it is my personal belief that the countless millions who have died for the sake of the Cross over the past 2000 years, have not done so that we within the Western Church may in turn live self-indulgent lives of compromise while fattening ourselves on an artificial and toxic diet of premillennial rapture doctrine. I simply do not see the substantive Scriptural case for the ultimate manifestation of what I deem to be theological escapism.

My aim at this juncture is that not to engage a tit-for-tat apologetics argument on the timing of the Rapture, but to rather issue a divine wake-up call to the Westernized Church, to prepare itself to define what it truly believes—proceeded by an unyielding defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—come what may.

Many among you may be familiar with the following phrase: “hidden in plain sight.”

Allow me to posit a biblical example of such:

“…in the world you will have tribulation…” (John 16:33).

The soil of our planet the world over cry’s-out with the blood of the martyrs who have gone before us. Can you not in turn see the absurdity of the contrast between their often brutal death, and our Westernized mode of Christianity, presently?

As I near a close to this diatribe (the reader: “Thank you, David”), I wish to offer a brutally candid, honest, and painfully vulnerable glimpse of my personal orbit—as it corresponds with all that I’ve shared thus far.

I have been a tent-making-minister for 39 years to date. I have for 3 extended seasons within this 4-decade period, carried the title of “pastor” – as the result of bi-vocationally placing one foot in the secular workplace and one foot in the planting, cultivation and building of local congregations. I have used nearly all of what would be otherwise called “vacation,” to answer invitations far and wide, to minister abroad. In the past 20 years specifically, I have worked within the federal (Department of Defense) contracting arena, hovering in and out of 6 different roles within construction management at military bases and disaster response sites around the country. The atmosphere within these projects has been very dark, and heavily laced with filth, vice, shocking vulgarity, hatred, malice, violence, slander, threats and perpetual disrespect. I readily liken this environment to that of prison life. And, this work has been a personal prison, for me. This employment sector however is the only opportunity I have had at gainful employment, and I have subsequently accepted it. As dark is it is, it becomes even darker when I covertly share the Gospel of Christ Jesus with the men surrounding me. Sporadically, I lead men to the Lord; buy them nice bibles; and do my best to shepherd them before moving onto the next project. And, it is with high-risk that I minister in this environment. I share this you, to underscore that I have earned the right to in turn say to you that we must be risk-takers in this late hour, and with boldness share the Gospel with those who are headed toward eternal slaughter. On this note, meditate on the verse below for a moment:

“Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, oh hold them back” (Proverbs 24:11).

In exactly 1 month from now, a carefully planned completion of the Communist overthrow of this nation will meet with the demonic activation of what could rightly be called “D-Day” – or Day of Destruction. The campaign began in January of 2009; it then shifted into Overdrive in January of 2017 as Donald Trump was sworn into office. The “campaign” in question is the wicked and covert dealings-in-darkness comprised of the infinite financial backing of George Soros and the wicked imagination and management of Barak Hussein Obama. These “covert dealings” include but are not limited to: the total destruction of the nation’s economy; the whole perversion of the educational system; the exaltation of sexual eroticism and perversion; the excising of any and every semblance of biblical morality; the death of Christianity in its entirety; and the wholesale slaughter of at least 2/3rds of the Earth’s population by the year 2030 (i.e., “Agenda 2030” – the deeply veiled Luciferian Globalist plot to kill-off the bulk of human life on this planet—formerly “Agenda 21”).

The epicenter of the Agenda 2030 plan was set in motion long ago, with the careful planning and creation of the Covid-19 virus, which did not begin in China, but rather began in a research lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (i.e., the United States). The funding was provided by the Obama Administration. The “money runner” was none other than “Dr. Anthony Fauci” – who personally oversaw transfer of the Covid-19 construct to Wuhan China.

The Covid-19 “plan” did not quite go as planned, as its impact was no greater than the average flu season, possibly less. Mass-Media however (which is owned and managed also by the Luciferian Globalists) is kicking this dead-horse, around the clock, in an effort to keep the narrative alive. The medical industry (also owned by Luciferian Globalists) is equally complicit, in and through the manufacturing of falsified records and diagnosing millions with virus—when in fact the same millions have contracted nothing of the sort. The narrative must remain alive—in order to sell the nation, and the word at large, on the remedy—the vaccine—which happens to contain nanoparticles that serve as a tracking mechanism not unlike a GPS transponder; which happens also to contain enzymes which trans-mutate human DNA; and which also wholly undermines one’s immune system—leaving the vaccinated person dangerously vulnerable to millions of viruses. In the end, the vaccine is simply one of the many tentacles at-play in the fulfillment of the Luciferian Globalists’ Agenda 2030 program.

(Pictured below: Barack Hussein Obama and Alexander Soros–plotting the death of what remains of America).

I have re-visited the Covid-19 hoax to remind you of the depths of wickedness now lapping at our feet not unlike an incoming tide on a coastal shore, whereby if one does not ascend to higher ground (i.e., the hill called Calvary), one will be consumed by such the tide. Such the tide includes what I believe to be the covert and deliberate infecting of President Trump and the First Lady, to bolster to the American public and the world at large, the hype and fear underlying a pushing of a “Phase II” narrative—the “accelerated re-emergence of the virus” – which in turn further emphasizes the apparent need for the vaccine. Once again: Problem>Reaction>Solution.

I wrote an article in January of 2017 shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated, entitled: A Season of Mercy.  And, I still contend that Donald Trump’s presence in the White House symbolizes a season of mercy. Further, it is mercy that we so desperately need in this hour, hence our corresponding need for ardent prayer and intercession as November 3rd of 2020 approaches. No, Donald Trump is not our national “savior,” however he does once again symbolize the potential for an extended season of mercy—before our nation, not unlike the fatally damaged Titanic ocean liner, pitches skyward and plunges into the dark depths below—never to return to a position of global influence.

As we rapidly approach what could very well be even greater darkness than we now see, may the lamp of Jesus resident within your heart, be found upon a lampstand, for all the world to see, that those who see it may decide whether to continue stumbling about in darkness—or to follow the Light of Life.

“No one, after lighting a lamp, puts it away in a cellar nor under a basket, but on the lampstand, so that those who enter may see the light“ (Luke 11:33).

Your trench-mate,


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Vision for 2020

It was during the taking of a shower earlier today, that yet another shower began to wash over me—a familiar shower that I had not experienced in some time.

It has been many years since I’ve felt prompted to pen a “word” for the New Year; however during my initial shower of earlier today, I paused to receive what felt like a gracelet being placed upon me, to share something of the Father’s heart with respect to what will begin to unfold in less than 24 hours. I had not wept in a long time, I am grateful the shower hid my tears from public view.

At the epicenter of what I have penned below, since my shower of earlier today, is the admonition to pray for “the eyes to see what the Father is doing (John 5:19)” in 2020, that we may hereafter experience perfect spiritual vision, and will subsequently avoid missing the recognition of the fullness of what He is imparting to us this year.

As you read what follows, I encourage you to consider playing this beautiful worship backdrop within the video-link below (a product of Bethel Music). Such worship tends to magnify the beauty of what the Lord is saying to us in this vital hour.

Worship video-link, below:




“Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you” (Matt. 5:11-12, NASB).

The Body abroad will encounter accelerated persecution. It will be allowed to happen as a further measure of refining fire—forcing those in its wake into the same extreme pressures which create diamonds. Recall that it was persecution which produced the beauty of the Early Church depicted in Acts 2:42-47. Though Bible scholars or ”buffs” would argue that the Church at Ephesus was perhaps more so qualified as representing the “beauty” of the Early Church, I rather see the Acts 2 Church, in Her infancy, messy as She was, as the most beautiful depiction of authentic Church life. Daily threats, stoning’s, imprisonments, thefts, etc., comprised the pressure which produced those “nameless and faceless” servants who daily broke bread from house-to-house, selling what they did not need, to in turn give to the poor; forfeiting the latest UFC match on Pay Per View, to rather break bread from house to house; and as the result, seeing salvations and “numbers added daily” to their midst.

The coming pressure, as the result of heightened persecution, will further separate the sheep from the goats. Our resident “goat” tendencies will be sharply exposed by the Holy Spirit, forcing us to come into agreement with the accelerated forging of who we are in Christ, that we can therefore walk out of our houses each morning with unflinching resolve to expand the Kingdom—come what may.

Dreams and Visions

And I will pour out my spirit in that day…” (Acts 2:17)

It was roughly two decades ago that I began praying, as a session-closing prayer over those I’ve ministered prophetic counseling, inner healing and deliverance to, the gist of Job 33:14-16 – that the Lord would visit these “deep in the night, in a dream, a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, and seal their instruction…”

There is, pointedly so as of 2020, a divine and ancient urn, filled with oil, hovering over our homes. It is just waiting to be tilted and poured-out upon us, as we sleep, deep in the night. Those who literally pray Job 33:14-16 for their families will experience dreams (and visions) more vividly and more powerfully than they have to date. To counter the sensory sting of increased persecution and violence, the Lord is calling us into such a heightened awareness of His supernatural realm, that we increasingly become “dead to the world” – unaffected by all that rages about us.

“Especially That You May Prophesy”

“Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:1, NASB).

It is no mistake that the supreme call to Love is immediately followed by (and in the very same sentence no less) the admonition to passionately pursue growth in the spiritual gifts, especially that we prophesy. Those who grasp this call and respond to it will find themselves quickly moving about as a living, breathing, walking and talking word of prophecy, whereby their lives are a continually unfolding “word” to all who encounter them. The same ancient urn filled with oil that is hovering over our homes, is also hovering over our heads, simply waiting for the passionate plea to prophesy.

The Spirit of Prophesy will, in accelerated fashion in 2020, overtake worship services – commensurate to the degree that our collective hunger welcomes it. Wholly spontaneous worship which touches heaven, and releases glimpses of “heaven on earth,” will quickly define the course of our gatherings. This will, with a rapid increase in frequency, begin to occur in congregations which have never before experienced such. And which leads to…

Worship and Healing – A Divine Marriage

(The Priestly Garments)

“Then he made the robe of ephod of woven work, all of blue; and the opening of the robe was at the top in the center, as the opening of a coat of mail, with binding all around its opening, so that it would not be torn. They made pomegranates of blue and purple and scarlet material and twisted linen on the hem of the robe. They also made bells of pure gold, and put the bells between the pomegranates all around on the hem of the robe, alternating a bell and a pomegranate all around on the hem of the robe for the service, just as the Lord had commanded Moses” (Ex. 39:22-26, NASB).

The divine symbols of bells (worship) and pomegranates (healing) have been “married” and woven into the fabric of worship which will take center stage in congregations who have discovered the supreme priority of worship as a prelude to all which unfolds thereafter in public meetings. To those ministries and congregations which have contended to hear what the Spirit says to the churches as 2020 unfolds, healing-as the result of corporate worship with complete abandonment and yielding to the Holy Spirit-will become increasingly common during worship services.

As Healing/Prayer Teams take their place during worship, at the rear or back of meeting places, and pray for “the eyes to see what the Father is doing” (John 5:19) – “2020 vision” – during worship, and boldly approach and lay-hands upon those worshipping, and upon those whom the Holy Spirit has highlighted; we will see miraculous healings breakout with increased frequency – mental and emotional strongholds, demonic strongholds, will be broken during worship. Miraculous physical healings will occur during worship, and with a frequency never before experienced, as congregations prepare healing/prayer teams to function in this capacity during worship.

Another ancient urn, filled with warm healing oil, a healing balm, will linger over congregations, awaiting the passionate pursuit and passionate cries for healing during worship. As Healing/Prayer Teams boldly step-out during worship, the ancient urn of healing oil will be tipped and poured-out upon congregations. Following such outbreaks of healing, teaching from the pulpit will more deeply penetrate the soil of all hearts present, and will go forth with more anointing and authority – as it shares the same healing balm which has already saturated a given service.

Creative Miracles and Dead Raising’s

“These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover” (Mk. 16:17-18, NASB).

“…the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give” (Matt. 10:7-8, NASB).

The Holy Spirit, in increased measure as 2020 unfolds, will beckon to the Body of Christ, to step-out in faith, to be bold, courageous, and to believe by faith for immediate healing, deliverance from demons, and the raising of the dead.

David Hogan’s life is a walking-talking word to the Body of Christ in this hour, and has been gifted to the Body of Christ, he is “on loan” to the collective Body of Christ. In the same way that the Apostle Paul stated in Romans 1:11, “I long to see you that I may impart some spiritual gift to you, that you may be established;” so David Hogan longs to impart the apostolic faith which has empowered him to see the miraculous in his midst. Through his hands, 37 people have been raised from the dead to date, and through the massive church family throughout Mexico and beyond, which has been birthed through his faith, and his faith in action, an estimated 400 people have been raised from the dead. David has paid a very steep price for the grace and anointing which flows in his midst. And, he will be the first to tell-all that it is not him, but rather the angelic presence accompanying him, as the result of his faith, boldness and courage to believe, which spawns the miraculous. And, it is his belief, his supernatural faith, which he imparts wherever he goes. Faith is a gift, a gift we can petition heaven for. And, it is a gift which can be imparted.

“Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him” (Heb. 11:6, NASB).

The “steep price” which David Hogan has paid to walk in a life filled with faith, leads us to…

The Secret Place

“When you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you” (Matt. 6:6).

“When you fast, anoint your head and wash your face so that your fasting will not be noticed by men, but by your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret [the Secret Place] will reward you” (Matt. 6:17, NASB).

As 2020 unfolds, those who have contended for such, will be beckoned by the Holy Spirit with increased frequency, to spend extended time in the Secret Place of intimation with the Lord—and Him alone, and that in a posture of prayer and fasting.

The “steep price” which David Hogan has paid, to see and experience the Heavenly Host in his midst, and to see so many raised from the dead, is the price of extended periods of prayer and fasting, to even include many 40-day fasts. As the Body of Christ more deeply moves into extreme times, facing violent clashes between the forces of heaven and hell, we will not move in the fullness of that to which we are called without resolving to embrace the very serious discipline of prayer and fasting in the Secret Place of intimacy with Jesus. This lifestyle is no longer an option.

Faith for the miraculous, the very raising of the dead in our midst, and divine interaction with the heavenly host about us, is within our grasp, if we will take the courage to linger in that Secret Place, and forfeit natural food in exchange for heavenly food, in so much as we are able in our present condition, we will see, in 2020, levels of God’s power and presence we have yet to see. Believe for it, act on this belief, and enter that Secret Place.

As you with renewed determination enter or return to this place, consider for a moment the possibility that the promise of 1 Corinthians 2:9 might just include a portion of such to be revealed in this lifetime:

“Things which eye has not seen nor ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him” (NASB).

The School of Ministry

“The fire on the altar shall be kept burning on it. It shall not go out…” (Lev. 6:12, NASB).

Over the past 25 years many Schools of Ministry and corresponding Schools of the Spirit have been birthed throughout the nation. This trend is that of a beautiful metamorphosis from the decidedly Western approach to raising-up and training Church leaders. This departure from the earlier model of overwhelming didactic academia has led to the equipping of the Saints in such a way as to teach, groom, coach, model and shepherd Believers into the beautiful melding of both the unveiling of the riches within the Word of God and the riches found within a life of secret devotion in the form of time at Jesus’ feet. The Body of Christ in the West has discovered more recently that what is downloaded into the heart of the young adult is far more consequential than what is branded upon the mind through orthodox methodology within academia.

The tools and systems of theology, in its many forms, to include hermeneutics, homiletics, exegesis, exposition, etc., are helpful. However there is a fire which will be released as 2020 unfolds, within the bellies of those seeking training and equipping, and which will defy soulish motivation, laying bear the purity with which the young will hunger to be trained and equipped. They will no longer be satisfied with “business as usual,” for what they will hunger for, with increasing passion, is that to witness fire on the altar of sacrifice and obedience made evident within and emanating from the hearts of those in leadership—as well as fire on the altar of pure devotion to cultivating a resting place for God within the walls of the ministry campus to which they belong.

Teaching, instructing, modeling, coaching and leading through soulish effort will become a thing of the past, as 2020 unfolds. As refined as it may appear, traditional modalities will no longer satisfy the young souls who will hunger to see Holy Spirit fire adorning those to whom they submit, and to whom they entrust their vulnerable hearts and minds. For what they will chiefly long for, is that to know and understand and experience what it means to build a fire for themselves—an altar of sacrifice and obedience within their hearts, that they may themselves begin clearly seeing what the Father is doing (John 5:19) as they in turn learn to recognize the availability of a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night, which will lead them not only through the desert, but through and desert at night—where nothing else can be seen.

The Poor

“He who oppresses the poor taunts his Maker, but he who is gracious to the needy honors Him” (Prov. 14:31, NASB).

As we collectively pray for the eyes to see what the Father is doing as 2020 unfolds, many within the Body abroad, thousands, and within countless ministry campuses and congregations, will feel duly prodded to make provision for the poor among us. Visions of Food Pantries will be implanted upon the minds of those who can build them, as well as the willingness and desire on the part of many to give of their of their time and resources to staff the perpetual operation of such.

A subsequent revelation will rest upon the campuses which avail such to those in need, this revelation being the direct correlation between feeding the poor (thus honoring the God who made them) and His response—that of His outpouring upon the congregation as we meet.

Healing Rooms

“Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes; and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him” (Matt. 20:34, NASB).

In 2020, those devoted to facilitating healing within Healing Rooms abroad will be visited with the power of compassion—the nucleic key to witnessing healing and deliverance therein. Those who ask for such in greater measure will find themselves overwhelmed as they are approached by the hurting and the bound. Facilitators will quickly discover in swift and great measure that fewer words are necessary in prayer, and that the simplest touch, coupled with the power of Jesus’ compassion, will open blind eyes, heal traumatized hearts, grow limbs, and set demons to flight.

Power Evangelism

“My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power…” (1 Cor. 2:4, NASB).

Multitudes of those who pray for the eyes to see what the Father is doing in 2020, will be visited swiftly, through impregnation of the call and corresponding courage, boldness and authority to go into the darkest places in their locales and regions, and with power in the Holy Ghost, prophesy over the lost, revealing the secrets of their hearts, identifying sickness and bondage with words of knowledge, and speak instantaneous healing to these—who will in turn give their lives to Jesus, being radically saved through the demonstration of power.

“Behold, I have given you the authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you” (Luke 10:19, NASB).

Those who have been called to engage this ministry, and as they pray for the eyes to see what the Father is doing in 2020, will not only experience the swift impregnation and implantation of the fiery drive to go into these places, but will regularly see the numbers “10:19” pop-into their view, often, and that as a reminder of the power and authority they have been given to pierce the most vile works of darkness—with the Light of Life.

The Apostolic

“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength” (Is. 30:15, NASB).

There are multitudes of those presently serving apostolic roles through the Body abroad, who, as the result of managing and leading a growing ministry campus or congregation, or network of congregations, have succumbed to overwhelming stress, fatigue, anxiety and confusion—as a way of life.

With the advent and growing influx of electronic devices and the corresponding audio-visual assault upon the mind, which in turn exacerbates the growing stress of leading a multitude of people, such the role often entails seasons of drudgery wrought of the resulting terminal fatigue. To those however, who pray not only for the eyes to see what the Father is doing (John 5:19) in 2020, but who also pray for the ears to hear what the Father is saying (John 5:30); these serving in the apostolic capacities will swiftly begin to hear the still, small voice of God—whispering to them to enter into a lifestyle of rest, wherein their rest in Him, will equate to more authority, anointing, effectiveness and resulting fruitfulness than ever before.

With obedience to the still, small voice, beckoning them to make a daily place of rest in their routine; completely free of distraction, and that in solitude, will come a new measure of wisdom—wisdom to delegate authority to those who will be divinely positioned to absorb corresponding roles in leadership.

Graham Cooke is a gift to the Body of Christ abroad, he too is “on loan” to us while he walks the planet. He is a walking-talking word to those moving in apostolic roles presently. Graham’s life-message, and that which oozes from his spiritual pores, is that of the authority we can walk-in by simply learning to rest, and pointedly resting in the revelation that God is fully capable of taking care of all that assails us, if we will but trust Him in our stillness, quietness, and obedience in cultivating a place of daily retreat. Leaning to be obedient to such the retreat, equates conversely to the actual advance of the Kingdom of God in our midst.


The last shall be first, and the first shall be last” (Matt. 20:16).

“Now Jonathan, Saul’s son, had a son crippled in his feet. He was five years old when the report of Saul and Jonathan came from Jezreel, and his nurse took him up and fled. And it happened that in her hurry to flee, he fell and became lame. And his name was Mephibosheth…the king [David] said, ‘Is there not yet anyone of the house of Saul to whom I may show the kindness of God?’ And Ziba said to the king, ‘There is still a son of Jonathan who is crippled in both feet.’ So the king said to him, ‘Where is he?’ The king sent and brought him…Mephibosheth…came to David and fell on his face and prostrated himself…David said, ‘Do not fear, I will surly show you kindness for the sake of your father Jonathan, and will restore you to the land of your grandfather Saul, and you shall eat at my table regularly’” (2 Sam. 4:4, 9:1-13, NASB).

There is presently throughout the Body of Christ, and largely sitting quietly in the shadows, a sea of Believers who were crippled while very young (not unlike Mephibosheth), whether that psychologically, emotionally and perhaps even physically. These were so traumatized while young, that they have spent the bulk of their lives recovering from such trauma—versus that of walking in the fullness of their callings. And, with unhealed trauma, these have wounded others, and have subsequently succumbed to self-condemnation, feelings of complete disqualification, deeply permeating guilt, and equally permeating and abiding sadness, concluding that their lives of service in the presence of the King, and their access to dine at the King’s table, has been forever forfeited.

Many of these, many thousands of these, presently sitting quietly in the shadows of ministry campuses and congregations, have cultivated secret lives of contrition, humility, brokenness, gentleness and kindness as the result of their lowly place. Their self-condemnation prevents them from seeing themselves as Jesus sees them. They have therefore resolved to feeling like the “dog” that Mephibosheth concluded himself to be. That is, until the King decided that he was going to demonstrate “the kindness of God.”

If this is you, dear reader, and you have happened upon this word, it is because the kindness of God has sought you out. For hear this: healing from your trauma is yours this year, and, as leaders throughout the Body of Christ, in 2020, pray for the eyes to see what the Father is doing, they will be given the eyes to see the precious among the ashes of what you deem your life to have become, and, pulled from the shadows of resignation, you will be given place for the fulfillment of your calling; you will be invited to your rightful place in honored service before the King.

Behold…the kindness and the severity of God…” (Rom. 11:22, NASB).

What the Mephibosheth’s among us will witness in 2020, is that God’s kindness can actually be quite severe – so much so that the only natural response to such, and through immeasurable tears of gratitude for His mercy and compassion, is that which leaves us prostrate before Him, not unlike Mephibosheth’s response to King David. Whereby in exchange for your prostrate position before Him, He will raise you up and seat you at his banqueting table.

“The Lord raises up those who are bowed down” (Ps. 146:8(b), NASB).

Your trench-mate,



*End-Note: in the event elements of what I’ve penned above have resonated in you, I encourage you to allow these things to take further seat in your heart, as you would opt to close your eyes for a few moments, and allow the “Breathe You In” portion of this video-set below, to marinate your heart. This particular song is at the 39:00 mark as you would forward the video to that place:




“Once saved, always saved.”

*All Scripture citations are taken from the New American Standard Bible.

Over the span of nearly four decades at this juncture, I’ve had the privilege of ministering in hundreds of church venues throughout the country, including a few out of the country. As I reflect upon this span, I am prodded to confess that the word “privilege” is ill-fitted in describing many of these ministry opportunities.  To clarify, it was a privilege to be used by the Holy Spirit to serve as a conduit of His voice on each occasion, however it was equally excruciating to witness what was unfolding within many of these venues—by way of toxic religiosity. My confession herein duly underscores my inability to fathom God’s capacity for mercy in awaiting the maturation of His Western Church especially.

Despite having seen-what-I’ve-seen, far and wide, and for so many years, I yet commit to looking for the “scarlet thread of redemption” within every ministry and/or church congregation I encounter. Within this posture, I often envision God as a professional athletic scout, covertly watching a game, while musing to Himself: “Come on folks, give me something I can work with!” (followed by another bite of a [Kosher] hotdog, while sitting in the hard, paint-flaked, wooden bleachers).

Recently, and upon recommendation, I visited a large congregation not too far from my home in Texas. As I drove to the venue; and as is common for me; I saw a picture (through spiritual eyes) of the heartbeat of the congregation; an experience which has been very consistent for me, since the early 1990s. And while actively searching for the scarlet thread of redemption within what unfolded in this large congregation on this morning, I first observed a series of songs sung, whereby the musicians, again, simply sang songs—to a large congregation who occasionally tapped one foot or patted one hip with one hand, and while also occasionally bobbing their heads up and down in rhythm—while also looking about the auditorium in boredom. The concept of authentic worship was a foreign affair. I yet chose not to be discouraged by what I had witnessed of the 20-minute song-singing, and, with a smile, looked forward to a redemptive element within what was then to be a “sermon.” Within perhaps five minutes of the unfolding message, I found myself mentally lowering my head into my hands, and then shaking my head side-to-side within my hands, in a posture of grief, resignation and sadness.

The “pastor” went on to engage an elementary theological diatribe which I had first heard nearly 40 years ago, and which even then struck me as an elementary theological diatribe—which happens to be wrought with toxic theological error. The “pastor” was preaching the “once-saved-always-saved” message, which happens to plague one particular mainstream denomination, and which has plagued such for more than a century. While inwardly begging the man to wrap-up his diatribe, and while inwardly apologizing to my two cats and one dog for robbing them of what could have been play-time at home, I was abruptly shaken from my saddened stupor by this “pastor’s” closing words, as follows:

“…and as you hold-fast to this truth, it will ensure your path on the highway to hell.”

Moments later, and as many in the audience audibly gasped, the “pastor’s” eyes then widened with embarrassment, as he realized the error of his final word (while of course wholly failing to realize the error of his doctrine), and quickly exclaimed, “I mean heaven, I meant to say heaven!”.  A good one hundred of the several hundred in attendance then laughed-off the mistake, albeit nervously.

No, the speaker did not purposefully make an ill-attempt at humor. He fully embraced his pet-doctrine, and did not realize that God Himself was attempting to speak through Him—albeit through but one word, the final word, in his message (i.e. “hell”).

As I exited the building I was accosted by an usher, who first asked me to complete a “visitor’s card,” that I might in turn be fleeced via emails and phone calls, and second, with a wide grin asked, “How’d ya like the service!?”. Of course, there’s only one acceptable way to answer such a question. With a forced smile I simply said, “Oh, it was great,” as I strained my eyes over his shoulder and through the glass doors in the lobby, to locate my Jeep as quickly as possible—even before exiting the building.

One again, and as has been more common in my experience over the past decade especially, I drove home in a state of deep sadness over the confused, deceived and spiritually bankrupt state of formalized Christianity here in the West. During the drive home, I considered penning an article, the very article you are now reading. I refrained from such at the time, as I knew that it would be best to allow my emotions to settle before placing pen to paper—fingers to keyboard.

Though I am poised to allude to several excerpts of Scripture in the moments ahead, please rather consider the remainder of this article as representative, in your mind’s eye, as that of a “fireside chat,” wherein, in a casual conversational posture I share with you something deeply personal, which may in turn prod you to open your heart for a moment—just long enough to allow you to receive some timely and even timeless truth which will in turn forever answer the primary theological question herein. Think about it, you may very well need what I’m about to share, in the days ahead.

Now then, back to this notion of the “Once Saved, Always Saved” doctrine…

To settle this theological score, we’re going to have to digest several excerpts of Scripture which have been artfully swept under the carpet for a very long time—the same carpet upon which most pulpits sit, in this country. Before referencing each of them, I wish to remind the reader that I’ll make-good on my earlier promise to share a deeply personal chapter of my life, for the purposes of prodding your heart, that you may in turn more deeply meditate upon this article.

Revelation 3:5 reads:

“He who overcomes will thus be clothed in white garments; and I will not erase his name from the book of life, and I will confess him before My Father and before His angels.”

What is clearly stated in this verse, is that “overcoming” (an ongoing, lifelong act), is what is required to be “clothed in white garments.” Further, it is quite clear that one’s name can in fact be “erased” from the Lamb’s “book of life.

Am I saying that once a Believer’s name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life when they confess Him as Lord, their name can be thereafter removed? No, that’s not what I’m saying—it is what Scripture is saying! You may wish to read Revelation 3:5 again.

I continue.

Mark 13:13 reads:

“You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.”

If you are not, with increased frequency, being “hated by all” presently, you will be, soon enough, for the Spirit of Antichrist has wholly enveloped this once-great nation. Such the spirit was granted fully liberty to saturate the nation between 2008 and 2016, as a form of God’s judgment. This saturation remains. Beyond this sobering reality however, lay the very clear warning that we must “endure to the end,” to be saved. Am I saying that unless you endure to the end, you will not be saved? No, Scripture is saying such! You may wish to re-read this verse.

I continue.

1 Timothy 4:16 reads:

“Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation for yourself and for those who hear you.”

This is most pointedly an admonition to those who choose to teach, which includes a great many of us. Pay special attention to the word “persevere” – this recurring theme within what I am now sharing with you. As we “persevere” in “paying close attention to ourselves,” we “ensure salvation.” Am I saying that it is only perseverance which will ensure your salvation? No, Scripture is saying such! You may wish to re-read this verse.

It was maybe twenty-five years ago, that during one speaking/ministry session, the Holy Spirit spoke to me of the numerological correlation between John 3:16 and Revelation 3:16. The correlation and seeming coincidence is this: we crawl through the window of our salvation through John 3:16, and, thereafter, if we do not “pay close attention to ourselves” (i.e., by keeping the flame of our love for Jesus ever-present in our hearts), we will then be booted-out the backdoor of Revelation 3:16, which reads:

“So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.”

Does being “spit out” of God’s mouth sound like a grand reception at the pearly gates? I think not.

What happens when we adopt this “once saved, always saved” doctrine and mentality? It can be deduced to but one word—the most critical word within the verse above—the state of being “lukewarm.” This condition happens to readily adorn everyone I’ve met to date, who has embraced this toxic doctrine. For in and through such, one is reduced to a posture of compromise in many critical areas of their lives, largely through ensuing spiritual apathy and lethargy, all the while believing that such compromise has no bearing on the placement of their name within the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Thus far, we have arrived at the theme(s) of overcoming, enduring and persevering – for the ultimate preservation of the free gift of eternal life (Rom. 6:23). Let us yet look at another verse of Scripture, which in turn underscores these three postures. This verse happens to be in the last chapter, of the last book of the Bible—where the figurative “buck stops” (i.e., “the buck stops here”).  And, here we go; Revelation 22:14 reads:

“Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city.”

Notice what this verse does not say. It does not say “blessed are those who have washed’” (a past-tense/one-time transaction) their robes. Rather, it says quite simply, “wash.” What we are talking about herein, is an ongoing act—the daily act of washing one’s robe.  How do we go about “washing our robes” on a daily basis? We do so by seeking Jesus’ cleansing and forgiveness, daily, in an ongoing posture of overcoming, enduring and persevering—to the very end. Additionally, we fan the flame of personal intimacy with Him—intimacy in the secret place—where others have not the opportunity to witness our attempts at grandstanding, positioning, posturing, and marketing our hyper-spiritual façades.

With the latter in view, there’s an old saying which goes: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”  Presently, in the 21st century, at our current level of confusion, deceit and delusion, I do believe this saying is due revision, at which point it should more appropriately read at this juncture: “You can fool most of the people most of the time, but you can’t fool a small percentage of the people, at times.”  This “small percentage” of people who cannot be fooled happen to be mature Believers who have chosen to “earnestly pursue the spiritual gifts” (1 Cor. 14:1), to include the Gift of Discernmentthee most critical gift within the Revelatory Gifts available to us, presently. By the way, discernment and/or discerning of spirits, operates far deeper than sensory perception, intuition, a hunch, or “a gut-feeling.”

On a critical aside, and having alluded to the Gift of Discernment; I’ll share that between 1990 and 1993, one of the most pointed aspects of my fasts and extended prayer-times during this 3-year span, was that of asking the Lord quite literally, that the formula, essence and dynamics within John 5:19 and John 5:30 make their way into my eyes and ears. Jesus, in John 5:19, says that He only “does what He sees the Father doing.” Equally so, and just a few verses later, Jesus says that He only “does what He hears the Father saying.” I was personally challenged to pursue this prayer-model by a truly world-changing apostolic leader, who, before he went to be with the Lord, availed to me a life-changing ministry-opportunity, involving ministering with him on a powerfully-anointed platform, wherein in the course of but a few hours I witnessed some of the greatest creative miracles to date. My point: at roughly the 3-year mark in contending for such, I began to sharply “see” and “hear” what “the Father is doing” – within the core of church congregations especially – to include that of simply driving-by a church building, and simply knowing what is going on deep within the bowels of the congregation. Equally so, I began to see and hear what the Father is doing deep within the hearts of people at large. A mysterious switch was simply flipped into the “ON” position. This switch remains “ON.” And, it is a mixed blessing—especially when I fail to walk in Jesus’ compassion.

I have alluded to the above personal experience, to in turn say that if you ask the Holy Spirit to render to you clear discernment in weighing the heart of this article, you will find it to be nothing more than a loving reminder that the Lover of your soul is calling you to keep your lamp of love for Him burning at all hours of the figurative night—by intimating with Him in every area of your life.

Consider this excerpt from 2 Peter 1:19, as pertains to the same “lamp”:

“So, we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.”

Discernment (a manifestation of Wisdom Himself) will tell you, if you remove and still yourself long enough from traffic and audio-visual system-overload, that our once-great-nation, now more aptly referred to as the following acronym: “DSPSA” (Disjointed Socialist Police State of America) – has gone mad, and is rapidly spiraling-into an abyss of spiritual harlotry—with the Western Church largely leading the way. And as discernment confirms such, you the reader do quite well to once again keep a strong clutch on your personal “lamp,” which will, among other things, ensure that “every wind of doctrine” has no affect upon the anchor of your soul—that anchor being Christ Jesus—Yeshua.

I mentioned a bit ago, that I’d share a deeply personal story, which may in turn prod the reader’s heart, and in turn enable the seeds of truth within this article to find fertile soul within the same. Deeply personal stories, and brutal honesty therein, have a way of making the figurative pasta stick upon the figurative kitchen walls of one’s heart—especially as they’re accompanied by sobering and probing Scriptural truths.

And so, fasten your spiritual and emotional seat belt, and give a listen to this one.

In the mid 1980’s, and having been separated from my first wife for quite some time, I began to date another Christian woman. Yes, I know, the act of dating another Christian, while yet married to another, is adulterous. To go beyond being merely adulterous however; I actually engaged in adultery with this woman. A few months into such the affair, I found myself so miserable within my soul and spirit that I asked the Holy Spirit to release me. I asked the Lord to let me go, exclaiming to Him that I no longer wanted Him in my life, and that I was quite content to experience the fleeting joys within this equally fleeting life (a “vapor” of a life – so says King Solomon), to then simply deal with eternal damnation when the time comes (which, at the time, I could not conceive of being any different than being a tax-slave to the IRS [*Note: IRS tax-enslavement still remains a “strong second”] ).

On the evening that I spoke this to Lord, I drifted into an unusually deep sleep—deep in the night. And it was deep in the night, in the Summer of 1985, that I met with the mystery within Job 33:14-16, wherein Scripture tells us that when God cannot gain our full attention, He will often choose to wait until we are “in a deep slumber, in the night, and seal our instruction in a dream, a warning, to keep our soul from falling into the pit.”  And so it was, that at roughly 3:00AM, or thereabouts, I experienced the most terrifying darkness. This darkness was filled with such emptiness that it cannot be put to words. I am simply incapable of describing such. When I awakened, it was late-morning, on a Sunday, as I recall. I also vaguely recall my roommate at the time, an exchange student, from Zimbabwe, and with his beautiful accent, lightly tapping on my bedroom door, while softly inquiring,” David, are you OK?” He was aware that I was an early-riser and knew that something was awry. I vaguely recall greeting him at my bedroom door, and seeing his eyes widen as big as billiard balls, as he witnessed my troll-like hair standing straight up (every morning is like this, for me). But on this morning he could also see in my eyes an expression of fear that he had never before seen. He went on to ask what had happened overnight. I never did share it with him.

I would go on to spend hours in that bedroom, on my face before the Lord, pleading with Him to restore His salvation to me. It was maybe 24 hours later that I would begin to experience His unmistakable presence once again, deep within my heart. It was then, that I would discover the mystery within Lamentations 3:22-23, which reads:

“The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

In the event it has yet to become perfectly clear to you, understand that the Lord, in His mercy, enabled me to experience a brief glimpse of “outer darkness” (see Jude 1:13). Such darkness was far more deep than that experienced as an aimless and hapless soul prior to embracing Him as Lord and Savior of my life.  It was truly terrifying.

Am I suggesting that my personal experience, albeit terrifying, is the basis upon which you or I should know that one can forfeit their salvation? No, that is not what I am saying. What I am saying, by sharing my personal experience, is that I am fully convinced that God wishes us to personally experience both His kindness and His severity in this lifetime, that the corresponding and ever-confirming truths in Scripture may “come alive” to us, and may also become an integral part of our daily lives. Perhaps then, it is timely to ask that you consider meditating for a moment upon Romans 11:22, which reads:

“Behold then the kindness and severity of God; to those who fell, severity, but to you, God’s kindness, if you continue in His kindness; otherwise you also will be cut off.”

Does this verse really say that we can be “cut off” if we do not continue in His kindness—the same kindness that He has shown us? I do believe it does. Perhaps we do well to re-read the verse. The verse also challenges us to very soberly consider that God is both kind and severe. 

My overarching point at this juncture? The voice of discernment should be telling you that we can in fact lose our salvation in this lifetime, if we are not careful to guard this precious and free gift—by shielding our hearts from every potential inroad of defilement—including that of toxic theology and doctrine. King Solomon was surly onto something, when he warned in Proverbs 4:23:

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.”

I have long likened our hearts to that of a figurative garden, wherein we daily walk, as we pay careful attention to the condition of the soil, the condition of the leaves, being careful to keep the soil free of weeds, and the leaves free of damaging insects. A timely verse which underscores this analogy is that of 2 Peter 1:10-11, which reads:

“Therefore, brethren, be all the more diligent to make certain about His calling and choosing [election of] you; for as long as you practice these things you will never stumble; for in this way the entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be abundantly supplied to you.”

And so, we’ve looked closely at the words: overcoming, enduring, persevering, and now diligence. It is critical to clarify that these terms to do not suggest a work—as in “faith versus works” (e.g., Rom. 3:28). Much rather, these terms define a collective heart-posture—a heart-posture of the Believer who is earnestly contending to walk in the fullness of that to which they are called in this lifetime. This brand of Believer, as the result of the repeated resolve to “…forget what lies behind…and press on…toward the upward call…” (Phil. 3:13-14), is one who will never find occasion to question their salvation.

This life, as a Believer, is a perpetual battleground—warfare. There can be no if’s, and’s or but’s about this fact. Simply spend 5 minutes in any portion of Scripture (or any portion of the Interstate system in our country, for that matter) and you will readily recognize this reality—we are at war. Within the perpetual combat surrounding us, is the growing tsunami-like presence of deception, having reached levels that the early apostles could only perceive in visions, as they penned what was to come in the Last Days—days which are now upon us. The combat soldier must, at intervals, at this juncture, retreat from the battlefield, and spend moments in the figurative garden I spoke of earlier—the garden of the heart, wherein we then take close account of our condition. As we are diligent to do so, we will, through overcoming, enduring and persevering, not only live a victorious life, but we will soon enough ultimately meet and be embraced by the Lamb of God.


An Amish Awakening

A Wheel-Within-A-Wheel

Steve Lapp on left, Bishop Ben and Barbara Girod on right – Israel.

Worshipping in Upper Room – Israel.
Aaron Lapp Sr. and Roy Yoder – Israel.

March 26, 2019

*Article Forward: What follows is that of an expanded version of one of the larger messages I was honored to deliver at a recent conference among Amish in northern Indiana. As the reader may have access to multiple Internet window sessions while reading this article, I encourage you to consider playing the instrumental soaking worship video above, as this particular worshipful backdrop captures the beauty of what unfolds herein.

This morning, awakening from an exhausting 12-hour trek between 4 airports the day before, and ending with retiring to bed at 01:00 a.m., I reflect upon yet another chapter of sweet ministry and fellowship among Amish of northern Indiana, southern Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Montana—who convened for a collective 7 meetings over a 5-day period. This being my 12th occasion to co-labor and minister among my precious Amish family abroad, and that over a 12-year period to date; I am truly blessed to be a part of what I have witnessed unfolding within the Amish nationally—an Amish Awakening.

I flash-back to the Summer of 1991, and an early Saturday morning, a morning in which I felt drawn to the countryside to spend time in isolation, to process all that I had been experiencing of God in recent months—a season of major measures of God’s love, mercy, compassion, kindness and healing power amidst the ministry “camp” of which I belonged at the time. I was serving a “church planter’s internship” in the Ohio Valley region, within a very large congregation experiencing explosive growth within a much larger ministry experiencing equally explosive growth, and which was impacting the world with God’s love and His power to heal. It was not uncommon for me to spend 5 days a week on campus, ministering in a variety of capacities, yet in all capacities witnessing truly mind-numbing measures of God’s raw presence—melting hearts and setting captives free—to in turn embrace Jesus.

On this Summer morning, 28 years ago at this juncture, I headed east and into deep farm country in eastern Ohio. During this season in my life I found myself ushered into a very fluid flow of the Revelatory (Spiritual) Gifts, through which it seemed God’s Kingdom had become a far more vivid and tangible reality than my natural surroundings. Every day held for me what might best be described as a spiritual safari wrought with high-risk activities—which were readily met with high-anointing encounters. And so, with my spiritual circuit-board on system-overload (in a good way), I needed to get into the countryside, away from all the activity, as exciting as it was, and simply be still for a day—perhaps in an effort to come back down to planet earth.

Deep into farm country Ohio, after having driven aimlessly for several hours, I pulled over to the side of the road to investigate a very inviting cluster of roadside stands adorned with produce, baked goods and homemade furniture. Within a matter of minutes I had amassed an armful of fresh Amish baked goods, which I had planned to devour as I further headed into the country. Placing the baked goods on the counter, I looked momentarily into the eyes of the Amishman manning the cash register. He had already been looking into my eyes, and our eyes locked for a good 3 seconds or so, far longer than most strangers would typically make eye contact, and especially so between Amish and the “Englishers” (i.e., anyone non-Amish). I recall in those moments feeling as if time had stood still, as everything immediately thereafter appeared to unfold in slow motion. As well, it seemed as if all sound had been silenced, even as I engaged a brief verbal exchange with the Amishman.

Moments later I walked to my car, unloaded my goods in the seat next to me, and went to turn the ignition, when I then felt prodded to sit back in my seat and close my eyes. I then experienced a very familiar presence of the Holy Spirit filling my car. I sat there for a very long time, silent, and simply staring into a field within the adjacent Amish farm. I wound up sitting there for a very long time, so long that the Amish family began closing down their roadside business for the day. I recall walking back to the Amishman I had met earlier in the day, and shaking his hand I re-introduced myself, and asked if he would mind that I take a walk about the property. He simply smiled, like he did when I had met him earlier, and said, “Sure, enjoy yourself.”

As I paced about on this Amish property and ultimately leaned upon a fence rail housing horses, I heard the musical “clop…clop…clop” of Amish horse-n-buggy, moving near me. I felt a very deep stirring in the spirit, and a quickening which told me I had stumbled upon something that would be of great significance down the road—something which would become a significant part of my journey.

Amish farm, Adams County Ohio.

As I ultimately left the property, rather than head back toward home, which was a long drive, I headed yet deeper into Amish farm country. As I laid eyes upon buildings which I knew inwardly to be Amish church meeting places (large barns), I began to see enormous purple-colored hearts—beating inside the buildings. It was as if I were seeing through the walls, with spiritual x-ray, to then see an enormous, suspended and beautifully-purple heart, beating in real time. I knew that each time I saw these visions of hearts I was witnessing God’s deep love for the Amish—for the Amish nation in its entirety—and His longing to reveal the fullness of His heart to them—and ultimately through them.

While it can be argued that “God is no respecter of persons” (e.g., Romans 2:11), it can equally be argued that He deals with various people groups uniquely. After all, He is the Author of creativity.

As I returned home that evening, I resumed ministry engagements with a multitude of people, in many directions. All the while however, I would never forget what happened to me, in my heart, in Amish country. I would go on to pray for the Amish around the country; that my world would one day meet theirs—my world being one trademarked at the time by pressing into the ebb-and-flow of the Holy Spirit’s movement about me from one moment to the next—a 24-hour adventure, every day. And, I prayed that their world would meet mine—their world characterized by their near-complete detachment from an extremely carnal and stressful contemporary rat race.

It would not be until some 16 years later, in 2007, that I would again shake the hand of an Amishman. I had been invited to speak and minister at a conference hosted by the Amish of Libby Montana, a conference simply entitled “The Gift of Prophecy.” Upon meeting Amish Bishop Ben Girod and his wife Barbara, I experienced a flash-back to the encounter of 1991—as the Holy Spirit then connected the divine dots.

In an instant, and as I looked into Ben and Barbara’s eyes, in their home, I knew that there would be a significant work ahead of me with this dear couple—and a much broader Amish family at large. I recall seeing profound humility, great authority, and very tender wounds as I looked into the eyes of both of these dear saints. In that moment I simply laid hands on them and asked the Lord to permeate them with a healing balm. It would be not long following, that I would learn of the lifelong baptism of fire which had trademarked Ben and Barbara’s lives. I would later discover that Ben and Barbara’s lives had constituted the re-writing of Amish history, as they so carried the torch of Holy Spirit fire which follows those who have been radically transformed by an encounter with Jesus, and a subsequent baptism into the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

As torch-bearers, both Ben and Barbara would spend half a century blazing a trail with Holy Spirit fire—through a treacherous jungle of religiosity, opposition, rebuke, accusation, condemnation, slander and character assassination. They had truly walked through the “refiner’s fire,” and had emerged crowned with kingdom jewels, from head to toe. I recall seeing in their hearts, divine treasure chests of purity, humility, truth and revelation—to include the revelation of God’s unfathomable love for the very people who had figuratively crucified them for nearly half a century at that juncture.

Bishop Ben and Barbara Girod – Jerusalem Israel.

As time would unfold I would come to know many more Amish of Libby Montana, Bonners Ferry Idaho, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Shipshewana Indiana, and more recently southern Kentucky. Equally I would meet many Mennonites from far and wide, to include Russian Mennonites and Old Order German Baptist Brethren (Old Order German Baptist Brethren consider themselves “Pietists,” distinct form Anabaptists, yet their outward “plain” dress is quite similar, as well as the primary foundations of their beliefs and theology). I would go on to co-labor with many of these Anabaptists, within 3 truly life-changing missions to Israel over a 4 year span. It would also be during this span that I would learn of the additional re-writing of Anabaptist history as Ben would spearhead major reconciliation efforts and corresponding conferences with the Reformed Church of Switzerland; the First Nations Peoples (Native Americans); and the Jewish Nation—Israel. Many truly history-changing conferences and ceremonies unfolded within an approximate span of perhaps 20 years, through current date.

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching and boldest of Ben Girod’s undertakings in the 12 years that I have co-labored with him, was that of his solo national tour of the U.S., in seeking out Amish leaders who had persecuted him over nearly half a century, and to bless them and ask for their forgiveness for having offended them with his witness. It was as he labored in this posture of truly profound humility, that his lifetime effort as a Kingdom torch-bearer among the Amish, with Barbara at his side, to include the close support of his immediate and extended family in Libby Montana, unlocked and unleashed sweeping Holy Spirit visitation upon the Amish nation abroad. At this juncture, and as of this writing, many pockets of Old Order Amish are emerging to inquire of what it means to be born-again, to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and to discover the Spirit-filled life in Christ.

As I reflect upon Ben and Barbara’s lives, and I see the testimonies within the lives of their children, and their extended families among Spirit-filled Amish, I am reminded of why it is that the Book of Job was placed within the pages of Scripture. Most readily refer to Job as a conversational plumb line for placing their personal sufferings in context—wholly missing the deeper truth that Job’s life is a portrait of the level of refining fire required of each of us—if we contend to walk in the fullness of End-Times apostolic authority and power. We must be willing, and determined, like Job, to remain faithful to the very end—amidst the vicious and brutal stripping of our carnal nature, to such the degree that all that is left is that of our faith in an omniscient and omnipotent God.

There are many whom I’ve met within the Amish Nation abroad, who share similar stories of having been shunned, banned and ultimately figuratively crucified by a wildfire of slander within their communities, as they have, while being Spirit-led, dared to question or challenge the dragon of legalism—one of the more toxic tentacles of the Religious Spirit. Yet the tip of the spear, of these history-changing forerunners, remains Ben and Barbara Girod, of Libby Montana.

As there have been so many within contemporary Anabaptist history that have fueled the flames of the return to the original fire which propelled the Anabaptist forefathers, it would be very difficult to account for them all. Many names readily come to mind however, to include present Amish and Mennonite families in Montana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky. Laterally, and of great importance to mention, is that of one critical-Kingdom-lynchpin which served to “unlock a door which no man can shut” (Rev. 3:8), and which further enabled and empowered Ben and Barbara Girod to facilitate the rapid spread of Holy Spirit visitation among Anabaptists throughout the nation, and beyond, was that of an apostolic couple within the Reformed Church of Switzerland, who emerged to engage restoration within the epicenter of a historical divide between the same and Anabaptists abroad—most pointedly the Amish and Mennonite.

The apostolic couple who served this critical-Kingdom-lynchpin role, and a role which added yet another colorful chapter to the unfolding history of the Anabaptist Nation, is that of Geri and Lilo Keller of Stiftung Schleife Ministries based in Switzerland, and which impacts the globe in its ongoing efforts to equip, build-up and empower the Body of Christ universal (please see photo of Geri and Lilo Keller, below).

Geri and Lilo Keller – Switzerland.

In more recent years, Andreas and Stephanie Keller (son and daughter-in-law), have transitioned into the role of ministry oversight of Stiftung Schleife (please see photo of Andreas and Stephanie, below).

Andreas and Stephanie Keller – Switzerland.

In so listening to and absorbing the many stories among Amish who have left the Old Order in the 12 years that I have been co-laboring and monitoring the heartbeat of the same, I have observed many heart-wrenching transitions which have initially appeared to invite the potential for a dangerous posture of bitterness to ensue. With rare exception however, most of these emerging have boldly chosen to forgive, and to rather bless their Amish heritage, while knowing that in doing so they both free themselves and their persecutors.

If the reader has tarried with me thus far, perhaps the reader will in this moment discern and embrace the heart of the Father, by understanding that the Old Order Amish are moving in no greater measure of the Religious Spirit than most of the mainline Christian denominations in the West, presently. To therefore characterize the present Old Order Amish as religious villains is to grossly overlook what is actually precious among Old Order Amish culture. For I have observed that because the Amish have been historically removed and detached from metropolitan and cosmopolitan life, they have been preserved and insulated from the defilement which contemporary American culture has to offer—defilement which, at this juncture, is toxic at more levels than can be defined, and which has intoxicated much of the Church in the West. As the result of the centuries-old detachment from larger society, there remains an inherent quietness, gentleness, humility and purity among the Old Order Amish, which has been preserved through the centuries. Equally so, I have come to find beauty in the “plain” dress of the Old Order. While it is true that many points of legalism have long monitored, policed and dictated such the “plain” dress, conversely it is beautiful in contrast to the endless and growing perversions of contemporary fashion here in the West.

My heart, which I believe reflects the Father’s Heart in this, is that God’s love would permeate and envelop the Amish nation in its entirety—right where they are—and in so doing would redeem the early beginnings of the Anabaptist movement of 300-plus years ago. The early Holy Spirit fire which fueled Menno Simon and Jacob Ammon, and which empowered their visions has not been quenched, for it is the blood of the Anabaptist martyrs crying-out for centuries, at this stage, which has been answered, and which has been re-ignited in the form of torch-bearers such as Ben and Barbara Girod, and the subsequent Spirit-filled generations now walking in the fullness of the knowledge of their rich Anabaptist heritage—combined with the richness of the knowledge of their inheritance as sons and daughters of God. This, in full measure, is what I believe our Father God longs to impart to all Old Order Amish—right where they are—and in so doing not to call them away from their communities, districts, farms, etc., but to rather beautify the same—for the world to see.

While in Shipshewana this time around, 1 day ago, as of this writing, and as I observed Spirit-filled Amish from 5 geographic pockets in the U.S. converge for several days, to simply seek the voice of God, it became increasingly clear to me, on Day-4 most pointedly, that the cries of the blood of the Anabaptist martyrs had released a deposit of heaven on earth, now evidenced in the fervor and passion among the young, who are not only being raised in many redeeming and beautiful components of Amish tradition, but who are also laying hold of the fullness of life in Christ Jesus, and the empowerment of baptism in the Holy Spirit. I am fully convinced that the early Anabaptists had encountered the same Holy Spirit fire which graced the pages of the second chapter of the Book of Acts. Through the centuries however, doctrine, theology, orthodoxy, the traditions of men, and the dragon of the Religious Spirit, has managed to quench such the fire—until now.

It was while ministering within my first conference among the Amish of Libby Montana, in 2007, that Pastor Lloyd Miller (and wife Maryetta) invited me to spend a night in his home, to include the invitation to use his prayer room, should the mood strike during the night. The mood stuck—at 03:33 a.m. – a time at which the Lord has awakened me on several hundred occasions, since 09-09-2009. It was then that I arose from a deep stupor and staggered into Lloyd’s prayer room. I stood there in the darkness, looking out and into the surrounds of his property, while so appreciating the lighthouse-like structure of his prayer room. I began praying in the Spirit, and immediately recall a vivid vision of a century-old train yard turntable (please see photos, below).

Within these century-old circular train yards was the ingenious method of utilizing a circular turntable, within a circular warehousing concept, which in turn enabled locomotives to deliver boxcars and thereafter hook-up to new boxcars, whereby the locomotive was figuratively both “imparting” and “receiving” goods to go in a myriad of directions throughout the country—and beyond.

I knew while seeing this image in the vision, precisely what it meant. It spoke to what was to transpire among the Amish of Libby Montana in the years to come—locomotives symbolizing ministries and congregations, imparting and receiving impartation, while being duly watered by the Amish.  I have since begun to see the same vision over many concentrations of Amish throughout the country, wherein and whereby Amish throughout the country would begin to regularly cross-pollinate and water one another, not unlike that depicted within these train yard turntables, in turn enabling the collective to impart to the larger Body of Christ in the West—and beyond.

It is most interesting to note that the warehouses surrounding the circular train yard turntables are circular as well. Thus, we can readily see the concept of “a wheel within a wheel.”

It would be some 3 years later, while accompanying the Amish-Mennonite team on a Repentance Mission to Israel in 2010, that I would experience a very similar vision, and while visiting “Nahalal” – a massive Israeli kibbutz situated west of Nazareth, in northern Israel—on land named-after and originally occupied-by a branch of the ancient Tribe of Levi. Our Amish-Mennonite team had been invited to dine with the senior hosts of Nahalal, a true honor for us. They treated us very graciously. It was as I sat at the enormously long table over dinner that I began to stare at the wall opposite me, and feel once again the familiar encounter of 03:33 a.m. in Lloyd Miller’s prayer room, in Libby Montana, in 2007.

Pastor Lloyd Miller of Libby Montana – in Israel.

After dinner our entourage walked much of the grounds of the epicenter of Nahalal. I was thoroughly amazed at the planning and interweaving of the massively circular community. It appeared they had very accurately emulated what I have long-envisioned of the Acts chapter two community. It was then not until returning to the U.S. from this trip, that I would learn why I felt such the powerful spiritual symbiosis between Nahalal Kibbutz and my vision of the train yard in Libby Montana some 3 years previous (please see aerial photos of Nahalal Israel, below).


Recall the very evident construct of the “wheel within a wheel” of the century-old train yards and their turn tables. We see the very same construct within the Nahalal Kibbutz, reflecting an interior, circular road, and a much larger, outer circular road. We also see a thriving community of many hundreds of dwellers, living in harmony, with singularity and commonality of purpose.

With these images in view, hold onto such for a moment, and also ponder that in all of Scripture, nothing has spoken to me more profoundly of the ideal of church life, than that depicted and beautifully described in Acts 2:42-47, wherein the early church is characterized as follows:

“They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone kept feeling a sense of awe; and many wonders and signs were taking place through the apostles. And all those who believed were together and had all things in common…day by day continuing with one mind in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they were taking their meals together with gladness and sincerity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved (NASB).”

At the epicenter of the many Amish communities I presently see emerging into the Spirit-filled life, and who are adorned with the Holy Spirit’s leading, is this divine formula within chapter two of the Book of Acts. I envision this dynamic weaving and knitting together these communities nationwide, to form singleness of vision and purpose, to ultimate equate to very strategic and critical advance within the Body of Christ—as the same is imparted to the larger Church in the West collectively.

While it is true that the Church in Ephesus may more beautifully recount the maturation of the early church, it yet remains for me the Church of Acts chapter two, in their bold infancy, which speaks most profoundly of what we of the contemporary Church should strive to obtain and experience.

Recall the apparent concept of the “wheel within a wheel” as we looked upon the aerial views of both train yard turntables and the Israeli kibbutz community of Nahalal. I see the Spirit-filled Amish presently emerging throughout the nation as a wheel—within the larger wheel of the Body of Christ in the West. What is emerging from the Amish, nationwide, is the fulfillment of centuries of prayer rooted in Mathew chapter 6, and most pointedly verse 10, which reads:

“Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (NASB).

It is once again, the Father’s heart, that His “kingdom come…on earth” – amidst the Old Order Amish, thus releasing the fullness of His habitation therein, rather than the need for those steadily leaving the same, to find the fullness of His habitation outside the Old Order Amish. For while it is true that the Old Order is steeped in orthodoxy, tradition and legalism, it is once again no different than most mainline Christian denominations in this regard. And, more importantly, it is the subject of ‘round-the-clock intercession for the unveiling of the Father’s Heart, in their midst.

The Holy Spirit longs to regularly inhabit each and every authentic move and stream of God, however within this discussion we presently focus upon the beauty and richness of Anabaptist heritage and its unique and original expression of God-breathed revelation—centuries ago. It is very apparent to me at this juncture, that God is once again breathing revelation into the Amish, and re-igniting the fire which fueled and propelled Menno Simon and Jacob Ammon so long ago. It is my believe that both Menno Simon and Jacob Ammon met with pure Holy Spirit revelation in their day, and had perpetual and very personal experiences and encounters with the ebb and flow of the Spirit-filled life—which we may never read in book form. My conviction in this regard is rooted in having prayed for the Amish for 28 years at this juncture. Herein lay a mystery within the ministry of Intercession, for it is as we intercede at length for a person, or persons, or a conglomerate of persons, that we are often given or granted divine glimpses into things not seen in the natural. So it is, and was, with the early Mennonites and Amish, via the divine glimpses I have been given, in and through ardent prayer.

As we revisit the imagery of “a wheel within a wheel,” symbolizing the “wheel” of what is stirring among the Amish, within the larger “wheel” of the Body of Christ in the West, perhaps we do well to visit Ezekiel’s vision of same within the Book of Ezekiel, chapter 1, verses 15 thru 20, and namely verse 20, which reads:

“Wherever the spirit was about to go, they would go in that direction. And the wheels rose close beside them; for the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels” (NASB).

As I imagine “a wheel within a wheel,” I picture two wheels, inserted within one another, at right-angles, enabling the subsequent formation to roll in any direction. This imagery speaks to me of God’s omniscience and omnipotence—to move in any direction and at any time. And, it is His omniscience which I presently see invading and stirring the Old Order Amish—thus rekindling the flame of those who have gone before—centuries previous—carrying the Anabaptist torch—the same torch which was given to Ben and Barbara Girod—to impart to the 21st century Church.

In recent months, and that leading up to the recent conference in Shipshewana, I found myself on government contracting business walking the beaches of Corpus Christi Texas (my home state, presently), on the Padre Island National Seashore, in the early evenings. At close of business I would quickly make a B-line to the beach, with several loaves of bread in-hand, to walk along the beach and feed the many seabirds. In so doing I identified 3 distinct breeds of seagulls and 3 distinct breeds of sandpipers, to include blue herons, cranes, storks, hawks, and a host of other magnificent birds adorning the Padre Island National Seashore—the more secluded and untamed strand of barrier island and seashore within the southern outskirts of Corpus Christi.

Padre Island National Seashore – Corpus Christi Texas.

While praying in the Spirit as the sun would go down on this seemingly endless strand of desolate beach, and with an army of seagulls and sandpipers in-tow, following my bread trail, I would repeatedly hear the words, “Body of Christ…Body of Christ…Body of Christ.”  It was not until several days of walking-out this pattern, that I was reminded by the Holy Spirit that Corpus Christi, in Latin, means literally, “Body of Christ.” And so, here I was, praying in the Spirit, on the seashore named a few centuries ago by those seafaring pioneers and explorers who chose to call the immediate surrounds, “the Body of Christ.” As I then continued to pray in the Spirit on the beaches of Corpus Christi, I realized I was in fact interceding for the “wheel within a wheel” – the Amish—who are rapidly emerging as a torch which will enlighten the whole of the Body of Christ in the West—and beyond—as they collectively discover the richness of their heritage—a heritage birthed by a revelation of the Kingdom of God—fueled by the blood of the early Anabaptist martyrs—and now being made manifest on earth, as it is in heaven.



A Season of Mercy

In and through my ongoing and often experimental diet of naturopathic and hollistic health and healing though all that nature affords us, I recently resumed a diet of Vinpocetine, an enzyme which acts in similar fashion to Gingko Biloba (in my experience), and which I also use in cycles. Having re-engaged the Vinpocetine I’ve found myself experiencing unusual flash-backs of previously shrouded memories, which confirms for me Vinpocetine’s effectiveness, in conjunction with Ginko Biloba, in enhancing neural circulation, equating to improved memory (and also the enhanced ability to concentrate and focus, it seems).

One of the vivid flashback’s I’ve experienced in recent days accordingly, is that of a group-interview that I chaired some 27 years ago, as a senior work associate and I jointly interviewed many candidates in an effort to replace me in a critical role within an I.S. management-liaison function, positioned on the campus of a very large client of ours at the time.

On this date my senior associate and I, clad in suits and ties, the garb of the day, interviewed maybe 6 candidates, one of whom would replace me as I transition into a new role elsewhere. I vividly recall interviewing a woman who had all the characteristics of being the perfect choice for the position. At the time, I was laterally very heavily involved in many facets of ministry, while serving an internship at a large congregation. In so doing the Revelatory Gifts were moving fluidly through me, and I found myself very often receiving vivid words of knowledge. As we continued the interview with this woman, who was maybe the 4th of six candidates on that day, I recall my senior associate employing some mean-spirited tactics on her. He had come to enjoy dangling a figurative carrot over the noses of these candidates, as callous sport. I honestly believe he was unaware of any wrongdoing on his part. Though I respected the man, on this day his antics in this regard deeply grieved me.

I recall us posing a series of typical interview questions to this woman. In my case, and as I have historically, I opted to simply engage conversation in general, to allow her to open up and talk freely in a number of directions. My associate however employed a tactic not unlike a homicide detective, in an effort to make the “suspect” squirm. The woman had answered every one of these questions adequately, when he then launched into a barrage of quick questions in rapid succession, to intimidate her. As he pushed her through the paces she became confused and nervous. He then precluded that her confusion and nervousness was a sign of weakness, rendering her disqualified.

When the woman realized what he was doing, her heart sank. I recall seeing the sadness and resignation in her face, which also revealed desperation. In that instant I received a stream of words of knowledge about her which broke my heart. She was single, divorced, the victim of abuse, and doing everything she knew to do to provide for her children. And, she was the perfect candidate for the job.

As the woman left the hotel conference room we had secured for the interviews that day, my eyes fell to the floor, and I recall placing my head in my hands. My senior asked me what was wrong, and I simply told him that I was tired.

We would go on to hire the wrong person for the job, not any of my doing. I realized I had no real say in the matter.

For the remainder of the day my heart grieved for this woman. My senior associate was wholly unaware of how I was affected by his meanness. He had simply perpetuated what was modeled to him previously–an interrogation, versus and interview.

As I reflected upon this flashback the other day, it initially seemed odd that this particular memory would return to me, so vividly. Until a verse also came to me, to offer complete clarity as to why.

Philippians 4:5 reads, “Let your gentle spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near.”

During the season in which I found myself working for the I.S. company, in conjunction with facilitating a steady 30 hours a week of many facets of ministry while interning with the large congregation, I daily laid my heart open before the Lord, and had allowed Him to move very freely through me. It was during this season that He had graced me with a “gentle spirit,” a spirit which in turn enabled the Holy Spirit to move through me with ease.

Over the previous 8 years specifically (2009 – 2016), and in and through many very alarming prophetic observations of what was going on within the dark shadows of our government at the time, nefarious deeds which defy the imagination, deeds which continue as I type this article; I found myself warning the nation of impending doom–unless Believers en masse would repent and petition the Throne Room for God’s mercy upon the United States. I would go on to write a book containing this very message: Teshuvah: David’s Key.

And, there was in fact impending doom as the 2016 Presidential Election approached. To this day, some 8 months later, most Americans are yet wholly clueless to the deeds done in darkness by our very own government; deeds orchestrated by a demonic horde bent upon utterly destroying what remains of the original Republic, most pointedly more recently through an attempt to lull us into war with Russia. Some refer to this “shadow government” as the “Deep State.” Others refer it is as the “Dark State.” I choose to refer to it as the Deep Dark State. And, irrespective of what one chooses to call the dark elements beneath and behind our government, one fools themselves to disregard the reality that our government was poised to utterly destroy the nation only days prior to the 2016 election. In fact, the same element had actuated a “Plan-B”, to continue the nefarious operation right through Donald Trump’s inauguration. “Plan-C” is now in place; that to convince the nation, and the world at large, that Donald Trump is unfit for office, this established through a wicked web of lies and deceit saturating every branch of media in the U.S., and that heartily funded by one George Soros. Sadly, most Americans, because of their grave lack of spiritual discernment (Christians included), continue to fall for the deception–hook, line and Soros-sinker. Such antics include fake race riots, wherein paid protesters (on both sides), to the tune of $25.00 an hour, stage convincing foretastes of civil war–a race-baited civil war which was craftily re-introduced over an 8-year period, by Barack Hussein Obama–a devilishly gifted master of societal unrest and violence.

While warning the nation over an 8 year period of what was truly transpiring under our noses, and while also making every opportunity when speaking abroad to boldly call the Body of Christ to national repentance for our collective spiritual harlotry (mine included); I found myself equally equipping a large number of people in self-defense, armed defense, food storage, etc. Many of my extended family within the Body of Christ abroad were certain that I had lost my marbles, and that I had strayed from the more critical facets of the ministry to which I’ve been called (prophetic counseling, inner healing and deliverance ministry). The same number of people remain clueless as to just how close all of the above would have been required of them, as, at this stage, had Trump lost the election, we would be at war with Russia, and several of our major cities would resemble the craters upon the Moon.

Obama, Clinton, Ryan, McCain, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, and a horde of other NWO puppets of the Deep Dark State, financially under-girded by George Soros and his ilk, had been charged with leading the media assault on Russia, to incite world war. In fact, the U.S. assassinated a number of Russian officials (3 that I’m aware of) just prior to the election in an effort to throw the election on account of a fresh war with Russia, via Russia’s sure retaliation to the assassinations (yet another series of facts which will remain hidden from the American public at large, likely forever).

Despite my daily commitment to cultivating spiritual sensitivity within varying facets of the work of the ministry, I had yet donned a strongly defensive exterior in my growing readiness to lead a large number of people in surviving what was sure to unfold in the natural, and on a national level. I had to a degree reverted to my military paradigm, having experienced some very unusual tensions and conflicts on foreign soil while in the Navy. I had also reverted to my conditioning as a former fierce pistol competitor and martial artist, and found myself at-the-ready in any possible circumstance, to survive and prevail. My goal was not mere survival, but survival to in turn have the liberty to minister to countless people as they scramble for their own survival while wholly unprepared for what was to unfold on a national scale.

Thankfully, and as the result of millions of desperate cries of the Saints in this nation leading up to Election Day 2016, God granted us a “Stay of Execution,” His hand of mercy, by placing Donald Trump in office. What Trump does hereafter rests solely upon the continued cries of the same Saints—those who are wholly aware of where the nation truly stands within the smoke and ashes of an 8-year assault upon its founding fabric—perhaps 5% of which fabric remains. We are that close to terminal implosion and destruction in every regard, as a country.

God lifted His hand of grace from this nation for 8 years (2009 – 2016), thus allowing the works of darkness to have their way in and through a man wholly aligned-with and empowered-by the Spirit of Antichrist and the Spirit of Lawlessness—one Barack Hussein Obama. (*Note that I did not say Obama is the Antichrist or the Man of Lawlessness. I rather said that he is “alignedwith and empowered-by the Spirit of Antichrist and the Spirit of Lawlessness”). There is a critical distinction. I can only discern the spirits moving through him at the moment, which I happened to have discerned as early as 2007–when most in the Christian community at large balked at me for voicing what I was “seeing” then. Thankfully, many who balked at me then, are now bemoaning the fact that what I saw then, is a reality now.

*On a seemingly unrelated aside: those among the readership of this article who either aspire-to, or, who are fluidly moving-in the Revelatory Gifts; understand that the more you mature in such, the more you will meet with opposition within the mainstream of Western Christianity, which, not unlike the perpetual flinching of a large school of nervous fish, sways to the ebb-n-flow of a compromised, soulish, worldly, watered-down brand of “Christianity.” This said, understand that “…a great falling away…” (read 1 Tim. 4:1-5) is presently underway, and you will often find yourself casting your pearls (prophetic pearls) before swine (Matt. 7:6). Do not be discouraged. Commit daily to seeing and hearing the heartbeat of God, through daily intimacy with Him. Then simply speak it, reflect it, embody it, whether it be sweet or salty from day to day. And Press On. Recall the lives of the prominent prophetic figures in Scripture (Jesus included), while equally recalling that they had extremely small fan clubs. Your task is not that to collect accolades; your task is rather that to speak the truth, in love. Period.

OK then, back to our primary conversation at hand…

As the news of Trump’s victory would ultimately be aired, I experienced something I had not experienced since my Navy days, wherein moments following the tensions of potential combat there often occurred a “stand-down,” a deflation of testosterone, adrenaline and sensory overload. I would shortly thereafter pen a song entitled “Smoke and Ashes,” which speaks to the emotions running through me at the time:

As the months have unfolded since Trump’s placement in office, I have come to realize that the U.S. has been granted a Season of Mercy—a season which will ultimately come to an end. It is during this season that I have been prodded by the Holy Spirit to once again avail my “whole heart” to him (see II Chronicles 25:2), and to allow His gentle ebb and flow to reveal a heart of mercy, compassion and love, that I may in turn better recognize every subtle nuance of His dealings with others, that I may in turn speak into the same more accurately.

“…whatever the Father does, these things the Son does also…” (John 5:19, NASB).

We’ve been granted the eyes to see what the Father is doing—spiritual eyes, if we ask for them. And as we simply speak-into what the Father has already placed in motion (that which we “see” of His immediate handiwork), we’re doing precisely what we’ve been called to do. However a heart of compassion, mercy, tenderness, gentleness and love are required to make the ministry “stick” – for an eternity.

The Japan tsunami of 2011 which left unspeakable damage in its wake (while also leaving an unspeakably long list of unanswered questions in its wake—questions as to the origins of the tsunami) found 95% of its survivors scrambling in desperation to survive the water and food lines, which often required a person to stand 8 hours or more in line, for a mere ration of food and water. The other 5% of the survivors had been watching several different U.S. based Christian ministries on satellite television, and had taken the advice to stock up on disaster-ready food rations. These were seen ministering around the clock to the 95% who were unprepared for the disaster. This equation alone is why I continue to remain in a state of readiness for survival—that I may have the freedom to move about the masses while ministering to those who are plagued with confusion and chaos. This is precisely where the Body of Christ should be following a disaster—right in the epicenter—and prepared for such.

While I remain ready for the worst of times, I am also duly reminded that I cannot allow the rigors and intensity of the times in which we live, to rob me of the “fruit of the Spirit” – the trademarks of those who allow the Holy Spirit to wholly have His way within every cavern of their hearts, resulting in a “gentleness” which can feel His every move in every setting or circumstance.

“…the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy” (James 3:16, NASB).

For 36 years at this juncture, I have found it difficult to receive the ministry of many prominent (publicly praised and celebrated) Christian leaders, as I have failed to see any trace of the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. Many of these have authored very profitable books and have grown very profitable (monetarily) ministries, and have uttered some very convincing revelation. However, when I thereafter find no trace of the fruit of the Spirit in their lives, such convincing revelation is no longer convincing. For irrespective of whether one is uttering the sweet or salty revelation of the Lord; there should always be found the unmistakable trademarks, traces or scent of the fruit of the Spirit in its wake–which enables the word-in-season to form an eternal stamp upon one’s heart–versus the temporal influence upon one’s mind.

A few years ago, and while in the midst of a nefarious scheme on the part of the Obama Administration to further fuel national rioting–thus creating a tipping-point for inducing Martial Law, gun confiscation, the activation of FEMA camps (yes, they are real), toward completely overthrowing the U.S. government through a hybrid Islamic-Marxist regime take-over, I penned an article entitled The Believer and Self-Defense:

A surprising cross-section of the Body of Christ saw fit to counter and/or refute my position within the article—a cross-section of the Body of Christ which has largely fed upon 1% milk for the duration of its existence. However, I still maintain that it is a man’s moral obligation, as a Believer, to defend and protect women and children with arms, when they are available. I believe I have laid the Scriptural foundation for such in the article in question. My article on self-defense is one of the “800 pound gorillas in the living rooms” of most Christians in the West, and which nearly everyone tiptoe’s around. Truth be known, 10s of 1000s of Christian leaders in this country are physically armed at home, and physically armed when in public. It is an unspoken shadow activity that few are willing to openly discuss. I have openly discussed such, and I trust and pray that the common sense within my discussion will “stick” abroad.

Psalm 116:15 reads, “How precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His godly ones” (NASB). When his “godly ones” yield to martyrdom, it is truly a precious heart-posture for Him to behold. And, certainly, were I personally faced with a predicament wherein unarmed, I would be forced to deny Yeshua or die, I would choose death. However, until such time, I quite simply refuse to be the victim of a flash-mob who is paid by George Soros to carry out a counterfeit revolution in tandem with a mass-media-monster which is paid by the same to perpetuate a nefarious and national psy-op. The majority of Americans, much of mainstream Christianity included, have been wholly duped by such deception.

My convictions on self-defense aside; in and through the gist of this meditation today, I’ve come to conclude that the willingness to yield to “the wisdom from above,” and most particularly the “gentleness” within such, arms us with Holy Spirit power which far transcends any munitions (arms) made by the hands of men, when it comes to being used by Him to challenge and change the hearts of a sea of lost souls—a sea which is very close to facing the worst storm of its existence—second only to the flood of Noah’s day.

Presently the “President in Exile” – as he views himself (Barack Hussein Obama) and his Islamic soul-mate advisor (Valerie Jarrett) have set-up a command center within walking distance of the White House. Both Barack and Valerie have unleashed every covert mechanism by which to fuel a national outcry to remove the people’s choice from office—one Donald Trump. In concert with them is ¾’s of Washington D.C., which includes the majority of “Republicans” (most Republicans in D.C. presently are paid turncoats–fooling the gullible Conservative American populace). Donald Trump’s life is at stake as I type this, quite literally. The Deep Dark State will stop at nothing to take him down, whether it be through the laughable fabrication of “Russian interference in the election,” a web of other erroneous assertions, or worse…

Very soon the Internet, which is quietly being policed by our Police State (instated as of January 2009), will purge articles like mine, web sites like mine, and like-minded ministers, and the masses will then have no source of truth as to what is unfolding within our government. Left to their own devices, while also failing to cultivate spiritual discernment, they will continue to accept Fake News as reality. As they do so, they will continue to believe the counter-insurgent, double-speak psy-op which concludes that Christians are “the enemy of the State” (military training manuals printed between January 2009 and January 2017 reflect such). As this sentiment continues to mount we will be faced with very real (physical) violence at our doorsteps. It is at this time that we must first opt to submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to speak with “the wisdom from above,” that His grace may be given the license to do what it does best. While doing so, I yet conclude that we are charged with protecting the physically weak, the helpless, and woman and children. Admittedly I have penned a seeming paradox here. But it is not, really. Please read on…

I have over the past 8 years heard 100s of prominent Christian leaders exclaim, “It’s time for Christians to rise-up and take a stand!” Really? What do you suppose they mean, when they say “rise-up and take a stand”? Are they talking about prayer? One hardly needs to “rise-up” and “take a stand” to pray. In fact, it is most effectual when it’s in private, in my experience. Surly, there are appointed times when Believers must publicly gather en masse to prayerfully and prophetically proclaim the unction of the hour, and in specific places geographically. However, I have yet to witness anything as powerful as the prayers which have been uttered from dark dank corners of prison cells. Let’s again acknowledge one of the “800 pound gorillas in the living rooms” of most Western Christians; for “taking a stand” is going to require a physical stand–in the face of violence. Things will become physical, on a national scale, soon and very soon; the Marxist-Socialist-Islamic-Communist movement will see to it. And when things do occur as such, may each of us be truly Spirit-led as we negotiate the trial of a lifetime—as we physically “take a stand.” We must very seriously define what this means, for ourselves, before the “stand” is required of us.

We win, in the end. But, until we meet with the end our hearts and prayers must determine the means to the end. At the same time, once again, we must also decide where we stand on the issue of physical self-defense. That is, when is it time to physically defend ourselves? And, when is it time to yield to martyrdom?

As iterated at the onset of this post, I am convinced that with the Trump presidency, we have entered a Season of Mercy. And as also iterated earlier, I believe the duration of this season to be wholly dependent upon the velocity of the collective cries of the Saints, as we petition the Throne Room of Grace for God’s mercy over the U.S.—which has become spiritually a modern day Babylon—not unlike the Babylon depicted in the Book of Revelation—which meets with shocking destruction. It is during this season that we are charged with making every possible inroad with unsaved friends and family, to draw them into the saving knowledge of Yeshua—the lover of our souls. Aware of the gravity and urgency of the hour in this regard, I find myself tip-toeing through a figurative minefield in the geographical region in which I live, as the area is wholly consumed in a shocking display of deception and anarchy. The mere mention of anything “Christian” is immediately met with anger, hostility and outright hatred. These dynamics have become a daily occurrence for me.

I am reminded of II Timothy 3:1-4, which reads:

“…realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure…”

And on it goes…

We have arrived, friends. We are there. We are in the “Last Days.”

I am convinced that because of our casual comforts here in the West, we are predisposed to doubting just how late the hour really is. As I say this, I am reminded of the late Derek Prince, who once quipped, “the two greatest pitfalls in the life of the Western Christian are comfort and convenience.” Indeed so. Because of such, many of us have settled for a state of lukewarm-ness as our expression of “normal Christianity.” The present state of the collective Church in the West is partly to blame, as, what is being spoon-fed the masses is once again, 1% milk, when we need meat to survive the times. This brings me to a critical point: our task in this hour is that to remain Kingdom-conduits—through which the coming Kingdom of God is announced—through every measure of the Kingdom of God found within each of us. Our ability to proclaim the coming Kingdom to a lost and dying planet is directly commensurate with the depth to which we’ve cultivated the same within our hearts. And, as we continue to cultivate the Kingdom of God in our hearts, to serve as Kingdom-conduits, we do well to realize and accept that here in the West, the United States namely, we find ourselves within a veritable pressure cooker, an oven of God’s impending judgment, wherein we have the glorious opportunity to be further refined by His “refining fire” – one final opportunity, for some of us.

The refining fire of God’s judgment is, I believe, at the epicenter of our existence as a nation, as a Church, and as a Believer, on this day in August of 2017.

For the serious Bible students among the readership of this article; perhaps you’ll be inclined to ponder the Book of Jeremiah with me for a moment, and namely chapter 27, which describes the God-mandated “yoke” of judgment under King Nebuchadnezzar (the seeming 21st century version of which may be one Barack Hussein Obama). As I allude to Jeremiah 27 and the apparent/arguable/convincing link between King Nebuchadnezzar and Barack Hussein Obama, it stands to reason that many would in turn incorporate I Peter 2:13-15 into such the discussion as well. To refresh the reader’s memory, I Peter 2:13-15 reads:

“Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority, or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who do right. For such is the will of God that by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men.”

Though this excerpt from I Peter seems to “fit” the extended discussion of Jeremiah 27 as it would pertain to a Barack Hussein Obama parallel, I must contend that it does not. Here’s why: as you re-examine what I Peter says, and do so carefully, you’ll note that “…a king…sent by him (God)…” is that to “…punish evil doers and…praise those who do right.” Barack Hussein Obama empowered and exalted evil doers, and persecuted those who do right—the very opposite of I Peter’s definition of a “human institution” or “one in authority” who has been “sent by him” (God).

I am fully convinced that God did not “place” Obama in office, I believe He rather allowed (key-word) the works of darkness to have their way in the United States for a protracted season, as a form of His fierce judgment, by simply removing His hand of grace from the U.S.—and from the Western Church—which had fallen into spiritual harlotry. And the Western Church remains in spiritual harlotry.

Allow me to elaborate a bit further. Psalm 104:9, as well as other excerpts of the Psalms, declares that the borders of the sea will not transgress their placement unless God commands such. This said, the 310,000 (yes, 310,000) people who lost their lives in the South Asia Tsunami of December 2004, did so as the result of a tsunami which was allowed (key-word) to create the greatest natural disaster since the Great Flood. I am fully convinced that God did not create that tsunami. Rather, and as Scripture declares such, He simply lifted His hand of grace and allowed the borders of the sea to transgress their boundaries. Why? Judgement. For those who were not distracted by the more prominent news of the day (e.g. Paris Hilton’s sex life), and who took it upon themselves to deeply question why so many had to die as the result of the tsunami; these will have discovered that the most shocking destruction of the tsunami occurred precisely where some of the oldest (ancient) Buddhist and Hindu shrines and temples once stood. Explorers who investigated the aftermath said that some of the foundations beneath such shrines and temples were completely erased from the map–as if they had never existed.

Where am I going this this? The same applies to the 8-year reign of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. God allowed the figurative boundary of the sea to transgress its border, by allowing a flood of evil to wholly envelope the White House, to in turn nearly completely destroy the United States of America. The destruction continues, in the shadows.

King Nebuchadnezzar, though godless, was referred to as God’s “servant.” He was hardly a “servant” of God in the classical sense, and was much more so a vessel of judgment, which the nations were to submit to as chastisement for their idolatry. The notion is that of knowingly submitting to a king who is not submitted to God, while acknowledging that God yet placed him there. By contrast, Barack Hussein Obama perverted justice at every turn, exalted godlessness, promoted sexual perversion; empowered, financially under-girded and aided Israel’s number one enemy, Iran; empowered and financially under-girded Islamic terror on every front; and called every semblance of good, “evil,” and every semblance of “evil,” good.

One of the greatest theological treatises ever penned on the topic of submission to authority, in my reading experience, is that written by Watchman Nee, entitled “Spiritual Authority” (copyright 1972). On pages 63-64, the author states: “The day shall come when the lawless one who is the anti-Christ shall be in power; he then will distort the entire system of law and openly label good as bad and vice versa. The the good shall be killed and the evil exalted.”

Friends, if there ever was but one sentence penned to describe what occurred in the White House between January 2009 and January 2017, Watchman Nee has penned it–45 years ago. Though I can only discern the spirits that were at work during that time frame in the White House, I would not be surprised to discover in the end, that Barack Hussein Obama was more than just moved, motivated-by or propelled by these spirits, and rather the very embodiment of them. We all “see in part…know in part…prophesy in part…and look as in a mirror, dimly,” so I can only see a part of the whole. My point: there is a time to submit to God-ordained authority. Then, there is a time, and as Watchman Nee has alarmingly pointed out, that submitting to demonic authority means riding the demonic coattails of the same straight to hell.

My observations and discussion of the strained similarities between King Nebuchadnezzar and Barack Hussein Obama and the lateral discussion of God-ordained authority versus demonic counterfeit authority aside; the U.S., and the Western Church, has, as of January 2017, yet been granted but a brief reprieve from figurative “Babylonian” enslavement as a form of God’s judgment—His refining fire of purging. We experienced 8 years of godless, antichrist-exalting perversion of every branch of government during Obama’s reign in the White House. It was during this period that Christians were forced to carefully examine their souls, and to willingly yield to the weight of the reality of God’s judgment foremost upon the Church. 

While Donald Trump now occupies the White House, we fool ourselves if we conclude that he has “saved the nation.” To the contrary, he is but one man, leaning against a figurative massive dam with all his might, and mustering every ounce of strength to keep the cracks of evil from bursting open. Donald Trump has, at his core, a true love for the United States and its founding fabric—irrespective of whether or not he realizes that 95% of such the fabric has been decimated by the Obama Regime—which still runs Washington D.C. – in the shadows—the shadows of a Shadow Government—the Deep Dark State.

A Maniacal Machine was carefully crafted between January 2009 and January 2017 which was designed to destroy the nation—ongoing—long after Obama’s departure from the White House. This machine is still moving full-force, despite the fact that President Donald Trump now occupies the White House. This machine is well-oiled, and is chipping-away at every element of freedom which remains in the United States—what little is left.

We must pray for Donald Trump, friends, for his physical safety, and for his salvation; for his entire family. We must also pray that every godly person in government “rise up” and fight the tide of overwhelming evil in Washington D.C., that we be granted more time to share the gospel in this once-great nation, before the full weight of God’s judgment is unleashed. We, the Saints, can extend this Season of Mercy, as we petition the Throne Room of Grace night and day.

As we plea with God for an extension of this Season of Mercy, we must on the one hand maintain sharp sensory sobriety with respect to the very clear and present danger of physical violence and persecution steadily marching toward our doorsteps, while also maintaining spiritual sobriety by carefully guarding our hearts—and the precious gift of the “wisdom from above” deposited therein, which includes the gift of a gentle spirit.

Your trench-mate,



*Postscript: By way of a note to the casual web-surfing reader who may not be a Believer in Yeshua–Jesus; as well as a note to the casual web-surfing reader who may be a Believer in Yeshua–Jesus, yet who has been perhaps unduly influenced by the maniacal-mainstream-media-machine, thus diluting your spiritual diet to date; please understand that what I have penned above, as well as what I’ve penned in all of my articles on this page to date, is anything but “political commentary.” To the radical contrary, what I have penned is what I believe to be the reticle–the epicenter of a figurative rifle scope–which represents the spiritual center upon which intercessory prayer warriors may focus–to push back, prevent, and/or delay the inevitable. All of my previous articles on this page have represented just that–a very specific and critical intercessory-prayer target – to prevent and/or delay the very things I “see” from my position on a figurative wall, as a watchman.

Coffee and Cogwheels – Part IV


Coffee and Cogwheels – Part IV


November 11, 2016

Yom Tov, co-laborers, it has been nearly 6 months since our last fireside chat of June, and there’s a good deal to discuss. So, please do pull-up a chair, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, and let’s continue-on with our discussion of June 5th, shall we?

By way of brief revisit to the image below (i.e. the inviting cup of coffee); we consider the inference of a divine wake-up call in and through what you’re about to read.

Flat White CoffeeAnd, by way of revisit to the second image herein (the cogwheels, pictured below); we consider the inference of a divine affirmation of the times in which we are living—the End Times, to be precise; in and through what you are about to read.

cogwheelsAs we stoke the fire and nestle ourselves comfortably in our chairs and argue the theological merits of our positions for being for or against a glass of wine; it’s timely to reconsider the nature and purpose of why I write at all.

In simple terms, I am a watchman. I sit upon a figurative wall and look out over the horizon, and I report to the inner court what it is I see. Thereafter, and by divine-design, watchmen and intercessors (who are very often one-in-the-same) set to the task of pressing-in and petitioning the Lord to respond to what has been reported. And, in the case of what I have been “reporting” for 8 years now most pointedly; intercessors throughout the nation (the U.S., and beyond) have waged warfare in calling upon God to thwart what has been long-forecasted of the brutal demise of our nation—as it continues to reel from 8 years of severe judgment—judgment in the form of God having allowed a Marxist Islamic Jihadist to nearly completely destroy the fabric of this once-great Republic.

As we continue, it is critical to distinguish between what God pointedly executes (i.e., what He does), versus what He rather allows to be executed (i.e., what He allows the works of darkness to do for example—as the result of lifting His hand of grace from a nation, or a people, or an individual for that matter). And as we distinguish between the two, we must be reminded that it is Holy Spirit-imparted discernment which gives us the ability to distinguish between the two dynamics.

On many occasions over the past 8 years I’ve asked a select few, the following question: “If God has allowed Obama to rip this country to shreds, as a form of His sovereign judgement, are we then opposing God if we oppose Obama?” Some have quipped that if God placed the man there, then yes, we are opposing God if we oppose Obama. My retort, and with deep conviction, has been that God did not “place” Obama in office, but rather lifted His hand of grace from the nation–to allow the works of darkness to fully have their way in ravaging the nation. And ravage the nation Obama has. And, to this day, with but a month left of his White House siege of 8 years, he is doing his very best to further inflict as much damage as possible, to include attempting to invoke World War III, which grants him the latitude to remain in office–thus preventing Donald Trump’s transition.

Over the past year especially, I have heard a timeless prophecy from the Old Testament, repeated with more passion, earnest, pain, agony and desperation than I have heard over the previous 34 years. The prophecy reads thusly:

“[If] My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14, NASB).

To my shock and joy, immediately followed by utter exhaustion, it become clear in the wee hours of November 9th, 2016, that millions of Believers the world-over, and especially in the U.S., had humbled themselves, had prayed, and had sought God’s face, while repenting for the “whore of Babylon” that the U.S. has become (see Revelation chapter 17).

The purpose of a book I wrote in 2012 (entitled: Teshuvah: David’s Key) was rooted in this very call—to humble oneself, and to turn from wickedness, for the purposes of receiving forgiveness, healing, and restoration. The book was a heart-cry for both personal and national cleansing of the Church in the West, that we may avert what was the very real potential for the complete annihilation of our nation—which hung in the balance within the wee hours of November 9th, 2016 — and which still hangs in the balance.

As presumptive as this sounds, most reading this article have no idea of just how close we came, as a nation, to our complete annihilation, via a veritable Death Warrant, to be served in the wee hours of the morning—just 3 days ago as of this writing. All that I had seen in the spirit-realm encroaching upon the horizon over an 8-year period hung in the balance for just a few hours. How do I know this? I know firstly because I experienced in my spirit unspeakable anguish during the wee hours of night, over the startling level of warfare over this election. I know this secondly as the result of the collective feedback from intercessors throughout the nation as the sun began to rise upon the news of Donald Trump having won the election. To be more pointedly-prophetic, Donald Trump didn’t quite “win the election.” Rather, God allowed Donald Trump to win the election—despite a very real and veiled attempt on the part of the New World Order to pervert the electoral process into a Hillary Clinton win.

This veiled attempt is not so veiled at this stage, as the forces levied against the mercy of God continue to reveal their nefarious antics.  The dross continues to surface–for all to see–for those with discerning eyes, that is.

Should Hillary Clinton have won the election (albeit solely through nefarious means), the nation, although very difficult to imagine, would have plunged yet further into the unspeakable darkness of all that the Spirit of Antichrist has within its vast arsenal of perversion, murder, torture, violence, etc., to include nuclear war with Russia—by early Spring of 2017. Were you to personally ask Vladimir Putin of the accuracy of my assertion herein, he’d readily quip: “Yep, David’s shoot’n straight, on this one; I was ready to press the button, folks.”

vladimir-putinPutin’s “button” may yet be pressed, if Obama and his personal life coaches within the NWO get their way.

On the morning of November 9th, just a few days ago, I had never before awakened so exhausted. In my exhausted stupor, the weight of 8 years of heaviness fell-off my shoulders, and I felt the way I used to feel in the Navy moments after a brush with death in the throes military operations in foreign waters—Russian waters, in fact.

Realizing that many people are in many different places within their personal-paradigm as they frequent my writings, I feel the need to clarify and underscore that I am not speaking to the political process in this nation as I speak about the presidential election. To the pointed contrary, I am speaking to the spiritual underpinnings of this process—far in excess of anything you will absorb from mainstream media in this country—a collective media-machine which has but one goal: that of brainwashing every American into believing a false-reality—a false-reality which fosters and furthers the agenda of the New World Order—a satanic organization which gives Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton (among thousands of other like-minded puppets) their personal marching orders—the same organization which expended billions of dollars in a disinformation campaign to convince the nation that Donald Trump was “unfit for office.”

If you’ve frequented the pages of Scripture as much as I have over the past 35 years, you will conclude among other things that God very often uses the most unlikely and uncouth characters to accomplish His ends. He does in fact use “the foolish things of the world, to confound the wise” (1 Corinthians 1:27). And in the case of the historical caricature of one Donald Trump, God’s formula herein has been handsomely displayed.

In mid-September a trusted prophetic voice asked me my take on Donald Trump. My response was quite simple: “He is the figurative jawbone of an ass, by way of political (Leftist-Liberal) perception. However, in the same way that Sampson slew a 1000 Philistines (i.e., God’s enemies) with an actual jawbone of an ass (see Judges 15:16), so God is offering Donald Trump to the nation, as a direct answer to millions of agonizing prayers, to serve in slaying the evil regime in Washington D.C. (D.C. = Decrepit Cesspool).” 

*Note: I wish to iterate that my reference to Mr. Trump as “the figurative jawbone of an ass,” is a double entendre, to both denote how Mr. Trump’s political opposition berates him–as well has how it appears God is using him to humble his opposition.

A few months later, interestingly enough, an internationally-known prophetic voice broadcast himself from Israel, and stated the same, verbatim. Am I saying this to posture myself as having been the first one to say it? Hardly. Rather, I say this to underscore the beauty of the dynamics of Collective Revelation, wherein the Holy Spirit alights upon many voices, at the same time, with the same message, to add velocity and widespread affirmation to what He is saying to the Saints at a given juncture.

Many of God’s people in this nation wholly missed that Donald Trump was their answer to prayer. They appeared to expect someone quite different. To the contrary they received a man with a past, a sordid past, and one laden with chauvinism and other less-than-glorious traits. However to the discerning eye, Donald Trump was plucked from such an orbit, and was systematically humbled as he made his way toward occupying the White House. Correspondingly, and quite fittingly, an old Texan preacher often quips, “Every man has a past, but every man also has a future.”  And, contrary to popular secular belief, we are not the products of our pasts—when we discover God’s amazing grace—and learn to receive it from day to day—walking into that which rewrites our futures.

Some of you are having difficulty processing and accepting what I’ve just written of Donald Trump. Most of you experiencing such have exposed yourself to too much mainstream media, it’s that simple. Conversely, if you have a hard time believing that Hillary Clinton (as well as her husband) have engaged in mass-murder, extortion, blackmail, satanic rituals and pedophilia, you have once again fallen-prey to the extreme deception within mainstream media. For the Clinton’s, closely shadowed only by the Obama’s, have perpetuated the most diabolical deeds of any couple to occupy the White House. Were the reader to know the true extent of the works of evil that the Clinton’s and Obama’s have carried out in the name of “governmental leadership,” the reader would experience a mild state of shock, or worse.

The reader must know the true nature of what occurs when one exposes themselves to mainstream media in this nation, at this juncture in End Times history. For when one willingly absorbs lies, deception, misinformation and disinformation, one is actually absorbing the spiritual toxins of witchcraft—a demonic tentacle of Satan himself—designed to confuse and delude—and to wholly estrange one from being capable of recognizing and accepting truth (see II Thessalonians 2:11).

In early 2013 I reprinted an edited version of my initial book of 2012. The early 2013 reprint was a response to collective feedback from many readers abroad, who asked that I expand upon a few points of interest therein. Within such the expansion is a very pointed excerpt from pages 93 thru 96, which includes my very troubled prophetic outlook upon the 2016 presidential election process. And, for those who’ve intoxicated themselves with mainstream media in recent years, there’s very little of interest for you within these pages in question. For those however who have prayed to move in discernment, and have remained free of the intoxication of mainstream media; you will find that without waiver, every tenet of that found within the pages in question in my book (pp. 93-96), was in fact in-the-works, and remains in-the-works, in the dark shadows of the “Deep State” – the shadow-government lurking beneath the veneer of the “Democratic Party” and the “Republican Party” as presently depicted in Washington D.C.

The tenets in question: 1) Federally-staged “mass shootings”, to establish the phantom momentum toward banning the sale of AR and AK rifles; the martialing of ammunition factories, and ultimately confiscation of all firearms. 2) The imposition of Martial Law; 3) National banking system bail-in, wherein all personal assets are subject to seizure by the federal government; 4) A postponement of the election process and/or nullification of the election results, as the result of a declared national state of emergency, which equates to Obama staying in office (and several more less-than-pleasant events).

Those who have read the early 2013 reprint of my book will recall that on page 96, and immediately following the above forecast, I stated verbatim, the following: “It is my wish that what I ‘see’ unfolding in this nation in the next few years is that which will be intercepted by mass-intercession and repentance. In this instance, I would delight in being wrong in my forecast.”

And, thanks be to God, mass-intercession and repentance is precisely what has unfolded, beautifully so. However, we are not quite “out of the woods” yet, dear readers. In fact, now more than ever we need to be interceding for the fruition of the election results, including the preservation of the presidential inauguration of January 20th, 2017.

The NWO will go to alarming lengths to ensure that Donald Trump does not transition to office on January 20th of 2017. These alarming lengths include the fueling of international war–world war, which in turn places the nation in a state which grants Obama the perceived right to remain in office, thereby terminally postponing Trump’s transition to office.

Should Trump’s transition remain unfettered, we must be reminded that such the transition is but part of our battle with the evils which have wholly consumed our nation at this juncture. For while Donald Trump is poised to set to the task of cleaning the veritable cesspool of what the White House has become, the Body of Christ must equally set to the task of cleansing the Church in this nation—ridding the temple of money-changers and hirelings. Such the cleansing of the Church must first begin with ourselves, individually, as we are in fact the “Church” – we are the temple not made with hands (see Acts 7:48).

In the same way that the figurative rats infesting the White House have been exposed very recently, so each of our lives will be exposed, soon and very soon, Last Days. Perhaps on this note we do well to remind ourselves of the following warand by divine design, as God readies His Church for the most epic of battles in these ning:

“There is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden tat will not be known” (Luke 12:2, NASB).h

And, speaking of what is “hidden, that will not be known;” I will unashamedly share that very often I hear verbatim, tidbits of what is spoken in “king’s chambers” (see Ecclesiastes 10:20). And what is presently being spoken therein is precisely what we need to remain in ardent intercession for. Among these are the following:

  • George Soros (a billionaire NWO operative) has unleashed a national army of protestors, paid by Soros himself, to stir-up national unrest to the point that Barack Obama declares Martial Law, which in turn postpones Donald Trump’s transition into office, indefinitely. In essence therefore, the election results would be canceled, if Soros and his NWO compatriots succeed.
  • Barack Obama has, deep in the shadows, over many months, fueled an accelerated ramp-up of military maneuvers in preparation for war with Russia—nuclear war. This planned war is, at its core that design to distract a duped American public from seeing that we never really did “recover” from the recession of 2008-2009. In fact, we have fallen deeper into severe recession, to the point of being but one thread away from snapping and falling into an economic depression far worse than that experienced nearly a century ago. To the give the reader an idea of just how bad our economy really is; you must know that the “5.6%” unemployment statistics that the federal government has been throwing around in recent years, is a lie. In fact, our current unemployment rate is every bit of 28%. I will offer no further economic data, as this is all that is needed to underscore where we really are at the moment.
  • The New World Order has discussed the option of assassinating Donald Trump. Why, you might ask? Donald Trump is not a card-carrying member of the NWO, nor is he a member of their proxy-party in D.C., the “Deep State.” He is brashly head-butting this international band of bloodthirsty hyenas, and they are incensed over such, and willing to do whatever it takes to stop him—including killing him. Pray therefore, daily, for divine protection over his life.

I would offer a few more bullet-points as I suggest what it is we need to be praying against at this juncture, but I believe the 3 above constitute the epicenter of what is at the core of how the works of darkness wish to thwart the election victory of just a few days ago. Correspondingly, it is only natural that many would respond in the following manner: “But David, it is very clear that God has sovereignly shielded this election from the wiles of darkness, which had planned at many levels to rig the election. Are you now suggesting that what He has arranged, on our behalf, and as the result of the cries of His people, would be so quickly thwarted?”  Yes in fact, this is exactly what I am saying.

We are implored to pray without ceasing (see I Thessalonians 5:16-18), and pray without ceasing we must, if we wish to preserve the blessing that God has bestowed upon us, in the form of a reprieve from what was the imminent destruction of our nation. We must pray by the hour, and realize that God’s blessing in this regard is not for our personal comfort, and the restoration of “the American Dream,” but much rather that designed to grant us more time to get our lives in order, and to share the gospel to a terribly confused and deluded mass of people presently staggering into self-destruction.

On the immediate heels of Donald Trump’s win, a prophetic voice that I happen to greatly respect, quipped that he no longer wanted to hear prophetic words suggesting “gloom and doom,” and wanted to rather only rejoice and be optimistic about the clean-sweep of the election, trusting that things are going to be very different now, a “new day.” Though I much appreciate this prophet’s outlook and attitude, I happen to disagree with him, in that the battle being waged over our nation is every bit as intense as it was prior to the election. Admittedly, there are prophetic fear-mongers among us, who do nothing but forecast the works of darkness, never underscoring and affirming the works of God; these can be quite annoying. But there are equally those who simply refuse to believe that we are not out of the jungle quite yet; and that we must keep our machetes in-hand and continue to swath a Kingdom path through ever-present demonic foliage, all the while being grateful for what appears to be scheduled to occur in the White House on January 20th of 2017.

Prophetic voices are charged with sharing both the bitter and sweet elements (what one prophetic friend calls “the locust and honey of what God is saying”) to His people; the unwillingness to do either or, will stifle the sure word of prophecy.

To yet come into partial agreement with the prophet I alluded to a few moments ago who no longer wanted to hear dire warnings; absolutely—I rejoice in Donald Trump’s apparent victory and God’s gracious hand of mercy in allowing it to happen. I am praying daily to walk in greater faith to believe and proclaim a season of victory, recovery and restoration for the nation.

We must equally understand that the welfare of the United States is not the Kingdom of God—they are two distinctly different pursuits. “The American Dream” actually looks quite foreign to the Church depicted in Acts 2:42-47, what I have long believed to be a blueprint to be replicated throughout the ages, quite contrary to what has become what I long ago coined “the Americanized Church” – the very reason judgment has consumed our nation over the past 8 years.

As a military veteran formerly engaged in amphibious exercises which spanned 17 countries, many exercises of which were hair-raising, I can readily attest to the sobering reality that a military unit is most vulnerable after a victory—as the same unit drops its guard while celebrating such. I therefore remain atop a figurative wall, which can often be quite uncomfortable on one’s rear end. As I sit here I celebrate, rejoice and praise God for his mercy and favor over the election results, while keeping an ever-vigilant eye on the horizon.

This is in fact a new day, dear readers, and let us rejoice and be glad in it, and continue to dance upon the works of darkness in the authority with which we have been given.

Your trench-mate,



Coffee and Cogwheels – Part III

Coffee and Cogwheels – Part III

Flat White Coffee

June 06, 2016

Yom Tov, friends, it has been 5 months since we had our last fireside chat about the drama unfolding here in the West—not the drama understood by the masses, but the drama understood by those who have humbly prayed for the eyes to “…see what the Father is doing…” (John 5:19). And if you’re seeing what the Father is doing, you are in turn seeing that He is allowing the works of darkness to have their way fully, to bring this harlot-of-a-nation, and the Church herein, to its knees, in desperation—a necessary prelude to “revival.”

If you’re seeing anything else, you’re simply not looking hard enough. My apologies for the rebuke so early in our chat, but some of y’all needed that swift kick in the pants.

As we take a seat next to the fire (of God’s judgment), and stretch our legs out just a bit, let’s say we take a few very deep breaths—in deeply, and out deeply, very slowly. We can then better enjoy a sip of that fine Carmel Mocha Cinnamon flavored coffee in the photo—our delectable metaphor for one serious prophetic wake up call.

As our drug of choice (caffeine) kick-start’s our blue-screened-brains once again, offering us a temporary disconnect from the Matrix; I believe we do well to also consider our 2nd thematic metaphor, in the form of this photo of cogwheels, below:

cogwheelsFor not unlike the forward motion of these powerful wheels of steel, the End-Times are unfolding under our noses at a sobering rate, while most of us remain in complete denial of such. We simply do not wish to acknowledge that the Great Tribulation is lapping at our feet—like an incoming tide, as we stand at the water’s edge, noticing the subtle yet steady incremental climb of the water onto the beach.

And, speaking of the Tribulation; it was roughly 8 years ago that a steady stream of friends and acquaintances began, with growing frequency over time, to ask me about my personal thoughts with respect to whether Believer’s would be granted a “pass” on the Tribulation, by being beamed-up beforehand, or, whether we would have to endure the dreaded “Mad Max” scenario. With very strong conviction I began to answer this repeated question very simply, by stating that very often the most profound revelations in Scripture are that “hidden within plain sight.” And, what I believe to be hidden in plain sight regarding the question of the Believer and the Tribulation; is that which can be found in John 16:33: “…in the world you will have tribulation…”

The reader quips: “But David, this verse is simply saying that life, as a Believer, is not going to be a bed of roses, right?”

David replies: “Read it again.”

It is usually at this stage in my article(s) that the exegete’s begin foaming at the mouth, and accuse me of being a “false teacher,” or a “false prophet,” for “butchering” Scripture in so being.

It’s so hard, being me (a long sigh…).

Friends, I simply sit on a figurative wall and share what I see. That’s it. I add nothing to what I see, and I take nothing away—I simply tell it like I see it. And, if you’ve read any of my previous articles, or my book perhaps, you in turn know that I always, without waiver, end on a note which underscores the omnipotence of the Lord, to include His boundless mercy, His plan of personal restoration for each of us, and more importantly—His scripted victory at the End of Time as we understand it.

So, before accusing me of summoning dark clouds when it is rather fine out, please do bear with me; fasten your seatbelts, and know that while the next few pages will make for a wild ride, I assure you that in the end you will be duly reminded of the “victory lap” which awaits us all—as we resolve to “…endure to the end…” (Matt. 24:13).

For those of you who have taken your Ginko today, and who are closely following my succession of Scriptural references; and who much prefer the latter part of John 16:33 (for the non-Ginko users, recall that I quoted Part-A a few paragraphs previous); know that I will in fact revisit Part-B before I’m done today—the best part.

The reader: “So David, in your introductory salvo, you’ve blown my Pre-Trib Rapture hope chest completely out of the water, and now you’re telling me to fasten my seatbelt, suggesting that things could get even hairier in the next few pages?”

David: “Yep, that’s pretty much what I’m saying. But, and again, please be reminded that I always end my articles with a pointing of the way to the One Who sits upon the Throne—Who is in total control—and Who reigns supreme as the Victor, when all the demonic dust settles.”

As I observe, listen-to, and regularly interact-with a pretty colorful cross-section of Christianity and Messianic Judaism around the country, I find 3 very distinct and primary camps emerging as the times unfolding before us continue to get hairier—by the very hour.

The first camp comprises those who’ve willingly allowed themselves to be spoon-fed an Americanized gospel—a gospel which has at its core the personal happiness and well-being of its subscribers. It is a gospel which also curates “the American Dream,” and exalts such as the supreme goal of the Americanized Christian. The same subscribers characteristically feed upon a certain sector of what I refer to as “Circuit Riders” – a group of key-note speakers who regularly appear together at large conferences, and who collectively paint a picture of Christendom which looks very much like Walt Disney World.


The 2nd of the two primary camps that I see continuing to grow, are those who, to their credit, see the fallacy of the 1st camp, and who clearly recognize the times unfolding before us; yet who have run to the opposite end of the spectrum and have concluded the “Red Dawn” scenario is at our doorstep, where upon all that matters is survival—at the expense of expanding the Kingdom of God. For these, I readily affirm that “Red Dawn” is in fact at our doorstep, and we most certainly need to prepare to survive it, however we must also remain committed to planting and watering gospel seeds at every possible opportunity to do so.


With the above two camps in view, I am personally hovering between the two, by vainly preserving some of the Disney World rides, while at the same time storing-up for “Red Dawn,” and while also seeking to keep the Kingdom of God first and foremost in all that I do.

There is also, in the shadows, a third camp emerging—an extremely small yet growing minority. These are those who fully recognize the times, have forfeited all vain pursuits, have completely sold-out every fiber of their beings to be used by the Lord, and who only long to see Y’shua—Jesus glorified in all they set their hands to on a daily basis. These are those who comprise the “Dread Champions” prophesied about, by a late contemporary prophet—those who strike dread into the works of darkness as the Light of Life so strongly radiates from their beings. It is this minority that Believers around the nation will be looking-to as the times grow darker before us.

As we briefly reflect a passing self-analysis on the heels of the previous few paragraphs, allow me to begin building the heart of this letter—a prophetic interpretation of the times—coupled with what I pray will be a word-in-season—and a fitting response to the times. As I do so, you will see bold-typed subheadings as I address a definitive breakdown of all that I see pertinent to our collective (Western) orbits at this juncture.

The Church

As I address the Church, I refer pointedly to the Western Church. I have thus far said a good deal about our current state, but I haven’t quite struck the nerve that I need to. And, by way of an unnerving unveiling, I must reiterate, as I’ve stated many times over several years now, that I firmly believe the U.S., and the Western Church therein, to be the whore of “Babylon the Great” – the “great city” within such to be Los Angeles (the “City of Angels”)—a city which happens to be attached to the whole of the former United States.

As you would review Revelation chapter’s 17 and 18, you will find one of the initial volleys of accusation in 17:5, which reads, “…upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH…”

As you further dissect the definition of Babylon the Great, you will find that virtually everything listed comes straight from Hollywood and the vast Los Angeles (shipping) Harbors. As we then back-up to verse 2 of Revelation 17, we read: “…with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication…” This, my friends, is the endless layers of filth that have been heaped upon the world by the movie industry, to include the associated pornography industry. This “wine” includes the global influence of the exalted actors therein, who, for the most part are consumed in a Spirit of Antichrist—knowingly and unknowingly. Virtually every major metropolitan city in the world, to include the varied pockets of affluence therein, has been “made drunk by the wine of her fornication” – the wine of Babylon the Great—for former United States of America, which could more readily be called the Disjointed Socialist States of America.

The Statue of Liberty, wholly aside from her sordid origins (look that one up), may as well be dressed in fishnet stockings, bra-less, and in a mini-skirt, while holding a sign in place of the torch, which reads, “Hey, Sodom and Gomorrah, you ain’t got nothin’ on us, baby!”


The Nation

I’m going to have to further startle you friends, by iterating that the nation is but a product of the Church in the West. We have become the Great Harlot as a nation—because the inner sanctum of the collective Body of Christ in this nation has coddled whoredom in the work of the ministry.

I could very easily rattle-off a long list of very well-known figures in Western Christendom, who have individually and subsequently collectively prostituted the gospel message—for personal gain. These have and continue to lead tens of millions astray and into a gospel of personal happiness and contentment. On this note, and by contrast, the late Derek Prince, who I believe to have been one of the finest Bible teachers in contemporary history, once quipped during a conference on Deliverance Ministry: “There are two idols presently ensuring the downfall of most Christians in America. These idols are: comfort and convenience.”


Derek was spot-on in his prophetic declaration made so many years ago. And, all of the “circuit-riders” whose names I’ve withheld have fed these idols, while also reaping millions of dollars in the process. And, once again, in short, as goes the Church—so goes the nation. It is for this reason that severe judgment is imminent. Soon we will see a figurative drought within all of the mega-ministries adorning the landscape in the U.S., as the drug-money (the drug of the candy coated gospel) will disappear, following which the many wizards behind the curtain will be exposed for who and what they are—charlatans—inducing spiritual diabetes at every turn.


As we further consider the current fate of the nation, we must also pull back the curtains presently shrouding the charlatans which constitute our current federal government. One masterfully crafted component of this figurative shroud is the collective purpose of mass-media to wholly blind and deceive the populace, to include the larger secular media companies which presently position themselves as “Conservative.” This to say that if a given news editor purposefully withholds 1% of a given story, and spoon-feeds the masses the other 99%, the story happens to be a lie. This is known as disinformation—the purposeful withholding of elements of truth—to deceive.

A few years ago, while most of us were sleeping, Obama handed the legal ownership of the Internet to the United Nations (Nations United in evil that is). Not long thereafter, the FCC, but one of many toxic tentacles representing the demonic octopus presently slithering about the White House, began artfully excising pieces of news stories which reveal the deepest truths about what is truly transpiring in the White House. In tandem, the CIA has been given unlimited license to filter what is aired of public news. The present and subsequent dumbing-down of the American populace is a classic component of what history has unveiled of the process of Socialism and Communism—kissing cousins—differing stages of a demonic enveloping of a nation—not unlike the stages of Rigamortis.

I have been stating firmly since early 2007 that Barack Hussein Obama is moving in a Spirit of Antichrist, and that his overarching mission is to utterly destroy the United States of America. He has succeeded. It is for this reason that I refer to the U.S. as “former,” at this stage. I say this, to dissuade anyone from falling prey to the false-hope of a given presidential candidate redeeming the nation. Friends, the only thing that will redeem this nation at this stage is mass-repentance on the part of the Church in America. And, this repentance will not ensue until the Church has had the red carpet of harlotry yanked-out from under Her feet—forcing all Believers to the floor in embarrassment (with no “modesty cloths”)—to then in conviction don a posture of brokenness and contrition.

With no exception, all mainline Christian denominations are presently praying for “revival.” Equally with no exception, these denominations have failed to recognize the lesson of Church history over the past 1,000 years or so: Revival only comes as the result of mass-repentance. It is therefore not until the Body of Christ is forced to its knees, through mass-devastation, and subsequent repentance ensues, that revival may come.


Think about the progression I’ve described above for a moment, perhaps from an imagined heavenly perspective. Looking down upon the tens of millions of professing Believers in this country, a host of angels sees us reveling in relative luxury, living-out lives of compromise, while also praying for revival. If you can then imagine for a moment the Lord speaking to us in contemporary English, you can then imagine Him quipping, “Guys, really?”

It has become increasingly difficult for me to tune-into Christian Radio over several years at this stage. Reason being: the shallowness and superficiality therein, to include the alarming absence of spiritual discernment, leaves me shocked within a matter of minutes of listening to most broadcasts. I yet randomly, on occasion, tune-in as I sit in traffic. Just a few days ago a major Christian radio network was interviewing one of the senior leaders of the oldest and largest Christian denominations in the nation. The radio host asked the leader at one point, “What do the millennial’s in your midst say about thus and so?” The leader responded, “The average age of members in our denomination is 60. We therefore don’t see nor hear much from millennial’s.”

Think about that for a moment; a denomination comprising millions of professing Christians, and the average age is 60. What can we glean from this? While it is true that young people are being fed nothing but disinformation and perverted reality in school, they are yet for the most part hungry for truth. And, when the anointed truth is proclaimed from the pulpit, young people will flock to it. The alarming absence of such from the pulpit is why an organization comprised of millions of professing Christians is dying like a vine which has been severed from its root—the root being the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus—the vine being a Church that has become an old wineskin—unwilling, and subsequently unable to hold “new wine.”

The same dynamics can, sadly enough, be applied to an enormous cross-section of mainstream Christendom here in the West. A timely example, and ready evidence of such, is that reflected in yet another brief tuning to Christian car radio recently, while sitting in traffic. I had for a moment tuned to a station airing a broadcast from one of the largest radio ministries in the country, and which was being co-hosted by two of the most recognized mainstream leaders in the country. The two figures were jointly reeling over the discovery that though Barack Hussein Obama has long professed to be Christian, “…he seems to be doing the opposite.”

Think about this for a moment, friends; two of the foremost voices in mainstream Christian media, only now, 7 ½ years into an Islamic-Socialist caliphate on U.S. soil, wholly sponsored by the White House; are concluding that “…it seems…” Obama is doing the opposite of what he has stated about his “Christian” faith.

Forgive me for sounding so callous, but: Ya think???

It is truly shocking, to consider the grave lack of spiritual discernment within most of Western Christianity at this juncture. To this end, I recall like it was yesterday, an evening in a class I was teaching nearly 25 years ago, on a large, explosive ministry campus. It was a truly privileged place for me, to be teaching so many people at the time. I was teaching a class on the Spiritual Gifts, over a 4-week period. I recall at one point in the class, and while talking about the Revelatory Gifts, feeling a sudden “unction” to say the following: “There will come a day in your lifetimes when the gift of Spiritual Discernment, the Discerning of Spirits, will be thee most critical gift at your disposal.”

We are there, folks; we have arrived. I trust you are praying for spiritual discernment daily at this juncture.

2016 – The Second Half

I am going to admonish you at this stage, to wean yourselves from exposure to mainstream news media, as it is collectively spawning witchcraft. I realize my choice of words may very well seem extreme to many of you. However, please be reminded that these are extreme times, which call for extreme measures. At this juncture, it is time to begin relying upon the inner voice of the Holy Spirit’s quickening, around the clock. It is time to trust what is brewing deep within your hearts, versus that of what is randomly racing through your minds as the result of audio-visual system-overload—exacerbated by caffeine-overload.

The following is what mainstream media, even mainstream Christian media is not telling you:

  • With very few exceptions, the “mass shootings” which have occurred around the nation over the past 8 years, have been staged, by our very government, for the sole purposes of promulgating an eventual national confiscation of firearms. If I were to expand upon the critical factual details of each “mass shooting,” which would expose them as the wicked charades that they are, it would only deeply anger you. And I see no point in that. Simply continue to ask the Holy Spirit for discernment, and continue to navigate what I’m saying, accordingly.
  • There will be more “mass shootings,” wholly staged, as tipping-points for making the sale of firearms illegal, and excising our Right to Bear Arms from the Constitution—rendering the U.S. Constitution nothing more than bathroom tissue—which is how Barrack Hussein Obama has viewed the Constitution since long-before his Puppet Masters hijacked the White House with him. Our Freedom of Speech is no longer; our Right to Bear Arms is nearly no longer. You need to make the decision now, as to whether you will take a stand on this count—before the knock on the door at 02:00 a.m., requiring you to forfeit such.
  • A fictitious (i.e., internally-planned) and grand-scale “hacking” of the U.S. Banking System will lay the groundwork for a temporary bank-closure. During the closure, it will be “discovered” that the bulk of the savings of U.S. citizens has been “wiped-out,” when in fact it has rather been transferred to the diabolical coffers of the federal government. If you have 401K’s, IRA’s, etc., close them out now; take the penalties; convert them to cash, survival food, weapons and ammunition, and, if at all possible, gold or silver bullion—physical bullion that you store in your home. Online purchases of gold and silver, to include the digital accounts they create, are not only being monitored by the government, but the digital accounts will also be hijacked by the government. You must have physical possession of your holdings, or you will soon “hold” such no longer. Gold and silver stored in commercially secured vaults (via online gold and silver purchases) will be safe no longer, as the government will launch erroneous investigations into the companies operating them, freezing the assets therein; and while keeping you from your precious metals, and will thereafter transfer such to their possession.
  • Cash is under attack. $100 and $50 dollar bills will eventually be rendered non-negotiable over the next few years. Once you’ve obtained $100’s or $50’s by cashing-out your accounts, quickly use them in place of checks, via money orders, and convert them to $20 dollar bills, which will not live much beyond that, but will survive for a time. The goal of the government will be that to force a cashless system, for the purposes of total governmental control of buying and selling.
  • RFID chips, contrary to the deceptive brochures from your bank, which have appeared in your mailboxes over the past year or so, are far more vulnerable to hacking than your previous ATM cards. RFID-chipped ATM cards are actually tracking devices, like miniature GPS units. Your whereabouts, when the card is on your person, can be monitored by satellite. Additionally, should the government deem you a “person of interest,” or a “potential terrorist” (i.e., a Christian) they can also deactivate the card remotely, via satellite. The aim is complete governmental control of your livelihood and whereabouts. The grain-of-rice-sized chip in the very center of the RFID logo on your ATM card, is the prototype of what will eventually be proposed for insertion under the skin.
  • Civil unrest and rioting, which will escalate as 2016 further unfolds, and which is being financed and fueled by the very Puppet Masters who hand-picked and groomed Obama for his role in destroying the nation, is that to lay the groundwork for the apparent (key-word) “need” to impose Martial Law before the year is out. When Martial Law is imposed, Obama’s “choir boy” generals (who have replaced the true patriots within the Pentagon that he has fired over the past 8 years) will carry out his diabolical dictates. As Martial Law is established, it will grant the White House regime the apparent liberty and apparent necessity to cancel the 2016 presidential election results, whereby Obama remains in office. The civil unrest and rioting will only be part of the equation leading to Martial Law.
  • Any articles (such as this one), personal posts on social media sights, and printed material of any type generated by you, which seeks to expose the filthy beast that our government has become, and the New World Order which has dictated its downfall, will be pulled from circulation, and will also be used against you. This said, voices like mine will be met with increased scrutiny, and will be pursued, threatened and censored.
  • Any computer containing Windows 10 has been converted to a full-time, real-time bugging device, recording everything you type and everything you speak (via the “live” microphone). There is a reason Windows 10 has been offered for “FREE.” Thirty five (35) million people are now gleefully being spied upon 24 hours a day—these 35 million people have been wholly deceived by Microsoft, who, along with Google, Amazon, Yahoo, AOL and the collective mainstream media, are in-bed-with-the-feds. You will do very well to find an older copy of Windows 7 Professional, and hereafter refuse to store anything on “The Cloud” – which happens to be the NSA’s desktop. You will also do well to reduce your Smartphone to nothing more than a phone—period. You will want to ensure that your Smartphone has a removable battery. While the battery is in it, it is a tracking device. There will come a day, soon enough, when you will want to remove the battery from your phone to obscure your location.

Friends, I have only offered the tip of the iceberg with respect to what I know of what is being planned for the remainder of 2016 and well into 2017. I have kept these bullet-points brief and concise, that you will know precisely what it is you need to be critically aware of in the coming months. My prayer is that what I see unfolding will be thwarted by the collective prayers of the Saints. I am long-past the practice of gloating over the fulfillment of things I’ve foreseen prophetically. Authentic prophetic ministry has a much greater purpose than simply accurately predicting events. To the contrary, it is very often a clarion call, a sounding of an alarm to the Body of Christ abroad, that we may in turn thwart the diabolical plans for evil on the horizon, and watch these very events completely change course—not unlike the path of a tornado or hurricane, which defies logic by changing course for no explainable reason—when it was actually commanded to change course as the result of the cries of the Saints.

*Intermission: I promised at the onset of this article, that though things would get very rocky as we progressed, we would yet end on a score which fortifies your hope in the Lord’s sovereignty over all things—including the alarming series of events which may very well unfold under our noses over the next 6 months—while the collective mainstream media and attached social networks do their best to distract and dumb-down the populace.

We will soon revisit and underscore our hope, but not until we examine a few remaining issues yet to be touched upon.

Now that we have considered our personal survival, let’s take a look at the macro picture—the much larger picture.


Hatred of Israel and hatred of Jews (*Note: I purposefully spell this out in plain English, versus using the more veiled phrase, “anti-Semitism”) has accelerated to mind-boggling levels in recent years—within Western Christianity.

I have for 17 years gone toe-to-toe with literally thousands of “Christians” who quite simply hate Jews and Israel. Unknowingly, an enormous cross-section of Western Christianity has been infected with a toxic level of Replacement Theology, which, in very elementary terms, suggests that the Western Church has replaced Israel with respect to all of God’s promises to Israel—leaving the literal soil of Israel, and all the Jews thereon, dangling in the theological breeze of obscurity. In essence, the notion is that the Christian Church has become “spiritual Israel” – wholly detached from the land of Israel, and the Jews therein. The concept of Christians being “spiritual Israel” is a partial-truth, which begs the other part of the truth—to produce the whole of understanding. And, because of the extreme lack of spiritual intimacy within the Body of Christ in the West presently, a sea of sheep are blindly waddling toward a massive slaughter house of terminal deception, believing the “Apple of God’s Eye” to be nothing more than a worn out fable, and “Old Covenant stuff.”

Please allow me to set the record straight, and to offer the whole truth—truth that I have mediated upon for the last 17 years—of the 34 years that I have spent running toward—and admittedly often running from—the Lord.

This will be but a cursory glimpse of the whole of what could be a very lengthy study. For the present, I will get to the heart of the matter.

Romans 11:17-27 is very clear on God’s “covenant” (v. 27) with Israel, as well as being very clear on the “…grafting-in of Christians to the Olive Tree of Israel…” (vv. 19-21); and, the evolution of the hardened (Jewish) hearts—into hearts that are ultimately made jealous (Rom. 11:11) by Christians (v. 25) who are enveloped in the love of God—as the result of enveloping Him—with worship and adoration.

Shall we then accuse the Apostle Paul of being “old covenant,” when he has clearly stated within the “new covenant,” that the “old covenant” promise to literal Israel, remains?

There is a great deal more scripture I could insert here, but I believe what I have referenced thus far should well serve my point.

I have written extensively over several years, about what I believe to be the true nature of the relationship between the Believer and the Jewish Nation. None of such has been that shaped or influenced by teaching or doctrine I’ve been exposed to on the matter. My conclusions are based solely upon the personal meditation of Scripture, despite having subjected myself to decades of “formal learning and training.” The reader can find more of my gleanings on this topic throughout my web site, if desired. Within this article however, I will simply say that I believe the marriage between Christianity and a Redeemed Israel is the ultimate fulfillment of the “…one new man…” (Eph. 2:15).

In a lateral vein, I alluded to the “partial-truth,” a few paragraphs back, contained in the notion that the Body of Christ at large is “spiritual Israel.” In different words, and for the sake of complete clarity, once again the other half of this truth is that which is artfully avoided in the West; overlooked, obscured and perhaps even wholly unseen by much of Christendom: the reality is that the Body of Christ at large, and more pointedly each individual Believer, has become an extension (key-word) of the commonwealth of Israel. We are therefore an extension of “spiritual Israel,” on account of having been grafted-in to the “olive tree” representing the same. This makes literal Israel, also “spiritual Israel” – the other half of the whole, which is wholly obscured by Replacement Theology, as well as by the general and growing hatred of Israel within the Western Church (not to mention the extreme hatred toward Israel from the White House—7 ½ years in the making).

I will never forget, during 1 of 3 trips to Israel, witnessing a Jewish farmer grafting an olive branch (a “wild olive branch”) into a much larger stalk of a mature olive tree. He was demonstrating in real-life, the essence of Romans 11—a chapter which also goes on to warn the Christian about becoming arrogant by believing that the branch has become the tree, when in fact the branch remains a branch, that is now an extension of the tree—a part of “spiritual Israel” – not the whole of “spiritual Israel.”

I challenge you again, dear reader, to continue to ask the Holy Spirit to confirm these things for you personally, as you seek to navigate the present theological maze springing-up at every turn, on the topic of Israel.

On a related note, there are many admitted excesses within emerging streams here in the West, inclusive of that within the Hebrew Roots Movement and the longer-standing Messianic Jewish Movement (by the way, Jesus was a Messianic Jew); excesses in terms of throwing out the baby (i.e., the Christ-child) with the bathwater (i.e., the cleansing that the Christ-child was born for), by tabooing the mere mention of the Cross or the Blood. On the opposite end of the spectrum, much of mainstream Christianity taboos mention of anything Jewish. The reality is that a healthy study and embracing of the Jewish history and foundation of the Christian faith, is a deeply enriching process, and lends itself to precious revelation that would otherwise be missed. Equally so, we rob ourselves of the fullness of God’s blessing upon our lives, if we do not in turn learn to bless and embrace the Apple of His Eye—the Jewish Nation, and our critical part of the whole therein, as expanded upon in previous paragraphs.

We do not bless the sin within the nation; we much rather bless and pray-for the salvation of the nation—the deliverance of the nation—the redemption of the nation. Tel Aviv could very well be called “San Francisco Minor.” Nonetheless, there is a profound destiny to unfold on Tel Aviv soil, soon enough—unlike the destiny of San Francisco Major. Shall we condemn all of Israel, because of the sexual perversion rampant in Tel Aviv?

There are things at-play within Israel; militarily, politically and economically, which, if known to many Western Christians would stir outrage. However we must remember I’m speaking of the purely secular branches of government—not the millions of those who are now contending for the heart of God on Israeli soil. Many thousands of Messianic Jews are presently contending for the souls of their kinsmen around the clock, throughout Israel, much of the time in covert fashion, and in and through the love of God, foremost, “provoking them to jealousy.” As well, there are many high-ranking Orthodox rabbis throughout Israel who have privately met Messiah, and who, covertly, water the revelation of the same at all levels. I know this to be true, having witnessed it myself in less-than-public ways. It is for this reason, again, that we bless the unfolding destiny of Israel. And, in turn, we are blessed for doing so.

I’ll end this segment on Israel, by engaging a scant measure of Apologetics, by in turn apologizing for having likely fed you more on the topic of Israel than you had bargained for. By way of partial explanation for my fervor herein, especially to those who do not know me well; I’ll share that on 09-09-99, following a 9-day fast, in the mountains of Moravian Falls North Carolina, I experienced something rather profound with the Lord, and as relates to me and Israel. Since that date, I have been very careful to refrain from imposing my unique calling in this regard, upon others. This to say that I do not expect many Believers to share my unusual passion for the Jewish Nation; we all have very unique and divinely-crafted callings. At the same time however, I do very often seek to speak clarity into the general place and purpose of the Believer’s relationship to the soil of Israel, and the souls thereupon—the Jews—a vast sea of which will, soon enough, emerge en masse, as the other half of the “One New Man.”

Your Household

Alright folks, the time has come to hit very close to home; the daily epicenter of your life; what you say as you’re getting ready for work; what you say as you stagger home from work; what you say because you don’t have work; what you say when your unfriendly, indifferent and automaton neighbors annoy you; what you think and feel when a motorist costs you an extra 3 to 4 minutes at a stoplight, by sitting through the green light—as the result of texting on their smartphone; what you think and feel in your bedchamber; and, what you think to yourself when you observe the great falling-away of the hearts of those who used to be on-fire for the Lord, and who have at this stage divorced themselves from any measure of fellowship.

A Spirit of Lawlessness has enveloped the nation, with its epicenter in the White House, and the flood of such continues to rise like a fast-moving tsunami, or like a dam breaking and enveloping a small town, only in this case it is enveloping an entire nation. As it continues to do so, I challenge you to guard your hearts from falling prey to the prophecy contained in Mathew 24:12:

“Because lawless is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.”

We are there, folks, we are now witnessing in real-time, the actual fulfillment of Matthew 24:12. And, we must heed the warning penned by King Solomon in Proverbs 4:23:

“Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the springs of life.”

It is critical at this stage, to post a 24-hour watch or vigil over our hearts, as darkness so rages about us that but one act of compromise can open the door to a season of torment.

Hold-fast to the areas in your life that were once the playground of the Adversary’s demonic minions, and which you have taken-back through the Blood of the Lamb. Do not forfeit one inch of ground that you have taken back from him.

As one who has moved in the capacity of prophetic counselor, and inner-healing/deliverance minister for some time now, I’ve likened what I do to that of a spiritual “Delta Force” mission – carrying out critical strikes in the shadows, while the rest of the world is wholly unaware—zero fanfare. In so doing I monitor trends among those I interface with in this capacity, far and wide. And, presently, as I type in fact, there is a very pointed assault being waged by the hordes of hell, to attack Believers in areas where they were most critically bound by sin at one stage. The ultimate aim of this attack, is not to simply see the Believer fall back into the same mud pit, it doesn’t stop there. But more importantly, is that to convince the Believer that they will remain in the mud pit for the remainder of their lives, as “Its simply too late, you’ve blown it for good, this time.”

It’s a lie, friends, straight from the pit. For those of you reading this, and who have been assaulted by evil in recent months, in such a way that you secretly have wondered if you’re even saved at this stage; be reminded that as you prostrate yourself before the Lord, confess your weaknesses to Him, as ask Him to cover you in His blood once again, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins (1 John 1:9). Read it, and believe it:

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

When we learn to accept the Word of God at face-value, and meditate upon it day and night, we come very close to experiencing the apex of personal happiness in this lifetime; it’s simply the way we’re wired as spiritual beings. Accordingly, Psalm 84:12 reads, “Blessed is the man who trusts in you.” The word “blessed” in this verse, as well as that within many verses through the Bible, is context taken from the Hebrew word “esher” (אֶשֶׁר), which denotes happiness. The collective references to the Scriptural usage of the worth “esher” through the Bible, paint a picture of one who thoroughly trusts in the Lord and lives by His revelation alone. Can we get there, in this lifetime? I believe so, and right now, the figurative “11th hour” for our nation, is a good time to find out.

I began this article with reference to John 16:33, and the topic of the Tribulation. I only quoted part-A of this verse, and promised to visit part-B before I was done. It is at this point that I wish to make-good on my promise and to underscore part-B—the most important part:

“…but take courage, I have overcome the world.”

Y’shua—Jesus, has in fact overcome the world—on our behalf. And, as long as you keep His Lordship at the epicenter of your heart, dear reader, and that irrespective of how ferociously the works of darkness attempt to breech the walls of your heart, you will in fact be an Overcomer—no matter how dark it gets.

The Lord has written the script for the final chapter of your life. It is found in Revelation 12:11, and reads as follows:

“And they overcame him [the Accuser of v.10] because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.”

This is your epitaph, friend. It declares you to have been an Overcomer, when the dust of the Great Tribulation has settled. Resolve even now, that no matter what you face in the days ahead, including what unfolds as soon as the next 6 months of this writing; that you will be an Overcomer.


Your trench-mate,




*Postscript (June 12, 2016): Recall that I posted this article on June 6th–six days ago. Recall also this paragraph within the above article:

“With very few exceptions, the “mass shootings” which have occurred around the nation over the past 8 years, have been staged, by our very government, for the sole purposes of promulgating an eventual national confiscation of firearms. If I were to expand upon the critical factual details of each “mass shooting,” which would expose them as the wicked charades that they are, it would only deeply anger you. And I see no point in that. Simply continue to ask the Holy Spirit for discernment, and continue to navigate what I’m saying, accordingly. There will be more “mass shootings,” wholly staged, as tipping-points for making the sale of firearms illegal, and excising our Right to Bear Arms from the Constitution—rendering the U.S. Constitution nothing more than bathroom tissue—which is how Barrack Hussein Obama has viewed the Constitution since long-before his Puppet Masters hijacked the White House with him.”

Consider then, today’s news headline, below (June 12th):

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Orlando Nightclub Attack That Left 50 Dead

**Postscript (June 16th):  Since posting the above article, I have been asked by many, “How do you know these things?.” My uniform reply is that to boldly state that I’m simply hearing from the Lord. For He will in fact reveal what goes on in the bedchambers of king’s palaces, as we “earnestly pursue the spiritual gifts, and especially that we may prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:1). He reveals what He is doing, and He reveals what Satan is doing–through the hearts of men.

Often times my simple reply serves as a fruitful prelude to then speaking a word-in-season into a person’s life. At other times however, my reply is met with disbelief and scorn, and the assumption that I dig things out of the web, and posture them as “things the Lord has spoken to me.” In either case, and for the skeptics, I’ve pasted below, a link to an article which reveals the tactics presently being utilized by our federal government, to further their agenda to disarm the American populace through staged massacres (PsyOps)–as a prelude to something much worse.

The facts within the following article will substantiate a few of the prophetic bullet-points I posted on June 6th, and which were directly fulfilled on June 12th. I commend the writers at “StateOfTheNation2012” for their hard herein:

To then augment the above article, you may wish to refer this PsyOp matrix, below (click on the hyper-link below, and then on the second hyper-link as it appears):

Psy-Ops Matrix




Coffee and Cogwheels – Part II

Coffee and Cogwheels – Part II

  Flat White Coffee


 January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Between last night and early this morning I’ve received a steady stream of inquiries from far and wide, asking what I “see” of that unfolding in 2016. I’m both humbled and honored that so many would consider my thoughts worthy of meditation. I’ve either duped a large number of people into believing that I actually do see things in the spirit-realm, or, I really am seeing things in the spirit-realm. If you’ve been copied on this article therefore, perhaps from a-friend-of-a-friend, you’ll have to turn your discernment-meter to the “ON” position to decide which.

Several weeks ago I began penning this article, which would serve as both a continuum to my original Coffee and Cogwheels article penned on the immediate heels of the last Blood Moon of September 28 (you may find that article as you would scroll-down further within this page, following the reading of this article), as well as serve as a New Year’s Day message.

As the reader may recall within my first Coffee and Cogwheels article, I authenticated the prophetic significance of the Blood Moon of September 28, by underscoring the sobering reality that within 24 hours of such the moon, Russia made its most aggressive military move in the Middle East in my lifetime.

Since September 29, the implications of such are grave, and have served to effect the very beginnings of World War III. Within the next 12 months the world may very well look-back upon September 29 of 2015, as the day World War III officially started. Not a conventional war, but a financial war which threatens whole economies–a threat which will then lead to a conventional war, in the end. “Follow the money,” as the age-old maxim goes.

Jonathan Cahn therefore, along with many other prophetic voices speaking of the Blood Moon Tetrad for a number of years now, happen to have been hearing correctly—despite the overwhelming tide of scoffers saying otherwise at this stage.

Now then, onward, with the forward motion of End-Times cogwheels, meshing together to propel and further fulfill all that has been prophesied 1000s of years ago, of “that day” (i.e., “…and in that day there will be…”) – which happens to be now.

cogwheelsAs I once again delve into a heart-propelled effort to offer spiritual clarity within the “fog of war” which has now dully draped the landscape here in the West, I feel it important to remind the reader of my ultimate goal, which is that to point the reader to the Lamb Who sits on the Throne—Y’shua, Who is returning to this chaotic planet, soon enough, but not until most of us face some very hard times—which are right around the bend—quite contrary to narcissistic hype-n-hoopla presently being spoon fed to the Western Church.

Understand that if I did not ultimately point to the Lordship of the Lamb of God in so penning articles such as these, I would be terribly remiss, and would be used to do nothing more than further spawn fear. This said, please do understand that though the next few pages will make for less-than-pleasant reading, they ultimately lead to what I’ve prayed will be a word-in-season, and which would massage your spiritual equilibrium, in the end.

Please also bear in mind and be reminded that we all “see in part…know in part…prophesy in part…[and] look as through a mirror dimly…” Therefore, my offering herein should be considered as but a “part” of the collective whole of prophetic revelation presently buzzing the antennae of those truly seeking to know and understand the truth of what is unfolding in the U.S. presently.

With all the above in view therefore, fasten your seatbelt, and know that though this ride will get hairy in a few moments, and you could very well lose-your-lunch; it will ultimately come to a safe end, following which you’ll be back on solid ground again, and just a few feet from cotton candy and caramel corn (I promise).

So, let’s look back a few months ago or so, and to an event which quietly slipped under our radar—quite literally. While tens of millions of Americans were heaped in hype over the unfolding World Series, 3 Chinese (nuclear-powered) warships stealthily sauntered into the U.S. Navy harbor of Mayport Florida. The U.S. “Commander in Chief,” following orders from his seniors (an international delegation more commonly known as the New World Order—sorry folks, I know you don’t like to hear that phrase, but it is time to acknowledge such), told the U.S. Navy, and all U.S. armed forces, to “stand-down.” What does it mean to “stand-down”, you may ask? As a former U.S. Navy sailor I’ll be happy to answer that one: standing-down means dropping your arms, dropping your guard, discarding your battle-readiness, and going back to business as usual.

Multiple reports said the Chinese crew members would “enjoy a visit to Walt Disney World,” and that the crewmembers of both the Chinese and U.S. Navies would “enjoy playing sporting events together.”

I visited the U.S. Navy site ( to see that they had to say about the matter (or rather, what they were told to say about the matter). Here is what the site states, verbatim:

“Three [Chinese navy] vessels are on an around-the-world deployment and will conduct the goodwill visit after completing port calls in Europe. The amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) will serve as the host ship. In Mayport, Sailors from both navies will participate in sporting events and interact during ship tours.

Goodwill visits by ships from foreign navies help build trust and foster shared understanding. Foreign navy vessels routinely visit the United States; Chinese navy ship Zheng He (Type 679, Hull 81) visited Hawaii earlier this month.”

*The full Navy statement can be seen at the following link:

Indeed, “shared understanding.” Was it “shared understanding” which also landed China on the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency’s Worldwide Threat Assessment List as recently as February of 2015?

Give a read of an excerpt from this report (from DIA’s very own web site, which I visited, and copied/pasted below):

“China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is building a modern military capable of defending China’s “core interests” of preserving its political system, protecting territorial integrity and sovereignty (China views these to include Taiwan and other contested claims to land and water), and ensuring sustainable economic and social development. 

The PLA remains focused on transforming the Army into a fully mechanized force.  The PLA is converting its divisions into brigades to increase their lethality and improve their combat capabilities.  China’s national-level training focus has been on brigade-level exercises that stress unit combat mission capabilities under realistic conditions, long distance mobility, and command and control.  We expect these trends to continue.

The PLA Navy continues to expand its operational and deployment areas.  China’s first aircraft carrier, commissioned in late 2012, will not reach its full potential until it acquires a fully operational fixed-wing air regiment, but we expect the Navy will make progress toward its goal this year.

The South China Sea (SCS) remains a potential flashpoint.  Overlapping claims among China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Brunei– exacerbated by large-scale construction or major steps to militarize or expand law enforcement– has increased tensions among SCS claimants. This competition has prompted an increase in defense acquisition to include submarine capabilities, in some of these countries.

In 2014, China twice deployed submarines to the Indian Ocean. The submarines probably conducted area familiarization to form a baseline for increasing China’s power projection. China continues production of JIN-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.  We expect China to conduct its first nuclear deterrence patrols this year.

The PLA Air Force (PLAAF) is approaching modernization on a scale unprecedented in its history. China now has two stealth fighter programs, the third and fourth J-20 prototypes, which conducted their first flights in March and July 2014.  Further PLAAF developments are anticipated.”

*The full Defense Intelligence Agency report can be seen at the following link:

The U.S. Navy site used a phrase which is a telling representation of the overarching purpose for China’s navy visiting Florida. Recall the following statement from the U.S. Navy: “Foreign navy vessels routinely visit the United States.” This statement, my friends, is an artfully subtle form of psy-ops; for China’s navy has never before visited U.S. soil. Therefore, the intent was that the American public would conclude: “Oh well, foreign navies always visit us, so nothing’s new.”

This lends itself to a level of governmental deceit which is much further reaching than most Americans (and American Christians) would care to digest. It’s called denial, folks.

While we’re hoovering in our comfortable state of denial, perhaps we should also deny that before too long, the Chinese will cruise into any military port in the U.S. in an equally-comfortable state, as they will, in due season, own the very docks upon which they will moor their ships.

Was it coincidence that the Chinese navy arrived while an enormous cross-section of mainstream America was worshipping their big screens during the World Series? No, it was no coincidence.

Friends, this move on the part of Obama, and more so his bosses (i.e., the NWO), was that to condition the American people to view the Chinese navy’s visit as “good will.” It is nothing of the sort. It is highly likely that the very same nuke destroyers docked at Mayport Florida recently (representing “the Kings of the East”), will be among the very ships that ultimately launch missiles over Israel, as they fight with Russia for the perceived spoils within. No, they are not fighting each other now, but give them time; there’s a Book which predicts all of this stuff—a Book presently collecting dust in the homes of most Americanized Christian’s homes.

((( Ouch!!! )))

Enemy combatants, on U.S. soil. Now there’s a notion. Let’s look at little bit closer at this one for a moment.

With increased frequency over the past 18 months in the U.S. there have been thousands of legitimate sightings of military vehicles with large “UN” insignias painted thereon. Many of these sightings entailed UN vehicles being stationed and arranged in such a way as to obscure their view, to include the masking of the insignias. Most of these vehicles have been spotted among U.S. military vehicles, 10’s of 1000’s of which were strategically positioned throughout the country during the Jade Helm “military exercise” over the Summer. This “exercise” equated to the positioning of hard-assets—readied to enter action within a theater of operation far greater in scope than “Jade Helm” – as in, national scope. In conjunction with such, many thousands of Eastern European special forces (nationalities withheld) have been filtering into the U.S. through Canada for several years at this stage—an operation wholly sponsored by the White House.

Several weeks ago a leader of a civilian pilot’s association met with alarm when he discovered an announcement from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), indicating that for a period of a few months there would be no radio traffic available throughout a large portion of the eastern seaboard, to include all of the greater D.C. area. Why, might we ask, would the FAA impose a radio blackout among civilian pilots?

Friends, I think I’ll pause here, as I’ve built my premise quite sufficiently at this stage—my premise being that our federal government is staging a substantial terrorist attack, and the subsequent foreign take-over of our nation, through Islam and U.N. lead troops combined—a recipe for total chaos. Those in-the-know in D.C. are relative few; the rest blindly follow orders—like sheep to the slaughter. Those who knew too much, have been fired.

Over the course of the past 5 years, literal thousands of high-ranking officers have been quietly fired from the military. Just 18 months ago a dozen or so senior brass from the Pentagon were fired, for alleged “personal misconduct.” In reality, these charges were fabricated, that the government may in turn dispense with true patriots who oppose the present Islamic Regime in the White House. Each of these true patriots were monitored by the FBI; their emails, their cell phone conversations, their text messages, their GPS’s, and their conversations otherwise, which were recorded via the remotely-actuated microphones on their laptops, cell phones and the “OnStar” systems in their vehicles. Truth be known, any actual personal misconduct on the part of these heroes was no greater than that of whose assigned to monitor them. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Several weeks ago a wholly fabricated “mass shooting” was staged in San Bernadino California. By the literal minute since this alleged “mass shooting,” the NWO architects have creatively continued to write the script. And, the more it plays-out, the more utterly ridiculous it becomes. Though ridiculous, it is yet believable, and nearly the entire nation at this stage has fallen for it.

What most Americans do not know, is that multiple law enforcement agencies had, for months, repeatedly practiced this very drill, on this very campus, under the premise of this very scenario. The same happens to be true for the “Sandy Hook School Massacre,” the “Boston Marathon Bombing,” the “Charleston Massacre,” and many more in between.

((( Hello? )))

Why, the reader asks, would our federal government stoop to such diabolical deeds? Well, I must first iterate that we no longer have a federal government to speak of, in the historical sense. We do however have an Islamic Regime in the White House, answering to the New World Order abroad. Obama has wiped himself daily with the U.S. Constitution, since November 6th of 2008. He has laughed at Congress, the Senate, at the Supreme Court, and at God.

The reader must understand that I am not anti-government, nor anti-Obama. I am rather anti-evil, and Obama has wholly given himself over to such, and is being used, along with the venomous government he has created, to utterly destroy what once was a great nation. I do pray for Obama, while at the same time continuing to fight the very evil he perpetuates—fighting in both the spiritual and natural realms.

There are 3 pointed and well-thought-out reasons for the most recent staged “mass shooting” in San Bernadino: 1) That to spawn growing outrage over Radical Islam, which in turn reveals and exposes those who are outraged, who then become targets of the Radical Islamic Regime presently holding the White House hostage. 2) That to further spawn Obama’s ultimate national gun-grab—which is several measures in the making—far beyond the awareness of most. And, 3) That to sew fear into the national landscape, to the degree that unarmed, anti-gun, Obama-worshipping citizens begin to demand “protection” from the “government.” To which, Obama responds, “Why certainly, I thought you’d never ask!”

Hence, Martial Law.

Once Martial Law is in force, in conjunction with—and on the heels of—a declaration of a “National State of Emergency” (following the staged and massive terrorist attack), Obama is granted license to cancel the 2016 presidential election, thus remaining in office. This script was written years ago, and I’ve been insisting for over 2 years now that if he is successful, we will have no presidential election in 2016.

May the labors of Intercessors the world-over, change this course of events.

Of course, an NWO Master Plan would not be complete without a Contingency Plan–the contingency plan being Obama’s clandestine bid to take-over of the United Nations. Recall that perhaps 18 months or so ago, and while the nation slept, Obama quietly handed-over the control of the Internet–to the United Nations.  Are we connecting-the-dots yet? He who therefore controls the Internet, figuratively controls the world.

For the moment, lets bring this discussion much closer to home–to that of the vicinity of our pants pockets–where are wallets reside.

It is when we begin to see an alarming series of dives in the stock market, that we are not far from a temporary bank closure. This is a signal that all of the aforementioned ingredients are not far behind. Again, it has all been scripted, folks.

Obama’s intentions for the destruction of our county have been very apparent, from the very beginning. During the tail end of the Ferguson riots (which, by the way, were also fueled by our very own “government”), Obama, during a press conference stated verbatim, “I would love to make the decision to protect vulnerable unarmed citizens nationally, but they haven’t asked me.”

Do you realize, friends, what he is actually saying here? He is waiting for the country to ask him to impose Martial Law, which, as iterated a moment ago, will be immediately followed by national gun confiscation. At the same time, he is wholly exposing himself, for having created the very climate which would lead citizens to ask him for such. All the while, the American public is wholly clueless to this charade. It is truly amazing, the blindness now wholly enveloping the country, including most mainstream Christians (I say “most,” as in 9 of 10).

Friends, I’ve used some brutally-honest language to this point, but honesty which you and others need to hear. The present Church in America is every bit the Laodicean Church of Revelation 3:16, and we are on the verge of being spewed-out of God’s mouth, for playing the harlot and looking no different than the world. As the result, He is further intensifying His judgment upon us, in and through a Radical Islamic tyrant in the White House who is wholly led by the Spirit of Antichrist. And for the 117th time in the past 7 years—no, I did not say he was thee Antichrist, I said he was moving in a spirit of Antichrist. There is a difference (though in Obama’s case by very little margin).

Why have I tarried this far, into all of these ghoulish truths about how far we fallen as a nation, and the brutal conditions which await us? I’ve done so to speak once again about how to prepare for such in practical terms, and more importantly how to prepare for such spiritually, and to suggest what I believe to be our overarching and divine mandate—to be gospel light in ever-deepening darkness.

For a few years now I’ve heard likely 300 times or more, conservative and Christian media figures exclaim verbatim, the following: “It’s time for Christians to stand up!”   And as they exclaim such, they do so on the heels of political commentary, as they reel over the increasingly evil antics being generated in the White House. Let me ask you, the reader, just what you believe these media figures to be speaking to, when they shout: “Christians must stand up!” Think about this for a moment. What does it mean to “stand up”? Further, how does the collective Christian voice in America “stand up,” when the Supreme Court is now a cesspool; when the House and Senate are now a cesspool; and when the Pentagon is now a cesspool? And, the Constitution means absolutely nothing to Obama, and never has meant anything to him (?).

Friends, political activism has gotten the “Christian voice” nowhere in the past 7 years (more pointedly since November 6th of 2008—Election night.). “Standing up” politically therefore, is an exercise in futility at this juncture, as our political system is a demonic three-ring circus, and in every regard.

Let me tell you, friends, what I believe must constitute “standing up.”

The most precious commodity in this hour is peace. We obtain peace in two ways: 1) through knowing the Prince of Peace, and 2) through practical preparedness for the lunacy and chaos unfolding before us in 2016.

Recently a well-known Christian leader (“pastor”) who has long graced national media airwaves stated, “Christians don’t need to be storing-up tuna and peanut butter. They need to be spreading the gospel, because this is our finest hour, and it’s the best possible time to be leading others to Christ. We need to be focusing upon that instead.”

This “pastor” is but half-right, which unfortunately means that he is also half-wrong. He is half-right, in that this is prime time to be sharing the gospel, and we must certainly be focused upon such. However, he is half-wrong, in that tossing practical preparedness to the wind, especially in these times, means that very soon you will be so focused upon your daily survival that spreading the gospel will be accidental, at best. We in fact prepare for the times ahead, so that when they intensify, we are sustained, that we can continue to fight the good fight and expand the kingdom, versus groveling along the ground looking for food scraps, that we can live another day. When we are starving, all that matters is finding food. When we have food, all that should matter is that of expanding God’s Kingdom. This “pastor” likely earns over $250K a year via his combined salary, speaking engagements, book sales, etc.; is provided a very nice home, a very healthy retirement, very nice paid vacations, and is sitting in the lap of luxury. It is for this reason that he and others like him so readily scoff at those who are practically preparing themselves for extreme times unfolding this year. His flippant comments discouraging preparedness for extreme times, and that in light of his enormous listening audience, will in fact lead many to heartache and tragedy. He is well-representing the Laodicean Church I alluded to moments ago, of Revelation 3:16.

A question for those like this “pastor”: Has the “new covenant” replaced the “old covenant” to the point that the wisdom of King Solomon (the wisest man to ever live) is irrelevant? King Solomon stated in Proverbs 6:6-8, “Go to the ant, O sluggard, observe her ways and be wise, which, having no chief, officer or ruler, prepares her food in the Summer, and gathers her provision in the harvest.”

Throughout the Book of Proverbs we can find dozens of such allusions to practical preparedness, and for storing up provision when provision can be found. To therefore flippantly assert that Christians need not do so, especially in this hour, is careless at least, and deceptive at best. Such is the current climate among the most celebrated “Christian leaders” in high-exposure media presently.

Lord help us…

And to the topic of preparedness; allow me to suggest you consider reading my article written earlier this year (by scrolling-down further on this page) entitled: The Believer and Self-Defense. Within that article I speak to the scriptural precedent for armed defense under extreme circumstances. My friends, extreme circumstances are upon us. I iterated in the article that many, in these Last Days, may rather feel called to be prayerfully-passive, versus opting for armed defense. I wholly respect those who choose this posture. And, may God grace you so, as you face the onslaught that is coming. Others of us will be called upon to defend the weak and helpless, through armed defense, and then face an eventual onslaught. I am one of these. And, at this stage, I make no excuses to anyone for my personal position. I argue with no one, for scripture is clear on the topic of our option in this regard, when one takes the whole counsel of scripture (i.e., “…the sum of your word is truth…”, Ps. 119:160) into context.

When I speak to the topic of armed defense, I do not speak as one “defending the republic,” for the republic was handed over to hell—in a handbasket—on the evening of November 6th of 2008—while the Laodicean Church slept in its harlotrous stupor. I rather speak to one on a mission to defend the weak and helpless from wholesale slaughter—before their time.

I have continued to have the unusual privilege of speaking to congregations abroad over the past few years. In total, I’ve been privileged to address congregations sporadically for 34 years. In doing so more recently, I have also been very direct about my position on practical preparedness and armed defense, as Believers. Most of my motivation in sharing such publicly, is that rooted in the research I have conducted within Holocaust Literature—research which so happens to have begun on 09/09/99, following a rather profound encounter with the Lord, and as pertained to me, and Israel, and which occurred on Day-9 of a fast, in the mountains of North Carolina. I’ll not go into greater detail of my encounter with the Lord on that day, but I will share perhaps in a cursory vein that 17 years of study into Holocaust Literature and Jewish History in general, has taught me among other things that history does in fact, repeat itself. And, the unspeakable atrocities of the holocaust are now repeating themselves, in and through the current face of the Antichrist—Islam. And, Islam happens to have wholly permeated the White House at this juncture.

If there is any question as to where we are as a nation, and with respect to the governmental tyranny that I assert is presently in full-force, give the following 5-minute video a watch.

What most do not know, is that Judge Napolitano was fired from this program immediately following this live broadcast. Judge Napolitano is one of the finest Constitutional Scholars living:

On the eve of November 6th of 2008, as Obama was initially “voted” into office (note the quotations around the word “voted”), I penned an article entitled, The Back of the Bus. In the article I revealed that Obama was not only a Muslim, but also moving in the Spirit of Antichrist. Within 48 hours after the article began circulation I received 5 or 6 rebukes from Christian leaders abroad, whom I had known for many years; some of whom I had co-labored in ministry with for many years. Uniformly they reminded me that since Obama had been endorsed by Rick Warren, and had also appeared on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, and had asserted to both Rick Warren and Pat Robertson that he was a “Christian,” then he “must be a Christian.” At this point I lost these friends, when I reminded them that Paul the Apostle charged us to “earnestly pursue the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:1). For when one earnestly pursues the gift of prophecy, one by default begins to move in the full gambit of the Revelatory Gifts (i.e., Prophesy, Discernment, Words of Knowledge, Words of Wisdom and Dream Interpretation). All of these elements are divinely intertwined within the gift of prophecy, when one earnestly pursues such, and grows in such over many years. It’s all there for the taking.

Since that day in 2008, only one of these friends has ultimately admitted to being wrong. The rest have maintained their stubbornness and refusal to accept what has become of the country, including what has become of the White House. Denial, my friends, is a very dangerous state at this juncture in history.

My “friends list” continues to get shorter, by the day. Though it hurts, I knew a time would come when such would occur. Until 2008, I had 1200 people around the world that I regularly dialogued with either via email, text, Skype, phone or in-person chats, inclusive of sharing the pulpit with many of these. As God’s judgement has continued to intensify over this nation however, and as I subsequently speak to this end, my “friends list” continues to shorten, as Believers simply do not want to accept where our country is headed.

Let me be very direct, folks; 2016 is going to be terrifying for those who are not wholly anchored in the Lord to the point that they can hear His voice, feel His heartbeat, and know His presence in their midst. For those who do find themselves anchored in the Lord; who are hearing His voice and feeling His heartbeat, and can recognize when He’s in their midst in unusual ways; 2016 will find yourself moving in great grace and anointing among the lost.

Realizing that I’ve likely extended what I have long referred to as “bathroom grace” in this article (i.e., the average time spent reclining at-seat in the restroom, while reading a given article), I’ll do my best to insert a few final points of interest, that you can get on with your day, and also that you can more quickly decide if you wish to remain on my Friends List.

Acts 2:42 holds a vital key to navigating what will unfold in 2016. The verse reads as follows:

“They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.”

Teaching, we have plenty of, especially in the West. Our heads resemble Jack-In-The-Box at this stage. And, we have prayer—without ceasing at this stage. But, authentic fellowship and breaking of bread on a daily basis, we do not have. Such is becoming more scarce as the days darken and more and more people “cocoon” (retreat and draw inward, away from the masses). To compound matters, the Laodicean Church, that is now the Western Church, the harlotrous church, has become nearly unbearable for so many, me included. There are millions of Lone Rangers at this juncture, wholly disgusted by what they see in mainstream Christendom. However, as the chaff is presently being violently separated from the wheat of the authentic Bride in this country, it is becoming increasingly clear, by the hour, just who the Church really is. And, it is time now to prayerfully find a Body of Believers in which to fellowship and break bread. For it is community that will survive what is unfolding in this country this year. The Church is increasingly being driven underground at this juncture. Therefore, if we dig deep enough, we will find it, if we simply ask the Lord to lead us to it.

As I underscore the critical concept of community in these closing moments, I will also insert a series of web-links which constitute a 4-part series representing the movie, Defiance. As history repeats itself in the form of yet another holocaust, we do well to remember that the Nazis of the 30s and 40s, and Islam of present-day, is but the face of the same spirit—Satan. His goal is to again seek to annihilate the Apple of God’s Eye—the Jewish Nation. Equally so, he seeks to annihilate its younger brother—the Christian. In the midst of the unfolding carnage, again, we must keep our focus firstly upon the Prince of Peace, and secondly upon Practical Preparedness—which also spawns peace. For when we are practically prepared, we have more confidence in the face of unfolding national crisis.

The following movie chronicles the true story of a large number of Jews who fled to the forests of Eastern Europe during the holocaust; a large portion of which survived. The movie is violent, and heart-wrenching. However so was daily life for the Jews who faced humiliation, torture and death around every turn. As you consider watching this movie, I challenge you to pray beforehand and ask that the Holy Spirit speak to you through it. Above all else, it is my prayer that the movie will impart to you a deepened measure of the fighting spirit, and the resolve to press-through any opposition which may come your way in the turbulent seasons ahead. And, I pray that the spirit of community would be portrayed in a profound way to you.

Defiance – Part 1:

Defiance – Part II:

Defiance – Part III:

Defiance – Part IV:

The Defiance story is but one of many which chronicle the unspeakably brutal and terrifying plight of Jews and Jewish Sympathizers during the Nazi reign, and more pointedly those who fled the Nazi ghettos to attempt survival in the regional forests. Many of such stories are chronicled within a book entitled, Fugitives of the Forest, by Allan Levine. I’ve pasted a photo of the book cover, below. This book is one of many dozens in mine and Gigi’s library, within the general subject matter of Holocaust Literature; books which have changed our hearts with each reading; which have also intensified our love for the “Apple of God’s Eye”; and which have motivated us to reach new levels in our resolve to press on, in the face of mounting odds.

FugitivesAs you consider all that I’ve shared this time around, I believe you will do well to recall the promise of Isaiah 54:10:

“For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, but My lovingkindess will not be removed from you, and My covenant of peace will not be shaken, says the Lord Who has compassion on you.”

Additionally, may this closing song resound within your heart, as it speaks to the only remaining option for Believers on U.S. soil:

Shanah Tovah,




Coffee and Cogwheels – Part I

Flat White Coffee

October 10, 2015

For nearly 2 weeks at this stage, a growing number of notable teachers/writers within the Body of Christ, and without the Body of Christ, have begun to question, refute and even scoff at the many prophetic voices who have, over the past few years especially, sought to open the eyes of the distracted masses, that they may recognize the signs in the heavens unfolding—with particular focus upon the concept of the “Blood Moon Tetrad,” and more recently, the revelation of the associated “Shemitah.”

Amidst the scoffing, Jonathan Cahn has been targeted, among others, and has even been accused of “moving in a powerful measure of deception, for the lateral purposes of personal gain.” I will not name those who have sought to dilute and refute the prophetic voices who have so focused upon the signs in the heavens in recent years, as I wish to extend them the grace to recalibrate their hearts—and their equally important measure of spiritual discernment.

I am presently, as I write this brief article, under time constraints, so I must keep this article very short (short by my standards, anyway). In so keeping this short, it is very likely that those who have long studied the End Times will also scoff—at the notion of my briefly tapping this topic without also going much more deeply into the exegetetical mechanics of the same. To these, I ask your forgiveness, and also warn that if you scoff too long, without having beforehand coated your throat with a zinc lozenge, you may very well incur a sore throat, which in turn keeps you from reaching your “falsetto” when singing on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Just a fair warning—from a fairly understanding friend.

The above said, I’m going to jump right into this topic, and again, will have to do so in but a cursory measure, at best.

Firstly, Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi, is a man of deep character, gifting and anointing, and certainly so within a strongly prophetic role in recent years. Secondly, and what most do not know, is that Jonathan has channeled the bulk of his earnings from his books and speaking engagements—right back into the ongoing work of the ministry to which he is called in this hour. He has not sought fame nor fortune, and his deep humility keeps him from falling prey to the lures of such. Thirdly and lastly, Jonathan’s messages relative to the Harbinger, the Blood Moon Tetrad, and the Shemitah; all of which are divinely intertwined in an End Times prophetic tapestry of sorts, are in fact the sure-word of authentic prophecy in this hour. There are many other godly men and women who have laid the stepping stones for this message, and who have shared this message, and shouldered this message, yet whom I cannot expand upon due to time constraints. One such is the late David Wilkerson, who was a contemporary forerunner of Jonathan’s, and who passed the baton to him, in many respects.

What follows, friends, is that meant to get to the meat-of-the-matter of why I’ve dropped all that I’m doing this morning. Please soberly consider what follows.

Within 24 hours of the last Blood Moon of September 28th, multiple squadrons of Russian fighter jets and untold battalions of Russian special forces touched-down in Syria, and gave the U.S. and Israel an ultimatum, threatening to shoot them down if they entered newly established Russian air space.  In the same moment, at least one, and possibly more Chinese destroyers have entered the region—accompanying the Russians.  This aggressive military gesture by both Russia and China is unprecedented in contemporary Middle Eastern history.

An additional 24 hours later, and a total of 48 hours after the last Blood Moon, U.S. intelligence conveyed such activity to the White House and the Pentagon. During the following 24 hours, and a total of 72 hours following the last Blood Moon, the White House devised a political media scheme by and through which to pervert the raw intelligence, thus watering it down and reducing it to bite-sized portions of sugar-coated pleasantries to be served to Western Media—in the form of news vignettes which “are nothing to be alarmed about.” The same news vignettes happen to be what Jonathan Cahn’s newly-appointed critics are eating in this hour—along with over 300 million Americans, who simply go about their business while continuing to pursue “The American Dream” – which ceased to exist on the evening of November 6th of 2008.

Please observe for a moment the image below, before I continue:

cogwheelsWhat you are looking at, are cogwheels, which when engaged, propel a massive machine. As the last Blood Moon came and went, I saw a picture in my mind’s eye, of massive cogwheels representing forward-motion of End-Times events, and which were held by a massive locking apparatus, keeping them from forward motion, especially as pertains to the Middle East—and the Apple of God’s Eye—Israel. Within 24 hours after the last Blood Moon, I saw in my mind’s eye, a massive key being inserted into a massive lock—further releasing specific End Times cogwheels to then propel the machine (prophetic mechanism) of Ezekiel 38 and 39 (and laterally, Isaiah 17)—into accelerated fulfillment.

In very simple terms, I view the latest Blood Moon as that which began the transition from the reality of Psalm 83 as pertains to Israel—to the onset of the reality of Ezekiel 38as pertains to Israel (and the associated elements of Ezekiel 39 and Isaiah 17, among other critical excerpts of End Times prophecy).

blood moonAs I continue, and as you remain mindful that at best I am addressing this topic via a cursory glance; please know that there are many anointed Bible scholars, teachers and writers, who have produced volumes upon volumes of books which go much deeper into these passages. If you search these passages on YouTube for example, you will likely find a gold mine of associated messages and revelation. Many of these speakers would likely beat me upon the brow for daring to alight about this topic without then going as deeply as they would prefer, understandably so.

As you would review Psalm 83, a simple and fitting commentary on the prophetic implications of such can very accurately be labeled Israel’s Inner Ring Enemies—those enemies which lay on her immediate borders. Within Psalm 83, many nations and regions are alluded to, which now have contemporary names. Some of these are: “Edom” – Palestinians of the West Bank; “Assyria” – Syria and Iraq; “Gebal and Tyre” – Lebanon; “Ammon and Moab” – Jordan; the “Ishmaelite’s” – Saudi Arabia, etc. Within these countries and regions we see a very telling story of what Israel has been dealing with “real-time,” present day, and as I type, with respect to her enemies—not unlike rabid hyenas, heckling at her doorsteps, and daring to encroach ever closer, step by step, under cover of darkness—the darkness of global deception.

As we then transition to Ezekiel 38 (and 39, as well as Isaiah 17), we have in our sights those nations which comprise what is most accurately deemed Israel’s Outer Ring Enemies. And within Ezekiel 38, we find: “Gog” and “Magog” – Russia; the “South” – Arab Nations; the “East” – China; “Persia” – Iran; and the “West” – European Union and the former United States (which is now under the encroaching domain of the United Nations and Global Elites—who have excised the soul of this once great nation—rendering it an enemy of the Israel, sadly and soberingly so).

Also within Ezekiel 38, “Meshech” is identified, which, in Greek, is “Moschi,” the English transliteration of which is Moscow.  One need speculate no longer over who “Gog” and “Magog” are. “Gog” means literally, “Man on Top” (i.e., North). “Magog” means literally, “The Land of ‘Gog’.” Both therefore identify Russia.

At this stage in this brief article, friends, I’m going to have to withhold going any further into transliteration, and what I have long-called “prophetic tapestry,” as firstly I may have well released a firestorm of debate over what all these terms actually mean and imply; and secondly; I must return to the meat-of-the-matter of this article, by again iterating the erroneous nature of the attack upon the sure word of prophecy which has been given to us in recent years, leading up to the unfolding of the Blood Moon Tetrad phenomenon, and the associated dynamics of the Shemitah.

In short, those who suggest that the relevance of the prophetic messages associated with Blood Moon Tetrad and Shemitah was a hoax, are gravely fooling themselves.  As End-Times events went into high-gear for Israel the very day following the Blood Moon of September 28th.  And, as I have long personally quipped: “As goes Israel—so goes the rest of the planet.” This said, the End Times cogwheels have correspondingly released the forward-motion of substantial events now unfolding in the U.S. – events which I do not have time to expand upon, and which are no less grave.

U.S. news media has not and will not report the true nature of the events above. What they’re reporting is a perversion of the events above, wholly masking the extent to which Russia and China have converged upon the Middle East—with covert sights set upon the Apple of God’s Eye—Israel. In the interim, there are many other fascinating facts about Russia’s present operation in Syria, to and include the unconscionable truth that Russia is supporting the apparent righteous forces in Syria, and the U.S. is now supporting the wantonly evil forces in Syria. For the moment, an element of this happens to be true—as bizarre as that sounds. It is the overarching and future unfolding of what Russia (and now China) is/are up to however, which is at the crux of my fair warning herein.

russian n chinese soldiersIn conclusion, friends, my goal in this brief article is firstly that to refute those scoffing at authentic prophetic voices; to thirdly underscore the reality of the End Times time clock and internal cogwheels in-motion—releasing the transition and tie-in from Psalm 83 to Ezekiel 38; and lastly, to underscore my ongoing message over the past several years—that of personal and national Teshuvah—voluntary cleansing of our personal hearts and our national heart—in preparation for being personally fit and nationally fit to move in the fullest and purest measure of what God would wish to utilize each of us for in this hour—the harvest of precious souls in the midst of mounting fear and global chaos.

Events are not quite as cheerful, bright and gay as your SmartPhone would have you believe, dear friends. The reality is that while we celebrate the comic relief within the frivolity of the media-induced dumbing-down of America; God’s judgement upon this nation, as the result of joining the ranks of Israel’s enemies, is becoming increasingly more severe—by the very day.

In this vein, I have refrained from expanding upon just what is unfolding in the U.S. since the last Blood Moon, as this would necessitate another 3 pages minimum, and would detract from the more pointed message herein. I’m trusting that it will suffice to say that the End Times cogwheels are impacting the entire globe in this moment, and it is our duty as sober-minded Believers to acknowledge this in its fullness.

Certainly, the Joy of the Lord and His perfect peace are there for the asking and taking in this hour, and they are our inheritance. I am not asking that you forfeit these. What I am asking however, is that we pause to consider what I believe to be the truth in what I’ve sought to both reveal and underscore this morning.

I will also remind the reader that irrespective of what I’ve penned today; “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet” (Romans 16:20).

lion and snakeStrong coffee, over time, leaves a bitter after-taste in one’s mouth. Perhaps as a timely counter-measure therefore, I can offer you something very agreeable to your palate, by way of refreshment–in the form of a reminder that there is a Bride looking toward Her fast-approach Wedding Day (a ceremony to which you are invited). As She longs for Her Groom She has a song nestled deep within Her heart–which is now making its way to the surface, and being sung with increasing volume.  If you have a few extra moments, I trust you will be blessed by this song, below:




*Post-script (10/28/15): Eighteen days following the posting of this article, I happened to be driving along on the highway while randomly turning-into Sirrius XM car radio, to meet with the following conversation which directly confirmed, from Israel (live radio broadcast), verbatim what I have shared above with respect to what has transpired in the Middle East within 24 hours after the last Blood Moon of September 28th. “Amir”, Messianic Jew, Israeli citizen and tour guide, and founder of “Behold Israel,” is being interviewed by Tony Perkins who happens to be broadcasting from Israel this week.  I tuned-in right at the 22-minute mark.  As you click the Play-button (i.e., the arrow ” >” at the left) on the audio file below, then drag fast-forward-bar to the 22:00 mark:

Another Cup of Coffee

cup of javaOn the occasions in which I have liberty for extended quiet-time in the morning, I tend to look back upon the previous week, and process all that is moving through my senses–not the least of which is that while cleaning the litter box each morning–two litter boxes, for two cats respectively. Interestingly enough, as I do so clean the litter boxes, I typically experience immediate flash-back’s of speeches rendered on the White House lawn since November 20th of 2009. I can’t quite figure out the correlation there.

Stepping aside from the pungent experience of cleaning the two litter boxes; I also process all that is alighting upon or running through my prophetic antennae.  In addition to this, I consider all that is being spoon-fed the masses, via mainstream media.  I also consider my daily portion of the Word, Scripture, and personal words given me from Believers abroad.

Usually, and once the one and only cup of coffee apportioned to me is drunk, drank or drinked (you see, I get too happy if I have more than one), I realize that the more time marches forward, the more we march headlong into a period in world history which can only be accurately categorized as the End-Times.  And during these End-Times, I see the Church Universal (no, not the “Catholic church”) being swiftly split into three primary orbits.

The first orbit represents those who’ve chosen to remain within a religious bubble of sterile religion, trusting blindly in their organization and their pope-like leader who delivers a weekly theological treatise from a pulpit, while the sea of spectators sit blindly upon their spiritual gifts, forking-over their weekly tithes like good members, and while also daydreaming (at the 40-minute-mark in the service) over what restaurant they’ll be making a B-line towards, at 12:01PM.  When Monday rolls around, its right back to a life of compromise and indifference over what God is truly up to around the globe–and around their personal houses.

The second orbit, a smaller one, represents those who’ve broken-free from the first orbit, yet who are now sucked into a vortex of fear and confusion as the result of their spiritual sail’s being governed by “every wind of doctrine,” and every fear-based news item–the combination of which equates to an absence of peace, and perpetual confusion, not only while attempting to discerning the times, but also in understanding who they are in the larger context of God’s personal plan for them, and their personal placement within His End-Times program.

The third orbit, and yet a smaller one (and growing smaller by the hour it seems), represents those who are both free from toxic religiosity, and fear-mongering, and who keep themselves planted in a daily diet of Scripture (the sure rudder in the storm of 21st century chaos); while also taking serious note of the steady stream of prophetic revelation available to us around the clock–all of which is most fruitfully acted upon when poured through the filter of Scripture–not unlike panning for gold (which I have done), wherein dirt, grit and sand is washed away, revealing any gold to be pocketed.

It is the third orbit that I’m personally trying to stay within, as the daily tumult of deception, confusion and fear feels increasingly like that of running in circles–on a water bed.

Within this “third orbit,” if you will, I seek to share abroad the things I “see,” while also attempting to share them in such a way so as to spawn two things primarily:

1) A continual pointing to the Lordship of Y’shua–Jesus–and the cross upon which He once hung–symbolizing and paving the way for the crucified life to which we are called.


2) Preparedness for the times unfolding–while we cling to that cross, and remain in His perfect peace, which is ours for the asking, daily.

Much of what I continually share abroad, is met with scoffing.  A small cross-section of people however, regularly share that my musings have dully affirmed theirs.  And though I don’t share my insights to in turn obtain personal affirmation, I yet appreciate knowing that there are those who are “sensing” the same. To this end, I am often encouraged to happen upon those who “see” much of what I “see.” When I do happen upon it in written form, I will often share with others, in a posture which says, “You see? I’m not really crazy after all!”

We owe it to ourselves, and to those we influence, to pull our heads out of the sandbox and face the scale of what is unfolding before us, while also keeping our feet solidly planted in the truths of the Word of God. This said, I’ve pasted below a brief but telling musing of the events unfolding globally this week, and, more importantly, that which has unfolded over the past two days alone.

As you process the associated article web-linked below, hold-fast to your peace, and your cup of coffee :O)

Click Here



The Blood of the Lamb

calvarySeptember 4, 2015

Earlier this evening as my wife and I enjoyed the taking of Communion together, and as I sought to find a very familiar passage from the Book of John upon which to do so, and that namely chapter 6 versus 51-58, I happened to rest my eyes upon John 6:66, which reads:

“From this time many of His disciples turned back and no longer followed Him” (NIV).

I believe it no coincidence that the contents of this one verse happen also to find themselves nestled within the numerical score of “666.”  For thee most pointed attack presently being unleashed upon Believers, and leaders especially in this hour, is that design to pull them back (i.e, “…turned back...”) into former areas of bondage, that they will in turn become so consumed once again in condemnation, that they will lose the resolve to follow Him (i.e., “…and no longer followed Him“).

As one who has facilitated Deliverance and Inner Healing ministry sporadically for decades at this stage, and with full-time focus in recent years, up through very recently; I have observed the vicious pattern of the works of darkness seeking to lull Believers back into former areas of bondage–done so in very crafty and cunning ways.  Presently, and the very hour in which I type these words, leaders especially are being blind-side and pummeled with hideous attacks designed to turn them back into previous webs of bondage, to and include the associated and subsequent demonic condemnation which would lead them to believe that they cannot possibly continue to follow Jesus (i.e., “…and no longer followed Him”).

Thee most potent area of attack, for men especially, is that involving lust, sex, eroticism, pornography, lewdness, sexual perversion, and any combination of the above, in the form of the toxic lures of what is readily available on the Internet and cable television, with a mere click of a mouse or TV controller. And by the hour the hordes of hell are releasing an increasingly vicious attack upon those who have previously been bound by this crippling web.  I have known this web very well, as is colorfully reflected in my book: Teshuvah–David’s Key.

For anyone who happens to read this article, and can identify with or affirm this present demonic strategy at-play against someone you know; please consider copying them herein, that they may hereafter be armed for battle accordingly.

I began this article by mentioning the taking of Communion with my wife earlier this evening.  Increasingly so, we have found critical power and sustenance in this practice.  How so? Perhaps a few rather aged hymns can best answer this question:

“Oh there’s power, power, wonder working power, in the blood…of the Lamb…”


“The cross before me, the world behind me…the cross before me…the world behind me…the cross before me, the world behind me…no turning backno turning back…”

Recall John 6:66, “From this time many of His disciples turned back and no longer followed Him.”

There is a great falling-away underway presently, dear friends.  And that is a key strategy of the Evil One in this hour–the evil one who finds numerical association with “666.” And we cannot allow the course of John 6:66 to have its way in our lives at this stage.

I want to encourage each of you to consider adopting a daily practice of Communion at this stage.  As extreme as this may sound, you must know that we’ve just entered a critical hour, wherein darkness will rage in unprecedented ways in the months ahead, and even as this very month unfolds. We must therefore draw upon every weapon within our spiritual arsenals, to withstand what is slung in our direction.

As you approach the taking of Communion, you may do so with red wine or grape juice, and with Carr’s Water Crackers, Kosher matzah, or simply bread of any type.  With the elements in-hand, read John 6:51-58. Following such, lift the bread and ask that as the body of Y’shua was pierced for you–that all that plagues your body would in turn be pierced.  As you lift the wine or juice, the symbol of His blood that was shed; pray that every measure of potential entrapment to sin, and resident iniquity, would be shed from your body–that His blood would infuse yours and cleanse it entirely.

Conclude this time by standing upon 1 Peter 2:24 and receiving the promise of the power of Y’shua’s stripes and wounds–which have the power to make you whole again.

Friends, I’m no longer tolerant of the measure to which “political correctness” has infiltrated the Church.  I no longer care who is offended by mention of the Blood and the Cross of Christ.  For this is the power upon which we stand, and the power upon which we must take a stand in this very dark hour.

I’ll close this brief meditation by sharing an experience I had maybe 3 years ago, while sitting under the teaching and ministry of a dear saint who has since gone to be with the Lord, a saint named Wade Taylor.

I had sat under Wade’s teaching many years prior, and had not seen him for a long time.  He was organizing a small conference in the D.C. area which was to be the first of its kind, and which has since become an annual event perpetuated by his daughter Nancy, titled simply: A Gathering In His Name.

I made several sacrifices to be at this conference, feeling a deep compulsion to be there.  I knew-that-I-knew there was something for me there.  I was not disappointed.

At one point during the 2nd day of the conference, and right in the middle of a sobering message, Wade paused for a moment, stepped back from his pulpit, looked me straight in the eye, and slid his left index finger slowly across his neck–symbolizing the cutting-off of my head.  At that moment I flinched at the incredulous inference, and then glared-back at him, as if to say with my facial expression, “Same to you, buddy!”

Wade then smiled and said, while continuing to look me directly in the eyes:

“Its time to lose your head–that Christ can be the head.”

I lost my head at that moment, as I once again allowed Christ to the head of all that I am.  It was a radical re-commitment to following Him at all costs.  And all costs have been precisely what I’ve paid as the result, with the forfeiture of every form of earthly security as the result of the decisions my wife and I jointly made following that conference.

Christ must be the head, dear friends, every hour of every day at this juncture, or we will in fact fall prey to the foreboding warning of John 6:66, by turning back to former areas of entrapment, to thereafter follow Him no longer.

There is power in the blood, my friends.  Stand upon such as you incorporate the critical practice of the taking of Communion in this very sobering hour.



The Growing Divide – Israel and the Western Church

Israeli and US FlagsTwo nights ago I was speaking with some dear friends about what I “see” of a growing divide between those within the Church who wholly embrace the place and purpose of the Jewish Nation in the life of the Believer and the advancing Church–versus those within the Church who have rather chosen the lie of Replacement Theology, which in very simple terms concludes that the Church has replaced Israel with respect to the Abrahamic Covenant–a theological tenet which is born of demonic deception.

I mentioned in this conversation with my friends, that this one pivot-point (among others presently) is partially responsible for determining whether a given body of Believers or ministry will either step-into the fullness of God’s purposes for them, or rather be led astray into their own devices, to perpetuate a soulish agenda wholly bereft of God’s fingerprints–His anointing, His authority, and the unmistakable fruitfulness of a work which is wholly aligned with His heartbeat.

Just this morning, only 2 days after sharing this with my friends, I chose to watch a video that my wife Gigi had mentioned to me just last night–1 day after the timely conversation with my friends.  As she mentioned the video to me, she had yet to arrive at the segment I will highlight momentarily (i.e., she was wholly unaware of the timely confirmation between what I had shared a day previous, and that which was spoken in the video). Within the video are 4 well known Church leaders (including 1 Messianic rabbi) whose collective ministries I am familiar with.  Within the final minutes (the last 10 minutes or so), each guest is asked to share a 2-minute summation of what they feel needs to be shared to the world within the context of their larger discussion during the broadcast.  The 2nd of the guests states verbatim what I had shared with my dear friends 2 days previous–that of the accelerated divided between those within the Church who have chosen to bless Israel (Genesis 12:3) and those who rather have chosen to curse Israel.

There is no middle ground spoken of in Genesis 12:3.  The verse clearly states:

“…I will bless those who bless you [Israel], and I will curse those who curse you…”

Many generations following the Genesis account, King David would go on to declare:

“He remembers His covenant forever, the word which He commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant which He made with Abraham…” (Psalm 105:8-9).

I do not alight upon this affirmation of what I had shared two nights previous, that I might in turn posture myself as a “prophetic guru,” in a “see-I-told-you-so” posture. I rather alight upon this affirmation of what I shared, to in turn encourage you–by underscoring that when you step-out and boldly share what the Holy Spirit has placed deep in your heart–as unpopular as it may be to the masses at the moment–He will be faithful to back it up–to affirm it–for His ultimate glory.

Watching this dynamic regularly unfold in my life is a healing balm over the many wounds I’ve incurred by those within the Body of Christ who have long scoffed at what I am given to share abroad.  I share this vignette of a post, to in turn encourage those who are seeking the Father’s heart at all costs, and who are hearing things from Him which often run radically contrary to that being perpetuated and magnified with the mainstream of Western Christianity.

The reality here, is that the wheat is being violently separated from the chaff on the threshing floor of the End-Times harvest, and this threshing includes Believers in Y’shua–Jesus.  “Judgement begins with the House of God” (1 Pet. 4:17), and the House of God–the Church Universal–is being violently sifted–even as I type–most especially the Western (“Americanized”) Church.

May you willingly yield the fullness of your being to His winnowing fork, that all that is not aligned with His perfect will for your life be swept into the growing heap of chaff to be burned.

As you are able, I encourage you to carve-out 2 hours to view this timely video, below:

Your trench-mate,



Preparing for The Storm

May 29, 2015

*Introductory Note:

For many years at this stage, I have exercised the discipline of refraining from regularly frequenting web sites or publications which are positioned as “prophetic” in nature. My primary reasoning in exercising such discipline is that to guard against diluting what is presently baking in my personal-prophetic oven. My secondary reasoning is that rooted in my observance of a marked measure of defilement abroad within such ministry, to include ingredients such as the soulish drive to position and posture one’s revelation for the purposes of fanfare, accolades and temporal fame.  And, in some cases, relative fortune.

Those who’ve read my articles to any length will know that I regularly emphasize that we all “see in part…know in part…prophesy in part…look into a mirror dimly or into a glass darkly” (1 Cor. 13:9-12).  I regularly revisit this excerpt of Scripture to in turn underscore that I don’t for a moment delude myself into thinking that I see the full picture with respect to what is unfolding before us both nationally and globally.  For the reality (and that which I repeat often) is that “…each joint supplies, for the proper working and building-up of the Church…” (Eph. 4:16)I am therefore but one tooth in the massive and figurative cogwheel of collective revelation as we seek to understand the times unfolding before us.

There comes times or seasons, like the season we’re entering into right now, when one must exercise the courage and conviction to speak what one discerns to be that which the Holy Spirit has deposited in you  irrespective of what others are saying to the contrary–even those closest to you at times.  Exercising such can make for periods of loneliness which is difficult to describe–until one is reminded that Jesus knows loneliness which cannot be described in any earthly language.  Fortunately for me however, there has been a steady stream of Believers far and wide who eventually surface, often in surprising places, and who regularly remind me that I’m not going crazy, and that I’m “seeing” and “hearing” something that needs to be communicated.  For this, I’m grateful.

I believe it important at this juncture, and certainly so considering the unfolding subject matter, to offer a practical distinction between what is perceived to be “conspiracy theories” and what is authentic prophetic revelation.

As a rule, “conspiracy theories,” while often unveiling elements of alarming truth combined with fear-based speculation, also and all too often end on a spirit of anxiety and hopeless.  Authentic prophetic revelation on the other hand, and while very often meeting at a crossroads with the subject matter of active conspiracy theories, will not only end with a larger Kingdom perspective, but will also mirror the plumb line of Scripture, ultimately equating to a spirit of peace–peace in knowing that no matter how “creepy” things look at any juncture, we, as Believers win, in the end–as we continually place our faith and trust in the Lion of Judah. 

As you therefore read what follows, please remain mindful of the awesome truth contained in Romans 16:20, which reads:

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”

It is with Romans 16:20 in view that I encourage the reader to remain steadfast in His perfect peace as you navigate my thoughts which follow.  I’ll re-visit Romans 16:20 again shortly, just for “good measure.”

*Note: I encourage the reader to first read my text in its entirety, and then backtrack to listen to the audio-link below, as time permits.


In my previous post I spoke at length of what I believe to be the place and purpose of self-defense in the life of the Believer, via a Scriptural platform.  As I did so I once again alluded to a “prophetic premonition” of the pointed and accelerated unfolding of national judgement in the Fall of 2015.

Those of you who have read my book (Teshuvah: David’s Key), also know that the overarching message therein was/is the dire need for national repentance on the part of the Western Church–authenticated and effected en masse only as each individual Believer purposes to do so.  As this heart-posture spreads, so the Western Church as a whole begins to bow-down in brokenness–that it might in turn be raised-up once again to walk in great anointing and authority (i.e., “….He raises up those who are bowed down…,” Psalm 146:8).  This authority and anointing will enable us to function as a light upon a hill in the darkest of times, End Times, to be more precise.

I have long been the subject of much stigma for prophesying impending judgement upon the U.S.  I’ve been accused of being a “fear-monger” and being “borderline delusional” by a sea of Believers.  Rejection, subsequently, has become a way of life. Thankfully, and at this stage in life, I no longer fall-prey to seeking affirmation from the masses. For by divine-design I’ve been conditioned to seek it from one Person alone–the Lord Himself.  This said however, and as expressed moments ago, I am yet certainly encouraged when I meet with other voices who mirror the things I’ve been saying.

Just today a good friend copied me on the embedded audio-clip (below) of a young prophetic voice also speaking in very practical terms of events to unfold over the Fall of this year–and beyond.  I encourage you to turn your Discernment-Meter to the “ON” position, and sacrifice an hour of your day to listen to a critically-timed and sobering message. The essence of the audio-clip conversation underscores much of what I’ve been communicating in spoken and written form for roughly (7) years at this stage, with respect to the present White House administration and its correlation with national judgement upon the U.S.  I was particularly intrigued by this young female voice, as she is quite simply too young to have been conditioned by the masses to water-down or dumb-down what she is experiencing in the revelatory realm–a dumbing-down as the result of one of the many toxic tentacles of the Religious Spirit, which presently has a stranglehold on Mainstream Western Christianity.

As I initially opened the web-link to the audio, I also discovered for the first time, Rick Wiles, the host of TruNews, who hosted the guest speaker via telephone.  As I then briefly scanned several of Rick’s previous posts, and what his guests have collectively shared therein, I chuckled continuously as I met with several things I’ve stated nearly verbatim over the past several years.  I’m grateful for Rick’s ministry, not because his perspective mirrors mine, but because his courage–under fire–mirrors mine.

*Note: As you backtrack to listen to the audio file below, please do not allow the game-show-host-like program intro at the onset of this audio to dissuade you from discerning the purity-of-spirit represented in the young female guest, who’s prophetic experiences are the focus of the audio.

Audio-file web-link, below:

Within the audio conversation, a military operation (“Jade Helm 15”) is briefly referred to.  You may view an overview of such via the link below:

Click Here

Within the above mapped exercise, and as I was initially viewing the map, I received a swift impression that the map represented a “bait-and-switch” strategy, meaning; as most would then view the map, concluding that these operations would only be carried-out within the map therein; in fact much of the same would be carried-out elsewhere–as in, nationally.  Therefore, do not be surprised to find the steady emergence of reports confirming such.

Is this cause for panic? No. It is simply cause for concerted prayer, as we attempt to navigate an appropriate personal response.

I believe the operation in question (Jade Helm 15) to be that of a form of governmental psy-ops (initially) designed to condition the civilian populace to get used to the presence of military–a military which is presently being used as pawns.  Fortunately, many of these troops know this, and are simply going along with the game plan, until such time that they are met with a very personal ultimatum. This is where your personal prayers for our nation come into play.

For 6 years in the running, the Obama Administration has systematically, in very calculated fashion, force-retired 1000s of battle-seasoned military officers and NCO’s, inclusive of multi-starred generals, for the purposes of replacing them with “choir boys” who will yield to a Progressive agenda–the agenda being the veritable death of the Republic.  Emails and phone calls of all military have been closely monitored for 6 years, for the purposes of ferreting-out those who are stalwart patriots, and who see what Obama is up to in destroying the nation and paving the way for a NWO takeover of the country. Obama receives his marching orders not from the American public, but from a consortium of men and women far removed from the confines of the U.S.  Thus far, the grand scheme is moving forward without too many “hitches” along the way.  These grand schemers however have grossly overlooked one critical element–that of the reality that the grandest scheme happens to be the Kingdom of God–which will prevail, in the end.

With the above in view, I believe it timely to re-visit the excerpt of Scripture below:

“Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven” (Luke 21:10-11).

With respect to the “terrors” alluded to in Luke 21, I will not go into great detail herein, but I will offer that my resolute belief is that God is not calling the nefarious “shots” exposed in this post. Much rather, I believe God has allowed (key-word) such, by simply lifting His hand of grace from our government, as a form of severe judgement, thus granting our government full liberty to destroy the country at will, like a demon possessed octopus–with tentacles stretched from East to West.  The dynamics I describe simply mirror God’s present contract with Satan, wherein He has allowed Satan, for a time, to sift the Saints not unlike the way he sifted Job.  And if you are presently not being sifted, it is a tell-tale sign that you’ve allowed your love to grow cold (i.e., “…and the love of many will grow cold in that day…,” Matt. 24:12).

By the way, if you feel your “love has grown cold,” and your heart is bitter and spiritually despondent, I encourage you to consider doing what I do every day, by asking Jesus to once again take full residency of your heart.  Its that simple, folks.  Anyone who complicates it further than that, could very well be suffering from an acute case of what I call “RBS” (definition of acronym artfully withheld).


As we move further into our topic at hand, I would be sorely remiss if I did not, as a Believer, re-visit the timely context of 1 Corinthians 15:46 with you, which reads:

“The spiritual is not first, but the natural. First the natural, then the spiritual.”

This excerpt of Scripture contains a profound prophetic formula for the times we are in. In simple terms, national (i.e. “natural”) events are very often a prophetic prelude to corresponding spiritual events to shortly unfold thereafter. I’ve watched this amazing pattern unfold on 1000s of occasions over the past 3 decades. And in the context of the discussion of Jade Helm 15, I see this pattern: Americans are being hemmed-in on all sides. We are the proverbial “frog in the kettle” at this stage–the kettle of God’s refining fire of judgement upon the nation; but more importantly–God’s refining judgement upon the Western Church.

In my previous article, The Believer and Self-Defense, which you can access by simply scrolling-down as you finish this article; I underscored the importance of taking the whole counsel of Scripture into context, when otherwise tempted to use but one verse of Scripture for the purposes of spring-boarding into underscoring or establishing doctrine.  The verse I underscored was that of Psalm 119:160, which reads:

“…the sum of Your word, is truth…”

The panoramic mosaic of Biblical truth is most accurately absorbed when we consider the whole counsel or sum of what is spoken therein.  I’ve re-visited this dynamic, as it is critical that we make no mistake about the collective Christian response to governmental tyranny in our midst.

I cannot in good conscience address topics like that contained in this article, without also, by necessity, rattling a few theological cages in the process.  And as I proceed to rattle your theological cage perhaps, I invite you once again to turn your personal discernment-meter to the “ON” position as we make a brief visit to Romans chapter 13, verses 1 thru 6, which read:

“Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil. Therefore it is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of wrath, but also for conscience’ sake. For because of this you also pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to this very thing.”

Having read the above excerpt of Romans 13, can you in good conscience and spiritual conviction conclude that our current president is: a) One who will “praise” you for “doing good”? b) One who is “a minister of God”? and c) One who is a “servant of God” and “devoted” to being a servant of God?

As you mull over the above series of questions I’ve posed, imagine for a moment that you are a Christian or Jew in Nazi Germany during World War II.  Do you then take a stand upon Romans 13 and concede that Hitler would “praise you” for “doing good” (as you reveal the secret whereabouts of Jews in hiding) and thereafter conclude that he is a “devoted servant of God”?

Further, did God place Hitler in office to “serve Him with devotion”?

The answer to the above series of questions, and that irrespective of how troubling it may be for you, is NO!

The proper response to governmental tyranny in World War II was demonstrated in noble fashion through the life of one Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who spoke the truth at the cost of his life.  For those unfamiliar with Bonhoeffer’s story, you may gain a quick snapshot of his life via this 2-page biography, below:

Click Here – Brief Bonhoeffer Bio

As you continue to reel in shock over what I’ve stated thus far and the corresponding questions I’ve posed therein, please re-visit with me the “whole counsel and/or sum” of Scripture.  As you do so, understand that the reality here, i.e., the present reality of 2015 in the Western hemisphere, is that God has allowed (key-word) evil to infest the White House, to carry-out his severe judgement upon the U.S. Our president has been an agent of evil in the making throughout his life; he has evolved into a narcissistic monster bent on persecuting Christians and Jews, funding and promoting Islam, and promoting a godless NWO agenda which includes the destruction of Israel, among other nefarious deeds.  Therefore, he is most certainly not a “servant of God.”

Hitler was allowed (once again, key-word here) to murder 6 million Jews and a collective 20 million (yes, that many) people because he believed them ethnically inferior and/or in opposition to his diabolical mission.  Was Hitler a “servant of God”?  Need I pose this question to you?

Hitler’s evil was allowed to run its full course in and through God’s free-agency of good and evil.  Anyone of us can allow ourselves to slither into the mire of evil which ultimately propelled Hitler to function as Satan’s “right-hand-man” — in the same way that our current president is functioning as Satan’s right-hand-man.  And in the case of our current president, God is simply allowing him to do what he does, as God’s hand of grace has been lifted from our country, as a form of His severe judgement.  With this thought progression, can we also therefore conclude that God had lifted His sovereign hand of grace from Nazi Europe, thus allowing 20 million people to be murdered by Hitler’s regime?  I cannot answer that one, as the question is too great for me.  I can however answer in this way: We are born with free moral agency.  We have the innate predisposition to allow our beings to be programmed by unspeakable evil, while at the same time allowing our beings to rather be transformed by the power of God–as we submit our lives to Him. Hitler chose a free moral agency aligned with the pit of hell itself.

I’ve established this argument to in turn ask you yet another very sobering question: What is to be your personal response to governmental tyranny once it raises its head in your very neighborhood?  Do you fall on your knees and pray? Of course you do, for we are challenged to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:16-18).  But, as you pray, what else do you do in very practical terms, to defend your family and the weak and helpless within your sphere of influence?

One last question: Does your personal opposition to our president’s mission of disarming Americans; establishing Islamic dominance; taking any reference to Christianity from the pages of formal education; erasing any history of the Nazi Holocaust from the pages of formal education; requiring Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis to condone and officiate gay marriages; and forfeiting every facet of our privacy; mean that you are opposing God Himself?  If you conclude that our current president is a “servant of God,” are we not opposing God if we are opposing him?

You can only honestly answer this series of questions, after you have first answered the question as to who Romans chapter 13 was referring to.

As you therefore consider taking the “whole counsel or sum” of Scripture into context, do so as you also consider the following verse as a plumb line in your decision-making:

“If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD(Joshua 24:15).

Throughout the Nazi Holocaust there were armed pockets of resistance from Jewish and non-Jewish resistors. Their victories were short-lived. They knew their victories would be short-lived.  But, they also knew they would go insane if they did not do something, anything, to slow the tide of people being herded like cattle into the gas chambers or firing squads.

As we accept Gods severe judgement on our nation, in and through our personal repentance, we must thereafter decide in very practical terms how we will go about defending our families and the weak and helpless abroad, from the return of Nazi Germany–this time in our own backyards.

Call me an “extremist, delusional, conspiracy-theory-nut” if you wish–right up until the moment you receive a disturbing knock on your front at 3:00AM, from a group of soldiers wearing “UN” armbands, or worse–ISIS armbands.

No, and as stated repeatedly in my writings; I am not attempting to spawn fear. We must remember Romans 16:20, which follows Romans 13 by but a few chapters:

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”

He will in fact, soon crush Satan under your feet.  Until he does so however, you must personally address some very serious decisions in the days ahead, as Rome burns.

As we have established, God is not the architect of the governmental tyranny unfolding in our midst; He is again, rather allowing it to happen (again, a critical distinction here). Therefore, in the “natural” (remember the pattern within 1 Corinthians 15:46?) Americans are being brought to their knees–a place of desperation and whole dependence upon Him.  In the “spiritual,” this equates to the breaking of collective pride and arrogance, and the subsequent birthing of authentic humility. As this ensues en masse, the Church is restored to a place of authority and anointing–required to stand strong in the midst of the End-Times storm ahead of us. And this is precisely where God wants the Western Church–in a place broken-ness, humility, and desperate reliance upon Him.  For again, it is in this place of humility and natural weakness, and subsequent whole reliance upon Him, that we are met with the “full afterburner” effects of the Holy Spirit’s equipping and empowerment.

It’s time that we soberly examine our hearts, friends. Its time that we face some very personal questions and resolutions in the face of mounting tyranny, and thereafter get on with the business of yielding the totality of our beings to the purposes of God–around the clock.





Postscript #1: The following article was posted on June 15th, 2015 (16 days following my post above).

Click Here

Postscript #2: The following article was posted on July 10th, 2015 (roughly 40 days following my post above).  In this article, a leaked document from the U.S. Army reveals that “Marshal Law drills” will be conducted. To date the U.S. Army has denied such–until their cover was blown.  An Army spokesperson indicated that the “Marshal Law drills are that designed to prepare U.S. forces for imposing Marshal Law when such is requested by other countries.”

Really? Which “other countries” still consider themselves our allies? If there are any, which of them would then ask us to assist them in imposing Marshal Law?

Make no mistake; these “Marshal Law drills” which have, as of today, been leaked, are that in preparation for the “go live” enforcement of the same–right here in the U.S.

Click Here

Postscript #3: The following video-link represents what I have found to date (as of 07/15/15), the most comprehensive overview of Jade Helm 15 master plan:

The Believer and Self-Defense

*Unless otherwise noted, all Scriptural references are taken from the New American Standard Bible.

One of the more intriguing functions within my Navy experience long ago was that to look out over the waves in stormy conditions, and into the vast expanse of the sea, into the horizon, with powerful binoculars or a monocular, to identify anything with the naked eye that the radar within the Combat Ready Room might otherwise fail to score in its perpetual search to register everything of interest. There were more than a few times that I met with sobering scenarios involving seagoing vessels which had failed to fully register on radar, scenarios that could have made for disaster at sea, had I or someone else not caught such with the naked eye first.

So it is with spiritual eyes, and the spiritual vision we are given as Believers. We are charged to “earnestly pursue the spiritual gifts, especially that [we] may prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:1). We are also told that “we have not, because we ask not,” and “we have not because we ask amiss” (Jas. 4:2-3). Spiritual Discernment is there for the asking, and the taking. In this sobering hour in world history, I cannot imagine navigating a day without such.

For the purposes of this article, I will define the “Believer” as one who serves the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—both Jew and Christian. Jews and Christians are presently at odds about the advent of the Messiah, but that will change shape soon enough. In fact, this very theological landscape is quickly changing—as I type.

And so it is to the Believer that I write, this evening.

In 34 years of scanning Scripture, I have meditated most frequently upon the lives of King David (author of the bulk of the Book of Psalms) and his son, King Solomon (author of the bulk of the Book of Proverbs). Having so digested these two books, at this stage in my life I find that within the course of a given day several excerpts of both Proverbs and Psalms will surface within my heart or mind, and thereafter govern or channel my thoughts and emotions. To this I’m grateful, as otherwise I’d make quite a mess of things, by the hour.

One of the more pointed excerpts of Proverbs is that which visits me both early in the morning, and late at night. It reads as follows:

“Blessed is the man who listens to Me, watching daily at My gates, waiting at My doorposts” (Proverbs 8:34).

This excerpt beckons the Believer to find time to wait in the Lords presence. This posture can be defined by prayer, worship, study, meditation, and/or simply being still and silent. His “gates” and “doorposts” symbolize any place or posture that lends itself to seeking Him. And in return, we are blessed. This blessing takes on many forms. One such form is that found within yet another Proverb, which reads:

“Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand all things” (Proverbs 28:5, NASB).

To offer a spoonful of exposition of this passage, would be to simply say that those who revel in evildoing do not understand right from wrong, and cannot discern the nature of what unfolds before them. Equally so, those who watch and wait at His gates and His doorposts, do in fact understand the nature of all things. This to say that though a discerning Believer may not understand the internal mechanics of a given scenario, they may yet discern the larger nature behind such, such as, and for example, discerning the times in which we live—when mass media paints a woefully deceptive picture of such, which looks radically different, and which is very deceptive. In very simple terms, Believers, as the result of cultivating daily intimacy with the Lord, can, through the lenses of spiritual discernment, sniff-out the spirit behind what they’re reading, hearing and seeing. They may not fully understand every element of the picture being painted before them, but they can know the spirit behind the painter—thus understanding the nature of “all things.”

Historically I have felt like the odd-man-out at social gatherings, and parties, rooting back as far as my early childhood. I truly envy those who can engage the masses. I am an introvert by nature, but I am continually seeking to push myself just outside my comfort-zone in this regard. I allude to the example of the “party,” to in turn offer a snapshot of the typical day, the grind, within Mainstream America. As a rule, most are plagued with automobile traffic, cell phone calls; perpetual Internet usage on the job, and smartphone activity that rules their lives when their laptop or desktop computers at work are not vying for the same. In the midst of all of this we find a steady stream of “news,” national and international. I use quotations in referring to the word “news,” as, for the most part, it is not news; it is much rather a secular humanistic, godless measure of “spin” on events offered by the subjective lenses of those who would purposefully warp the truth, and reality, to the busy and unsuspecting mind. Subsequently, the minds of the masses are by the minute, shaped and molded by a false reality, equating to ill-preparedness when reality is finally met. And so, like the party-goer, when their immediate surroundings are cheerful, bright and gay, they are often wholly unaware that just beyond the perimeter of such lay a raging battlefield.

So it is within the mental paradigm of most mainstream Americans at this juncture in history. The minds of the masses, Believers certainly included, are presently saturated by sensory deception in every regard. Much of this is presently being channeled by the highest authority in the nation.

Most reading this article have likely heard the phrase, “the fog of war.” I happen to understand it figuratively and literally (I will expand upon the literal end of such shortly). And the daily grind of our workday lives can leave us indifferent, numbed and detached from the larger events unfolding about us—leaving us to stumble about in a figurative fog, while ingesting snippets of media on-the-run, and drinking them down like a quick shot of “Red Bull,” never realizing how harmful the drink can be to our physiological construct. As one who artfully avoids the figurative Red Bull, and as one who regularly stations himself upon a figurative wall, to look out over the mote, and to the horizon; I wish to offer you something of what I see, that may better arm you for events to come. This is my prayer.

As I continue, I wish to acknowledge that Scripture says we all “know in part,” that we “prophesy in part,” that we see “as through a glass darkly,” or as “in a mirror dimly” (1 Cor. 13:2-12), and that “each joint supplies, to the proper building…” (Eph. 4:16). All of this to say, and to underscore, that I do not believe I have a complete handle on the subject matter herein. We have been fashioned for dependence upon one another, and the “joint” of our individual revelation has been divinely fashioned to meet with many other “joints,” to then form the larger cogwheel of forward motion in understanding the times in which we live—collective revelation. The “part” that I do see however, is one that I offer to you now with deep conviction. I encourage you hereafter to bring it before the Lord, and to ask Him for His voice in the matter.

As I begin to share some very personal, candid and sobering thoughts with you with respect to the topic of The Believer and Self-Defense, I believe it timely to first allude to an excerpt of II Kings, and that found within chapter 6, verses 1 thru 8(a), which read:

“Now the sons of the prophets said to Elisha, ‘Behold the place before you where we are now living is too limited for us. Please let us go to the Jordan and each of us take from there a beam, and let us make a place there for ourselves where we may live.’ So he [Elisha] said, ‘Go.’ The one said, ‘Please be willing to go with your servants,’ and he said, ‘I shall go.’ So he went with them; and when he came to the Jordan, they cut down trees. But as one was felling a beam, the axe head fell into the water, and he cried out and said, ‘Alas my master! For it was borrowed!’ Then the man of God said, ‘Where did it fall?’ And when he showed him the place, he cut off a stick and threw it in there, and made the iron float. He said, ‘Take it up for yourself.’ So he put out his hand and took it. Now the King of Aram was warring against Israel…”

I offer this excerpt of II Kings as prophetic metaphor for the times in which we live. Consider firstly that the axe in Elisha’s day was used primarily in two ways. Firstly, it was (and certainly so in the context of this scenario) used to forge new shelter. Secondly, it was also used in its day as a weapon of war, an article for self-defense. Swords, spears, bows, arrows and daggers are often alluded to in much of Old Testament Scripture. However, biblical archeology reveals that many types of battle axes were utilized throughout Old Testament times as well.

There is a pointed reason that I included the first part of verse 8 at the end of the above excerpt, which happens to allude to the King of Aram “warring.” For you see, there is a perpetual stream of information, sown with fear and confusion, lapping at our feet in this hour, replete with rumors of “war.” Into the murky stream has fallen our axe head, our battle axe, and as we grope through the murky turbulence of the stream (read: confusion) it is difficult to make out the axe head. Do ponder this, as I figuratively attempt to raise the axe head from the bottom of the stream, and re-affix it to the handle, that you might perhaps gain a handle on just how to go about responding to the evidence of clear and present danger approaching us on the horizon.

To the Believer who begins to see (read: discern) where I am going with this; it stands to reason that the first excerpt of Scripture which comes to mind is that of II Corinthians 10:4, which reads:

“…the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful, for the destruction of fortresses.”

Certainly, our weapons of prayer, fasting, worship, scriptural declaration, prophetic proclamation and intercession combined, do in fact destroy spiritual fortresses. Consider also however, a rarely-quoted excerpt of Psalm 119, found within verse 160, which reads:

“The sum of Your word is truth…”

This excerpt of Psalms underscores the extreme importance of considering the “whole counsel of Scripture” (Acts 20:27); taking into account the whole context of Scripture.

Am I seeking to negate the truth of II Corinthians 10:4? Not by any means. I am however seeking to underscore that as I move forward with yet more Scripture, we must also understand that there is a time, a place, and a context for taking up physical weapons of war, to defend the weak and the helpless—in our day. And before you get up-in-arms (pun intended) over where I’m headed here, please do tarry with me, and hear me out, before precluding my position.

Consider Proverbs 24:11, which reads:

“Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, oh hold them back.”

Shortly I will define what I believe it means to practically “deliver” and to “hold back” those “staggering to slaughter,” in the context literal self-defense. For the moment however, please linger with me as I continue to speak in terms of the whole counsel of Scripture.

Provided you’ve made it thus far, and you’re granting me the continued liberty to establish my thought-progression herein; I wish to pose a critical question to you, and as pertains to God’s sovereign protection of the Nation of Israel. And the question is this: Does God mysteriously protect Israel from its hostile Arab neighbors (whose landmass is 500 times that of Israel’s), while Israel’s defense forces bask in the sun getting suntans, while also listening to Israeli pop-rock on mp3 players with headphones, adorned in Ray Ban sunglasses? Is this the posture the IDF dawns, as God mystically defends Israel?

Answer: No, to the radical contrary. For in actuality, God’s sovereign protection over Israel is most readily evidenced in and through the development and subsequent exercising of the skill and wisdom required of each and every warrior as they engage the battle—skill and wisdom imparted by God Himself—as they have individually sought such. In short, though God certainly can and has released fireballs from space, to destroy evildoers; and has plans to do so in the future; He largely rather chooses at this juncture to give men, and whole nations, the liberty to firstly pursue right-alignment with Him, and secondly to develop the wisdom and skill to defend themselves. He gives them the wisdom and skill to engage the fight—literally.

In the case of Israel, IDF warriors; whether they be fighter pilots, tank commanders or ground troops; have wisdom and skill to defend their homeland, because they have asked for such, and because they boldly exercise such, with great conviction of purpose, and with great faith in God’s protection. I wish to ask that you hold this thought progression for a moment, as you click on the following web-link, and read a brief statement from former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, as he responded to a group of Jewish American leaders who asked him to share what he believed to be the most redemptive lessons learned by Jewish survivors of the Holocaust (circa 1981):

Menachin Begin

As you reflect upon what Menachem Begin stated (a sentiment which the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presently mirrors), consider the further development of my point in penning this article. We are, here in the West (evidenced also internationally by the hour) under very real threat of unspeakable violence, as the spirit behind Islam continues to raise its ugly head with marching orders to kill Jews and Christians—the very same spirit which fueled the Nazis in World War II. I call the father of this spirit by name; his name is Satan (Hebrew, “HaSatan”). More pointedly so, the satanic expression behind Islam, is that which I believe to be the very Spirit of Antichrist. I will not go so far as to suggest an individual sporting this label at this stage, but I will go so far as to suggest that my discernment recognizes the spirit, versus the personality, alluded to in the Book of Revelation (recall our brief discussion on our ability, as discerning Believers, to recognize the nature of all things).

But before we get too caught up in the ominous and foreboding cloud of darkness represented in the approaching Great Tribulation; let’s resume our pointed focus upon the topic of The Believer and Self-Defense, and its practical application for you at this moment.

Consider Jeremiah 17:7, which reads:

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is in the Lord” (Hebrew transliteration).

The word “trust” in the context of this verse, is that rooted in the Hebrew word, “bitachon” (bē-tā-ḥon, בטחון –root-בטח), which denotes among other things, both divine defense and subsequent self-defense—through divine provision; two critical components of the same dynamic. “Bitachon” means literally, “to find safety, security and confidence in the Lord.” This concept connotes that God extends His divine defense, quite often by equipping His servants in self-defense. In Jeremiah’s day, warriors did not lean their swords up against the wall and sit on their behinds while “trusting” that God would win their battles for them as they induced brain-fog by losing themselves in social media on their smartphones. Rather, they engaged the battle—sword, sling, spear and battle axe in-hand—trusting with security and confidence, that the Lord would guide every stroke of their weapons.

I need to be very frank with you at this stage, dear reader (I may also opt to be very David with you as well, but for the time being, I’ll just be frank), in saying that I believe it our moral obligation as Believers, to defend the weak and helpless in the face of violence. The times before us are becoming increasingly violent. Radical Islam has been granted the red carpet in this nation, empowering such to engage the wholesale slaughter of Jews and Christians in the U.S., in due season, in the same fashion that you are seeing such played-out in the Middle East and Western Europe. This “due season,” my friends, is right around the corner. I define this “corner” in time, as that being much sooner than later. I happen to believe that the Autumn season of this year (2015) will represent a combination of increased social tumult, civil unrest, economic disaster, wanton governmental tyranny and the free reign of Islamic terrorism in our midst—all under the same roof. As such begins to unfold, the weak and the helpless will become easy prey for the forces of evil—evil which will manifest in many ways, to include physical violence.

*Note: Before you begin to succumb to fear, be reminded that we as Believers have daily access to a “peace that surpasses all understanding.” And perhaps it is timely that I would quote this excerpt of Scripture in its fullness:

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, with prayer and supplication and thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds…”

The last thing I would wish is that to impart more fear; we all have enough of that to contend with from day to day at this juncture in Western history. At the same time however, it is difficult to discuss this topic at length, without the potential for such. It is for this reason that I will systematically seek to dispel such as we continue. As well, and as you tarry through the end of this article, I trust you will meet with a timely reminder of the sovereignty of God overarching everything herein.

As the evil three-ring-circus of violence and terror continues to unfold in our midst, national media (governed now by the Marshal Law that the FCC has been granted just a few days ago, as of the writing of this article, via “Net Neutrality”) will continue to artfully mask the severity of the times. Very few media companies are, at this stage, reporting the raw truth of what is unfolding in this country. Those that do report such will ultimately be silenced (including voices such as mine) in due season. A random sampling of the gross distortion of facts and data presently in circulation in the media lay in the reality that actual unemployment in this country presently stands at 23%, and this number is growing. However the data being presented by the White House suggests something more like 5.6% to 6.5%; and the media simply goes along with the program and repeats such, suggesting to the masses that everything is “just fine” and the “economy is healthy, and even rebounding.”

Think again.

Yet another random sampling of mass-media deception, and that wholly sponsored by the White House, is the little-known fact that in recent years billions of dollars have been borrowed from the Federal Reserve Bank, to artificially prop-up the stock market, not unlike a feeble attempt to re-stuff a scarecrow as it hangs limp upon a rotted wooden post, swaying in the wind. Subsequently the federal government is wholly deceiving millions of small investors into risking their livelihoods from hour-to-hour, in a market that quietly died a few years ago. To further compound this deception; most are wholly unaware that there is nothing “federal” about the Federal Reserve Bank; it happens to be privately owned. I’ll not go into just who privately owns it, as that topic would in turn open-up a can of worms leading to an untimely distraction from the thrust of my article.

I repeatedly refer to the gross deception in media presently, as we must, as Believers, earnestly pray daily for growing spiritual discernment, that we may fruitfully navigate the times before us, lest the times before us fruitfully destroy us.

We have in this country, been given not just a right, but a God-given right to bear arms, to defend ourselves from social and governmental tyranny. The framework of our Constitution was not designed by a bunch of men with good ideas—it was designed by a bunch of men who were submitted to the leading of God. Our nation was, at the time, submitted to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Our nation presently, at the highest level, is no longer submitted to the same God. However, our founding Constitution, though under daily assault, remains. And as long as it does, it is not only our God-given right, but our moral responsibility to defend those “being taken away to death, and staggering to the slaughter” (Prov. 24:11).

I am hereafter going to speak in very pointed, candid and practical terms, so that there is no room for misinterpretation here. It is my firm conviction that when unarmed, and unable to defend ourselves, and while accosted by Islamic Radicals for example; our faith requires of us that we do not deny the Lord when asked to choose between such, and martyrdom. Millions of Believers have since Jesus’ day, offered their necks to martyrdom when faced with the sword (give Foxes Book of Martyrs a read, if you haven’t done so to date–this book should be required reading of every Believer in Jesus). Equally so, an estimated 6 million Jews were martyred for their faith—in the same God, during the Nazi Holocaust. As I type this article, Believers are being slaughtered around the world—by the hour (recall that I define the Believer as both Jew and Christian). However, it is also my firm conviction that until we are defenseless, once again, we are morally obligated to defend the defenseless against wholesale slaughter. And it is in fact the stage of wholesale slaughter that is being set, in our very nation, as I type.

Radical Islam is being vehemently defended and protected by the highest authority in the land, aided by most media companies, who are in-bed with the same; while at the same time Judaism and Christianity are under violent assault—by the same authority. There’s no room any longer, to mince words on this topic, and I simply refuse to yield to the sword of political correctness at this juncture.

Prior to sitting down to pen this article, I had conducted an exhaustive search for other voices who may have addressed the thrust of what I am sharing with you now. To my disappointment, I found very few. I was not necessarily searching for personal affirmation of my convictions, but rather searching out of simple curiosity, to see if anyone else was thinking the same. In general, I met with two radical opposites: those who say, “God will yank me out of this before it gets too bad,” on the one hand; and those who say, “Frag all of ‘em—and let God sort ‘em out!,” on the other.

I was ultimately not surprised to find one voice who shares my sentiments. He is a man that I hold in great esteem, for many reasons. Dr. Jeffery Seif, a Messianic Jew, author and speaker, former seminary professor, former television host, and active-reserve police officer—all wrapped up into one big ball of anointed and authoritative dynamism; wrote a book back in 2007, titled: Guns & Moses: God’s Formula for Wielding Power and Shielding the Powerless. In reading the book, I met with two significant elements; the first being that of Jeff’s keenly prophetic forecast of the rapid and socially-cancerous spread of Islam to come (be reminded again, that the book was written in 20078 years ago); the second being that of an excerpt from pages 51-52, within Jeff’s commentary on the Book of Exodus. The excerpt reads as follows:

“Given the nature of the world that Moses inhabited (and our world also), there comes times when it is necessary for individuals to legitimately bear arms in defense of home and hearth; for to cower in fear would be to abrogate one’s fundamental responsibility as a citizen, not to mention one’s own duty as a human being. To ‘take up for oneself and fight’ is not a privilege granted to slaves—who must suffer in silence, with no recourse and absolutely no hope of securing redress for grievances. Brazen disregard for life through ‘murder’ is, of course, unacceptable; however, protecting life and property –even to the point of killing—is not eschewed, myths to the contrary aside. Being able to fight is a right—and a good one at that. ‘Use of force’ – and ‘deadly force,’ particularly—for legitimate ends, is not only tolerated in biblical literature, it is actually celebrated in the Old Testament. In the Texts, warriors became heroes, such as King David, Gideon, and many, many others. At issue in the Commandments is the employment of deadly force, driven by the passion and anger of self-serving persons who pay no mind to justice, but use force for their own ends. This wanton disregard for basic rights is eschewed outright, as men are required to govern their persons and not to be overrun by their internal base and selfish tendencies. Still, bearing arms legitimately is not condemned.”

For those surfing the web, who have by chance landed upon this article, and who may have had a few beers prior to reading this article, perhaps on the tail-end of a 10-hour day at the controls of a CAT D-10 on hard soil, and who may appreciate a more rubber-meets-road interpretation of what Jeff has just stated; I’ll offer that in very simple terms, Jeff has stated that it is a God-given right to exercise lethal force, when life and limb are at stake in the face of evil (and I will add: especially when the weak and helpless are within your grasp to protect).

At this stage in my musings, there is no doubt many readers who have experienced a welling-up of theological opposition to the position that I have developed thus far. To these; and by way of intercepting what would become extended theological banter between us; allow me to offer the following points:

Firstly, to those who have mentally uploaded Proverbs 16:7, which states, “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him”; I will offer this: we must again consider the whole counsel of Scripture (remember?: “the sum of Your word is truth”). The context and practical application of Proverbs 16:7 is that rooted in the truth that remaining wholly submitted to obedience to God, at times means that He will supernaturally intervene on your behalf, with your enemies. There are times when He will melt the hearts of your enemies. However, and again, there are times when He may not. Consider for example the first apostles and disciples, who were beheaded, stoned to death, crucified upside down and boiled alive. Were their ways “pleasing to the Lord”? Scripture readily affirms such. Does this mean that Proverbs 16:7 is erroneous? No, it simply means that we must again take the whole counsel of Scripture into view, and realize that we cannot use every excerpt of Scripture as a theological springboard by which we may dive into the refreshing depths of our subjective theological bents.

Secondly, yet another excerpt of scripture is likely to well-up from within those who would wish to take to task my position developed thus far; this in the form of Proverbs 15:1, which reads: “A soft answer turns away wrath…” I personally know this proverb to be true, and have exercised this dynamic 100s of times over, while managing large numbers of decidedly callous and “gruff” men in the field, while serving in positions of management within federal disaster response contracts abroad. At one point I was responsible for roughly 250 such men, spread over 2 very large counties, as we worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time, and under very dangerous and stressful conditions. One might well imagine the velocity of the interpersonal conflicts I had to dispel on a daily basis. And in doing so, again, the formula within Proverbs 15:1 worked very well. However, on occasion, my “soft answer” did not work, whereupon I had to flip my “A-B Switch” to the “B” position, and answer aggression with aggression, to defend myself from harm. This leads us again to the reality that though this excerpt of Scripture does in fact contain a rare and proven formula for exercising Godly wisdom from King Solomon, it is not universally true to the extent that it applies to every circumstance. My case in point comes in the form of a probing question: Have the 1000s of Christians who’ve been murdered and beheaded in the Middle East in recent months alone, by ISIS, observed their collective “soft answers” effectively “turn away wrath”? Answer: no.

Again, it is context that we must keep in view, when tempted to apply one excerpt of Scripture to the framework of a universal truth. On this note, perhaps we do well to consider what I was taught in the early years of formal theological study (i.e., Bible College), while studying the place and purpose of Hermeneutics (the theory of Textual Interpretation); I was dully challenged to remain mindful of 3 things when approaching a given excerpt of Scripture: (1) What does it say, literally? (i.e., Exegesis—actual interpretation of the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic texts); (2) What did it mean to whom it was said at the time? (Historical Context); and (3) What does it mean to me, today? (i.e., Exposition—rubber-meets-road “practical handle” as to how I can apply it to my daily life).

I will also grant that there are those who have experienced the subjective upload of Galatians 5:22-24 while reading my position thus far. Galatians 5:22-24 reads:

“The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

You may therefore be inclined to ask, “Where, David, is the fruit of the spirit employed, when considering armed defense, as a Believer?” My answer to this question, as well that to the questions posed by Proverbs 16:7 and 15:1 (above), is the same. And by way of answering such, and while realizing that it is often impolite to answer a question with a question, I must pose such, by way of my answer: When an Islamic Jihadist knocks on your front door at 03:00AM, wearing a black mask, and demanding that he and his comrades be granted license to rape your wife and behead your children, do you suppose a “soft answer” and “love and self-control” will dissuade these monsters from fulfilling their wishes? The answer is no, it will not. For these men have given themselves over to a level of evil which includes the same level of insanity and violence exuded by those supercharged on Crack Cocaine. Nothing you could say would dissuade them from raping and slaughtering your household.

What, therefore, you ask, should be the proper response to such an exchange at 03:00AM in the morning, at my doorstep? This would depend upon your choice of weapons. My personal choice in this exchange would be .00 buckshot—from the “business end” of a .12 gauge tactical shotgun.

David’s faithful antagonist: “David! I’m shocked! How can you flippantly say such a callous thing?!”

David’s answer: Firstly, there is no flippancy about what I’ve said; I am as resolute on this topic as an oak tree in a windstorm. Secondly, do you really suppose my remedy for self-defense to be more brutal than the alternative of watching my household get raped and slaughtered before my eyes? It’s time to be painfully honest with ourselves folks, and to begin preparing ourselves for the eventuality of such, while at the same time hoping and praying otherwise.

Our national defense forces and internal national security (i.e., DOD and DHS) have been systematically dismantled over the past 6 years, equating to a state of alarming vulnerability to terrorist threats and criminal acts of violence—acts of violence which do not hold exemption from your neighborhood.

Please hear me in this, dear reader: few things would bring me the lasting joy of personally leading a Radical Muslim to the redeeming knowledge of, and personal relationship with, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—the God of Israel—and the God upon which this nation was originally founded. Conversely however, and though it would trouble me deeply, I will not hesitate to defend “home and hearth” with lethal force.

My goal in sharing candidly with you in this way is that to prod you into replacing the mounting fear of what is unfolding in our nation, with mounting confidence—as the result of training and preparedness in self-defense—armed defense. No, I am not suggesting that of placing confidence in our training and arms alone; I am rather underscoring that when our faith in God is combined with the readiness and confidence to defend ourselves physically when needed, as the result of training and equipping in self-defense, we overcome insurmountable odds—like the Nation of Israel has—repeatedly—since 1948. And the odds are against us, as our enemy is both without and within our borders at this stage.

As you process what I’ve written thus far, I’d like to share a news story which unfolded perhaps a month ago, as of this writing. The scenario involved a masked gunman attempting to rob a pharmacy. With security cameras filming the event, a masked gunman entered the store. As he made his way toward the main register, the pharmacist, who was flanked by his associates behind the counter, jested with the masked man, saying with a smile, “Hey, this guy looks like he wants to rob us.” What the pharmacist was doing, was that of buying himself a few seconds, to ready himself to engage a gunfight, as he had within the initial seconds artfully conveyed to the masked man that he thought the masked man was just joking, when in fact the pharmacist used those precious moments to feign as if he were doing some standard business behind the counter, while also turning his right hip away from the gunman, and maneuvering his gun out of the holster at the very moment the masked man drew his gun. All of this occurred within the span of maybe 3 seconds. Before the gunman was able to fire the first shot, the pharmacist got off his first shot right into the gunman’s torso. The gunman, a large and portly fellow, darted further into the store, toward more customers. As he did, the pharmacist shot the gun out of the gunman’s hand. As the gunman continued to flee toward customers, the pharmacist shot him a 3rd time, whereupon the gunman died.

The following day the pharmacist was interviewed by a news crew. He was asked how he was dealing with the aftermath of the traumatic event. He then cited that he found much strength in a daily devotional that he meditated upon faithfully, each morning. And just that morning, the day after the shooting, and while emotionally traumatized by the event; only hours before his interview with the news crew; he turned to his daily devotional, which happened to alight upon John 10:7-18. The pharmacist then iterated verse 10, which reads, “I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” Following this excerpt of scripture, was the daily meditative exposition, which read, “Abundance isn’t God’s provision for me to live in luxury; it’s His provision for me—to help others live.”

To the discerning reader, it is very clear that God was stating to this Believing pharmacist, that His provision came that in the form of his ability (read: his training, equipping and preparedness) to protect the lives of the many innocent people within a just few feet of the gun battle the day before—many of whom could have very well been killed within moments, had the armed Believing pharmacist not exercised his courage and confidence (and training) in the face of danger. It should also be very clear to those reading of this story for the first time, that God’s provision in this man’s life, was and remains a pointed message to all who learn of this story—a story which bears the unmistakable fingerprints of God’s grace in the face of evil—grace over a scenario which required lethal defense.

For those of you who may be inclined to pose the question as to whether or not the pharmacist should have rather not drawn on the man, that perhaps the man may have rather opted to simply “take the money and run”; allow me to extend a strong cup of coffee to you at this stage, in the form of a reality-check as we briefly consider how the average armed robbery now plays-out in 2015.

It has been over the last 20 years or so that I have observed a mounting tidal wave of evil represented in computer/online games; the collective playing of such more recently referred to as “gaming.” I do not play them myself, but I have watched many males, young and old, become absorbed, consumed and even addicted to such games. Most games involve extreme violence. One such game is that titled Grand Theft Auto, a game defined by a simple dual-faceted plot—that of continually stealing vehicles while shooting as many people as you can along the way—including the car owners. When males of all ages (6 to 60—and beyond), spend hours a day in this cyber-world, the violence becomes an alternate reality to them. They begin to become desensitized to violence, and rather come to look at such as a normal facet of everyday life (i.e., “all in a day’s work”).

It is quite common at this stage (i.e., 2015) during police forensic work following violent crimes, to find violent games resident on the laptops and PC’s of the perpetrators.

My point in alluding to the evil dynamics inherent within gaming, and the corresponding increase in unnecessary shootings on crime scenes, is that to underscore that two decades ago a given robber of a store was generally content to simply get away with the loot, without firing unnecessary shots into innocent people. Twenty years later however, it has become commonplace; hold the cashier at gunpoint, take the loot, then shoot-to-kill anyone in sight—just like it plays-out in cyberspace, while gaming (they get more “points” that way). And it is my belief that the gunman who entered this pharmacy could very well have intended the same. It is for this reason that I believe the pharmacist’s actions to have been divinely directed—to save several lives.

It was very clear to me, having watched the video of this exchange myself; that the pharmacist had trained for such an event, and responded to the danger with poise and effectiveness. He demonstrated what it is that I wish to impart to you—that of the resolve to prepare yourselves for such an event, that when the time comes, you will, as the result of your preparedness to defend the helpless, do just that.

Should you wish to view the video of the incident, and corresponding news story, you may do so via the link below. I will forewarn that it is graphic, in that the security cameras were on-the-spot, and caught the gun fight at close range. The witness of God’s grace in this scenario is very strong as news persons thereafter interview the pharmacist. It is for the latter primarily, that I include the video-link below:

Before the reader has an opportunity to again harbor an element of fear within this discussion, I will once again counter such with a measure of the “peace which surpasses understanding” (Phil. 4:6-7), in the form of encouraging you to meditate today upon chapter 91 of the Book of Psalms, which begins: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty” (v. 1). As we consider for a moment what it means to “dwell” in His shelter; and that in very practical, rubber-meets-the-road terms; perhaps we can consider the Hebrew definition of the word “dwell,” which is that of “yä·shav’,” which means at its root, “to sit down, and to be still.”

Planting ourselves in stillness and in silence, for the sole purpose of meditating upon God’s presence, even if but for a brief period each day; enables us to tap His steady stream of peace—a peace which truly surpasses all understanding.

Speaking in geological terms, most of us are unaware of just how close beneath our feet runs natural streams of water—if we’ll just take time to dig down a little bit. So it is with the “Mayim Hayim” (Hebrew), the “rivers of living water” that are at our disposal as we diligently seek friendship with the Lord.

I allude to this practice of stillness, wherein we meet with God’s peace, to in turn share that it was during such a posture, roughly 2 years ago, that I was granted a glimpse of the Fall season of 2015, in the U.S—and beyond (for the moment, I’ll stick to what I saw of the U.S., as this is the audience I am attempting to speak to). What do I mean by “a glimpse”? Well, sometimes I “see” things—things which come to pass. You may readily categorize this experience as an “Epiphany,” a term largely used to discount authentic encounters with God, by placing them within the category of a “passing fancy,” which seems to rest well with the religious community. Equally so, the term “Epiphany” rather neatly places my described experience within a secular psychological category labeled: delusion. Irrespective of how you so choose to label such, God is in the business of speaking to His children—if we will still ourselves long enough to listen. I’ve shared this, to in turn seek to convince the reader that what I’ve written thus far in this article is that far removed from a “passing fancy,” and that which should be very seriously pondered.

I suspect there will be a goodly number of people who will have read this article thus far, and pose the question as to whether or not I am suggesting the usurping of local city police and county sheriffs in their role to protect law abiding citizens from those committed to lawlessness. At the same time, I’ve no doubt there is a goodly number of people reading this article, who have concluded that local and county law enforcement has become “the enemy.”

Allow me to speak to both camps; by first divulging that I presently function in a part-time capacity in firearms sales (I will expand shortly on other relative endeavors in which I am involved). In and through this activity, I meet a large area/regional representation of law enforcement. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. I will admit that many of the younger ones (generally under age 40 or so), do often tend to posture themselves with a brash, arrogant, cocky, bullish and tough exterior. Most have dawned this posture by default, as a defense mechanism (put yourself in their shoes for a moment). But this mechanism is far removed from the more recent trend within the media to paint law enforcement as “the enemy.” The media trend to which I refer is taking its marching orders from a much higher authority, and for an ultimate purpose beyond the imagination (read: believability) of most. Irrespective of the media’s goal, and the greater goal of those who have inspired the media, law enforcement is NOT “the enemy” in any society. And, I am not suggesting in and through my encouragement to citizens to arm themselves; that they are to supplant the role of local law enforcement. Much rather, what I am saying, is that local law enforcement will soon have its hands very full, and will be simply incapable of protecting everyone from utter chaos and pandemonium—the raging expression of the Spirit of Lawlessness.

I will add that the federal government has, as of the writing of this article, managed to take control of municipal police departments in 6 states, and the momentum is growing, in keeping with a goal to create a federal Police State. While municipal police have succumbed to such, county sheriffs on the other hand are legally exempt from such oversight. I am using very elementary terms in this discussion, in an attempt to make a very sticky and complex topic, very simple. My point in alighting upon this reality, is to underscore that though the number of people under federal thumb are growing, they do not represent the tyrannical federal vision for this country, they much rather represent the common citizen—just like you. They did not “sign up” for what is transpiring in this country presently. At the same time however, most of these men and women have devoted their lives to becoming qualified to work in this field. They cannot simply walk away and start over in another field, in the wake of a 23% (and climbing) unemployment rate. Beneath the tough exterior of the badge, uniform and firearm, they are fragile human beings—just like you and me.

Bottom line; the police are NOT your enemy. They are to be respected, honored and supported, as they are quickly finding themselves in an extremely awkward position, and are doing their best to fulfill the mission to which they’ve aspired for most of their lives.

I feel it important to reiterate that in and through my encouragement that citizens arm, train and equip themselves in self-defense, I am in no way suggesting such for the purposes of supplanting law enforcement. To the contrary; and after having spoken with thousands of those within the law enforcement community; I’ve concluded that law enforcement is overwhelmingly behind the mission of law abiding citizens arming themselves, to include the practice of legal Concealed Carry. Additionally, it is my firm belief, and as is readily evidenced in very large metropolitan areas in the U.S. presently; that law enforcement is simply incapable of meeting the hourly demand for blanket protection of its area of oversight—in light of ever increasing violence and social tumult.

With the aforementioned disclaimers in view, I wish to offer just a few more observations and corresponding personal challenges to you the reader, before signing off.

I am tempted to alight upon countless incidents of recent date, wherein citizens were forced to defend themselves in the absence of the immediacy of local law enforcement intervention. Among such incidents are that reflected within the rising (or more appropriately: returning) tide of anti-Semitism (i.e., the hatred of Jews and their ancestral home and birthright—Israel). Perhaps a week ago, as of the writing of this article, a group of 20 attackers stormed the locked doors of a Jewish synagogue in London, busting down the doors and hurling verbal hatred. Had the Jewish group within the synagogue not fought back, they could have very well been badly beaten, if not killed. The Jewish parishioners can be seen (via smartphone recording) beating-back the attackers with furniture. They simply grabbed the first thing they got their hands on, and fought back. They did not cower under the furniture; they much rather charged the attackers while yelling-back at them. On the faces of the attackers can be seen a collective blank stare—one of the more telling signs of an actual spirit propelling them.

This posture on the part of our Jewish brothers and sisters, my friends, is what will be required of those who will withstand the storm of violence now enveloping our nation. On a very personal note; I was dully inspired by this defense posture on the part of the Jewish parishioners; I believe there is a timely message reflected in their collective courage. I have inserted below, a web-link to the footage of the attack. I will forewarn that there is some very strong language contained herein:

It could be that those having viewed this brief video may be inclined to query why I would see fit to include it herein. If this is you; understand that I included it to offer a timely sampling of what I foresee unfolding by the hour in our nation—wanton hatred of all things Christian and Jewish—coming from the highest authority in the land—and trickling downstream into every sector of society. I am not by any stretch seeking to spawn fear. To the radical contrary, I seek to impart confidence, through preparedness.

As you reflect on what I’ve shared thus far, please tarry with me in the closing moments of this article, that I might also share a timely glimpse of my personal life with you; that you may in turn better understand my personal motivation and mission in imparting confidence in the face of growing fear. Consider my unusual path in cultivating such, as it finds its deepest roots in intimacy with, and faith in, God.

I was raised in violence; I was beaten by gangs, repeatedly. When I wasn’t being beaten I was accosted with verbal hatred, on a daily basis. I was spat upon, have had chunks of my hair torn out, my clothes ripped off, etc. As a child I was frail, pale, skinny and vulnerable. I was the perfect target for the hate-filled reverse-discrimination which propelled most of the gangs I would face. Toward age 14 or so, and while fatherless, with no older brother as a model, a Marine-friend of my Mother’s (a co-worker of hers at the time) took interest in toughening me up. That, he did. And so began my introduction into the Martial Arts.

My final 18 months or so in high school, and that prior to my entrance into the Navy, were that spent counter-punching the beatings I had taken as a frail, frightened and feeble teen. Once in the Navy I would go on to participate in many amphibious landings; and would train, utilize and carry small arms of various calibers. I would face many life-threatening scenarios; some of which had the potential for spawning World War III, as several altercations and operational mishaps involved clashes with the Soviet Navy (i.e., “Soviet,” at the time). Life was very dangerous, and tension was very high, even within our ranks. On 4 occasions, men on my ship picked fights with me, for varying reasons. On each occasion I fought back, very seriously so. These altercations wound up costing me pay grades, as I wound up on the dealing-end of the worst injuries—despite the fact that I had not instigated any of the altercations. I was ultimately honorably discharged, and received a few meritorious unit ribbons for engaging some very sticky operations, but I am certainly not a decorated war hero; far from it. Quite honestly, I was deeply emotionally wounded and bound by many traumas as a child. I was a child in a man’s body; I reacted to violence with violence. Thankfully, some years later, I would meet with the transforming power of God in my life, and would, over many years, receive a spiritual heart transplant.

While in the Navy, I did shoulder some very serious responsibilities, like dodging icebergs in the North Atlantic Sea in the middle the night, while behind the helm of the ship, and while 1,000 or more troops slept soundly; and also while charging beachheads in landing crafts, skipping waves with one hand on the wheel and one hand on a .50 caliber machine gun (yes, it can be done); and with a .45 caliber pistol flapping at my side and a .12 gauge short-barreled shotgun within arm’s reach strapped to the bulkhead—just in case things got “up-close and personal.” I certainly do not define myself by my military exploits, as I was an immature, angry and confused young man, who walked away from a great opportunity to further serve my country in and through an extended enlistment opportunity (a “re-up”) at one juncture, which would have granted me the avenue through which to serve my country in a highly specialized field thereafter.

I honor those who currently serve this capacity, and I honor those who have placed themselves in harm’s-way while serving this country.

Once out of the Navy I would go on to meet the Lord, giving my heart to Him. Thereafter the transformation of my deeply wounded and hardened heart began. During this transformation I would go on to compete in 3 different forms of pistol competition, over many years. I would ultimately resume Martial Arts training, within 4 styles, ending with a much coveted belt in one particular style. I would eventually, through heavy involvement in Deliverance Ministry, realize the demonic chords of entanglement I had exposed myself to, by tapping Oriental Mysticism within the advanced stages of my Martial Arts form. I would then renounce the same, and ultimately walk away from Martial Arts. I will offer, as an important disclaimer, that I have since discovered many very strong Believers who, in and through their faith, have remained above and apart from the demonic roots within Oriental Mysticism. These I commend, and deeply respect, and I do not by any means wish to suggest that one cannot advance in Martial Arts without succumbing to demonic entanglement. The opposite has been gracefully proven. I simply didn’t know this at the time, as a new Believer, and choose rather to walk away from the art. But, and again, I have great respect for those who’ve used their Martial Arts art form for God’s glory. I honor these champions of the faith.

Several years ago I obtained credentials to teach Concealed Carry Weapons classes, as well as that to serve as Range Safety Officer at various shooting range venues. As of this writing I’ve begun to serve in these capacities, and I’m presently forming my own business within the industry.

I have divulged this facet of my life, to in turn say that though our hearts and lives are radically changed by our love affair with the Lord ongoing (but only as we daily yield to such), there are very often elements of our pasts that are redeemed in such a way as to take-on a new dimension—old rusty parts we thought would be ultimately sent to a scrapyard, yet which have found their way back onto the vehicle of our redeemed lives. This to in turn say that though I seek to yield my heart to the daily transformative work of the Holy Spirit, as He further imparts the “wisdom from above,” I have yet felt very strongly compelled to draw upon elements of my training and experience which occurred quite removed from the metamorphosis of my heart. They now find healthy context. The two spheres seem very much at-odd’s, actually. At the present however, I am convinced beyond any doubt, that I’m being divinely prompted to sound a trumpet—a call to arms. No, not a national civil revolt; to the contrary I speak to national civil readiness to defend ourselves in the face of mounting violence and encroaching terrorism.

Moments ago I alluded in passing to “the wisdom from above.” Do ponder this precious jewel from Scripture with me for a moment. It is James 3:17. It reads:

“…the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy.”

For 34 years, I have largely sought to allow the Lord the liberty to so rule and reign in my heart that my heart would fully emulate James 3:17. For many years accordingly, I felt at-odds about ongoing involvement in firearms collection and competition. I would buy a few, sell a few; compete a while, then walk away from it. I felt a subtle tension with such for many years. Perhaps I ultimately walked away from it years ago, that I could in time be readied internally, to then handle such activity in healthier context down the road. Perhaps that healthier context is now.

I believe it wisdom to train and equip ourselves for what is coming, both spiritually and physically. Yet as we toil, tarry and train ourselves for what’s unfolding in our midst as a nation in turmoil, we do well to remain mindful of the macro picture—the much larger picture. And there is no better picture, for the present, than that represented in Psalm 46, which reads:

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change, and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy dwelling places of the Most High. God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns. The nations made an uproar, the kingdoms tottered; He raised His voice, the earth melted. The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold. Come, behold the works of the Lord, Who has wrought desolations in the earth. He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two; He burns the chariots with fire. Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold.”

It was following many fierce battles that King David arrived at the wisdom that ultimately inspired this chapter of Psalms. He and his fierce army trained and equipped themselves in the natural. Yet all the while David knew that his God was the One Who “breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two” belonging to the enemy. David’s wisdom in war would later be multiplied tenfold through the infinite wisdom bestowed upon his son, King Solomon. Solomon would go on to pen 1000s of Proverbs which contain but a few words, yet which speak volumes of wisdom. Perhaps Solomon then underscored what his father David had penned in Psalm 46, by reducing it to but one sentence, in and through Proverbs 21:31, which reads:

“The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory belongs to the Lord.”

The essence of Proverbs 21:31 would much later be echoed in the words of Jesus, in 26:52-53, which reads:

“Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword. Or do you think that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?”

The long-paraphrased and quoted version of verse 52 is one that everyone has heard at one time or another: “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.” Allow me to speak to this verse for a moment. In essence, and in purely expositional (i.e., rubber-meet-the-road) language; we may readily interpret the verse to mean that if we rely solely upon the sword (read “gun” in contemporary context) for our defense and survival, we will die by the same. This is where one’s faith in God is to be affirmed. For it is by the Sword of the Lord–the Word of God–that we don our defense and pray for our survival–not our guns. For God can and will dispatch “legions” of angels for our personal defense and survival–when our prayers reach His heart and warrant His defense.

The gun (“sword”) yet maintains a critical place in our defense and survival, however it is never to supplant the paramount focus upon first looking to God–in the name of Jesus, for such. As we then purpose to live by the Sword of the Lord–the Word of God, we die within the parameters of God’s divine providence–in His time–versus that otherwise determined by our enemies’ “sword.”

I have prayed that all that I’ve written within this article would equate to a sobering challenge to all Believers in the U.S., both Jew and Christian, who are witnessing by the hour, the complete dismantling of the foundation of this nation, and who find themselves at a theological crossroads with respect to understanding their liberty and latitude to defend themselves in the face of mounting violence. I will honor those who so choose no physical defenses whatsoever, and who rather choose to place complete trust in the Lord for their physical well-being. I will not find fault with such. Our actions in this regard, either way, must come from deep conviction. And my conviction is that rooted in arming ourselves. I trust the reader, at this stage, will then equally honor my choice.

Irrespective of either choosing, perhaps we can both agree that tantamount above all, and as has been so established by both King David and King Solomon; we must first look to the “author and finisher of our faith” (Heb. 12:2) to write the final chapter in the battle before us—while we keep the Great Commission within the crosshairs of “our upward call” (Phil. 3:13-14).

Your trench-mate,



*Post-Script #1:

The following affirming article was discovered on 07/16/15:

Moses and Righteous Use of Force – Rabbi Dovid Bendory

*Post-Script #2:

The following web site was discovered on 03/30/16, while searching for a review on a particular pistol. May the contents herein further serve to affirm your personal convictions on this topic:

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New Year’s Day – January 1st, 2015

The Bad, the Good, and the Beautiful

With the dawn of each New Year I am consistently greeted with a myriad of emotions—foremost of which is that spawned by fatigue as the result of beer-drinking, gun-toting hellions noisily welcoming-in the New Year (a comedic cultural element in my locale). I was sorely tempted last night to return fire, but to do so would have resulted in sparking fear and pandemonium among my neighbors, in the wake of repeated blasts from decidedly unconventional armament (specifications withheld). And so, I opted for peace, and did my best to settle into a long evening of listening to my miniature dachshund snore through the night.

I’ve awakened to a New Year.

King David, in several places in scripture, writes passionately of his meetings with dawn—the dawn of a new day. At one point in the Psalms, he exclaims, “I will awaken the dawn!” (e.g. Psalm 108:2). He is so eager and intent upon spending time in the Lord’s presence, in worship, that he is intent upon beating the dawn at its own game, by rising while it is still dark, to worship the Lord. I’m not quite there yet, but give me some time, and perhaps I’ll get to that place.

Speaking of sleep and rising early; one of the most readily available healing balms at my disposal, in my desperate attempts for escape from a severe neurological disorder, is sleep itself. I usually don’t experience more than 30 minutes of it without being awakened by the piercing screech of tinnitus raging in my head. This therefore is why King David’s habit of awakening while it is still dark to worship, appears so far from my grasp. I typically awaken as exhausted as when I retired. What speaks new life to me however, is that of worshiping, on guitar. And so, that’s what I will find time to do this morning.

What I am also making time to do today is that to reflect upon the world as I see it, upon the dawn of a New Year. I suppose the reader may be inclined to quip, “Perhaps you’re assuming, David, that others won’t see that your view is sorely skewed by your personal suffering and chronic fatigue.” To this, I will admit that if my personal suffering were all I focused upon, indeed, my view would be sorely skewed. The reality however is that as I force myself to feed upon the Word of God daily, and worship Him daily, my view therefore often transcends my suffering. And it is in this transcendent state that I make efforts to speak but a word of encouragement to those around me today. Therefore, please prayerfully seek-out the jewel of encouragement as you swath through my musings which follow.

I’ve set my hands to tens of thousands of hours of public ministry over many, many years, in my pursuit to speak life into those who are tormented by one critter or another. In and through all of this, I’ve found there’s but one simple yet very potent ingredient that evokes life more than any other at my disposal, and this ingredient is that of a simple word of encouragement. Many of us are predisposed to scurrying about, in search of a revelatory word which will unveil the manifold mysteries of heaven, and in a flash vaporize our doubt, confusion, fear and unrest. When in reality, most of us need but a simple word of encouragement.

Come to think of it, it was but one simple word of discouragement which led a young Japanese exchange student on an American college campus, to return to his native homeland of Japan; march up the ranks of the military, and lead the entire Japanese Navy into attacking the “Imperialist Americans” in World War II (i.e., the Imperial Navy firing upon the “Imperialists”). The young student had been dissed by Anglo-American students, in a spirit of racism. He then allowed his anger to boil, and he purposed to get revenge. He did.

Conversely, the power of but one simple word of encouragement can also change the course of history.

I placed the title of The Bad, the Good, and the Beautiful above this musing, that the reader may in turn find prompting to expect a progression of thought that “gets better.” I’ve done so to counter the impression that I’m hereafter digging a dark tunnel into nihilism—the sentiment that life has lost its meaning. And so, if you have read this far, I encourage you to hang in there, that you might find that jewel of encouragement nestled within the barbs and trappings of the grim realities I’ll touch upon herein–the necessary navigation of many potholes, before the pavement in our journey become smooth.

The world as I understand it, is a planet spinning upon an axis which is actually moving faster than it was ten years previous. No kidding, the “axis-spin” if you will, actually accelerated ten years ago, as the result of the violent sea-quake and subsequent tsunami which decimated large portions of South Asia in late 2004. A decade later, researchers have concluded that the ultimate death toll of the South Asia sea-quake and tsunami is that between 270,000 and 310,000. It has been discovered that many smaller islands, which contained primitive people groups who had purposefully kept themselves from broader civilization, had been completely wiped off the map; rendered wholly extinct—before anthropologists even had the chance to fully research and document their tribal origins and history.

As unconscionable as this sounds, the mind is yet further stretched when one considers the reality of an excerpt of the Book of Proverbs (8:29), which reads: “He set for the sea its boundary, so that the water would not transgress His command, when He marked out the foundations of the earth.”

If you therefore believe all of scripture (i.e.,“the whole counsel of scripture,” Acts 20:27), you must conclude that when the seas transgress their borders, it is only because God has allowed it to happen. That’s one strong cup of coffee there.

Within my social sphere or orbit here in the West, I am met foremost with an immediate and pressing reality of fear and uncertainty on the faces and in the voices of those about me. The most pressing reality that I see and hear is that of the evil emanating from the White House, and its subsequent course of wholly destroying the United States, not unlike an image of molten lava spewing from a volcanic eruption of political vice, and vaporizing everything in its path as it oozes north, south, east and west, to blanket the entire nation. The reality is that this imagery actually does best describe the destruction of our nation as we know it—the same Republic that millions of men and women have died defending for 100s of years. However, we must once again shift our focus to the reality of Scripture—a reality far greater than our personal orbits. For once again the voice of King Solomon echo’s from the pages of the Book of Proverbs; this time in the form of Proverbs 21:2, which reads: “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water, He turns it wherever He wishes.”

Here we are again, with the reality of a God who has not only allowed the borders of the sea to swallow-up as many as 310,000 people in December of 2004, but who has also allowed a spirit of Antichrist to propel and wholly consume the heart of the president of the United States, that but one man may in turn wholly destroy a nation once committed to honoring Him. It is indeed the same God, the God that the Apostle Paul speaks of in Romans 9:18: “He has mercy on whom He wills, and whom He wills He hardens.”

Lest the reader conclude that God arbitrarily plucks a soul from the earth to work evil, not unlike a blindfolded man plucking a piece from a chessboard, which He certainly can; understand that history rather reveals that He typically hardens those who have given Him cause to do so—those who have made the choice to give themselves over to evil. His judgment of such is that to allow them their very wish—a heart bent upon evil. And He has allowed the president of the United States to serve as a vessel of divine judgment, to bring the nation to its knees—the same posture that the founding fathers of the U.S. dawned as they first dedicated the nation to His glory.

And so, the United States is being systematically destroyed by our own president. Six years into such destruction, it is clear the national landscape will never look the same by the end of the present presidential term. The United States will never fully recover; the damage is that extensive. Lest we become consumed in our national demise however, why don’t we for a time fix our gaze upon the globe at large, in an effort to perhaps remind ourselves that the world is much larger than our Western paradigm?

Not long ago a very young investigative journalist discovered a man who had been living wholly alone in the wilderness of Chile, for the previous 46 years. A few times a month he would with a pack mule traverse extremely rugged mountain terrain to trade livestock and furs for other goods. His marketplace encounters were limited to very small towns. The man therefore had no interaction to speak of, with modern technology or those shaped by western formal education. He would during his visits into the villages pick up the newspaper and later pour over it in an attempt to understand the world at large. Of course the paper, like most, was tainted by the personal paradigm of its editor. Therefore, the man had only his instincts to rely upon as he sought to navigate world events.

Speaking of instincts; perhaps its timely to insert a little-known segment of research into the dynamics represented in Instinct and Intuition, and their respective relationship to what we in the West understand to represent Intellect.

It was French Philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941) who contended that our intuition is a greater force in impacting the world about us, than our intellect. I tend to believe he was right, as the Western approach to quantifying Intelligence Quotient is largely rooted in surveying a person’s ability to memorize data, and to process such memorized data in logical fashion, quickly–a brain function solely rooted in the Left Hemisphere of the brain–wholly ignoring the Right Hemisphere–which is rather devoted to abstract thought and artistic impulse. One could also suggest that intuition is lodged in the Right Hemisphere. I rather tend to believe that such is a product of our spirits–a facet of our being which transcends the intellect, and which engages the function of discernment (commonly mislabeled “intuition”)–when the spirit aligns itself with our Creator, i.e., the Mind of Christ.  Lets consider therefore that the Chilean Hermit, in and through his complete and prolonged removal from the Western onslaught of social media and mass-confusion wrought of metropolitan life, had learned to “trust his instincts,” or rather learned to be guided by his spirit.

*Photo below: area in Chile where hermit was discovered.

Enter a young female journalist, to make discovery of this amazing story of a life lived in utter seclusion for nearly half a century. At one point in the many recorded conversations with the man, he alludes to the peculiar and erratic changes in climate and seasons. Intuitively he had begun to sense a change in the world about him; a change that must have global implications as well. He simply concluded that “something big was up” — bigger than his ability to verbalize. It was clear the man was truly discerning something larger than life, yet couldn’t quite place his finger on it. I do not doubt the hermit had in turn concluded the changes about him were the result of God’s dealings with the planet, and God’s timetable in general; though he was not given the opportunity to share such. Rather, he was abruptly intercepted by the young college graduate, who in turn informed him that all that he had observed of the climatic changes can easily be explained by “Global Warming.” Within moments therefore, this elderly hermit had been duped into believing one of the grandest lies of the century–a lie which has duly fed the federal monster of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)–a monster which continues to levy crippling federal restrictions upon the Small Business sector–thus by default continuing to wipe out the Middle Class–a subversive tactic representative of a much larger scheme to destroy the U.S. as we know it–all the while lining the pockets of the financial elite with billions of dollars. I’ll stop there, before sowing disillusionment into those who’ve fallen for the EPA lie, hook, line and sinker.

It is truly remarkable, the mush that is being spoon-fed young minds on college campus around the nation at this stage. I listen to them only to cringe within moments as they parrot the secular-humanistic mumbo-jumbo emanating from their “professors.”

The elderly Chilean hermit, prior to his encounter with the young “enlightened” and freshly graduated college student, had in fact begun to understand the very gist of Romans 8:22, which reads, “…the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs…” In other words, the earth is reacting in natural dimensions, to an unfolding mystery of spiritual dimensions, dully underscoring 1 Corinthians 15:46, which reads, “The spiritual is not first, but the natural; first the natural, then the spiritual.”

Equally so, the Chilean hermit was witnessing the fulfillment of Romans 1:20, which reads, “…since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…”

And so, we’ve fixed our gaze far beyond our personal orbits, to take a glimpse of an unusual event in Chile; that of a hermit observing God’s handiwork, only to have 46 years of such the observation placed in a tin can of secular humanistic psycho-babble. One hereafter might be inclined to question how I might in turn conclude the fallacy of Global Warming. By way of an answer, consider this excerpt of scripture: “…those who diligently seek the Lord understand all things” (Proverbs 28:5).

The context of Proverbs 28:5 is that of underscoring the reality that those who passionately pursue the mind of Christ, consistently understand the nature of all things that unfold around them. This understanding includes access to the Revelatory Gifts–which very often reveal “the wizard behind the big curtain.”

The fruits of the young journalist, meeting with the Chilean hermit? Deception on the part of the young woman. For the hermit had deemed the young journalist a prophet, from a land far away, who made the arduous journey, to enlighten him. My hope is that the philosophical entropy induced by the journalist, was only temporary.

My point in alluding to this little-known event in Chile between the hermit and the journalist, is that to underscore how quickly something very precious can be thwarted in a matter of moments, by a misguided soul. It is for this reason that we are challenged in scripture to “hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5).  And it is in the spirit of holding every thought captive, that I wish to shift our gaze to a few more points on the globe as we continue to ponder the implications of having stepped-into yet another New Year.

As we continue to consider the globe spinning on its axis, and as the New Year unfolds, let’s say we shift our gaze randomly to Kurdistan; the mountainous region where eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran and northeastern Syria converge.

*Image below: map of Kurdistan.

The northern half of Kurdistan sports majestic mountains and beautiful terrain. It reminds me much of northern Idaho. And, nestled deep within these rugged and often treacherous mountains are armies of all-female Freedom Fighters (well, about 98% of them are female anyway). The formal designations and factions of these armies can be confusing. I’ll simply define them in general as well trained militia who refuse to submit to the chauvinistic and brutal imposition of Islamic culture and its inherent abuse and mistreatment of women. They are fighting-back, quite literally. And as they fight-back against oppressive government, they are concurrently fighting Islamic State; taking them head-on, and are very often successful in beating them back. It is a truly amazing story of the vision, courage and determination of these women.

We take an interesting turn however, when we unveil the teaching and indoctrination occurring within the Female Freedom-Fighter camps. A small number of men have joined-up with these females. The number is growing. As part of a typical day within these camps, all present must sit under ongoing teaching and indoctrination. Found within such indoctrination is the belief that the mistreatment of woman began back in the Neanderthal era, and has shown no sign of slowing down. Obviously the belief completely renders the biblical account of spiritual harmony resulting from men serving as spiritual leader of a given household, wholly erroneous. In short, the bible is a fairytale to them. The men present in these camps therefore, are programed to believe that they should be subservient; to accept the reality that they are inferior beings, who must be led-about and dominated by women.

The Kurdish female fighters have therefore initially embarked upon a noble mission, to fight the forces of evil; only to allow themselves to succumb to a deceptive belief in the superiority of women, and the subsequent domination of men. Once again therefore, we have traveled to a remote corner of the earth, to meet both beauty and the beast—the beauty of nature and noble pursuits therein—and the beast of misguided steps which can easily undermine an otherwise noble pursuit.  The story of these brave women underscores among other things, how easy it is to become disoriented when we fail to “hold every thought captive.”

Lest the reader conclude I’ve rendered these women null and void in their mission to fight tyranny, please rather understand that I wholly support their mission to fight-back the forces of evil in the natural, and I have great respect for them. At the same time however, I must alight upon the spiritual forces at-play, and the way in which such forces intertwine themselves into every scenario of note, when they are permitted. The spiritual dynamics herein therefore, represent the central thread in the remainder of my thoughts.

If I don’t miss my guess, the Lord of Hosts has already dispatched Kingdom agents to make their way not only to the hermit in Chile, but also to the female militia hidden in the mountains of Kurdistan. The clock is ticking, and its only a matter of time before they each meet with an authentic dose of Kingdom reality.  This will make the hermit’s hermitage all the more beautiful, and the female-fighters’ mission all the more purposeful.

*Photo below: A Kurdish female fighter.

Let’s now randomly shift our imaginary telescope to North Korea. One of the darkest countries on the planet (figuratively and literally—see photo below, of North Korea at night, in contrast to South Korea).

On New Year’s Day, Dictator Kim Jong Un made the formal gesture of peace negotiations with South Korea. The gesture was received as a complete joke by the South Koreans, for those who know anything at all about North Korean history, know that Kim Jong Un is a madman. The history of tyrannical dictatorship in North Korea has included the brutal murder and torture of millions of innocent people for the last century. Christians especially, upon discovery, are thrown in prisons resembling hell on earth, and are forced to work like animals for18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fed food rations equating to maybe 5% of what the average American eats in a given day. And, they are systematically tortured and executed on a daily basis.

Where therefore, is the element of merit in Kim Jong Un’s gesture of “peace negotiations”? The gesture is absurd. The only way to establish any credible gesture of peace on the part of North Korea, is that to first eliminate Kim Jong Un and his entire regime, which means also eliminating the entire North Korean army, which is the 4th largest military in the world, and which is armed with many nuclear warheads. My overriding point? Evil must be wholly excised from its victim in order to free the same to begin embracing the metamorphosis of divine-design—the habitation of God and His purposes therein.

As we reduce the North Korean saga (this time around) to but one word, we arrive at the same word defining the scenario within the mountains of Kurdistan: deception. North Koreans believe their dictator is a god, and that he can do no wrong. Those suffering cruelly within the many prison camps however, know otherwise.  Equally however, I suspect the Lord of Hosts has also dispatched a Kingdom agent to knock upon the door of Kim Jong Un’s heart, in due season.

No, I don’t think Dennis Rodman was was that Kingdom agent.

I have long maintained that virtually every seemingly complex issue can in fact be reduced to a very simple explanation. As such, I enjoy listening to commentators talk about the complexity of a given issue, only to see right through the “complexities” and into the simplicity of the issue. Remember my allusion to Believers understanding “the nature of all things”?

Recently an Islamic State militant posted a foxhole interview filmed by one of his buddies, via a smartphone. In the interview the militant stated that Islamic State would soon overtake the U.S., and that the Islamic State flag would be flown over the White House. U.S. media widely circulated the video, and was aghast at such a thought. However, what U.S. media and most U.S. citizens who have been duped by U.S. media are wholly unaware of, is the reality that the Islamic State flag is already flying over the White House, as it was hoisted into that position on the evening of November 6th, 2008; most simply cannot see the flag—as the result of a dynamic which can again be reduced to but one word. Can you guess the word at this stage? Surely you can: deception.

Now we’re “tracking.”

Lest the reader preclude that I am sowing a web of hopelessness; be reminded that I initially established that we’d have to first navigate a few potholes prior to reaching the fresh pavement on our journey.  Hope is around the bend…

*Photo below: Islamic State fighters in training.

We’ve just established that mass-media within the U.S. has aided and abetted the gross deception flowing from the White House, and that the majority of Americans do not see the extent to which they’ve been wholly duped. Those discerning among the landscape of the U.S., who happen to be a very small minority, have become increasingly enveloped by a combination of anger, hopelessness and despair, as they watch the president systematically dismantle every element of the U.S. Republic. What further magnifies the collective despair is that God’s hand in this scenario seems nowhere to be found. Believers are on their knees, praying for redemption in the White House, and the president only becomes more evil and diabolical as the clock ticks.

What gives?!

As we have established early on in this article, there is nothing that happens which is not first allowed to happen, by God. Therefore, He is allowing evil to runs its course, most certainly in the U.S. The U.S. is being purged with an intensity never before experienced. Every element of national security has quickly been morphed into national insecurity. Americans are stocking-up on food, guns and ammo, expecting the worst. And rightfully so. In the natural, these actions are wisdom at this stage. In the spiritual however, the good that is coming from all of this, is the purging of the soul of the nation. For the soul of the nation has become corrupt. The soul of the nation happens to be the Church.

The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, have, by our president, been declared little more than bathroom tissue at this stage—they simply have no bearing on his thoughts—they are nothing more than obstacles in his wake–a collective annoyance.  His obstacle however is much greater than these documents themselves; his obstacle is the God represented in such, for the spirit propelling our president is the very Spirit of Antichrist.  Note that I did not suggest that our president was thee Antichrist, but rather moving in a spirit of such—there is a distinct difference. And what is further perplexing about the growing maze of mindless mayhem emanating from the White House, is the largely unacknowledged reality that God has allowed this to unfold.

And so, God has allowed rampant evil to flow through our president, to wage war with Christians and Jews, and all who believe in the Republic. And as we reel in shock as one wave of evil after another rolls-in from the sea of corruption in the White House, we are being purged from the entrapment of “The American Dream.”
The American Dream and the Kingdom of God have to a large degree been at war with one another over several decades. Western Christians have been duped into believing that the apex of Christian maturity and favor is that evidenced by luxury, material wealth and wanton consumerism. Of course it’s not understood as consumerism, but that’s precisely what it is—the amassing of material security. How does this glorify God? It glorifies God only when a significant portion of our prosperity is channeled and funneled into eliminating the pain and suffering of others, firstly through meeting practical needs, and secondly through sewing the reality of the love of God into the same.

To the contrary, the vast majority of “successful” Americans have allowed their insulated orbit of financial security to rob them of whole dependance upon God. A posture of whole dependence upon Him defines the true nature of humility. There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting material comforts for our families. However, there is something quite wrong when, as Believers, material comforts become our sole pursuit. Such the pursuit readily defines the bulk of Western Christianity at this juncture. This paradigm is an affront to who we are called to be. On this note, it was the late Derek Prince who, during one of his latter conference appearances while speaking on the topic of Deliverance Ministry, said: “The two most deadly idols keeping American Christians from walking in the fullness of their callings, are: 1) Comfort, and 2) Convenience.”

Americans are now being forced to reevaluate their faith, by the minute. This is a good thing—far more good will come from this than anything else we would be naturally inclined to label as “good.” Spiritual roots are being forced to inch their way much deeper into the soil of a real faith. The wheat is being separated from the chaff in our lives with an intensity that I have not before seen in my lifetime. In the process, many are falling-away under the heat of such intense dealings (i.e. “Because of the increase of wickedness and lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold in that day,” Matthew 24:12).

“That day,” my friends, happens to be well represented in this number: 2015—the very year in which we now find ourselves.

I mentioned moments ago that the soul of the U.S. is the Church. One of the more pointed reasons our collective soul is being so severely purged, is that of the result of our readily embracing an anti-Israel spirit, a spirit which, among other things has spawned a resurgent doctrine known as Replacement Theology. In very simple terms (remember, the art of teaching is that rooted in the ability to take something seemingly complex and reduce it to something very simply understood), the Western Church has chosen to embrace the lie that they have replaced Israel with respect to God’s covenant-promises with the Jewish people. The widespread sentiment is that the Church is now “spiritual Israel.”

The most effective lies are those which contain some element of truth. And in the case of Replacement Theology, the concept of a “spiritual Israel” is a half-truth. The whole truth is this: the Western Church is a spiritual extension (key-word) of Israel, as it is comprised of Believers who have been grafted into the olive tree of Israel. A branch therefore, grafted-into the trunk of a larger tree, becomes an extension. Romans 11:24 explains this quite simply, as follows: “…you were cut off from what is by nature a wild olive tree, and were grafted contrary to nature into a cultivated olive tree…”

I have watched this very process demonstrated, in Israel. A firsthand, graphic demonstration of Romans 11:24 exemplified.

The Jewish Nation and the Jewish global population collectively, as God Himself has stated, are the very “Apple of His eye” (Zechariah 2:8). Is it now more readily understandable how absurd it is therefore, that the Western Church is presently standing before God and declaring, “We have replaced the apple of Your eye!” (?)
De-legitimizing Israel in this way is nothing less than cursing Israel (Genesis 12:1-3). And, as if this collective cursing wasn’t enough, coming from the Western Church; our current president more overtly curses the Nation of Israel by repeated threats with respect to Israel’s inalienable right to its military defenses. We are in fact wholly welcoming God’s curse upon our nation, and cursing our nation He is.

Our national sin however, is far more expansive than our cursing of Israel, which has spawned judgment enough. Our national sin has many tentacles. I’ll not go into all of them as the definitive list would sow nothing but despair for the reader. But I believe it will suffice to say that there is a corresponding number which well represents all that I’ve described, and that number, yet again, is 2015—the very year in which we now find ourselves. And 2015 also well-represents the fulfillment of a forecast seated in Isaiah 5:20, which reads, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter sweet and sweet for bitter…”

We are there, friends. We have “arrived.”

“Good,” as understood in Isaiah’s day, and somewhere between 930 B.C. and 722 B.C., when Isaiah 5:20 was written; was something entirely different from that which we in 2015 A.D., define as “good.” For now we “call evil good and good evil.” But the godly-good that I see unfolding, and as I have touched upon moments ago, is reflected in the violent stripping away of our collective conformity to the ways of the world, to include the toppling of our personal empires which “moth can destroy.” The only thing that will remain standing on the other side of this intense stripping, is “the Church not made with hands” – the “House of prayer for all nations” (Matthew 21:13).  This is the “good” that  promised at the onset of this musing.

We’re now approaching the “beautiful” that I also promised to touch upon at the onset of this article. And I believe Psalm 116:15, is very fitting at this stage; it reads: “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

No, I’m not suggesting that the lopping-off of a Believer’s head, execution-style, by an Islamic sword, is “beautiful.” What I am suggesting however, is that the hearts of those who are willing to pay the ultimate price for Kingdom Ambassadorship, is in fact beautiful.  When our hearts are so yielded to God’s purposes, that we’ve wholly died to earthly entrapment to the degree that expanding His Kingdom is all that matters; then we are witnessing what is precious in His sight, and beautiful to behold, in the wake and context of a nation groaning in multifaceted upheaval–and judgement.

Psalm 116:15 has long been deemed that to speak of the beautiful heart-resolve of those who are so in love with the Lord that they gracefully accept martyrdom as their fate. This heart posture, and this complete yielding to His ways and means, is indeed “precious in His sight.” Consider however that this verse may actually represent a “double entendre,” in that it speaks to the former, but also, and perhaps more pointedly in this hour, speaks to the precious internal resolve to die completely to self, and to our vein adherence to the world, so much so that all which remains of our lives is a living sacrifice to Him—a vessel completely submitted to the ebb and flow of the Holy Spirit’s prodding, moment by moment.

Very soon, we in the West will have ample opportunity to die to the world, and wholly live for the Lover of our souls, as the economic, political and social structures come tumbling down in the wake of God’s intensifying judgment.

We love to quote the Apostle Paul, when his ancient quips accent or underscore our personal pontificating. But how often do we find ourselves quoting this one (?): “I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need” (Philippians 4:12).

Now that’s beautiful. And that happens to be what we as Believers will soon find ourselves negotiating on a daily basis. This to say that we can no longer allow our external circumstances to dictate whether we are “being filled” with the Spirit. For when we are “being filled” with the Spirit on a daily basis, our external circumstances matter not.

I alluded earlier to the “earth groaning in eager anticipation” of the End of the Age as we know it. As it continues to reel at natural disasters and “wars and rumors of wars,” the authentic Church will further emerge and take Her stand in triumph of truth. Such the triumph may cost many of us our lives. But this is precisely what we signed-up for. For when we embraced Y’shua, Jesus, we gave Him all that mattered to us; our futures, our plans, our needs and wants. Has this resolve changed? If an honest reflection yields an answer of “yes,” then now is as good a time as any to re-submit ourselves wholly to the Lord, and to allow Him to resume Lordship of every aspect of our lives. In this way, 2015 will unfold as the best year of your life thus far, as it will unfold as the year in which your “first love” was rekindled in your heart, just like the early romance with Him many years ago. And it doesn’t have to end—it can remain through eternity.

How does one go about rekindling the flame of our first love with the Lord? Well, I can tell you that you don’t do so by signing-up for the next “Firepower Explosion of Glory Eruption of Prophetic Power Earthshaking and Releasing of Your Destiny with Personal Activation and Impartation Conference.” Rather, you can rekindle the flame of your first love in and through a very simple exercise; one that you can orchestrate even within the next day or so.

As you find yourself agreeable to such, consider carving-out a time of 30 minutes or more, with no distractions. As you do so, open your bible to Psalm 119. Before you begin reading this longest chapter of the Psalms, simply ask the Holy Spirit to move your heart when you get to excerpts of the chapter that you can pray, for yourself; excerpts that will serve as a springboard for asking the Lord to work in your heart, the very thing that David is emoting. The Holy Spirit will be faithful to walk beside you on this brief hike through the woods of David’s heart—which happens to mirror your heart as well. And, shortly thereafter, you’ll find the rekindling of the embers that were still glowing deep in your heart, much to your surprise.

Well friends, I’ve done my best to render a brief musing of The Bad, the Good, and the Beautiful in what I see unfolding before us as 2015 gets underway. We all “see in part,” so I’m simply sharing the part that I see, and I pray this part will have spoken to you in some measure. Perhaps it is most fitting to end my musings with an excerpt from King Solomon, who is speaking for the Ancient of Days:

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, He has put eternity into man’s heart…” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).  May the epicenter of our hearts hold fast to a glimpse of eternity, in and through the reality of the beauty of Y’shua in our midst as the world shakes about us.

Your trench-mate,


Tribute to “Uncle Bob” Jones

Bald EagleThis afternoon a prophet-friend of mine emailed me with a time-stamp on his email of “2:22.” With deeply saddening news he informed me that yet another prophet, Bob Jones, had gone to be with the Lord today.

Bob spoke-into my life profoundly so, on several occasions, over many years.  The most significant encounter with him incidentally involved Revelation 22:2 as a springboard upon which I would later experience truly life-changing ministry in Israel. The story is simply too lengthy to include here. It will simply suffice to say that all that Bob prophesied over my life has come to pass with mind-boggling accuracy, and has systematically unfolded over many years.  The Holy Spirit, in His sweetness, prompted my friend to send the note today at “2:22,” to jog my memory of the priceless things Bob spoke-into me, which evolved around the number “222.”

There was a time, perhaps over 25 years ago or so, when I was enthralled by high levels of the revelatory gifts in-action, within the work of the ministry. For it was during that period that the revelatory gifts began to move with fluidity through me, often times involuntarily so. It was all new and exciting to me, and I simply marveled at those who had transitioned to moving in high levels therein.  As time wore-on however, I was less and less impressed with the gifts–especially when they were not also married with the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-24).

It is this divine marriage therefore; the marriage between the Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit (9 of each), that rather began to leave a more lasting impact upon me. And as I look-back upon my encounters with “Uncle Bob,” I will never forget how contagious was his passionate love for the Lover of his soul–Jesus. This is what so moved me during my Bob-encounters, far more so than his personal revelation otherwise.  For it was his revelation of the love of God which more so touched the lives of those about him, than anything else.

Bob_JonesIt was just a few weeks ago that I had the honor of speaking at a memorial service for yet another dear prophet-friend of mine, Dale Clarke Cathey. And to be met with the loss of both of these dear prophets within a matter of weeks, is very difficult.

I pray that the mantles left by these dear saints will not be left behind to collect dust.

I encourage you to take a quick read of the news coverage of Bob’s passing, via Charisma News, below:

Bob Jones Passes Away on Valentine’s Day

This video below is that of Bob and Bonnie Jones as they are interviewed at the MorningStar campus in 2012, below:

Bob and Bonnie Jones – 2012

This additional video below is that of Bob’s memorial service held at the MorningStar campus, February 21st:

Bob Jones’ Memorial Service



Tribute to Dale Clarke Cathey

Tribute to Dale Clarke Cathey


January 31, 2014

It was in 2007 that my friend Tom Dooley invited me to co-labor with he, Dale, and Don Stewart at a mini-conference called The Gift of Prophecy, to be held within the Amish community of Libby Montana; attended also by an Amish community in Bonners Ferry Idaho (immediate family from both communities reside roughly 1 hour from each other, across state lines).

As I first met Dale, he approached me with wide-open arms and an ear-to-ear grin. He then gave me a bear-hug of an embrace and buried his head on my shoulder. As is typical with most males, we tend to honor a subconscious 3-second rule (“man-code”) with hugs extended to other males, by stepping back at the 3-second mark, and by also tapping our hugger 3 times on the back, signifying the following subliminal message: “I’m…not…gay.”

At the 3-second mark however, and as I sought to disengage the hug, Dale continued his bear-hug, and just sighed. Perhaps 20 seconds later, he stepped back and said, “I love you.” As he stated such, I realized he was being used in a profound way to express the Father’s Heart to me. And for the 3 days which followed, Dale would continue to express the Father’s Heart to me in this way.

As the ministry sessions began unfolding during this conference, I noticed another unique element within Dale–he rarely felt compelled to speak before the church. In fact, I only recall him doing so once, and that very briefly. Much rather, he was focused upon speaking-into people one-on-one, in between the scheduled sessions. Dale was completely free of the all-too-common compulsion to be seen and heard in the eyes of the masses. To the radical contrary, he was content to remain in the shadows, and to equally remain wholly submitted only to that which he felt the Holy Spirit had prodded him to do. Dale’s obedience to every subtle nuance of the Holy Spirit’s nudging was remarkable. It quickly become clear to me that Dale had cultivated very keen sensitivity to what the Spirit was up to from one moment to the next.

I watched God’s grace equally being woven into our dear Amish friends through Tom and Don.

It would be perhaps a year or more later that I would have the opportunity to co-labor again with Dale, as Tom had invited me to minister at yet another mini-conference; this one in the Chicago area. I would also have the privilege of meeting and co-laboring with Brian Francis Hume during this conference. Just prior to our first session in Chicago, I recall seeing Dale in the distance, as we neared each other in a hallway. And, just like he did in Montana; his arms were open wide, and with an ear-to-ear grin on his face he embraced me with a bear-hug, while he also buried his head in my shoulder. He sighed deeply, and said, “I love you.”  Three seconds later I sought to honor the “man-code” by disengaging, and doing the “I’m…not…gay”  tap (3 times); and he yet held-onto me with his bear-hug, whereas I then let myself go and buried my head into his shoulder.  Perhaps 20 seconds later, he looked me in the face and said, “I just love you so much.”

Once again Dale was conveying the Father’s Heart to me. He was keenly aware, once again, that this is precisely what God wished to convey to me at that moment–and he didn’t care how awkward it may have seemed to me, or anyone else for that matter.  That was Dale.

As the Chicago-area conference further unfolded I watched the Holy Spirit grace the entire team with a precious word-in-season. In the same posture that I had observed Dale minister in Montana roughly 1 year prior; he again felt very comfortable ministering in the shadows, one-on-one, and to the ministry team individually. I recall leaving the conference and feeling doubly-blessed to experience the whole team co-laboring in unison as it did.  And, I had once again experienced a unique touch from the Father’s Heart–through Dale.

The prophetic and apostolic anointing upon Dale was very strong, and he had the grace and anointing to speak to large audiences at any given point in time. He could have easily spoken-into the entirely assembly, but he rather chose most often to remain in the shadows, to be used to channel deeply personal words to those about him, one-on-one. I began to understand and appreciate the self-less-ness in Dale. The furthest thing from his mind was that of making a name for himself in the eyes of men.

It would be perhaps 2 years following the conference in Chicago, that I would again see Dale just north of the Birmingham area, as he, Tom Dooley and another brother from Canada would venture up to my proximity in Bessemer, as I worked a FEMA contract in response to the devastating tornado damage throughout the state. It was a tremendous treat to share dinner with Dale, Tom and our Canadian friend. They collectively spoke a great deal of life into me (I was working 7 days a week at the time, and pushing roughly 100 hours per week, managing tornado clean-up in Lawrence and Limestone counties, with a crew of 250 men).  In typical fashion, Dale rendered multiple bear-hugs, and reminded me of how much he loved me. And with each gesture, it was the Father’s Heart permeating mine once again, through His love flowing through Dale.

It would then be 2 years following this meeting in Bessemer, that I would have the opportunity to co-labor with Dale and Miles Albright, in Clarksdale Mississippi — “The Crossroads.”

Several others had gone before us, including Tom Dooley and Dale and Miles themselves, laying the groundwork in intercession and prophetic proclamation; collectively discerning a forthcoming groundswell of powerful visitation to visit Mississippi, to then ignite the nation in due season.

During this mission to Mississippi, I was to stay the night at Dale’s warehouse in Birmingham on either side of 3 days spent in Clarksdale, MS, wherein we would rendezvous with Miles. As my plane touched-down in Birmingham I experienced the most violent touch-down of my life. An intense lightening storm hit the area just as the plane landed. In fact, I thought for a moment that we had blown a tire upon impact, as a loud explosion could be heard. I learned moments later that it had been a lightning strike very near the plane.

As I exited the airport and saw Dale in the distance, in his pickup, I recognized his ear-to-ear grin.  As he exited his truck he threw his arms around me. This time, I didn’t respond to the instinctive 3-second-man-code; I rather just rested my head on his shoulder and prepared myself for a long bear-hug. However, just 3 seconds later he retracted, did the 3-tap-man-code on my back (“I’m…not…gay”), grabbed my suitcase and stuffed it into his truck.  I stood there in shock, feeling thieved of my Dale-bear-hug.  He then yelled from the truck, “Hey man!  Git in here! There’s lightnin’ pop’n ever’ which a way!”  We then drove to his warehouse, marveling over the massive black clouds hanging eerily low, and the wind rocking the truck and the lightening popping everywhere.

Once inside the warehouse, Dale stood there completely soaked, after insisting upon dragging my heavy luggage inside. He then looked at me, opened his arms wide, and said, “gimmie a hug.” Dale then proceeded to hug me for a good 20 seconds, and stepped back long enough to say, “I love you so much, man.” He was once again exuding the Father’s Heart to me.  And it melted my heart–just like it was supposed to.

Several friends met-up with us that night at the warehouse, including Tom, Miles, Joseph Beckham and Rosemarie Russo.  We prayed for one another that night, and had a fruitful time. As evening wore-on and Dale and I were alone, he suggested I turn-in as I looked exhausted. I replied, “No, I think I need to tarry a while, that you can tell me what’s on your heart.”  He laughed, as he did in fact have much on his heart, that he wanted to vent.  We went deep, and enjoyed some meaningful dialogue deep into the night.

The following morning Dale and I stumbled out of our beds, looking like troll dolls with hair standing straight up, and wandered like zombies into this kitchen to have some coal-black coffee and doughnuts. As we sat opposing one another in total silence, seeking new life in and through our coffee I-V’s, I noticed the Taylor acoustic guitar that Miles had left for me the night before, for use during our expedition. I pulled the Taylor out of its case, tuned it up and began to sing my favorite worship song of all time: “I Love Your Presence.”

As I lost myself in worship while playing this song, I completely forgot about Dale. At one point I glanced up and saw a most precious sight. Dale had put his coffee mug down, had closed his eyes, lifted his hands and his head skyward, and was weeping with joy as he had thoroughly lost himself in worship. At that moment the name “Enoch” came to me. I recall hearing at that moment, “Enoch walked with God, and was not.”  God had plucked Enoch from the earth, out of simple desire to fellowship with him in heaven–He wanted to be with him that much. God was at this moment giving me a glimpse of the core of Dale’s heart–a heart wholly yielded to Him.  I thereafter continued to play the song for some time, and we both felt the Holy Spirit sprinkle the warehouse with His sweet presence.

Video: “I Love Your Presence”

Throughout our intense mission to Mississippi thereafter, and following our return to the warehouse 3 days later, Dale would insist that I play “I Love Your Presence.” He could not get enough of that one song. He truly loved the Lord’s presence, and was content with His presence alone.

During our long drives to and from Mississippi, as well as our 2 over-nighters at the warehouse, Dale and I enjoyed some very rich heart-to-heart dialogue, prayer and worship together. Not long following the mission to Mississippi, Dale would go on to organize a substantial financial gift, through many of his friends far and wide, for my dear friends Amir and Hanna in Israel–yet another vital mission. What Dale did not know as he forwarded this gift to me, for Amir and Hanna, as well as a beautifully handcrafted banner made by Joanne Meeks; is that I had orchestrated 2 previous financial gifts for Amir and Hanna in the months preceding–financial gifts which were precisely the same amount as that which he had given me.

In our final conversations in recent months, Dale spoke of his desire to accompany me on my next trip to Israel. Equally so, we spoke of me accompanying Dale on his next trip to Wales. These trips together will not come to fruition in this lifetime.  However we will have the joy of singing and dancing on the streets that are golden, around the Throne Room of Grace, soon and very soon.

I remain in shock, and in a state of deep sadness and loss over Dale’s departure. I had been looking forward to co-laboring with him again, this time in Israel and Wales.

As I close this reflection of my time with Dale over a 7-year period, I am grateful for Tom Dooley for introducing me to him–for clearing a path that we might co-labor together.  I am equally grateful for Miles Albright, Don Stewart, and Brian Francis Hume, for contributing to these truly life-changing encounters with the Holy Spirit–which would have been incomplete without Dale in our midst.

Following our Clarksdale Mississippi mission, I mentioned to Dale that I had purposed to write an article about our expedition, that others might join the ranks of intercession in anticipation of what is now springing-forth from not only the Crossroads of Clarksdale, but Mississippi as a whole. I told him I had planned only to copy my closer friends, versus that of distributing it broadly. Dale iterated that his preference was that to keep the mission “close to our chests.” I understood at the time that Dale was very adamant about avoiding any semblance of self-promotion. All of the ministry in which he engaged was sacred, and he was so committed to avoiding the pitfalls of self-promotion and fanfare that he often discouraged others from saying or doing anything that would draw undue attention to themselves. This posture of Dale’s spoke strongly of his deeply-seated devotion to Jesus–and to Him alone.

I honored Dale’s wish thereafter, by keeping my narrative of the Crossroads mission very casual, in the form of a personal journal-entry. I thereafter only copied a handful of friends. Since Dale’s graduation into Glory however, I feel compelled to circulate the account of the mission–to honor him, and his noble act of intercession at the Crossroads of Clarksdale Mississippi. I equally honor my dear brother Miles Albright who spear-headed the mission. And lastly, I honor Tom Dooley who acted as a catalyst in spawning the 3-man “Delta Force” team.

What follows below therefore, is that written in personal-journal flavor; as I casually reflected upon the profound implications of what occurred in Clarksdale Mississippi, versus that of writing to a larger audience.

Proverbs 8:34 reads, “Blessed is the man who waits at My gates, and at the posts of My doors.”  Dale spent much of his adult life at the threshold of God’s glory, in and through a life of sacrifice and obedience. He was a noble watchman. The wall is not the same without him.


 The Crossroads


July 26, 2013

On this, my birthday, I take delight in recounting a recent mission which was indeed a gift.

The Crossroads—the intersection of Highway’s 61 & 49 in Clarksdale Mississippi—the arguable “birthplace of Delta Blues”—by way of one Robert Johnson, among others; is said to be the place at which Robert Johnson “sold his soul to the devil” in exchange for the ability to play the blues.  This very intersection served as the spiritual epicenter of our mission objective.

My musings herein are but a small representation of a much larger experience.  Several prophetic and apostolic men and women have been tilling the spiritual soil of Mississippi for some time prior to this mission, to include Dale and his friends from Wales, as well Miles and Tom.

It was as I received a call from Miles to extend his joint-invitation from he and Dale to co-labor with them in Clarksdale Mississippi, that I began to revisit a deeply-seated and secretive vision—one which is now beginning to rebirth and blossom, after decades of hibernation.

For most of my adult life, and as a Believer in Jesus, I have harbored a secretive vision to see the Blues, and more specifically Delta Blues, redeemed and “morphed” into worshipping the Lamb—Christ Jesus.  Through a 33-year span of serving the Lord in many capacities in ministry, to include leading worship, I had yet to hear from the lips of another Believer, the same desire to see the Blues redeemed and used to glorify God and draw people to Him—until I received a recent phone call from Miles.

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, in the Los Angeles basin (born in 1960).  As a child I listened a great deal (daily) to the Motown greats, thanks to my mother. I was then exposed to the professional music-scene while yet very young, and intermingled with professional rock musicians heavily so between the age of 13 and 18.  It was during this period that I engaged a practice well known by my peers, wherein we would yearly compare shoeboxes filled with concert ticket stubs, to see who was in the lead. At one stage I recall having hundreds of ticket stubs—concerts which represented all of the major 70’s rock bands. It was also during this period that I was strongly influenced by guitar guru’s such as Robin Trower, Frank Marino, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Jeff “The Skunk” Baxter, David Gilmore, and later Stevie Ray Vaughan (*note: this was long before Stevie Ray Vaughan [“SRV”] became commercially known—I began listening to his bootleg recordings in 1977).  I was privileged to see most of these great guitarists in concert, to include Stevie Ray just 2 months prior to his death.

As I would later yield my heart to Jesus in the Summer of 1981, I began worshipping Him in public meetings on acoustic guitar, singing most of the commonly known worship tunes.  I continue to do so presently.  Over many years I bought and ultimately sold 6 electric guitars, 5 of which were Fender Stratocaster’s.  Each time I would acquire a new “Strat”, I would for a short time enjoy messing around with pieces of secular tunes.  As I would do so I would experience a “dirty” feeling—a feeling as if I were stirring-up demonic dust which I should not.  The truth of the matter is that I was in fact stirring-up demonic dust—because of the lyrics associated with such. It was my failure to accurately discern this distinction that propelled me to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” by repeatedly selling my Strat’s—in essence running from them.

Many excerpts of scripture, combined, suggest that Satan was “on point” (leading) the heavenly host in worshipping the Lamb of God (e.g., Ez. 28:13-14, Is. 14:11-14, Job 38:7, etc, just to name a few).  In his fallen and rebellious state thereafter, he perverted his gifting and anointing, to include his influence within the birth of the Delta Blues, Blues in general, Blues-Rock and Rock in general.  However, in its elemental form; music is a gift from God.  In tandem with this reality, God (among many of His omnipotent dynamics) is not only the God of Restoration, but in and through Christ Jesus is also the God of Redemption.  With the aforementioned in view, and considering the analogous parallel of the rudder which steers or guides the ship; so it is that song lyrics, as well as the spirit (heart-motivation) behind the singing of songs; either glorifies God—or grieves Him.

The scriptural references to the power of the spoken word to evoke evil or good, life or death are myriad.  I will allude to just a few in passing:

Ephesians 4:29:Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth…”

Proverbs 18:21: Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”

And, King David’s convicting meditation of Psalm 19:14:  “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.”

Blues lyrics have historically woven a destructive web about the lives of those singing them—a web of self-actuated and self-perpetuated ingredients such as poverty, depression, drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, alcoholism, confusion, sadness, suicide and premature death in general.

With the sobering reality of the scriptural truths and warnings in view, I personally believe it was the violation of these very scriptural dynamics that has led to the untimely death of thousands of Blues, Blues-Rock, Southern Rock, Classic Rock/Hard Rock, etc, singers and musicians for nearly a century at this stage. Our feet follow our words. Every word we speak and/or sing, has the power to lay our steps before us—steps which can lead to self-destruction; sowing destruction in the lives of others; or rather that which leads to our freedom and wellness.

My musings on the power of the spoken word aside; it was long after I had sold my last Strat (I sold it sometime around 2008) that the aforementioned revelation began to settle upon my heart. It was then that my vision (still held in secret at the time) of Blues music being used as a potent tool to draw a sea of people (namely music lovers) to the Lord, began to meet with greater definition.  It was then that I realized the potency (read: potential Kingdom-impact) behind the concept of composing a Blues song, wherein the song initially conveys for example one’s once-wretched state, to perhaps include the squalor of one’s personal sin (i.e., one’s “blues”); to then transition to one’s testimony of God setting them free—a song of triumph and freedom—not unlike the heart and soul of King David’s psalms—the earliest “blues.”

I began to visualize playing what I might call “blues-redeemed” in night clubs, and I visualized the powerful impact of hordes of people being brought to tears as lyrics would transition to simply thanking God for His deliverance from hellish chapters in a person’s life.  Lyrics rooted in one’s powerful testimony of deliverance and freedom can pierce through any measure of darkness—and tug at hearts.

The reality is this: hundreds of millions of people in this country (Believer’s included) are starving for authentic encounters with God—the tangible reality of God in their midst.  Tens of millions of the same are repulsed by what has become of church as we know it in this country—the likeness of the Laodicean Church, to be more precise.  They are repulsed by toxic religiosity, politics; and the vain antics of rock-star-pastors posturing and positioning themselves before people on the platform; and who are addicted to the accolades showered upon them by their adoring fans from week to week.  Tens of millions of people are sickened and repulsed by this abomination, as am I personally.  As the result, a sea of people regularly visit bars, clubs, pubs, nightclubs and concert halls, enjoying the marvel of music—a marvel which often removes them from their pain, albeit temporarily. Arguably so, it is equally true that in these bars, pubs, clubs and concert halls, the same sea of people represent a large number who are terribly broken, and who drown themselves in alcohol, drugs and illicit relationships in an attempt to escape their pain.  One would wish they could flee to the nearest “church,” however the present level of toxicity within the Institutionalized/Laodicean/Americanized Church is often far more lethal than what they are exposed to in night clubs and pubs.  In fact, I venture to say that one is far more likely to bump-into Jesus in one of these clubs, than they are likely to bump into Him within the four walls of the institutionalized church as we know it, presently.


With the above travesty in view, I allude to the words of Jesus—a verse terribly overlooked in our day:

Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick (Luke 5:31).

The context of Jesus’ words herein were that in response to the Scribes and Pharisees who questioned Him when they discovered Mathew the tax collector, as well as Mathew’s heathen friends, hosting Jesus for a feast (contemporary definition: “party”).  The Religious Spirit is quick to quip however: “You should have no fellowship with darkness!” Correspondingly, Ephesians 5:11 reads, “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness [fellowship], but instead…expose them…”  We must draw a distinction here however: for entering a dark atmosphere for the purposes of ministry, is not “fellowship.” Although, fellowship can occur therein, the objective once again is ministry—piercing the darkness with the Light of Life.

Within the current (read recurrent) Laodicean Church Age, we meet with rampant spiritual narcissism, defined in simple terms by masses of people congregating regularly to encourage one another to engage in perpetual self-absorption (a common contemporary phenomenon known as “having church”)—while the lost and dying, typically not more than a few blocks away; drink, smoke and inject themselves to death within dark corridors of bars and alleyways. Within this dark den, music stands as the primary medium through which one can pierce such mental and emotional confusion and numbness.  Herein lay the spear tip or axe head of the “blues redeemed”—a new song.

A few days after my initial call from Miles regarding the Crossroads mission, I was going through some boxes in an effort to further organize our house in preparation for sale, when I happened upon a very old microcassette recorder (over 20 years old) which I had last used over 5 years previous (I now use a much smaller one, which uses a microchip). I decided to play “microcassette recorder roulette,” to see what kind of “notes-to-self” were still on the 60-minute microcassette which I had packed away over 5 years previous. I hit the Rewind button for maybe 15 seconds and randomly stopped the tape, and then hit Play.  This is what I heard:

“This is a reminder to buy some new guitar strings, and to also return Don’s call about doing some ministry in Mississippi.”


Understand, the entire 60-minute microcassette was filled with notes-to-self about writings and speaking engagements I was working on at the time, as well as random notes.  Friend Don had phoned me over 5 years previous, on 3 or 4 occasions, with a sense of urgency that I speak at 2 venues, one in Mississippi, and one right across the border in Arkansas.  At the time I was buried in contracting work and could not free myself to do so.

Nothing less than divine orchestration would allow me to hear this message-to-self, recorded over 5 years previous, which alluded to “buying new guitar strings and ministering in Mississippi.”  For here I was presently being invited to play worship on guitar while engaging intersession at the Crossroads in Mississippi—5 years later.


I should note that Don has also had a dream in recent history about the Crossroads; that of an awakening springing-up from that very spot—this long before our recent mission.

It was days prior to my departure to a rendezvous point of Birmingham Alabama that Isaiah 61:4, 9 (recall that the Crossroads are at the intersection of Highway’s 61 and 49) came to me; it reads:

“…they will raise up the former devastations; and they will repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations…their offspring will be known among the nations, and their descendants in the midst of the peoples. All who see them will recognize them because they are offspring whom the LORD has blessed.”

The historical context of Isaiah 61:4, 9, speaks to the restoration of Israel—one of many promises as well as periods of restoration in Israel. The expositional and pointedly-prophetic application for Clarksdale Mississippi however, speaks to the redemption of several generations tormented by devilish pacts originating at the Crossroads. In fact millions of musicians and singers have made pacts with the Devil, at the Crossroads, over many decades.  We witnessed many them come-and-go while we were there. Aware then that the Devil’s ultimate goal is that to sew destruction and death into the lives of those who do his bidding in the music industry; generation upon generation subsequently experience divorce, poverty, premature death, suicide, drug addiction, etc,

Isaiah 61 was already on the hearts of the “Delta Force” team long before I was included in such. That it came to me as well was simple confirmation that we were all hearing the same thing.

Equally so, my wife Gigi, as well as a dear friend and prophetic-intercessor, Cathy, shared Isaiah 28:18 with me, just prior to our trip.  Isaiah 28 had also been given to the team prior to Cathy’s sharing of such (again, layer-upon-layer of prophetic confirmation). Isaiah 28:18 reads:

“Your covenant with death will be cancelled, and your pact with Sheol will not stand…”

This is in essence what occurred as we assembled to worship and intercede at the Crossroads repeatedly, over a 3-day period. At one point I wrote on a guitar pick, with a Sharpie maker (in red ink—to symbolize the Blood of the Atonement), the following:

ISAIAH 28:18.”

I then buried the pick in the ground—in the grassy island within the intersection of Highway’s 61 & 49 where we worshipped on guitars. Miles also drove an anointed wooden stake into the ground with a mini-sledge.

The concluding verse that the Holy Spirit whispered to me while we were there; perhaps the “icing on the cake,” was that of Psalm 33:3, which reads:

“Sing to Me a new song; play skillfully, and with a shout of joy.”

For me, this was a prophetic-promise, that springing forth from this very intersection would be a “new song” that redeems Delta Blues music, and morphs it into glorifying the Lamb—by drawing Delta Blues lovers into meeting the Lover of their souls.

During our time at the Crossroads, Miles mentioned that when he was near me he would often receive a prophetic prompting to the word “Redemption.”  I ultimately shared with him of my guarded and secret inner turmoil over my history of buying and subsequently selling 5 Fender Stratocaster guitars over a period of 3 decades. As Miles shared this word “redemption” with me, it became clear that the Holy Spirit was doing a new work in me (a “new song”) by redeeming my love for electric guitar, and by birthing “new songs” which would take-back the Blues from the clutches of evil, and would use them to glorify the Lamb. What was meant for evil would be used to glorify God—in the end.

It was a treat to see Miles play Amazing Grace via slide, on his vintage Fender Telecaster (a ’65?). This one act alone, at the Crossroads, no doubt sent a spiritual ripple-effect through the atmosphere—a ripple-effect which had likely never before graced that intersection.

It was as we assembled on the island late in the evening for our first worship session, that the atmosphere was discernibly evil, through a discernable heaviness and tension. That evening Miles and Dale pressed-on and remained until after midnight—a critical step, as midnight represented the time in which Robert Johnson is said to have sold his soul. I however bowed-out each evening at roughly 11:00PM, to retire to my hotel room. I was suffering from much fatigue (one of the more pointed side effects of a severe case of tinnitus) and simply couldn’t go-the-distance through midnight.  The morning after our first late night worship session was met with an unexpected cool breeze from the north. This breeze remained with us for the 3 days that we were there. The atmosphere had radically changed on the island, and God’s presence was tangible.  Something had surly broken, and we felt great freedom as we worshiped thereafter.

One of the more humorous encounters during our mission was that which occurred on our way to the Blues Museum in Helena, AR, wherein we passed a radio station sign reading, “Delta Force 3.”  It so happened that the 3 of us comprised the “Delta Force” which I had loosely dubbed our group prior to the trip.

Too funny :O)

Crossroads-2During the final worship session together at the Crossroads (Day 3), and while joined by 2 intercessors who had joined us for this session, having driven from northern Alabama; 3 things occurred which bore the unmistakable fingerprints of God.

Just prior to entering into worship for the last time as a group, Dale mentioned that he had yet to see a bird on this island while we were there. He then prayed that God would restore birds to this island. Days before Dale prayed this, I had begun craving doughnuts, oddly enough (I never eat them); in fact I had begun to whine about not being able to find a “real doughnut” anywhere. With these seemingly unrelated elements in view, the following occurred in the final moments of our last worship session on the island at the Crossroads (Day-3):

During our final worship song, “We Will Dance On The Streets That Are Golden,” a large earthworm sprang-up out of the ground, right between my feet. It was responding to the vibration of our worship. This may seem inconsequential, until we meditate on Revelation 5:13 for a moment: “…every created thing which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and on the seas, and all things in them, I heard saying, ‘To Him Who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever.’”

A few moments later, a bird landed on the grass (in answer to Dale’s prayer) just a few feet from us. Then, yet a few moments later, a couple appeared with a box. The man, also holding a beer, said, “I saw you here last night, and just want to thank you for what you’re doing” (Hmmmm, how did he “know” what we were doing?). We opened the box and therein was a freshly baked dozen doughnuts!  After the couple left, we noticed a stamp on the top of the box, which sported the name and address of the doughnut shop. Dale realized the shop was just a few hundred feet from where we sat. He went over to the storefront and realized the shop was empty—and closed—yet the doughnuts were freshly baked—fresh out of the oven. Miles then quipped, “Ya spoze he was an angel, with a beer in his hand?” I quipped, “If he was set on offending the Religious Spirit, I can’t think of a better way than to have a beer in his hand.”

I’m convinced the couple were angles—sent just to place God’s fingerprint of affirmation on our mission—and to say, “Job well done.

There were many more significant sites and declarations/proclamations visited and carried out during our trip. My focus upon the Crossroads themselves has rather been the focus of this brief musing.

Crossroads-1“Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, with a shout of joy” (Psalm 33:3).

(photo taken by Dale)




New Year’s Eve – 12/31/13

Promised Land

Dear Friends:

On this New Year’s Eve I wish to share an excerpt of scripture which I believe holds a treasure of a key to unlocking all that has been stored-up for each of us in 2014–irrespective of what each of us may be facing in the natural as we look forward.

Gigi and I have plenty to be depressed about at present, but we’ve rather chosen to keep our collective gaze fixed upon the greater reality of a God who is already in tomorrow–before we awaken each day.

As I look back upon 2013 I recall many times when I have failed to listen to what a still, small, voice was coaching me to do from one moment to the next–the still, small, voice of the Holy Spirit.  Many times I allowed depression and despondency to rule the day, when all the while the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through impressions, words of knowledge, vivid dreams, etc, It boggles my mind that He continues to speak to me despite my hard-headed-ness and hard-hearted-ness.  He is a merciful God, beyond what can be described.

Today I am reminded of a key within Deuteronomy 11:10-14–a key which waits for us on 01-0114tomorrow. I will quote this passage below, and then briefly re-visit the key contained herein.

“For the land into which you are entering to possess it, is not like the land of Egypt from which you came, where you used to sow your seed and water it with your foot like a vegetable garden.  But the land into which you are about to cross to posses it, a land of hills and valleys, drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which the Lord your God cares; the eyes of the Lord your God are always on it, from the beginning, even to the end of the year. It shall come about if you shall listen obediently to My commands which I am commanding you today, to love the Lord your God and to serve Him with all your heart and all your soul, that He will give you the rain for your land in its season, the early and the late rain, that you may gather in your grain and your new wine and your oil(NASB).

Historically, this was addressed to the Israelites as a conditional promise as they looked toward occupying the promised land.  The obvious condition was that of loving the Lord and serving Him with the whole heart. But the subtle key to bringing this excerpt of scripture very close to home, to each of us personally, and with very tangible and practical relevance, is what I believe the NASB version has captured perfectly, in and through these words: listen obediently.

It is one thing to listen intently for the Lord’s voice from day to day; it is another thing entirely, to obey what we hear.  The new wine and oil of the Holy Spirit’s manifest presence in, about, and throughout our daily affairs, hinges upon simply listening…and obeying.

I look back upon 3 decades of colorful and often hair-raising ministry exploits around the country, and out of the country.  I think back upon how much more could have flowed through me, had I purposed to obey what I heard.  It is truly absurd to recall the thousands of hours I’ve spent in silence in the wee hours, asking the Lord to speak to me.  And when He has, I have often shrugged it off as if it were inconsequential.  With each New Year however, I am soberly reminded of the gravity of the times in which we live, and dully reminded that I no longer can afford the careless liberty of mishandling a precious word from the Lord.

In the natural, here in the West, we are stepping-into alarming times in 2014.  Alarming as they can be however, we serve the God of Peace, Who dully reminds us also this evening of His personal agenda with the works of darkness–soon and very soon:

“The God of peace shall soon crush Satan under your feet” (Romans 16:20).

The early Believers crushed Satan under their feet by not loving their lives even unto death–for even in death they were the victors.  Their victory in death?  They had overcome the world.

My very personal encouragement to each of you this evening, and as New Year’s Day unfolds, is that to carefully guard that time you set aside to still yourself before the Lord, to listen to His voice. I also encourage you to begin taking your dreams very seriously.  Write them down, meditate upon them, and be reminded that God is very actively speaking to us “deep in the night” (Job 33:14-16) in this hour.  Receive His dreams (the one’s which are distinctly from Him) as gifts from the Throne Room.

On a closing note; and as glib a this may sound; thank you for continuing to call me “friend.”

Your trench-mate,



The Work of The Ministry

Yom Tov, Friends:

Many years ago a wise leader once shared a timely personal maxim with me:

“While on a given platform, and while gracing a pulpit, a lectern, a microphone, or perhaps even a television camera; take God very seriously, but also remember to never take yourself too seriously.”

Over the years I have done well to remind myself of this.  When I have forgotten such, I have fallen-prey to the wiles of the Religious Spirit, who is ever-lurking in the shadows, waiting patiently for an opportune moment to fuel the vain antics we yield ourselves to when facing a sea of people; for we are predisposed to a performance mentality, and we can very easily get in the way of the graceful work of the Holy Spirit, if we are not careful.

To disarm the Religious Spirit in public meetings, and especially so when I am a focal-point in a given service; I take liberty to laugh at myself.  In so doing I am immediately freed from the temptation to perform, and I subsequently send the Religious Spirit whimpering down the road to another venue.

As the times intensify about us; as chaos, confusion and anxiety slowly and subtly yet steadily continue to lap at our feet, not unlike an incoming tide as we stand in the wet sand looking out upon the horizon; we do well to remember that nestled within our quiver of weapons is the God-given gift of humor.

With these thoughts thus far in view, let us take an unusual turn…

I have been a student of Holocaust Literature for quite some time.  As I have poured over the pages of those who have survived Nazi death camps, and especially the Jewish writers among such, I have thanked God for each and every soul that has emerged to share with us what in turn occurred within their souls as they endured unspeakable suffering. These were virtually tried by fire, to emerge with unspeakable depth, and corresponding depth in recognizing the fingerprints of God—in the most unlikely places, and in the most unlikely moments.

Communist Romania, and the subsequent persecution, imprisonment and torture of Jewish leader’s Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand (founders of The Voice of the Martyrs ministry); and that during an equally dark chapter within the pages of Eastern European history; were no exception to the treasure chest of souls who were so beautifully refined as they emerged from the throes of suffering, that every page of their subsequent writings drips with the unmistakable anointing and fingerprints of the Holy Spirit of God—the Ruach HaKodesh (Hebrew).

For those who have had little exposure to the Wurmbrand’s; I encourage you to secure two volumes penned by these two respectively: In God’s Underground, authored by Richard; and The Pastor’s Wife, authored by Sabina. Richard composed many volumes, however in my opinion In God’s Underground contains the highest concentration of the kingdom jewels he was given. Sabina’s book is equally rich.

One of the most prolific Jewish authors to emerge from the Holocaust is that of Elie Wiesel. Having read most of his works, I count it a supreme privilege that his volumes would grace my personal library.  For those unfamiliar with Elie’s work, may I recommend you consider securing first his trilogy: Night, Dawn, Day.

Though there are many tremendous Jewish authors to have emerged to write priceless volumes; and while it is my aim to rather address a topic quite removed from the Holocaust; I will allude to but one more author.

Victor Frankyl, a psychiatrist, emerged from unspeakable suffering within the Nazi death camps, to later make a remarkable contribution to the field of psychiatry by introducing Logotherapy (I discuss Logotherapy in greater detail, in a previous article). Frankyl’s seminal work is handsomely contained in his book: Man’s Search for Meaning. In the event you are unfamiliar with his work, I strongly recommend that Man’s Search for Meaning be added to your personal library as well.

*Note: Frankyl took psychiatry to a new level, by superseding the industry’s terminal focus upon brain chemistry and its interaction with drugs, to that rather focusing upon a human grasp of meaning in life–an exercise which melds the more substantive elements of philosophy, psychology, and especially theology–meaning as reflected in the discovery of what God would have us do with our lives.

It is within the pages of Man’s Search for Meaning that we meet with Frankyl’s personal discovery of the profound place and purpose of the gift of humor—a discovery which convinced Frankyl that humor is truly God-given, and a God-given medium for survival.

I will paraphrase the excerpt in question (as I have loaned-out my last copy of this tremendous book):

“When the human being is faced with suffering, agony, hopelessness, remorse, shock and despair which seemingly defies words and expression; he does well to be reminded that when all hope is lost, the gift of humor remains at his disposal. For humor exercised, even if but for a brief moment, can elevate one just enough above one’s demise, to in turn gain a brief glimpse of hope—a glimpse of hope which will feed the soul just enough life and hope to enable it to carry on and to see the next day.”

Frankyl alludes to his discovery as he goes on to define his work in coining the concept: The Will to Meaning.

With Frankyl’s observation of humor in view, I return to my initial discussion of The Work of the Ministry.  If we could see us as others see us as we carry out the work of the ministry in formal gatherings; and if those who fuel and perpetuate the worst elements of ongoing congregational politics could in turn see themselves as well; we would have ample occasion to laugh at ourselves.  And it is in the spirit of laughing at ourselves that I offer you a brief reprieve from the weight and pressures of your role in leadership.

As I have long-searched for tools by which to build-up, strengthen, affirm and encourage weary leaders, I have on occasion discovered some veritable jewels.  Such is the case with the 8:14-minute video-clip I have inserted at the close of this article. Within this video-clip, you will meet with an uncanny assortment of scenes which humorously depict precisely what we often witness on a given platform on Shabbat, if you represent a synagogue; or on Sunday, if you represent a congregation otherwise. You will also meet with an uncanny assortment of scenes which depict the colorful congregational politics we are graced with from week to week (or hour-to-hour for some of us).  With each scene, I’m confident you will not have to ponder more than a fraction of a second, before seeing corresponding parallels to that which you witness ongoing within just about every facet of public ministry (smiling).

Before you view such however, please ponder the picture I paint with my closing thoughts.

One would have to be lost in deep denial, ignorance, delusion, or have been lobotomized, at this stage in history, to fail to recognize the signs-of-the-times as they define the unmistakable trademarks of the End-Time’s domino’s toppling in succession before our eyes. This said, and as fear and anxiety continue to mount about us, we do well to remember to laugh at ourselves regularly, and to remember also that God is in complete control—He knows the events of tomorrow—before we awaken (provided of course that we are first able to sleep).

I believe we also do well to consider a maxim that I personally coined some time ago:

Spiritual warfare is overrated.”

I jokingly exclaimed this to myself while sitting in an exhausted heap on the floor, following one intense yet fruitful deliverance ministry session with a dear soul.  I must have resembled a cartoon character of old, with stars dancing over my head, my hair frazzled, and with my clothes torn, tattered and smoking from flash-burns (smiling).

Please understand dear reader; I could never be personally and legitimately charged with underestimating the place and purpose of spiritual warfare within our daily lives.  Were you to know the nature of the ministry in which I engage daily, you would fully understand why I would render such a disclaimer. Our spiritual lives, in this lifetime, do in fact reflect one massive battlefield.  What I am saying therefore, within the maxim in which I have coined, is this: We must never work ourselves up and into a place of such embattled frenzy that we completely forget that within but a fraction of a second, and with but a gentle touch of one of His fingers, God can dispel every battle that we face.  After all,  He is known in Hebrew as “Adonai Tseva’ot”—“The Lord of Armies.”

We must therefore exercise great discernment and Spirit-sensitivity in the selection of, or the choosing of, our battles.

There are battles in our lives, often self-inflicted battles, and even battles which we were never commissioned to engage, which should be rather left to God alone.  And leaving them to Him requires that we learn to rest in Him–and to more often find the occasion to laugh at ourselves–the very point of my collective musings within this article.

When we forget that God is far more omnipotent than any dust we can stir-up in His name, or any stirred-up dust that we might otherwise settle in His name, our vocation has surly become “overrated,” and we have lost sight of His majesty in all things.

The Holocaust, and Holocaust Literature is no laughing matter. It is a very sobering study and meditation. Equally, a visit to Israel’s Holocaust Museum (Yad Vashem) is very sobering, and heart-wrenching.  I have taken part in 3 historic ceremonies therein, on 3 separate trips to Israel; ceremonies involving holocaust survivors. And I have counted these moments in time precious, as I was privileged to embrace each of the survivors, and bless them.

The above said, please understand that by inserting reference to the Holocaust within the context of a discussion of humor, I am in no way discounting the suffering therein, nor our supreme duty to honor the victims of such.  Much rather, I have used the very words of survivors themselves, who have encouraged us to laugh at ourselves and our circumstances, as one of many means to overcome them.

And when we find occasion to weep about our own suffering, we do well to meditate upon the following excerpt of scripture, which happens to be in “the back of the Book.”  And as you do so, take special note of Who has the last laugh (smiling).

“Stop weeping; behold the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome…” (Rev. 5:5, NASB)

Enjoy this video-clip:

Your trench-mate,





Fast-Foward >> Day 21

January 21, 2013

Yom Tov, Friends:

This evening marks the completion of my 21-day fast, and yet another journey into what Madame Jeanne Guyon (French mystic, circa 1700) coined: “the mysterious depths of Jesus Christ.”

Without exception, when we fast for the purposes of drawing nearer to God, and that we might further be conformed to the image of Messiah Y’shua; He answers the yearning of our souls to more closely commune with Him.  And it is this present communion which has resulted in the new mission in which I find myself—as I type.

I wish to thank each of you for the overwhelming response to my recent request that you would consider sowing financially, and with your prayer support, into my latest Mission to Israel—a mission which, in much larger context, is that representative of the ongoing fruits of 2 previous missions in which I have been honored to have been included—the Amish and Mennonite Repentance and Blessing missions of 2010 and 2012 respectively; that I might again sojourn with Sarah and Abraham in Jerusalem, and serve as a conduit of healing to Sarah and Abraham.  As of today your gifts toward this mission have not only surpassed my projected personal expenses; they have also resulted in what will be a significant financial gift rendered to Abraham and Sarah as I greet them on Wednesday. For those of you who could not sow-into this mission financially; your prayer-support is an even greater gift.  I am aware that all of us have met with trying economic times—me and Gigi included.  And so, please be reminded that this was a no-guilt plea for your response.

As I have shared previously, Sarah’s cancer therapy has come at great cost.  As such our collective gift to them will water their souls.  Additionally, I wish to thank those of you who designated gifts directly to Sarah and Abraham above and beyond what you have sown-into me personally for my traveling expenses.  I am simply in awe of your hearts, and more pointedly your hearts toward the “apple of God’s eye”—Zion. You cannot get much close to the core of this “apple,” than Sarah and Abraham.

I’m presently at a hotel in New York, for an overnight stay prior to my departure for Tel Aviv tomorrow (Tuesday).  I arrive in Tel Aviv late Wednesday morning following an estimated 12.5-hour flight.  Benjamin, Abraham’s business partner and friend in Tel Aviv, is going to seek to break-away from the bustle of his schedule, to drive me from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  I am very grateful for his kindness.  As many of you may recall as we were in Israel together in November, I complimented Benjamin on his selection of a rather “charismatic” pair of socks he was sporting at the time.  As I see him on Wednesday I will be presenting to him a set of 3 pair of argyle socks—which no man can live without. 

I have been very privileged over the past 32 years to have been granted countless avenues in which to minister, many of which have been a great honor for me, and which have permanently changed me.  However I must say that what awaits me in Israel this time, is of a nature which will require more Spirit-sensitivity and faith combined, than I have ever sought to move-in.  In this light, I realize now in retrospect, that this 21-day fast was the perfect prelude to such—as the fast ended on the very day on which I have embarked upon my return to Israel—a turn of events which were wholly unpremeditated at the onset of my fast on January 1st.

It was while in my prayer room perhaps a little over a week ago that that the Holy Spirit so surged me with such a love and compassion for both Sarah and Abraham, that all I could do was weep. It was not long following, that I generated my blanket prayer request, that this trip become a reality.

As most if not all of you are at least in a cursory capacity familiar with the colorful history of the Azusa Street Revival, I’m certain you will appreciate a momentary glimpse into a timely maxim from F.F. Bosworth, one of the primary faith-healers spawned by this outpouring (John G. Lake was yet another).  On the wall, next to my Quiet-Time chair in our study, is an 8” x 10” black & white photo of F.F. Bosworth, William Seymour and John G. Lake, taken sometime between 1906 and 1910, outside a meeting house on Azusa Street (Los Angeles).  As odd as this may sound to some of you, I actually feel an anointing emanating from that photo.  It was F.F. Bosworth, author of Christ the Healer; a copy of which I have in my possession as I type; and which I am re-reading for perhaps the 5th time; said:

“We cannot reach-up and grasp with our hands from God, what we cannot first envision with the eyes-of-faith.”

It is through the “eyes-of-faith” that I have seen in recent weeks, visions of Sarah being delivered and healed of stomach cancer.  When our first recourse is not that to believe God for the miraculous, we very often fall-prey to becoming comfortable with much less.

Miraculous healing is still in fashion—despite what the Apologists would have us believe.

Aware that such is wholly upon God’s shoulders; I am equally aware that our part is that in exercising faith—great faith, and in consecrating ourselves as channels for the divine.

What I have long referred to as “The Genesis 12:3 Key” is being released over the lives of everyone who has responded to my plea.  The blessing for the Church at-large, is spiritual in nature—largely experienced in the form of an increased measure of God in our midst.  And is this not the purpose of our meetings as we congregate?  If it is not, we’ve surely been duped somewhere along the way.

As I bring this note to a close, and while dangling by but one thread of cogency on the heels of having slept for all of 1 hour last night; I wish to offer you yet another download the Holy Spirit spoke to me just a few days ago, in and through another precious observation in nature.

It was early in the morning as I let my dog out (“Joybee the Wonder Dog”—black & tan short-hair miniature dachshund), that she might “make the beepees” (that’s, “Number 1”). As I did so, a small Schnauzer named “Snicker-Doodles” (who had escaped from the property next to us) came to pay Joybee a visit.  And as with each occasion that Snicker-Doodles escapes and visits Joybee, they dart around jumping over each other like a couple of wild rabbits, running in figure-8 patterns and having a blast playing cat-n-mouse.  Joybee rarely gets to see other dogs, and rather enjoys the company of her 20-pound brother (“Freud” – the cat).  Joybee is but 12 pounds.  It was as Snicker-Doodles was finished visiting Joybee, that he darted back to his house, and disappeared.

Though it was not even 20 degrees outside, and Joybee was shivering in the cold (she did have a sweater and jacket on), she darted toward Snicker-Doodles as he disappeared, and ran her 50-foot leash-line taunt, to then lean away from the line as hard as she could, to stretch just another ½” toward Snicker-Doodle’s direction.  She froze in that position, shivering from the cold, and whimpering in a pitiful chimpanzee-like fashion, and remained focused upon where she had last seen Snicker-Doodles, for at least 10 minutes.  At the 3-minute mark I went back inside to warm up, and had the unusual sense that I should observe her for a moment.  As I stood inside the door, and as the minutes ticked-by, the Holy Spirit whispered this to me:

“Joybee’s entire being is fixed upon seeing Snicker-Doodles re-appear where she had last seen him.  She is certain that he will return—right where he was last seen.  She is so intent upon him reappearing that she will freeze before she concludes otherwise.”

It was then that I realized what was being spoken to me.  We as Spirit-filled Believers have many times witnessed powerful visitations from God, wherein He has visited a location in such might that for a time a heavenly portal is established, and all who visit the locale are touched profoundly.  As time marches on however, and though the portal may dissipate, we yet eagerly wait for Him to return to the same place, and in the same way.  However, God is ever-changing, and no two visitations of His presence and power are the same.  He is always up to something new—which requires new levels of faith, new levels of risk, new levels of hope and anticipation, new levels of vision; and new levels of the revelation of the love, mercy and compassion in which He seeks-out the lost and the sick among us.  Also required, are new levels of consecration—through prayer and fasting.

I have so enjoyed interacting with those of you who have opted to fast as well.  It was for this reason that chose to make known my fast—to spawn participation from others.  I have enjoyed the deeper dialog with each of you—the brand of transparent sharing which occurs when our bodies are dying—while our spirits are awakening with new life—as the result of fasting.  It is talking about those deep recesses in the heart, which sets the stage for God’s whole habitation therein.  He is after the “whole heart” (Psalm 119:2).  Your reward will be rich, and I’m lifting each one of you in prayer.

For those of you who are unaware; Micah and Nancy Smith over many years, and Ben and Barbara Girod in more recent years, have modeled Y’shua to Abraham and Sarah in Israel, and at home, in such a way that Abraham and Sarah have witnessed the indelible fingerprints of Y’shua in their midst.  It was this lengthy investment in Abraham and Sarah which set the stage for both of them to be showered with the love of God by the collective Anabaptist team recently in November.  My ministry to them therefore, comes on the heels of precious labor which has gone before—and which I handle with great care.  It was in emulating the love of Y’shua, over such a long period, as Micah and Nancy, and Ben and Barbara have, that the stage has been set for Y’shua to show Himself majestic to both of them.  In this light, and in this context, I am not only humbled and honored to co-labor with these couples and the larger Anabaptist Connections and Global Gateway Network teams; I am also humbled and honored that so many of you would so lovingly and sacrificially sow-into this latest mission with your prayers, and with your finances.

I am eternally grateful to each of you.

Your trench-mate,



Fast Forward >> Day 14

Yom Tov, Friends:

Day-14 into my 21-day fast, I pause once again to share with friends some things I feel are worthy of meditation.

It was in the Summer of 1982 that I met the late Dennis Bennett, an Episcopal priest who is deemed within the annals of church history as “the father of the Charismatic Movement.”  I was, from 1982 to 1984 privileged to have sat under his tutelage repeatedly, in the area of Inner Healing and Deliverance.

It was in 1960, that from the pulpit of his 2600-member congregation in Van Nuys California, he freely shared of he and his wife Rita having recently experienced an explosive baptism in the Holy Spirit, followed by an immediate experience with speaking in tongues and moving in the revelatory gifts.  Shortly after this service in 1960, Dennis was excommunicated from the Episcopal Church.

Dennis and Rita would go on to write several Charismatic Christian classics including Nine O’Clock in the Morning, and The Holy Spirit and You.

Two of the countless things which Dennis shared with me remain with me foremost.  The first is that of his repeated encouragement to approach Father God as “Pappa” or “Daddy,” and in doing so to picture ones’ self sitting on “Pappa” or “Daddy’s” lap.  This was the greatest challenge for me of all, and one that I struggle with, still.

Dennis was onto something in this.  It would be several years later that I would experience the object of Dennis’ goal, while I meditated in the Psalms, and while re-reading Psalm 131:2, which reads: “Surly I have composed and quieted my soul; like a weaned child rests against his mother, my soul is like a weaned child within me.”

It is this very picture, a picture of a child in the lap of a mother, which Dennis sought to impart to his students—a model for daily intimacy with Father God.

I would go on to submit myself to countless Inner Healing and Deliverance ministry models over many years, and ultimately begin to facilitate such for others; which is what I do now very often.

The second of the two things which are chief among that imparted to me by Dennis so long ago, is that which he whispered into my ear after teaching a 2-day seminar/mini-conference based in his book, The Holy Spirit and You. After sharing a truly heart-gripping message about the ways and means; the ebb and flow of the Holy Spirit; Dennis walked very softly over to me, leaned very close to me, and whispered in my ear: “The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, David.  He will never force His way into your affairs.  Rather, He will very gently, and very subtly, speak as a ‘still, small voice,’ so subtle that if you are not attuned to Him at the moment, you will completely miss Him.”

Thirty years have passed since that day with Dennis in 1982; one of many days spent with him over a period of a few years.  And throughout the course of 3 decades I have callously ignored “the Gentlemen” on countless occasions.  Granted, there equally has been many times when I have heard Him clearly, but far more in which I have chosen to ignore Him—to my dismal demise.

This is perhaps the fourth occasion in which I’ve fasted at this length since 1981.  And with each experience I am reminded of how we are so much more keenly attuned to the “still, small voice” of the Holy Spirit, while fasting.  I have long used an analogy of “spiritual antennae,” in that when we are not fasting, our antennae are often in the retracted position—barely picking up heavenly transmissions from day to day.  Whereas as we fast, the antennae become fully protracted, and we receive a much clearer “signal,” not unlike the behavior of radio waves and a common radio (perhaps not so common anymore).

One of the more pressing issues addressed in prayer during my fast, is that of a neurological issue with which I have battled for 12 years; a condition which has equated to the trial of my life.  It has been with fully protracted “antennae” that I have more clearly heard the sound of Y’shua’s voice—in the midst of my suffering.

I have been reminded in recent days of a fitting analogy within the dynamics of one emerging from a dark room—into bright sunshine.  The initial shock to the eye pupils prompts many to cup their hands over their eyes momentarily. Conversely, as we fast, we grow so much more accustomed to the “light of life,” Y’shua Himself, that when we approach darkness we experience the same shock to our spiritual pupils.  In this vein I have largely avoided national news for 14 days at this stage, as the deception behind such news; especially that related to activities within the White House; emanates so much deception that it is a shock to my spiritual eyes.  I have rather opted to spend more time observing the spirit-realm—which is where our focus should be hereafter.

It was in 2005 that I released an article entitled, The Eagle Has Landed.  Within the article, which was published by a few prophetic periodicals at the time, I spoke of a demonic assault upon the minds of the masses, in the form of audio-visual system-overload—a condition which spawns the perpetual hunger to have some form of audio-visual stimulation in front of the eyes and in the ears around the clock.  I also spoke to the demonic assault of prescription drug programming—a programming which includes the diabolical connection between the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry, characterized by the alarming speed and precision with which millions of physicians write-out prescriptions within minutes of seeing a given patient; as well as the art with which the same number of physicians sell their patients on “lifestyle drugs”—drugs which are to be taken for life.  Chief among these are psychotropic medications of all sorts—many of which physicians have tried to convince me to take as I battle the hideous effects of a neurological condition (Catastrophic Tinnitus).

But you must know, friends, that for 12 years I have denied the pharmaceutical industry such satisfaction.  The pharmaceutical industry is a trillion dollar a year industry.  And I have refrained from such programming for one reason—that I might more clearly hear from the Lord—for others.

To dissuade would-be antagonists; allow me to grant that for many you I understand your medication to be necessary.  Do let that one rest, I implore you.

The race, in which we find ourselves as Believers, can be reduced to but two simple objectives: being Spirit-formed…and Spirit-led.  It’s that simple.  As we grow in our sensitivity to yield to both dynamics, all else meets with relative harmony—and peace.

I wish to thank each of you; friends who span the globe, and who are in varied places in your pilgrimages; for tarrying with my musings during this fast.  This is the first time that I have felt compelled not only to share that I am fasting, but to share what I glean while doing so—so as to spawn a broad and renewed hunger for such (pun intended) among friends.  For it is fasting and prayer, adopted as a lifestyle hereafter, that is going to enable us to fully navigate the turbulent waters before us as 2013 continues to unfold.  Without such, we may very well “faint with fear” (Luke 21:26) over what is forthcoming about us.  The United States that our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought-for, is quickly fading into memory.

A profoundly redemptive element of this alarming national metamorphosis however, is this: we are being called to supplant our national patriotism with a much larger allegiance—an allegiance to the Kingdom of God Universal. 

As saddening as the fall of the U.S. is—a notion which is particularly painful for me as a Navy veteran—it must now be relegated to context in the light of a much larger mandate—that to expand the Kingdom of God on earth.  Soon we will no longer look at the world about us as Americans, but as Believers.  The “American Dream” must be replaced by the Apostle John’s dream of the “New Jerusalem” (in literal Israel)—a vision far exceeding our present narcissistic orbits.

This is our hour to shine like “a light upon a hill” (Isaiah 60:1), as we fix our gaze upon the Lamb from sunrise to sunset.

As you ponder what I’ve shared with you this evening, equally ponder the path you might take toward becoming further knitted into a congregation of Believers (whether that be in a formal setting in public, or an informal setting in a home).  For it is the community of the Saints, a collective strength, which will sustain you as you continue to submit yourself to being Spirit-formed…and Spirit-led in the midst of the raging battle about us.

Your trench-mate,