The Kingdom and Kavanaugh

The Kingdom and Kavanaugh

 “…there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known” (Matt. 10:26, NASB).

It was very early on in the Brett Kavanaugh charade leading up to his confirmation, that I recognized, through a series of words-of-knowledge, several things: Dr. Ford was lying; Dr. Ford was being paid by George Soros to lie; Dr. Ford had connections to the CIA; all accusers were being paid to lie, by George Soros; all members of the Accusation Committee (the former Democratic Party—now best known as the Deep State Party), were lying; and 97% of mainstream media (presently funded and managed by the Deep State) was lying.

As the weeks unfolded, all of the above was proven true.

There are many vital lessons for the Body of Christ within this charade, this circus, this shocking display of anarchy, deception and evil rooted deep within the bowels of Washington D.C.

My aim in this article is that to challenge the reader to take to heart my closing paragraphs. And until I reach these closing paragraphs, please tarry with me on a less-than-pleasant “turn” (an Olde English term to denote a brief walk together).

Moments ago I cited Matthew 10:26, wherein Jesus declares that everything hidden, will in due season, be revealed—it is only a matter of time. What was in turn revealed to the world in recent weeks, following the hideous display of evil that Washington D.C. has become, is that Brett Kavanaugh is innocent, and that he was surrounded by a blood-thirsty pack of rabid hyenas who call themselves “Democrats…Liberals….Progressives.” A more accurate 3-part description would read: Terribly Deceived…Rabidly Hateful…Lost Souls.

It is important that I insert that roughly 75% of the Republican Party at this stage bears nothing of the original fabric of the same, and do nothing more than sport the superficial party affiliation—while functioning as Deep State pons in the shadows themselves–all of which covert activity pays very BIG dividends ($$$) for such actors. The deceit, treachery, blackmail, threats, bribes, extortion and scheming behind the scenes, within both parties, has reached a level of evil which, if known, would shock the discerning public (the discerning public being maybe 7% of the American populace at this juncture in history—the remaining 93% of which are spiritually incapable of recognizing the fore mentioned).

It is equally important as this article further unfolds, that I divulge that I am not a Republican nor a Deep-State-O-Crat, for I internally divorced myself from the Republican Party on the afternoon of September 11th, 2001 (i.e., “911”), when I realized the true depths to which critical elements of the party had fallen in their willingness to be puppeteered by the New World Order. I’ll have to leave my brief reference to “911” to that, and nothing more. Equally derogatory to the term “Deep-State-O-Crats,” is the most fitting: Rat-Publicans – to best describe was has become of the majority of the Neo Republican Party.

It is even more so important that I underscore the reader’s misperception that I am presently “talking politics.” For this article, and every article on this web site, speaks to a realm far deeper that mere “politics.” I much rather speak to the spirit-realm—behind “politics.”

I have known for the past 37 years (i.e., since the day I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life—and my heart), that there was and has been (throughout my lifetime) a very dark element to what the American public has otherwise understood as “the rule of law” governing Washington D.C. And, that American mainstream television plays a nefarious role in masking such darkness—while their livelihoods remain under the shadow of a shadow government. As dark as my realization of the true nature of what unfolded in New York City on September 11th, 2001 was however; such darkness was superseded by the events of January 2009, as Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in to office, thus ushering-in a flood of evil into the United States which, throughout the span of 8 years, would wholly pervert every branch of the federal government—a crippling level of perversion—which remains.–and which continues to ferment.

With the above in view, and to those who have chosen to ask the Lord for the Gift of Discernment, and who have earnestly pursued the Spiritual Gifts as the Apostle Paul so admonished us to; allow me to speak to the gist of why I have penned this article, and precisely what deeper spiritual truths I am speaking to.

There must be no question that we are living in the age prophesied of Isaiah, in Isaiah 5:20, which reads:

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” (NASB).

We have arrived, friends.

We now live in an age wherein the most influential nation in history has collectively chosen to “call evil good, and good evil.” We have arrived at this state by collectively and willingly believing lies—knowing full well that while a lie stands before us, we yet choose to convince ourselves that it is truth. This condition was also prophesied, this time by the Apostle Paul, in II Timothy 2:10-12, which reads:

“…because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved…God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness” (NASB).

The formula herein begins with a blatant denial of truth, which equates-to and morphs-into a state of delusion—to the point that truth is no longer recognizable. It must be underscored that as I speak of this formula, I also speak to a growing cross-section of the Body of Christ in the West. I speak as one who has facilitated prophetic counseling, deliverance and pastoral care to many thousands of people over a period of 37 years at this stage, to include many thousands of one-on-one sessions, and while swathing-through demonic cobwebs of delusion which have affixed themselves to the minds and hearts Christians, often as the result of choosing to believe falsehoods, and as the result of willful denial of areas in their lives (more specifically, areas in their hearts) which have been artfully unattended to and ultimately masked over the course of time. Having said this, I have witnessed that denial, over time, will morph into delusion.

Because of the sobering reality of the level of delusion presently enveloping the nation, much of what I am sharing herein will be readily scoffed at. However, for those of you whose hearts are telling you to read-on, please do take very seriously what I am hereafter going to share with you.

Again, I began this article by citing Matthew 10:26, which states in essence that what we attempt to keep stuffed in our figurative closets, will ultimately be exposed for the world to see—if we refuse to render it all to Jesus—that He may dissipate it “…as far as the east is from the west…,” through His shed blood for us. Correspondingly, I allude to an excerpt from Psalm chapter 103, which reads:

“He has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His loving-kindness toward those who fear Him. As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us” (Psalm 103:10-13, NASB).

To the undiscerning reader, what I’ve just stated above would suggest that I am initially referring to the life-history of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and the diabolic and ridiculous scrutiny upon his teenaged years in high school. Much rather however, I am referring to the ultimate and legitimate scrutiny upon his accuser—Dr. Ford. Moreover, I speak to the ultimate scrutiny upon the agency behind Dr. Ford—the CIA. For it was the CIA (the long-arm of the Deep State), along with its favorite bank-roller, George Soros, which positioned Dr. Ford as the nefarious pon which she became, and which in turn deceived a largely undiscerning public. Unfortunately for those who carried out this diabolical scheme however, “what was hidden has been revealed.”

And, chief among elements which have been revealed is that there are no lengths to which the Deep State and its larger sponsor, the New World Order, will go, to utterly destroy the remaining fabric of this once-great-nation—a fabric reflecting the colors red, white and blue.

What is not readily known even among the discerning American public, is the ultimate aim of Donald Trump’s initial nomination of Brett Kavanaugh—that of a very real plan to hereafter truly “drain the swamp” that Washington D.C. has become—a swamp which includes operatives such as and including: the Obama’s, the Clinton’s, the Soros’s, and a host of others who have devoted their lives to establishing a Marxist, Socialist, Communist wasteland in America. At its core, “the swamp” is wholly demonic, and feeds upon bloodshed, tyranny, lawlessness and oppression. We are talking spirit-realm here, a conversation far deeper than “politics.” It is for this reason that the Deep State Party did everything but assassinate people in their attempts to derail the Kavanaugh nomination. Do not think that they had not seriously considered such. And do not think that they are not continuing to consider such.

We are also talking about the very real likelihood that within our very lifetimes, we will be tried just like Brett Kavanaugh, and sifted like wheat before the world. We will be falsely accused, and hideous levels of slander will be levied against us, solely because we pose grave threats to the works of darkness as the result of the authority and anointing upon our lives as Believers who have become dead-the-world – and who are so alive in Christ that what radiates from us pierces the darkness at every turn, and convicts every soul we meet.

It was in early 2012 that I began writing a biographical book which would carry the central message of repentance, and which, upon the reading of such, would spawn repentance abroad. My goal was that to complete, self-edit and self-publish the book by December 12, 2012 (i.e., “12-12-12”), while at the same time launching my personal website on “12-12-12.” I met that goal, and in so doing, through the book (Teshuvah: David’s Key), I have placed my life of secret sin, dysfunction, bondage, denial and delusion upon a figurative clothesline—for all the world to see, that my brokenness as the result might in turn spawn repentance, brokenness and contrition in others—my feeble attempt to spawn the ripple-effect of repentance throughout the Church in the West, that we might be granted a season of mercy beginning with January 2016. And, we were in fact granted that season of mercy. I would then go on to pen an article entitled, the same: A Season of Mercy.

Link to Article, A Season of Mercy, below:

Link to Book, Teshuvah: David’s Key, below:

Until we can arrive at a place of being dead-to-the-world, and walking in such authority and anointing in our lives that every soul we meet will have been brushed by the presence of God, we must first place ourselves on a figurative ledge, over a deep chasm, so far out on the ledge that there is no turning back, and in that place declare with great conviction the centrality of the old hymn, I Surrender All. And by surrendering all, I mean to suggest the forfeiture of everything that prevents us from sitting at Jesus’ feet in prayer and worship—in and through which the chaff of our lives is burned on a figurative altar of sacrifice—a sweet smelling savor to the God of Heaven—not unlike the sweet smelling savor of incense rising from the ancient Tabernacle in the Wilderness.

It is as we resolve to this lifestyle, a lifestyle of sitting at His feet, in contrition and brokenness, that we are forced to be honest with ourselves, and die to all that prevents us from walking in freedom. It is this freedom that each of us needs in this hour, to remain unaffected by the chains which the world will soon seek to impose upon us. Understand this: we can be in physical chains, while also being the freest souls on the planet earth.

The most profound and truly life-changing elements of the Net Testament are those excerpts which were written by those in physical chains, or by the One Who had endured the most gruesome crucifixion in history.

What I have been saying repeatedly since early November of 2008, was graphically portrayed in the media over the previous few weeks, in and through the gruesome character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I stated in January of 2009 that an all-encompassing tide of evil was allowed to wholly envelope this nation as Barack Hussein Obama was sworn-into office. It was allowed to happen, as God had raised His hands of grace and said, “I’ve no choice but to allow you [the Western Church] to now wallow in your unchanged diaper.” For 8 years thereafter, the United States was brutally gutted of the heart and soul of what once was “The Land of the Free.” To this day, much of the Western Church yet does not understand that it was our spiritual lethargy, apathy, indifference and compromise which prompted God to lift His hand of grace from the country for 8 years. His devastating season of judgment from January 2009 thru January 2017 ceased only when a relatively small army of desperate intercessors pleaded night and day, for His stay of judgment in November of 2016. In fact, the most desperate hours were those between 01:00AM and 03:00AM on the tail-end of Election Night, for it was in those wee hours that a diabolical scheme sought to pervert, thwart and overthrow the electoral system—during the same hours in which intercessors throughout the country were keeping the midnight oil burning—and pleading with God through severe fatigue and tears, that He cease His judgment upon the nation, and grant us a Season of Mercy.

We remain in that season of mercy, which almost came to an abrupt end just hours ago, when the diabolical attack upon Brett Kavanaugh almost succeeded. Most of the country has no idea of the true implications of what hung in the balance of the Kavanaugh vote, with the exception of the Deep State, which knows full well what hung in the balance. It is for this reason that Believers do well to prepare their hearts and their households for the next series of tactics designed to destroy every advance of the Trump Administration. We are soon to enter the wildest times of our lives, with respect to national unrest and civil war. And it is during this time that we must rid our lives of every area of compromise, and allow the Holy Spirit to purge our hearts of everything which prevents Jesus from making the entirety of our hearts, His home.

“Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, Who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God” (Heb. 12:1-2, NASB).

Your trench-mate,



The Truth About Mass Shootings in the U.S.

The Truth About Mass Shootings in the U.S.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting of 1981)

March 3, 2018

The nature of the worldwide web is such that Internet traffic can yield an endless variety of people who respond to a given posted article therein, irrespective of its nature and origin—as the author dares to post Contact Information. In the past 20 years or so that I’ve been writing articles for Internet circulation, I have met with colorful extremes. I’ve met with people manifesting demons, while verbalizing hexes, vexes and death-threats at me. I’ve also met with people strongly affirming what I’ve written, and going so far as to share how their hearts were deeply impacted by such. With some of these, I’ve gone on to develop lasting friendships. With others, friendships have begun—only to end in hexes, vexes and death-threats at me.

What you are about to read is that which will not be easily found within Mainstream Christianity at this juncture, nor on the web at large. Conversely, what can be readily found within Mainstream Christianity and the web at large is every available avenue through which to welcome the spirits of Deception, Confusion, Delusion, Narcissism, and the Gospel of Compromise into one’s life. This said, you may accurately hereafter categorize what follows as “the voice of one crying in the wilderness.”

For the Spirit-filled Believer reading this article; please understand that the ultimate goal of my penning such is that to spawn prayer and intercession for the complete exposure of the subject matter to follow, and that in so doing our once-great nation will be granted an extended reprieve from complete destruction—reprieve long enough to enable Believers herein to spread the gospel to as many friends and family members as possible, before “all hell breaks loose” in our midst.

I believe I have rendered my duty at this juncture, in preparing the reader for what follows.  Fasten your figurative seat belt therefore, and be mindful to obey all traffic laws as we transition from the on ramp—directly into the fast lane of startling truth–truth which needs to be acted upon–truth which exposes deep deeds of darkness within our very own government–deeds which must be thwarted by prayer and intercession through the Body of Christ in this country.

And, with your seat belt fastened, consider this under-quoted excerpt of Scripture, from Ephesians 5:10-11, which reads:

“Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead, even expose them;…” (NASB).

The most vivid memories that I maintain, are those memories of moments in time in which the Holy Spirit was strongly present. Something about the trans-rational omnipotence of the Holy Spirit etches memories upon a person’s psyche in such a way that the memory can replay itself in living color many years later, and can even evoke the same feelings associated with the original experience decades later. This said, I remember like it was just yesterday, an evening in 1993 as I was teaching a class on the Spiritual Gifts. I had been for 3 years at that juncture, a part of a large and explosively-growing Christian congregation that was quite literally impacting the nation in and through many avenues of strongly anointed ministry. To the non-Christian reader, understand that the word “anointed” will most readily denote God’s fingerprint, or God’s endorsement upon a given activity—a fingerprint or endorsement which equates to its impact being truly life-changing, in such a way that the impact was/is unquestionably that of the result of the Holy Spirit of God at work. The term “trans-rational” aptly defines these dynamics, as, when the Holy Spirit moves in power, it is often in the form of experiences which defy the rational mind—by design.

It was while teaching the class in question, that I was serving what was called a “Church Planter’s Internship” – I was learning, studying, observing and practicing many tools in which to later use in planting churches. My mentor at the time had to date planted roughly 50 churches around the globe, all of which bore Kingdom fruit to one degree or another. The class that I taught on “Spiritual Gifts” was that which spanned a 4-week format, and which included the discovery one’s spiritual gifts, as well as one’s psychological temperament, via an assessment tool rooted in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator system (“MBTI”). These findings were then coupled with an honest self-assessment of one’s personal passions, talents, skills, abilities, dreams and visions. The ultimate culmination of all that a student would learn during a 4-week period would climax via a one-on-one ministry session with a leader, me being one such leader, wherein during the one-on-one session the leader would ask the Holy Spirit to move through the Revelatory Gifts, and speak deeply into the student, to affirm all that had been learned during the previous month. Many of these sessions were truly profound in nature, as the raw display of God’s power would often saturate a given student with love, kindness, prophetic insight and a level of personal affirmation which far transcends the affirmation of men. One of the primary fruits of such the ministry was that of observing thousands of Believers more fruitfully take their place in serving the collective Body of Christ, and most certainly the immediate congregation.

I would come to understand during this church planter’s internship, my long-standing hunger to date, to understand and move-in the Spiritual Gifts, especially those of the Revelatory Gifts, that is: Prophecy, Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge, Dream Interpretation, and the underlying subject of this article—Spiritual Discernment. For it was just a few years into my walk with the Lord in the early 1980’s that I found myself hungering for both intimacy with the Lord and to know and understand the spiritual gifts. As the years would unfold I would in turn discover that chief among passions as a Believer in Yeshua—Jesus, was that of imparting both the hunger for intimacy with the Lord, and a hunger to move in the spiritual gifts, to others–that they may in turn walk in the fullness of that to which they are called. These remain chief among my passions in imparting things to others—right next to worship—on musical instruments.

Within the New Testament, and nestled within the first letter to the Corinthian church, is found this verse from 1 Corinthians 14:1:

“Pursue love, yet earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.

Pursing love is the ultimate goal of the Christian—the pursuit to embody the love of God, which can be so potent as to melt hearts into submission in embracing the unfathomable free gift of salvation through the sacrifice of His Son—Yeshua—Jesus—on a cross. And, exuding the love of God is beautifully portrayed in the very chapter preceding the verse quoted above, namely 1 Corinthians 13, which has been long touted “the love chapter,” and which has been quoted within countless marriage ceremonies throughout the ages.

Interestingly however, the same millions who’ve quoted 1 Corinthians 13, artfully skip passed the very next chapter, and more specifically the very first verse within the next chapter, wherein the pursuit of love and the pursuit of the spiritual gifts, especially prophecy, are found within the very same sentence.

Cessationists have done a grand job of excising 1 Corinthians 14 from their belief system. They’ve done so to their personal peril.

Question: Why would the Apostle Paul place the pursuit of spiritual gifts right next to the supreme pursuit of moving in the love of God?

Answer: Because exuding the love of God in all that we do, must by necessity be intertwined and “married” with the spiritual gifts–especially the revelatory gifts, if we are to “...tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy” (Luke 10:19) in these Last Days.

I reflect upon that night in 1993, while teaching the 4th class in a month-long module on the Spiritual Gifts. I had begun revisiting my practical definitions of how the spiritual gifts operate through the Believer. While speaking on this night, I was surveying the eyes of a packed classroom. In this sea of eyes was a precious sight; I was observing a collective hunger to move in the things of God which was so heart-wrenching that I was fighting back tears. I was also fighting-back tears because in this moment, on this evening, I felt the Holy Spirit descend upon me to anoint me to say the following:

“There will come a day in our lifetimes, when chief among all of the Revelatory Gifts at our disposal, will be the Gift of Discernment. For the Gift of Discernment will mean a matter of life and death.”

Because the Holy Spirit had just descended upon me in this moment, the class was riveted—as He had touched them in that moment as well. I recall them all leaning forward, eyes wide open, and rubbing their arms. The collective response was not so much because of what I said, as it was rather because of the swift permeation of the room by the Holy Spirit Himself. He wanted all in that room to never forget what I had said in that moment, that they would go on to not only “earnestly pursue the spiritual gifts,” but in doing so would especially ask (pray) to “prophecy” – which by nature incorporates all of the revelatory gifts—including Discernment. For I have observed for nearly 4 decades a pattern, whereby when one begins fluidly moving in the Gift of Prophecy, they equally and laterally begin to move in the Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Dream Interpretation and Discernment.

With the critical focus upon Spiritual Discernment now in our cross-hairs, please bear with me as we shift gears and drive deeper into what I pray will be a very sobering conversation—and more importantly, a call to prayer and intercession–for the complete exposure of the subject matter.

It was on the evening of November 4th, 2008, Presidential Election Night, and following the election results, that that evening while teaching the class in back in 1993—15 years previous—came back to me in a vivid flash. For it was as I watched the election results on television that my mind also drifted to a day roughly 11 months previous—January of 2008—when I had first watched television footage of Barrack Hussein Obama, speaking. It was as I studied his eyes on that day in January of 2008 that I realized, through the Gift of Discernment, that I was looking into the eyes of the Spirit of Antichrist, which had wholly enveloped this man. In that moment I knew that all that he was speaking had been uttered by the Father of Lies—Satan. I also knew in that moment that God’s hand of grace over the United States was being lifted from the nation, to allow the hordes of hell to devour what was once the greatest nation on earth. And, that this vessel of the Spirit of Antichrist (Obama) would be allowed to quarterback this destruction.

As the reader may now be inclined to fuss and fume over the contents of the previous paragraph, I challenge the reader to re-read what I stated. For what you thought you read was, “Obama is the Antichrist.” Whereas what I actually stated was that he was moving in the spirit of Antichrist. There is a critical distinction to be made here, for there are and have been many men (and women) throughout the ages who have been possessed by the Spirit of Antichrist, Barrack Hussein Obama being one of the most potent expressions of such in my lifetime.

To be clear on this point, consider this timely excerpt from the book of 1st John, and namely chapter 2 and verse 18, which reads:

“Children, it is the last hour; and just as you have heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour.”

It is interesting to note that 1st John is estimated to have been written about A.D. 90. If then, in A.D. 90, an apostle deemed the time in which he lived to be “the last hour,” where does this place us, in the year 2018? I trust it will hereafter suffice to say that I believe the hour is very late.

Barack Hussein Obama would go on to serve as a New World Order “poster child” for 8 years very publicly, while laterally working in the shadows to destroy every fiber of the founding fabric of this once-great Republic—which has at this juncture been reduced to a wasteland of delusion, confusion, vice, wickedness and all that is at war with God. We have become, as I have stated for more than 20 years—the harlot named “Mystery Babylon,” alluded to in very sobering terms in the Book of Revelation.

While working in the deep, dark shadows of Washington D.C., Barack Hussein Obama would serve to quarterback among other things, a CIA, FBI, DHS and FEMA-driven task force to stage a long and increasingly gruesome series of “mass shootings.” And, not unlike a massive locomotive blazing down the tracks at full speed, and equipped with no brakes to speak of, this maniacal-machine which carried out the “mass shootings” and/or “massacres” during Barack Hussein Obama’s public term(s) in office, has of this writing, not stopped. In fact, virtually all of his original agenda continues to be carried out by this maniacal-machine, and here’s why: Barack Hussein Obama considers himself “The President in Exile.” He presently commands what I estimate to be a 20,000 square foot facility in the Washington D.C. area, occupied by an army of reprobates who continue to work in the shadows to destroy the remaining fibers of the original fabric of this once-great-Republic. Additionally, the same army of reprobates spans every major branch of the government—including the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, the Secret Service, the FBI, FEMA, DHS, and a very long list of equally lauded components of the federal government. Barack Hussein Obama, over an 8 year period, weeded-out thousands of true patriots from the ranks of leadership in every critical facet of the federal government, and replaced them with godless pons which would do his bidding—long after he would exit the White House. They continue to do his bidding quite handsomely. And, Obama continues to serve as “quarterback.”

The immediate End-Game of the continued “mass shootings” and/or “massacres” is that to cultivate a national outcry for the confiscation of firearms–the calculated prelude to wholesale slaughter of those who would oppose the coming Communist Caliphate. The immediate goal is that to so convince the American public that these “mass shootings” and/or “massacres” are as the complicit media postures them, that the American public in response would ultimately cry-out in unison, “Please come save us from ourselves! Please come and take our guns from us before we destroy ourselves!” To which the federal government replies, “We thought you’d never ask!”

As we look closer at the critical ingredients of these federally-staged “mass shootings,” which are in every sense of the phrase “false flags;” carefully weigh the following Deep State game plan guidelines:

  1.  Employ the “Strategy of Tension,” whereby the false-flag shootings occur with such frequency and seemingly random geographic’s that the average citizen begins to live in a constant state of fear and unrest.
  2. Laterally employ the Event>Response>Solution tactic: the Event (mass shooting) evokes the Response (public fear, panic and outrage), which in turn evokes the Deep State Solution (national confiscation of all firearms).
  3. Seek out, apprehend, condition (drug and program) the quintessential “patsie” – the “fall guy,” the “lone shooter,” who can be a psychotic, reclusive, homophobic, racist, military veteran, Christian, 2nd Amendment crusader, patriot, white supremacist, or whatever happens to be the mass-media-narrative-push for the occasion.

The above list from the Deep State rule book, and which mirrors the Communist/Nazi rule book, includes many more points of interest herein, but I’ve limited such to only 3 at this juncture.

What makes the “mass shootings” believable to the grossly undiscerning general public, which sadly includes most of the mainstream Body of Christ, is the alarming effectiveness of mainstream media, which, at this juncture in time is nothing more than a “psy-op” (a psychological operation). Virtually all mass media in the United States, to include CNN, NPR, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSN, MSNBC, Fox, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter; every major news company and most minor news companies in between, has become a venomous and toxic web of deceit. And, sadly to say for all who consider themselves political Conservatives; Fox News happens to be among these. For Fox News spews as much disinformation as the Liberal networks spew blatantly false information (i.e., lies) at this juncture, following a generational change-up in family ownership in recent years. So wicked has mainstream media become, that I now admonish all Believers in the U.S. to discontinue watching or listening to such, as it is spiritually toxic, and evokes a dumbing-down dynamic in the minds of all who willfully expose themselves to such. And what’s worse, the dumbing-down is actually demonic, and spawns delusion. What I am getting at, is that spewing from mass-media is the Spirit of Witchcraft—a very potent level of deceit. This reality can be likened to walking into a damp and dark garage which has moments prior been saturated with a potent pesticide. The pesticide, when inhaled, lines the lungs and immediately begins to affect the central nervous system. So the toxicity emanating from media in the United States affects the spiritual nervous system and spawns deep deception and ultimate delusion.

I began figuratively writing this article many years ago, when the Sandy Hook Elementary School “mass shooting” or “massacre” first permeated mass-media. I began writing this article on my heart (as I do all of my articles before my fingers meet with the keyboard), and only now am I taking the bold step in penning such publicly. For it was the Sandy Hook Elementary School “mass shooting,” and all of the Deep State-crafted “mass shootings” in between, to include San Bernadino California, Orlando Florida, Charleston South Carolina; many “police shootings” in between (e.g., Dallas Texas, Ferguson Missouri, Baton Rouge Louisiana, etc.); and the more recent Las Vegas “mass shooting” (celebrated by the Deep State as “the worst mass shooting in U.S. history”), very closely followed by the equally celebrated “worst school shooting in U.S. history” in Parkland Florida; all of which I have known to be completely false narratives (i.e., “False Flags”); are the collective product of the interdepartmental planning of the U.S. Military Complex, the CIA, the Secret Service, FBI, DHS, FEMA, and an endless host of cooperating law enforcement departments around the nation.

Were I to analyze each and every “mass shooting” which has occurred since 2009, and alight upon the endless facts which render them wholly fabricated and staged by the Deep State element of our government, I might convince the reader in rational terms, the truth of their collective falsehoods. But to do so would completely negate the primary emphasis of this article—that of moving in a level of Spiritual Discernment so as to readily see the true nature of what is unfolding about us in this hour—despite all the details and facts.

I could expend 12 or more additional pages in listing 100s of facts which defy the false media narratives surrounding these “mass shootings.” However these facts would be useless in the end, as most reading such have been programmed and conditioned to believe the deceitful and spiritually toxic mass-media narratives which have immediately followed every incident. Further, these narratives have been artfully marinated in the minds of over 300 million Americans, through systematic reference to the ongoing and unfolding narrative long after the date of the alleged “shooting,” including court dates, new facts unearthed about the “shooter,” new comments from friends, neighbors and family who knew the “shooter,” etc., etc. There is a pre-planned system within the psy-op, which includes scheduled re-visits to the story via mass-media. And, each time the unsuspecting public sees or hears such, the false narrative is further marinated in their mind–as fact and truth–not unlike the marination of roast duck with cherry sauce prior to consumption.

Ponder for a moment this verse from Proverbs 28:5(b), which reads: …those who diligently seek the Lord understand all things (Literal Hebrew translation). The words “diligently” and “all” have been artfully removed from most English translations.

The context of Proverbs 28:5(b) is that which is figurative, in that those who diligently seek intimacy with the Lord, to include hearing His voice, and seeing things through His eyes, will understand the nature of all things unfolding about them. This said, a Believer who maintains intimacy with the Lord and moves fluidly in the Revelatory Gifts, can without understanding any of the details or facts behind a given scenario, know for certain in but a moment whether the scenario is true or false. It is through these lenses that I have known within seconds of learning of a scenario, another “mass shooting” or “massacre,” that they were in fact wholly staged by the Deep State—our very own government. It is for this reason that Christians are coming under increasingly violent attack, as those of us who are authentic (albeit a dwindling minority) see-through all that is spewed from the collective media psy-op which has woven a tight web around the minds of over 300 million Americans.

I will tell you that just as quickly as a discerning mind posts something on the web which supports the falsehood of the “mass shootings” in question, the Global Brain (of which Google serves a critical role for the present) erases (i.e. “scrubs”) the Internet of such. And, of the many items which have been scrubbed in recent months for example, are the accounts of 4 eyewitnesses to the “Las Vegas Massacre,” who affirmed that there were multiple shooters, and who also affirmed many facts wholly contrary to the mainstream narrative perpetuated by the Deep State. Each of the 4 eyewitnesses who were taped refuting all of the critical components of the false narrative (i.e. “False Flag”) have died mysterious deaths in recent months. In equal fashion, each and every eyewitness to all of these “False Flag” events who have been quoted or taped and placed on the Internet, have had their accounts quietly erased from public view.

One of the more prominent characteristics of the more celebrated mass shootings (again, celebrated by the Deep State), has been the immediate emergence of the “fall-guy” or “patsie,” the deranged psychopath who “had easy access to the purchase of firearms,” and who “posted many disturbing videos on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter” beforehand. What you must know about these collective “fall-guys,” is that they were hand-selected by the Deep State long before the staged event. They were hand-selected through the same means by which your personal NSA profile has been built—a profile which resides in the world’s largest USB drive—seated in the desert of Utah. This said, all text messages, emails, online activity and audio files (through SmartPhone mics, computers with Windows 10 on board, “OnStar” and GPS systems in cars, to name just a few mediums, etc.) produced the perfect candidates to be used as “poster children” for these events. Once the poster child/fall-guy/patsie is chosen, the same is apprehended shortly before the event, drugged, and then subjected to a very sophisticated form of mind-control which is an advanced and evolved form of what is known as “MK Ultra”—a system of controlling thoughts and guiding behavior remotely. It is for this reason that these “mass shooter” poster-children/fall-guys without waiver will mention that they “heard voices in their heads” telling them to carry out the shootings. Some have said they “heard demons.” Others simply said they “heard voices.” And while the fall-guys are hearing voices, and carrying out some element of the narrative, the multiple shooters who do most of the actual shooting, gun-down either real or fictitious men, women and children (the public may never know).

There have been many sightings over the past 9 years, of people who were supposed to have been “killed” within a given “mass shooting” or “massacre.” Equally so, there have been 100s of accounts of people who were filmed on the scene of a given shooting, who were later proven to be members of a league of paid Crisis Actors. Even more alarming is that in most of the cases, possibly all of them, federal agents representing either the CIA, FEMA, DHS or the FBI were cited as being onsite a month or more preceding the incidents, and had staged “Active Shooter Drills” weeks beforehand. Of course, most if not all of this evidence is in due course scrubbed from the Internet.

One of the more telling and laughable elements of the “Las Vegas Massacre” hoax (but one of hundreds of elements representing all of the “mass shooting” hoaxes, by the way), was that of the “shooter’s” photo which emerged within hours of the “shooting.” The photo in question, and the only photo permitted by the Deep State, through it’s mainstream media arm, was that of a grainy, blurry and poor resolution photo the “shooter” with his eyes closed, and that while he was looking away from the camera, and downward. Here’s why this is laughable: the NSA has hundreds of photos of the “shooter’s” face, the most readily available of which is that from his various state and government licenses and passports, not to mention the hundreds of photos his SmartPhone has taken of his face–each time he took a picture with such, as one’s SmartPhone takes a snapshot of one’s face every time a correlative snapshot is taken of any item or subject. What the cell phone user therefore choses to snap by way of a photo, remains on the phone, and is visible, while the owner’s profile shot is then immediately stored in one’s NSA file folder deep within the bowels of the world’s largest flash-drive residing in the desert of Utah. Why therefore, would the Deep State only permit this one strangely obscured image of the “shooter’s” face? Here’s why: so that as he re-emerges in public, in another area of the world, with glasses on, a different haircut, different facial hair, etc., he is never unduly scrutinized. You will find this pattern (i.e., obscured facial profiles of the “mass shooters”) in many of such which have occurred since 2009.

The Deep State counts on 3 lateral ingredients in waging its very effective national psy-op: 1) the evidence of the federally staged shooting incident is often hidden-in-plain-sight. What is often not hidden is rarely questioned by the public, as the public has been so dumbed-down and conditioned to believe all that mass-media says; 2) all attempts on the part of the discerning to expose these “false-flags” for what they are, is readily shrugged off when the media simply labels them “conspiracy theories;” and 3) the emerging “conspiracy theories” which debunk the “mass shootings” are too fantastic, too surreal, too shocking for the public to believe–even when raw facts are handed to them.

Once again, understand that the CIA governs all major media in this country—controlling everything that airs. The CIA is but one of several critical arms of the Deep State machine.

I do not doubt that lives have been lost in and through all of these fabricated narratives, but we will never know the extent to which actual lives were lost versus fictitious lives lost. What I do know is that it was our own government which carried out the murder of the lives which were lost. As shocking as that sounds, you must accept this as fact if you are to keep your wits about you, as the insanity unfolding about us is going to get deeper—by the day. That is, there will be many more “mass shooting” incidents springing-up all over the country, with increased frequency, to spawn national fear (recall the “Strategy of Tension”) and the corresponding self-destructive resolve on the part of citizens to beg the government to outlaw ownership of all guns. This is when the Deep State, the United Nations, and Global Governance wins–and also where Agenda 21 shifts into overdrive in the U.S. (discussion of Agenda 21 to occur at a later date).

Please understand that I have only shared the tip-of-the-tip of the iceberg relative to the unveiling of some of the nuts-n-bolts and underpinnings of how these “mass shootings” or “massacres” are staged and waged. And again, I have purposefully refrained from sharing the endless details, as were I do so I would once again depart from my emphasis upon relying upon Spiritual Discernment to navigate the falsehoods within these mass shooting hoaxes.

The Western mind feeds upon facts and hard data to form understanding. We are a dominantly left-brained nation. Herein lay the most profound and paradoxical problem: for what is “fact” anymore, on the Internet, when the Internet is so saturated with falsehood and used by the Deep State and the NWO as a medium of perpetual mind-control and deceit? Here once again is the opportunity to underscore the dire need for Spiritual Discernment in this hour—the ability to know truth versus falsehood in a moment—without the need to know the facts or details which comprise either.

What you must know, is that the disarming of America is just the immediate End-Game. Whereas the ultimate End-Game, the “Super Bowl” if you will, is that which the New World Order has planned for an unarmed American citizenry—complete tyrannical control and dominance, and the imposition of a hybrid and monstrous system comprised of the worst elements of Marxism, Socialism and Communism. The leaders of this New World Order, among the ranks of which includes the Bush’s, the Clinton’s and the Obama’s, are Luciferian, satanic; and move in realms of wickedness and perversion that would utterly shock the globe were the full laundry list made public. Then again, these many players count on the facts being too fantastic (i.e. the literal definition of the word “fantastic”) to believe. As such, they go on in their murderous and perverted ways, believing that the general public will never believe the many “conspiracy theories” circling about them—especially so in light of the wickedly deceptive media machine which effectively masks their deeds.

The same wicked players I’ve described thus far also set to the task of reeling Donald Trump into their web of wickedness the moment he was sworn into office. In spinning such the web, I have observed a consistent pattern in Washington D.C., wherein well-meaning, spirited and patriotic crusaders manage to fight-off the rabid hyenas and their venomous slander campaigns, to ultimately make their way into an office in D.C., only to change their apparent mission at roughly the 9-month mark. In many cases this metamorphosis is not a change at all, and is in fact the simple unveiling of who they always were. Equally so however, in many cases the crusader was pure in heart, yet met immediately with the Deep State’s multi-pronged stranglehold of blackmail, extortion, intrigue and death threats. What is interesting about the 9-month pattern I’ve observed is that human gestation is that of 9 months, prior to birth. In like fashion, most politicians who manage to attain a post in Washington D.C. at this juncture in history are immediately impregnated with an extremely toxic level of influence and coercion. The blackmail and very real death threats alone are very often enough to prompt the crusader to change their tune. I’ve expanded upon this pattern that I’ve observed, to in turn explain why it is that Donald Trump also began to change his tune at the 9-month mark. However through the Gift of Discernment and associated prophetic insights I’ve gained a glimpse of Donald Trump’s heart. Seeing such, I am convinced that he is a true patriot at heart. He needs our prayers, around the clock, as he is up against the greatest measure of evil ever levied against a sitting president in this nation’s history.

It could be that by the time I post and circulate this article, Donald Trump will have sharply departed from his initial mission, his initial crusade. I fervently pray that this is not so.

Not long ago a partial laundry list of many NWO operatives (including many based in the U.S.) was made public, by one Julian Assange. And, as suspected, much of the American public (including mainstream Christianity) shrugged it off as “conspiracy theory,” moments following which they returned to feasting upon what they deemed to be real news, in the form of the deceptive web of mainstream media. What Julian Assange revealed was such a sharp departure from the non-reality in which most American live, that they simply could not process it. They therefore filed the information in their minds right next to laughable headlines from the National Inquirer about “aliens abducting a talking-horse for the purposes of gaining valuable intel about farming and livestock.”

You must know that the phrase “New World Order” has, as of early 2009 most pointedly, been positioned by mainstream media as a laughable fancy among paranoid schizophrenic’s and those plagued with psychosis more generally; right alongside the phrase, “Conspiracy Theory” – Conspiracy Theory denoting anything which counters the mainstream media narrative—which is itself a carefully crafted conspiracy, managed and policed by the CIA.

The New World Order is not a “theory,” it is a very real conspiracy, and such the conspiracy is having its way with what remains of the United States of America, in and through, among other nefarious strategies, the disarming of the country by spawning a vast web of deceit through a growing series of federally-crafted “mass shootings” or “massacres.”

Let there be no mistake; the Spirit of Antichrist was allowed to fully envelope the White House in January of 2009 as the result of God’s sovereign judgment—the lifting of His hand of grace from the United States—thus allowing the works of darkness to have their way—fully unleashed. All that remains of the founding fabric of this once-great Republic at this juncture, is that which was preserved as the result of the ardent and strident prayers of the Saints in this country—and beyond. And, it is the ardent and strident prayers of the Saints that will preserve the remaining threads of the original fabric of this nation—long enough to grant those herein more time to bear Kingdom fruit—before personal survival becomes the all-consuming mission among Christians.

As I work toward closing this article, I wish to alight upon two timely mediums which will serve to add many layers of color to what I’ve sought to convey to the reader. The first of these mediums is that of a movie produced in 2008—the timing of which I believe to have been prophetic with respect to what unfolded in November of 2008 in Washington D.C. The movie is entitled Defiance, starring Daniel Craig, and captures the true-life story of the Bielski brothers, Jewish brothers whose immediate families were slaughtered during the Nazi holocaust; brothers who formed the Bielski Partisans who lived in the forests of Eastern Europe to survive the Nazi onslaught of Jews. Not only did the Bielski brothers preserve the lives of several hundred Jews, they also effectively waged counter-strikes against the Nazi’s, and that with remarkable ferocity. As a serious student of Holocaust Literature for 19 years at this stage, I was familiar with the Bielski Partisans long before seeing the movie. And, the movie was not a disappointment. I’ve suggested this movie to the reader, as it presents a timely wake-up call toward unveiling a clear-and-present-danger in the face and wake of what the Deep State and its parent, the New World Order, has in store for the U.S. The reality of such needs to hit most Americans in the face like a bucket of ice cold water thrown at a person while in a dead sleep—at 03:00 a.m.—in the dead of Winter. Many of you need more than that—you also need a swift kick in the pants for your laziness in allowing the Global Brain to think for you via CNN, NPR, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter—while ignoring the daily meditation upon Scripture. You’re fortunate, as I’m letting you off easy today.

The second medium is that of a book entitled In God’s Underground, by Richard Wurmbrand. You may order the book at Wurmbrand served a collective 14 years in Communist-Romanian prisons for his very active and apostolic role in furthering the gospel in Communist Romania during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, as I recall the timeframe correctly. I have read all of Wurmbrand’s books, including one written by his wife Sabina, entitled, The Pastor’s Wife. Equally so, my wife and I have strongly supported the ministry they founded decades ago, named The Voice of the Martyr’s, and with the associated web address above. The divine irony of Wurmbrand’s life, and his wife Sabina both, is that they were born ethnic Jews, became Christians, and ultimately Lutheran pastors. The irony in this is most readily understood by those who’ve given themselves over to intensive study of theology and church history. For the Lutheran denomination was founded upon the life of a man who in his later years would pen a series of treatises against Jews. Such writings would ultimately influence and ignite the very sentiments which morphed into Adolph Hitler’s hatred of Jews.

My reference to Martin Luther has nothing to do with dissing the state of the current Lutheran denomination. Nothing of the sort. My reference to Martin Luther does however serve to underscore the gravity of one of the Apostle Paul’s many Scriptural admonitions, and namely this one: “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5(b), NASB). The sobering reality in this is that a person can in one moment revolutionize Church history with their writings (e.g., the “95 theses”); while in the next moment indirectly influence a hideous chapter of history which equates to the murder of 6 million Jews and a collective 20 million victims in total within all of the Nazi death camps. Martin Luther is not solely responsible for such; however he did influence Adolph Hitler. Luther therefore failed to hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. He was a history-maker, an no doubt is seated with the Heavenly Host, however I strongly suspect that if he were able to do so, he would warn the millions of Believers presently walking the planet, to “hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”

The gist of why I have strongly recommended Wurmbrand’s book, In God’s Underground, is that in underscoring the terrible suffering which both Richard and Sabina endured in Communist prisons–and the very real probability that history in this regard will repeat itself in our lifetime–very close to home. We need to redeem the time, and do everything within our grasp to grant our nation more time–more time to be about Kingdom business.

I believe I recall that Sabina Wurmbrand endured 3 or 4 years in such imprisonment, while Richard endured 14. We must conceptualize what the Deep State and the New World Order, the Global Brain (i.e., “the Beast”) all have in store for us, that we may be dully motivated to ardently contend in prayer and intercession for the preservation of what remains of this nation—granting us once again, time to fulfill the Kingdom fruitfulness to which we’ve been called in this lifetime.

The reader must understand that all of the Saints who have been martyred before us, millions of such, who have suffered torture and imprisonment, did not do so that we in the 21st century, in America, might have the grace to face the unspeakable suffering inherent to visiting a Starbuck’s drive-through only to discover that our Latte mix ingredients ran out moments before our arrival—while at the same time discovering that our iPhone battery is down to 7% – and we’ve left our charging chord at home. As painful as such may sound, believe it or not, things can be worse, much worse. Do take the liberty to watch the movie Defiance, perhaps through Amazon Prime, or some other medium. Beforehand, do pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to you during the viewing of such. Equally, do take the step in ordering a copy of the book, In God’s Underground, while equally praying before the reading of such that the Holy Spirit would speak to you through it.

Throughout Barack Hussein Obama’s 8-year reign of terror while occupying the White House, billions of tax-payer dollars, inclusive of your tax-payer dollars, were covertly funneled into funding Islamic terror around the world. During this period 100s of Christian leaders in the U.S. were quoted as saying, “It’s time for Christians to rise-up and take a stand against what this man is doing!” Interestingly, over ¾’s of these Christian leaders had, in 2008, concluded that Barack Hussein Obama “is a Christian.” After all, Rick Warren and several other commercially prominent leaders endorsed him. Several years into his subsequent reign of terror, the same duped leaders began to cry-out for Christians to “take a stand!” I posed the following question many times during this period: “What precisely are these leaders talking about, when they admonish Christians to ‘take a stand’?” Of course, and by default, certainly they imply and/or infer that Christians pray against tyranny. However most did not pray to this end. And most if not all who were challenged to “take a stand,” did nothing beyond occasionally praying, “Oh Lord, please bless our president with wisdom and understanding.”

Let me shoot straight from the hip for a moment, and conclude this article with two very clear, sober, and serious challenges to you, the reader:

  • Please begin to pray and intercede specifically, that every layer of evil which has been woven into the U.S. government be radically exposed for the world to see—especially the nefarious workings of the Deep State, the Shadow Government, and all of the evil players which Barack Hussein Obama has placed within the White House, the CIA, the Secret Service, the FBI, FEMA, DHS, NSA, the Pentagon, and all ranks of senior brass within our military abroad. Please laterally begin to pray that President Donald Trump’s mind and heart are protected from the influences of these wicked players—to include their very real conspiracy to “take him out” (you’ll have to read between the reticle on that one).
  • Please pray about what it means to take a stand at this juncture in our nation’s history—beyond the practice of prayer—to thwart the clear and present danger of a tyrannical take-over of our nation. While doing so, please bear in mind the timely wisdom of the contemporary maxim often quoted in recent years, and which is attributed to John F. Kennedy, while he yet insisted such originated from an Edmond Burke. The maxim reads thusly: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” As you consider what it is you are to “do” to help thwart the triumph of evil in our nation, the specific brand of evil that I have exposed in this article, consider also in the coming days reading the article I penned on August 8th of 2015, below, entitled The Believer and Self-Defense:

Thank you for taking the time to read this article in its entirety, and for taking very seriously the message herein. As you do so, you are one of an extreme minority—a minority which may ultimately be credited with turning back the hands of time within a nation ultimately destined for God’s severe judgment in the approaching wake of the Great Tribulation—a chapter in the End Times which we will have to boldly face, soon enough.

God’s grace, sustenance and favor over you as you boldly walk-out your calling in Him.

Your servant,



*Postscript (08/08/19):  This morning (18 months after posting the above article) I discovered the following video (web-linked below). I commend “Mike” herein, for having the courage to state, often verbatim, what I have written 18 months previous: