Coffee and Cogwheels – Part II

Coffee and Cogwheels – Part II

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 January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Between last night and early this morning I’ve received a steady stream of inquiries from far and wide, asking what I “see” of that unfolding in 2016. I’m both humbled and honored that so many would consider my thoughts worthy of meditation. I’ve either duped a large number of people into believing that I actually do see things in the spirit-realm, or, I really am seeing things in the spirit-realm. If you’ve been copied on this article therefore, perhaps from a-friend-of-a-friend, you’ll have to turn your discernment-meter to the “ON” position to decide which.

Several weeks ago I began penning this article, which would serve as both a continuum to my original Coffee and Cogwheels article penned on the immediate heels of the last Blood Moon of September 28 (you may find that article as you would scroll-down further within this page, following the reading of this article), as well as serve as a New Year’s Day message.

As the reader may recall within my first Coffee and Cogwheels article, I authenticated the prophetic significance of the Blood Moon of September 28, by underscoring the sobering reality that within 24 hours of such the moon, Russia made its most aggressive military move in the Middle East in my lifetime.

Since September 29, the implications of such are grave, and have served to effect the very beginnings of World War III. Within the next 12 months the world may very well look-back upon September 29 of 2015, as the day World War III officially started. Not a conventional war, but a financial war which threatens whole economies–a threat which will then lead to a conventional war, in the end. “Follow the money,” as the age-old maxim goes.

Jonathan Cahn therefore, along with many other prophetic voices speaking of the Blood Moon Tetrad for a number of years now, happen to have been hearing correctly—despite the overwhelming tide of scoffers saying otherwise at this stage.

Now then, onward, with the forward motion of End-Times cogwheels, meshing together to propel and further fulfill all that has been prophesied 1000s of years ago, of “that day” (i.e., “…and in that day there will be…”) – which happens to be now.

cogwheelsAs I once again delve into a heart-propelled effort to offer spiritual clarity within the “fog of war” which has now dully draped the landscape here in the West, I feel it important to remind the reader of my ultimate goal, which is that to point the reader to the Lamb Who sits on the Throne—Y’shua, Who is returning to this chaotic planet, soon enough, but not until most of us face some very hard times—which are right around the bend—quite contrary to narcissistic hype-n-hoopla presently being spoon fed to the Western Church.

Understand that if I did not ultimately point to the Lordship of the Lamb of God in so penning articles such as these, I would be terribly remiss, and would be used to do nothing more than further spawn fear. This said, please do understand that though the next few pages will make for less-than-pleasant reading, they ultimately lead to what I’ve prayed will be a word-in-season, and which would massage your spiritual equilibrium, in the end.

Please also bear in mind and be reminded that we all “see in part…know in part…prophesy in part…[and] look as through a mirror dimly…” Therefore, my offering herein should be considered as but a “part” of the collective whole of prophetic revelation presently buzzing the antennae of those truly seeking to know and understand the truth of what is unfolding in the U.S. presently.

With all the above in view therefore, fasten your seatbelt, and know that though this ride will get hairy in a few moments, and you could very well lose-your-lunch; it will ultimately come to a safe end, following which you’ll be back on solid ground again, and just a few feet from cotton candy and caramel corn (I promise).

So, let’s look back a few months ago or so, and to an event which quietly slipped under our radar—quite literally. While tens of millions of Americans were heaped in hype over the unfolding World Series, 3 Chinese (nuclear-powered) warships stealthily sauntered into the U.S. Navy harbor of Mayport Florida. The U.S. “Commander in Chief,” following orders from his seniors (an international delegation more commonly known as the New World Order—sorry folks, I know you don’t like to hear that phrase, but it is time to acknowledge such), told the U.S. Navy, and all U.S. armed forces, to “stand-down.” What does it mean to “stand-down”, you may ask? As a former U.S. Navy sailor I’ll be happy to answer that one: standing-down means dropping your arms, dropping your guard, discarding your battle-readiness, and going back to business as usual.

Multiple reports said the Chinese crew members would “enjoy a visit to Walt Disney World,” and that the crewmembers of both the Chinese and U.S. Navies would “enjoy playing sporting events together.”

I visited the U.S. Navy site ( to see that they had to say about the matter (or rather, what they were told to say about the matter). Here is what the site states, verbatim:

“Three [Chinese navy] vessels are on an around-the-world deployment and will conduct the goodwill visit after completing port calls in Europe. The amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) will serve as the host ship. In Mayport, Sailors from both navies will participate in sporting events and interact during ship tours.

Goodwill visits by ships from foreign navies help build trust and foster shared understanding. Foreign navy vessels routinely visit the United States; Chinese navy ship Zheng He (Type 679, Hull 81) visited Hawaii earlier this month.”

*The full Navy statement can be seen at the following link:

Indeed, “shared understanding.” Was it “shared understanding” which also landed China on the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency’s Worldwide Threat Assessment List as recently as February of 2015?

Give a read of an excerpt from this report (from DIA’s very own web site, which I visited, and copied/pasted below):

“China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is building a modern military capable of defending China’s “core interests” of preserving its political system, protecting territorial integrity and sovereignty (China views these to include Taiwan and other contested claims to land and water), and ensuring sustainable economic and social development. 

The PLA remains focused on transforming the Army into a fully mechanized force.  The PLA is converting its divisions into brigades to increase their lethality and improve their combat capabilities.  China’s national-level training focus has been on brigade-level exercises that stress unit combat mission capabilities under realistic conditions, long distance mobility, and command and control.  We expect these trends to continue.

The PLA Navy continues to expand its operational and deployment areas.  China’s first aircraft carrier, commissioned in late 2012, will not reach its full potential until it acquires a fully operational fixed-wing air regiment, but we expect the Navy will make progress toward its goal this year.

The South China Sea (SCS) remains a potential flashpoint.  Overlapping claims among China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Brunei– exacerbated by large-scale construction or major steps to militarize or expand law enforcement– has increased tensions among SCS claimants. This competition has prompted an increase in defense acquisition to include submarine capabilities, in some of these countries.

In 2014, China twice deployed submarines to the Indian Ocean. The submarines probably conducted area familiarization to form a baseline for increasing China’s power projection. China continues production of JIN-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.  We expect China to conduct its first nuclear deterrence patrols this year.

The PLA Air Force (PLAAF) is approaching modernization on a scale unprecedented in its history. China now has two stealth fighter programs, the third and fourth J-20 prototypes, which conducted their first flights in March and July 2014.  Further PLAAF developments are anticipated.”

*The full Defense Intelligence Agency report can be seen at the following link:

The U.S. Navy site used a phrase which is a telling representation of the overarching purpose for China’s navy visiting Florida. Recall the following statement from the U.S. Navy: “Foreign navy vessels routinely visit the United States.” This statement, my friends, is an artfully subtle form of psy-ops; for China’s navy has never before visited U.S. soil. Therefore, the intent was that the American public would conclude: “Oh well, foreign navies always visit us, so nothing’s new.”

This lends itself to a level of governmental deceit which is much further reaching than most Americans (and American Christians) would care to digest. It’s called denial, folks.

While we’re hoovering in our comfortable state of denial, perhaps we should also deny that before too long, the Chinese will cruise into any military port in the U.S. in an equally-comfortable state, as they will, in due season, own the very docks upon which they will moor their ships.

Was it coincidence that the Chinese navy arrived while an enormous cross-section of mainstream America was worshipping their big screens during the World Series? No, it was no coincidence.

Friends, this move on the part of Obama, and more so his bosses (i.e., the NWO), was that to condition the American people to view the Chinese navy’s visit as “good will.” It is nothing of the sort. It is highly likely that the very same nuke destroyers docked at Mayport Florida recently (representing “the Kings of the East”), will be among the very ships that ultimately launch missiles over Israel, as they fight with Russia for the perceived spoils within. No, they are not fighting each other now, but give them time; there’s a Book which predicts all of this stuff—a Book presently collecting dust in the homes of most Americanized Christian’s homes.

((( Ouch!!! )))

Enemy combatants, on U.S. soil. Now there’s a notion. Let’s look at little bit closer at this one for a moment.

With increased frequency over the past 18 months in the U.S. there have been thousands of legitimate sightings of military vehicles with large “UN” insignias painted thereon. Many of these sightings entailed UN vehicles being stationed and arranged in such a way as to obscure their view, to include the masking of the insignias. Most of these vehicles have been spotted among U.S. military vehicles, 10’s of 1000’s of which were strategically positioned throughout the country during the Jade Helm “military exercise” over the Summer. This “exercise” equated to the positioning of hard-assets—readied to enter action within a theater of operation far greater in scope than “Jade Helm” – as in, national scope. In conjunction with such, many thousands of Eastern European special forces (nationalities withheld) have been filtering into the U.S. through Canada for several years at this stage—an operation wholly sponsored by the White House.

Several weeks ago a leader of a civilian pilot’s association met with alarm when he discovered an announcement from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), indicating that for a period of a few months there would be no radio traffic available throughout a large portion of the eastern seaboard, to include all of the greater D.C. area. Why, might we ask, would the FAA impose a radio blackout among civilian pilots?

Friends, I think I’ll pause here, as I’ve built my premise quite sufficiently at this stage—my premise being that our federal government is staging a substantial terrorist attack, and the subsequent foreign take-over of our nation, through Islam and U.N. lead troops combined—a recipe for total chaos. Those in-the-know in D.C. are relative few; the rest blindly follow orders—like sheep to the slaughter. Those who knew too much, have been fired.

Over the course of the past 5 years, literal thousands of high-ranking officers have been quietly fired from the military. Just 18 months ago a dozen or so senior brass from the Pentagon were fired, for alleged “personal misconduct.” In reality, these charges were fabricated, that the government may in turn dispense with true patriots who oppose the present Islamic Regime in the White House. Each of these true patriots were monitored by the FBI; their emails, their cell phone conversations, their text messages, their GPS’s, and their conversations otherwise, which were recorded via the remotely-actuated microphones on their laptops, cell phones and the “OnStar” systems in their vehicles. Truth be known, any actual personal misconduct on the part of these heroes was no greater than that of whose assigned to monitor them. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Several weeks ago a wholly fabricated “mass shooting” was staged in San Bernadino California. By the literal minute since this alleged “mass shooting,” the NWO architects have creatively continued to write the script. And, the more it plays-out, the more utterly ridiculous it becomes. Though ridiculous, it is yet believable, and nearly the entire nation at this stage has fallen for it.

What most Americans do not know, is that multiple law enforcement agencies had, for months, repeatedly practiced this very drill, on this very campus, under the premise of this very scenario. The same happens to be true for the “Sandy Hook School Massacre,” the “Boston Marathon Bombing,” the “Charleston Massacre,” and many more in between.

((( Hello? )))

Why, the reader asks, would our federal government stoop to such diabolical deeds? Well, I must first iterate that we no longer have a federal government to speak of, in the historical sense. We do however have an Islamic Regime in the White House, answering to the New World Order abroad. Obama has wiped himself daily with the U.S. Constitution, since November 6th of 2008. He has laughed at Congress, the Senate, at the Supreme Court, and at God.

The reader must understand that I am not anti-government, nor anti-Obama. I am rather anti-evil, and Obama has wholly given himself over to such, and is being used, along with the venomous government he has created, to utterly destroy what once was a great nation. I do pray for Obama, while at the same time continuing to fight the very evil he perpetuates—fighting in both the spiritual and natural realms.

There are 3 pointed and well-thought-out reasons for the most recent staged “mass shooting” in San Bernadino: 1) That to spawn growing outrage over Radical Islam, which in turn reveals and exposes those who are outraged, who then become targets of the Radical Islamic Regime presently holding the White House hostage. 2) That to further spawn Obama’s ultimate national gun-grab—which is several measures in the making—far beyond the awareness of most. And, 3) That to sew fear into the national landscape, to the degree that unarmed, anti-gun, Obama-worshipping citizens begin to demand “protection” from the “government.” To which, Obama responds, “Why certainly, I thought you’d never ask!”

Hence, Martial Law.

Once Martial Law is in force, in conjunction with—and on the heels of—a declaration of a “National State of Emergency” (following the staged and massive terrorist attack), Obama is granted license to cancel the 2016 presidential election, thus remaining in office. This script was written years ago, and I’ve been insisting for over 2 years now that if he is successful, we will have no presidential election in 2016.

May the labors of Intercessors the world-over, change this course of events.

Of course, an NWO Master Plan would not be complete without a Contingency Plan–the contingency plan being Obama’s clandestine bid to take-over of the United Nations. Recall that perhaps 18 months or so ago, and while the nation slept, Obama quietly handed-over the control of the Internet–to the United Nations.  Are we connecting-the-dots yet? He who therefore controls the Internet, figuratively controls the world.

For the moment, lets bring this discussion much closer to home–to that of the vicinity of our pants pockets–where are wallets reside.

It is when we begin to see an alarming series of dives in the stock market, that we are not far from a temporary bank closure. This is a signal that all of the aforementioned ingredients are not far behind. Again, it has all been scripted, folks.

Obama’s intentions for the destruction of our county have been very apparent, from the very beginning. During the tail end of the Ferguson riots (which, by the way, were also fueled by our very own “government”), Obama, during a press conference stated verbatim, “I would love to make the decision to protect vulnerable unarmed citizens nationally, but they haven’t asked me.”

Do you realize, friends, what he is actually saying here? He is waiting for the country to ask him to impose Martial Law, which, as iterated a moment ago, will be immediately followed by national gun confiscation. At the same time, he is wholly exposing himself, for having created the very climate which would lead citizens to ask him for such. All the while, the American public is wholly clueless to this charade. It is truly amazing, the blindness now wholly enveloping the country, including most mainstream Christians (I say “most,” as in 9 of 10).

Friends, I’ve used some brutally-honest language to this point, but honesty which you and others need to hear. The present Church in America is every bit the Laodicean Church of Revelation 3:16, and we are on the verge of being spewed-out of God’s mouth, for playing the harlot and looking no different than the world. As the result, He is further intensifying His judgment upon us, in and through a Radical Islamic tyrant in the White House who is wholly led by the Spirit of Antichrist. And for the 117th time in the past 7 years—no, I did not say he was thee Antichrist, I said he was moving in a spirit of Antichrist. There is a difference (though in Obama’s case by very little margin).

Why have I tarried this far, into all of these ghoulish truths about how far we fallen as a nation, and the brutal conditions which await us? I’ve done so to speak once again about how to prepare for such in practical terms, and more importantly how to prepare for such spiritually, and to suggest what I believe to be our overarching and divine mandate—to be gospel light in ever-deepening darkness.

For a few years now I’ve heard likely 300 times or more, conservative and Christian media figures exclaim verbatim, the following: “It’s time for Christians to stand up!”   And as they exclaim such, they do so on the heels of political commentary, as they reel over the increasingly evil antics being generated in the White House. Let me ask you, the reader, just what you believe these media figures to be speaking to, when they shout: “Christians must stand up!” Think about this for a moment. What does it mean to “stand up”? Further, how does the collective Christian voice in America “stand up,” when the Supreme Court is now a cesspool; when the House and Senate are now a cesspool; and when the Pentagon is now a cesspool? And, the Constitution means absolutely nothing to Obama, and never has meant anything to him (?).

Friends, political activism has gotten the “Christian voice” nowhere in the past 7 years (more pointedly since November 6th of 2008—Election night.). “Standing up” politically therefore, is an exercise in futility at this juncture, as our political system is a demonic three-ring circus, and in every regard.

Let me tell you, friends, what I believe must constitute “standing up.”

The most precious commodity in this hour is peace. We obtain peace in two ways: 1) through knowing the Prince of Peace, and 2) through practical preparedness for the lunacy and chaos unfolding before us in 2016.

Recently a well-known Christian leader (“pastor”) who has long graced national media airwaves stated, “Christians don’t need to be storing-up tuna and peanut butter. They need to be spreading the gospel, because this is our finest hour, and it’s the best possible time to be leading others to Christ. We need to be focusing upon that instead.”

This “pastor” is but half-right, which unfortunately means that he is also half-wrong. He is half-right, in that this is prime time to be sharing the gospel, and we must certainly be focused upon such. However, he is half-wrong, in that tossing practical preparedness to the wind, especially in these times, means that very soon you will be so focused upon your daily survival that spreading the gospel will be accidental, at best. We in fact prepare for the times ahead, so that when they intensify, we are sustained, that we can continue to fight the good fight and expand the kingdom, versus groveling along the ground looking for food scraps, that we can live another day. When we are starving, all that matters is finding food. When we have food, all that should matter is that of expanding God’s Kingdom. This “pastor” likely earns over $250K a year via his combined salary, speaking engagements, book sales, etc.; is provided a very nice home, a very healthy retirement, very nice paid vacations, and is sitting in the lap of luxury. It is for this reason that he and others like him so readily scoff at those who are practically preparing themselves for extreme times unfolding this year. His flippant comments discouraging preparedness for extreme times, and that in light of his enormous listening audience, will in fact lead many to heartache and tragedy. He is well-representing the Laodicean Church I alluded to moments ago, of Revelation 3:16.

A question for those like this “pastor”: Has the “new covenant” replaced the “old covenant” to the point that the wisdom of King Solomon (the wisest man to ever live) is irrelevant? King Solomon stated in Proverbs 6:6-8, “Go to the ant, O sluggard, observe her ways and be wise, which, having no chief, officer or ruler, prepares her food in the Summer, and gathers her provision in the harvest.”

Throughout the Book of Proverbs we can find dozens of such allusions to practical preparedness, and for storing up provision when provision can be found. To therefore flippantly assert that Christians need not do so, especially in this hour, is careless at least, and deceptive at best. Such is the current climate among the most celebrated “Christian leaders” in high-exposure media presently.

Lord help us…

And to the topic of preparedness; allow me to suggest you consider reading my article written earlier this year (by scrolling-down further on this page) entitled: The Believer and Self-Defense. Within that article I speak to the scriptural precedent for armed defense under extreme circumstances. My friends, extreme circumstances are upon us. I iterated in the article that many, in these Last Days, may rather feel called to be prayerfully-passive, versus opting for armed defense. I wholly respect those who choose this posture. And, may God grace you so, as you face the onslaught that is coming. Others of us will be called upon to defend the weak and helpless, through armed defense, and then face an eventual onslaught. I am one of these. And, at this stage, I make no excuses to anyone for my personal position. I argue with no one, for scripture is clear on the topic of our option in this regard, when one takes the whole counsel of scripture (i.e., “…the sum of your word is truth…”, Ps. 119:160) into context.

When I speak to the topic of armed defense, I do not speak as one “defending the republic,” for the republic was handed over to hell—in a handbasket—on the evening of November 6th of 2008—while the Laodicean Church slept in its harlotrous stupor. I rather speak to one on a mission to defend the weak and helpless from wholesale slaughter—before their time.

I have continued to have the unusual privilege of speaking to congregations abroad over the past few years. In total, I’ve been privileged to address congregations sporadically for 34 years. In doing so more recently, I have also been very direct about my position on practical preparedness and armed defense, as Believers. Most of my motivation in sharing such publicly, is that rooted in the research I have conducted within Holocaust Literature—research which so happens to have begun on 09/09/99, following a rather profound encounter with the Lord, and as pertained to me, and Israel, and which occurred on Day-9 of a fast, in the mountains of North Carolina. I’ll not go into greater detail of my encounter with the Lord on that day, but I will share perhaps in a cursory vein that 17 years of study into Holocaust Literature and Jewish History in general, has taught me among other things that history does in fact, repeat itself. And, the unspeakable atrocities of the holocaust are now repeating themselves, in and through the current face of the Antichrist—Islam. And, Islam happens to have wholly permeated the White House at this juncture.

If there is any question as to where we are as a nation, and with respect to the governmental tyranny that I assert is presently in full-force, give the following 5-minute video a watch.

What most do not know, is that Judge Napolitano was fired from this program immediately following this live broadcast. Judge Napolitano is one of the finest Constitutional Scholars living:

On the eve of November 6th of 2008, as Obama was initially “voted” into office (note the quotations around the word “voted”), I penned an article entitled, The Back of the Bus. In the article I revealed that Obama was not only a Muslim, but also moving in the Spirit of Antichrist. Within 48 hours after the article began circulation I received 5 or 6 rebukes from Christian leaders abroad, whom I had known for many years; some of whom I had co-labored in ministry with for many years. Uniformly they reminded me that since Obama had been endorsed by Rick Warren, and had also appeared on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, and had asserted to both Rick Warren and Pat Robertson that he was a “Christian,” then he “must be a Christian.” At this point I lost these friends, when I reminded them that Paul the Apostle charged us to “earnestly pursue the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:1). For when one earnestly pursues the gift of prophecy, one by default begins to move in the full gambit of the Revelatory Gifts (i.e., Prophesy, Discernment, Words of Knowledge, Words of Wisdom and Dream Interpretation). All of these elements are divinely intertwined within the gift of prophecy, when one earnestly pursues such, and grows in such over many years. It’s all there for the taking.

Since that day in 2008, only one of these friends has ultimately admitted to being wrong. The rest have maintained their stubbornness and refusal to accept what has become of the country, including what has become of the White House. Denial, my friends, is a very dangerous state at this juncture in history.

My “friends list” continues to get shorter, by the day. Though it hurts, I knew a time would come when such would occur. Until 2008, I had 1200 people around the world that I regularly dialogued with either via email, text, Skype, phone or in-person chats, inclusive of sharing the pulpit with many of these. As God’s judgement has continued to intensify over this nation however, and as I subsequently speak to this end, my “friends list” continues to shorten, as Believers simply do not want to accept where our country is headed.

Let me be very direct, folks; 2016 is going to be terrifying for those who are not wholly anchored in the Lord to the point that they can hear His voice, feel His heartbeat, and know His presence in their midst. For those who do find themselves anchored in the Lord; who are hearing His voice and feeling His heartbeat, and can recognize when He’s in their midst in unusual ways; 2016 will find yourself moving in great grace and anointing among the lost.

Realizing that I’ve likely extended what I have long referred to as “bathroom grace” in this article (i.e., the average time spent reclining at-seat in the restroom, while reading a given article), I’ll do my best to insert a few final points of interest, that you can get on with your day, and also that you can more quickly decide if you wish to remain on my Friends List.

Acts 2:42 holds a vital key to navigating what will unfold in 2016. The verse reads as follows:

“They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.”

Teaching, we have plenty of, especially in the West. Our heads resemble Jack-In-The-Box at this stage. And, we have prayer—without ceasing at this stage. But, authentic fellowship and breaking of bread on a daily basis, we do not have. Such is becoming more scarce as the days darken and more and more people “cocoon” (retreat and draw inward, away from the masses). To compound matters, the Laodicean Church, that is now the Western Church, the harlotrous church, has become nearly unbearable for so many, me included. There are millions of Lone Rangers at this juncture, wholly disgusted by what they see in mainstream Christendom. However, as the chaff is presently being violently separated from the wheat of the authentic Bride in this country, it is becoming increasingly clear, by the hour, just who the Church really is. And, it is time now to prayerfully find a Body of Believers in which to fellowship and break bread. For it is community that will survive what is unfolding in this country this year. The Church is increasingly being driven underground at this juncture. Therefore, if we dig deep enough, we will find it, if we simply ask the Lord to lead us to it.

As I underscore the critical concept of community in these closing moments, I will also insert a series of web-links which constitute a 4-part series representing the movie, Defiance. As history repeats itself in the form of yet another holocaust, we do well to remember that the Nazis of the 30s and 40s, and Islam of present-day, is but the face of the same spirit—Satan. His goal is to again seek to annihilate the Apple of God’s Eye—the Jewish Nation. Equally so, he seeks to annihilate its younger brother—the Christian. In the midst of the unfolding carnage, again, we must keep our focus firstly upon the Prince of Peace, and secondly upon Practical Preparedness—which also spawns peace. For when we are practically prepared, we have more confidence in the face of unfolding national crisis.

The following movie chronicles the true story of a large number of Jews who fled to the forests of Eastern Europe during the holocaust; a large portion of which survived. The movie is violent, and heart-wrenching. However so was daily life for the Jews who faced humiliation, torture and death around every turn. As you consider watching this movie, I challenge you to pray beforehand and ask that the Holy Spirit speak to you through it. Above all else, it is my prayer that the movie will impart to you a deepened measure of the fighting spirit, and the resolve to press-through any opposition which may come your way in the turbulent seasons ahead. And, I pray that the spirit of community would be portrayed in a profound way to you.

Defiance – Part 1:

Defiance – Part II:

Defiance – Part III:

Defiance – Part IV:

The Defiance story is but one of many which chronicle the unspeakably brutal and terrifying plight of Jews and Jewish Sympathizers during the Nazi reign, and more pointedly those who fled the Nazi ghettos to attempt survival in the regional forests. Many of such stories are chronicled within a book entitled, Fugitives of the Forest, by Allan Levine. I’ve pasted a photo of the book cover, below. This book is one of many dozens in mine and Gigi’s library, within the general subject matter of Holocaust Literature; books which have changed our hearts with each reading; which have also intensified our love for the “Apple of God’s Eye”; and which have motivated us to reach new levels in our resolve to press on, in the face of mounting odds.

FugitivesAs you consider all that I’ve shared this time around, I believe you will do well to recall the promise of Isaiah 54:10:

“For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, but My lovingkindess will not be removed from you, and My covenant of peace will not be shaken, says the Lord Who has compassion on you.”

Additionally, may this closing song resound within your heart, as it speaks to the only remaining option for Believers on U.S. soil:

Shanah Tovah,