Coffee and Cogwheels – Part III

Coffee and Cogwheels – Part III

Flat White Coffee

June 06, 2016

Yom Tov, friends, it has been 5 months since we had our last fireside chat about the drama unfolding here in the West—not the drama understood by the masses, but the drama understood by those who have humbly prayed for the eyes to “…see what the Father is doing…” (John 5:19). And if you’re seeing what the Father is doing, you are in turn seeing that He is allowing the works of darkness to have their way fully, to bring this harlot-of-a-nation, and the Church herein, to its knees, in desperation—a necessary prelude to “revival.”

If you’re seeing anything else, you’re simply not looking hard enough. My apologies for the rebuke so early in our chat, but some of y’all needed that swift kick in the pants.

As we take a seat next to the fire (of God’s judgment), and stretch our legs out just a bit, let’s say we take a few very deep breaths—in deeply, and out deeply, very slowly. We can then better enjoy a sip of that fine Carmel Mocha Cinnamon flavored coffee in the photo—our delectable metaphor for one serious prophetic wake up call.

As our drug of choice (caffeine) kick-start’s our blue-screened-brains once again, offering us a temporary disconnect from the Matrix; I believe we do well to also consider our 2nd thematic metaphor, in the form of this photo of cogwheels, below:

cogwheelsFor not unlike the forward motion of these powerful wheels of steel, the End-Times are unfolding under our noses at a sobering rate, while most of us remain in complete denial of such. We simply do not wish to acknowledge that the Great Tribulation is lapping at our feet—like an incoming tide, as we stand at the water’s edge, noticing the subtle yet steady incremental climb of the water onto the beach.

And, speaking of the Tribulation; it was roughly 8 years ago that a steady stream of friends and acquaintances began, with growing frequency over time, to ask me about my personal thoughts with respect to whether Believer’s would be granted a “pass” on the Tribulation, by being beamed-up beforehand, or, whether we would have to endure the dreaded “Mad Max” scenario. With very strong conviction I began to answer this repeated question very simply, by stating that very often the most profound revelations in Scripture are that “hidden within plain sight.” And, what I believe to be hidden in plain sight regarding the question of the Believer and the Tribulation; is that which can be found in John 16:33: “…in the world you will have tribulation…”

The reader quips: “But David, this verse is simply saying that life, as a Believer, is not going to be a bed of roses, right?”

David replies: “Read it again.”

It is usually at this stage in my article(s) that the exegete’s begin foaming at the mouth, and accuse me of being a “false teacher,” or a “false prophet,” for “butchering” Scripture in so being.

It’s so hard, being me (a long sigh…).

Friends, I simply sit on a figurative wall and share what I see. That’s it. I add nothing to what I see, and I take nothing away—I simply tell it like I see it. And, if you’ve read any of my previous articles, or my book perhaps, you in turn know that I always, without waiver, end on a note which underscores the omnipotence of the Lord, to include His boundless mercy, His plan of personal restoration for each of us, and more importantly—His scripted victory at the End of Time as we understand it.

So, before accusing me of summoning dark clouds when it is rather fine out, please do bear with me; fasten your seatbelts, and know that while the next few pages will make for a wild ride, I assure you that in the end you will be duly reminded of the “victory lap” which awaits us all—as we resolve to “…endure to the end…” (Matt. 24:13).

For those of you who have taken your Ginko today, and who are closely following my succession of Scriptural references; and who much prefer the latter part of John 16:33 (for the non-Ginko users, recall that I quoted Part-A a few paragraphs previous); know that I will in fact revisit Part-B before I’m done today—the best part.

The reader: “So David, in your introductory salvo, you’ve blown my Pre-Trib Rapture hope chest completely out of the water, and now you’re telling me to fasten my seatbelt, suggesting that things could get even hairier in the next few pages?”

David: “Yep, that’s pretty much what I’m saying. But, and again, please be reminded that I always end my articles with a pointing of the way to the One Who sits upon the Throne—Who is in total control—and Who reigns supreme as the Victor, when all the demonic dust settles.”

As I observe, listen-to, and regularly interact-with a pretty colorful cross-section of Christianity and Messianic Judaism around the country, I find 3 very distinct and primary camps emerging as the times unfolding before us continue to get hairier—by the very hour.

The first camp comprises those who’ve willingly allowed themselves to be spoon-fed an Americanized gospel—a gospel which has at its core the personal happiness and well-being of its subscribers. It is a gospel which also curates “the American Dream,” and exalts such as the supreme goal of the Americanized Christian. The same subscribers characteristically feed upon a certain sector of what I refer to as “Circuit Riders” – a group of key-note speakers who regularly appear together at large conferences, and who collectively paint a picture of Christendom which looks very much like Walt Disney World.


The 2nd of the two primary camps that I see continuing to grow, are those who, to their credit, see the fallacy of the 1st camp, and who clearly recognize the times unfolding before us; yet who have run to the opposite end of the spectrum and have concluded the “Red Dawn” scenario is at our doorstep, where upon all that matters is survival—at the expense of expanding the Kingdom of God. For these, I readily affirm that “Red Dawn” is in fact at our doorstep, and we most certainly need to prepare to survive it, however we must also remain committed to planting and watering gospel seeds at every possible opportunity to do so.


With the above two camps in view, I am personally hovering between the two, by vainly preserving some of the Disney World rides, while at the same time storing-up for “Red Dawn,” and while also seeking to keep the Kingdom of God first and foremost in all that I do.

There is also, in the shadows, a third camp emerging—an extremely small yet growing minority. These are those who fully recognize the times, have forfeited all vain pursuits, have completely sold-out every fiber of their beings to be used by the Lord, and who only long to see Y’shua—Jesus glorified in all they set their hands to on a daily basis. These are those who comprise the “Dread Champions” prophesied about, by a late contemporary prophet—those who strike dread into the works of darkness as the Light of Life so strongly radiates from their beings. It is this minority that Believers around the nation will be looking-to as the times grow darker before us.

As we briefly reflect a passing self-analysis on the heels of the previous few paragraphs, allow me to begin building the heart of this letter—a prophetic interpretation of the times—coupled with what I pray will be a word-in-season—and a fitting response to the times. As I do so, you will see bold-typed subheadings as I address a definitive breakdown of all that I see pertinent to our collective (Western) orbits at this juncture.

The Church

As I address the Church, I refer pointedly to the Western Church. I have thus far said a good deal about our current state, but I haven’t quite struck the nerve that I need to. And, by way of an unnerving unveiling, I must reiterate, as I’ve stated many times over several years now, that I firmly believe the U.S., and the Western Church therein, to be the whore of “Babylon the Great” – the “great city” within such to be Los Angeles (the “City of Angels”)—a city which happens to be attached to the whole of the former United States.

As you would review Revelation chapter’s 17 and 18, you will find one of the initial volleys of accusation in 17:5, which reads, “…upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH…”

As you further dissect the definition of Babylon the Great, you will find that virtually everything listed comes straight from Hollywood and the vast Los Angeles (shipping) Harbors. As we then back-up to verse 2 of Revelation 17, we read: “…with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication…” This, my friends, is the endless layers of filth that have been heaped upon the world by the movie industry, to include the associated pornography industry. This “wine” includes the global influence of the exalted actors therein, who, for the most part are consumed in a Spirit of Antichrist—knowingly and unknowingly. Virtually every major metropolitan city in the world, to include the varied pockets of affluence therein, has been “made drunk by the wine of her fornication” – the wine of Babylon the Great—for former United States of America, which could more readily be called the Disjointed Socialist States of America.

The Statue of Liberty, wholly aside from her sordid origins (look that one up), may as well be dressed in fishnet stockings, bra-less, and in a mini-skirt, while holding a sign in place of the torch, which reads, “Hey, Sodom and Gomorrah, you ain’t got nothin’ on us, baby!”


The Nation

I’m going to have to further startle you friends, by iterating that the nation is but a product of the Church in the West. We have become the Great Harlot as a nation—because the inner sanctum of the collective Body of Christ in this nation has coddled whoredom in the work of the ministry.

I could very easily rattle-off a long list of very well-known figures in Western Christendom, who have individually and subsequently collectively prostituted the gospel message—for personal gain. These have and continue to lead tens of millions astray and into a gospel of personal happiness and contentment. On this note, and by contrast, the late Derek Prince, who I believe to have been one of the finest Bible teachers in contemporary history, once quipped during a conference on Deliverance Ministry: “There are two idols presently ensuring the downfall of most Christians in America. These idols are: comfort and convenience.”


Derek was spot-on in his prophetic declaration made so many years ago. And, all of the “circuit-riders” whose names I’ve withheld have fed these idols, while also reaping millions of dollars in the process. And, once again, in short, as goes the Church—so goes the nation. It is for this reason that severe judgment is imminent. Soon we will see a figurative drought within all of the mega-ministries adorning the landscape in the U.S., as the drug-money (the drug of the candy coated gospel) will disappear, following which the many wizards behind the curtain will be exposed for who and what they are—charlatans—inducing spiritual diabetes at every turn.


As we further consider the current fate of the nation, we must also pull back the curtains presently shrouding the charlatans which constitute our current federal government. One masterfully crafted component of this figurative shroud is the collective purpose of mass-media to wholly blind and deceive the populace, to include the larger secular media companies which presently position themselves as “Conservative.” This to say that if a given news editor purposefully withholds 1% of a given story, and spoon-feeds the masses the other 99%, the story happens to be a lie. This is known as disinformation—the purposeful withholding of elements of truth—to deceive.

A few years ago, while most of us were sleeping, Obama handed the legal ownership of the Internet to the United Nations (Nations United in evil that is). Not long thereafter, the FCC, but one of many toxic tentacles representing the demonic octopus presently slithering about the White House, began artfully excising pieces of news stories which reveal the deepest truths about what is truly transpiring in the White House. In tandem, the CIA has been given unlimited license to filter what is aired of public news. The present and subsequent dumbing-down of the American populace is a classic component of what history has unveiled of the process of Socialism and Communism—kissing cousins—differing stages of a demonic enveloping of a nation—not unlike the stages of Rigamortis.

I have been stating firmly since early 2007 that Barack Hussein Obama is moving in a Spirit of Antichrist, and that his overarching mission is to utterly destroy the United States of America. He has succeeded. It is for this reason that I refer to the U.S. as “former,” at this stage. I say this, to dissuade anyone from falling prey to the false-hope of a given presidential candidate redeeming the nation. Friends, the only thing that will redeem this nation at this stage is mass-repentance on the part of the Church in America. And, this repentance will not ensue until the Church has had the red carpet of harlotry yanked-out from under Her feet—forcing all Believers to the floor in embarrassment (with no “modesty cloths”)—to then in conviction don a posture of brokenness and contrition.

With no exception, all mainline Christian denominations are presently praying for “revival.” Equally with no exception, these denominations have failed to recognize the lesson of Church history over the past 1,000 years or so: Revival only comes as the result of mass-repentance. It is therefore not until the Body of Christ is forced to its knees, through mass-devastation, and subsequent repentance ensues, that revival may come.


Think about the progression I’ve described above for a moment, perhaps from an imagined heavenly perspective. Looking down upon the tens of millions of professing Believers in this country, a host of angels sees us reveling in relative luxury, living-out lives of compromise, while also praying for revival. If you can then imagine for a moment the Lord speaking to us in contemporary English, you can then imagine Him quipping, “Guys, really?”

It has become increasingly difficult for me to tune-into Christian Radio over several years at this stage. Reason being: the shallowness and superficiality therein, to include the alarming absence of spiritual discernment, leaves me shocked within a matter of minutes of listening to most broadcasts. I yet randomly, on occasion, tune-in as I sit in traffic. Just a few days ago a major Christian radio network was interviewing one of the senior leaders of the oldest and largest Christian denominations in the nation. The radio host asked the leader at one point, “What do the millennial’s in your midst say about thus and so?” The leader responded, “The average age of members in our denomination is 60. We therefore don’t see nor hear much from millennial’s.”

Think about that for a moment; a denomination comprising millions of professing Christians, and the average age is 60. What can we glean from this? While it is true that young people are being fed nothing but disinformation and perverted reality in school, they are yet for the most part hungry for truth. And, when the anointed truth is proclaimed from the pulpit, young people will flock to it. The alarming absence of such from the pulpit is why an organization comprised of millions of professing Christians is dying like a vine which has been severed from its root—the root being the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus—the vine being a Church that has become an old wineskin—unwilling, and subsequently unable to hold “new wine.”

The same dynamics can, sadly enough, be applied to an enormous cross-section of mainstream Christendom here in the West. A timely example, and ready evidence of such, is that reflected in yet another brief tuning to Christian car radio recently, while sitting in traffic. I had for a moment tuned to a station airing a broadcast from one of the largest radio ministries in the country, and which was being co-hosted by two of the most recognized mainstream leaders in the country. The two figures were jointly reeling over the discovery that though Barack Hussein Obama has long professed to be Christian, “…he seems to be doing the opposite.”

Think about this for a moment, friends; two of the foremost voices in mainstream Christian media, only now, 7 ½ years into an Islamic-Socialist caliphate on U.S. soil, wholly sponsored by the White House; are concluding that “…it seems…” Obama is doing the opposite of what he has stated about his “Christian” faith.

Forgive me for sounding so callous, but: Ya think???

It is truly shocking, to consider the grave lack of spiritual discernment within most of Western Christianity at this juncture. To this end, I recall like it was yesterday, an evening in a class I was teaching nearly 25 years ago, on a large, explosive ministry campus. It was a truly privileged place for me, to be teaching so many people at the time. I was teaching a class on the Spiritual Gifts, over a 4-week period. I recall at one point in the class, and while talking about the Revelatory Gifts, feeling a sudden “unction” to say the following: “There will come a day in your lifetimes when the gift of Spiritual Discernment, the Discerning of Spirits, will be thee most critical gift at your disposal.”

We are there, folks; we have arrived. I trust you are praying for spiritual discernment daily at this juncture.

2016 – The Second Half

I am going to admonish you at this stage, to wean yourselves from exposure to mainstream news media, as it is collectively spawning witchcraft. I realize my choice of words may very well seem extreme to many of you. However, please be reminded that these are extreme times, which call for extreme measures. At this juncture, it is time to begin relying upon the inner voice of the Holy Spirit’s quickening, around the clock. It is time to trust what is brewing deep within your hearts, versus that of what is randomly racing through your minds as the result of audio-visual system-overload—exacerbated by caffeine-overload.

The following is what mainstream media, even mainstream Christian media is not telling you:

  • With very few exceptions, the “mass shootings” which have occurred around the nation over the past 8 years, have been staged, by our very government, for the sole purposes of promulgating an eventual national confiscation of firearms. If I were to expand upon the critical factual details of each “mass shooting,” which would expose them as the wicked charades that they are, it would only deeply anger you. And I see no point in that. Simply continue to ask the Holy Spirit for discernment, and continue to navigate what I’m saying, accordingly.
  • There will be more “mass shootings,” wholly staged, as tipping-points for making the sale of firearms illegal, and excising our Right to Bear Arms from the Constitution—rendering the U.S. Constitution nothing more than bathroom tissue—which is how Barrack Hussein Obama has viewed the Constitution since long-before his Puppet Masters hijacked the White House with him. Our Freedom of Speech is no longer; our Right to Bear Arms is nearly no longer. You need to make the decision now, as to whether you will take a stand on this count—before the knock on the door at 02:00 a.m., requiring you to forfeit such.
  • A fictitious (i.e., internally-planned) and grand-scale “hacking” of the U.S. Banking System will lay the groundwork for a temporary bank-closure. During the closure, it will be “discovered” that the bulk of the savings of U.S. citizens has been “wiped-out,” when in fact it has rather been transferred to the diabolical coffers of the federal government. If you have 401K’s, IRA’s, etc., close them out now; take the penalties; convert them to cash, survival food, weapons and ammunition, and, if at all possible, gold or silver bullion—physical bullion that you store in your home. Online purchases of gold and silver, to include the digital accounts they create, are not only being monitored by the government, but the digital accounts will also be hijacked by the government. You must have physical possession of your holdings, or you will soon “hold” such no longer. Gold and silver stored in commercially secured vaults (via online gold and silver purchases) will be safe no longer, as the government will launch erroneous investigations into the companies operating them, freezing the assets therein; and while keeping you from your precious metals, and will thereafter transfer such to their possession.
  • Cash is under attack. $100 and $50 dollar bills will eventually be rendered non-negotiable over the next few years. Once you’ve obtained $100’s or $50’s by cashing-out your accounts, quickly use them in place of checks, via money orders, and convert them to $20 dollar bills, which will not live much beyond that, but will survive for a time. The goal of the government will be that to force a cashless system, for the purposes of total governmental control of buying and selling.
  • RFID chips, contrary to the deceptive brochures from your bank, which have appeared in your mailboxes over the past year or so, are far more vulnerable to hacking than your previous ATM cards. RFID-chipped ATM cards are actually tracking devices, like miniature GPS units. Your whereabouts, when the card is on your person, can be monitored by satellite. Additionally, should the government deem you a “person of interest,” or a “potential terrorist” (i.e., a Christian) they can also deactivate the card remotely, via satellite. The aim is complete governmental control of your livelihood and whereabouts. The grain-of-rice-sized chip in the very center of the RFID logo on your ATM card, is the prototype of what will eventually be proposed for insertion under the skin.
  • Civil unrest and rioting, which will escalate as 2016 further unfolds, and which is being financed and fueled by the very Puppet Masters who hand-picked and groomed Obama for his role in destroying the nation, is that to lay the groundwork for the apparent (key-word) “need” to impose Martial Law before the year is out. When Martial Law is imposed, Obama’s “choir boy” generals (who have replaced the true patriots within the Pentagon that he has fired over the past 8 years) will carry out his diabolical dictates. As Martial Law is established, it will grant the White House regime the apparent liberty and apparent necessity to cancel the 2016 presidential election results, whereby Obama remains in office. The civil unrest and rioting will only be part of the equation leading to Martial Law.
  • Any articles (such as this one), personal posts on social media sights, and printed material of any type generated by you, which seeks to expose the filthy beast that our government has become, and the New World Order which has dictated its downfall, will be pulled from circulation, and will also be used against you. This said, voices like mine will be met with increased scrutiny, and will be pursued, threatened and censored.
  • Any computer containing Windows 10 has been converted to a full-time, real-time bugging device, recording everything you type and everything you speak (via the “live” microphone). There is a reason Windows 10 has been offered for “FREE.” Thirty five (35) million people are now gleefully being spied upon 24 hours a day—these 35 million people have been wholly deceived by Microsoft, who, along with Google, Amazon, Yahoo, AOL and the collective mainstream media, are in-bed-with-the-feds. You will do very well to find an older copy of Windows 7 Professional, and hereafter refuse to store anything on “The Cloud” – which happens to be the NSA’s desktop. You will also do well to reduce your Smartphone to nothing more than a phone—period. You will want to ensure that your Smartphone has a removable battery. While the battery is in it, it is a tracking device. There will come a day, soon enough, when you will want to remove the battery from your phone to obscure your location.

Friends, I have only offered the tip of the iceberg with respect to what I know of what is being planned for the remainder of 2016 and well into 2017. I have kept these bullet-points brief and concise, that you will know precisely what it is you need to be critically aware of in the coming months. My prayer is that what I see unfolding will be thwarted by the collective prayers of the Saints. I am long-past the practice of gloating over the fulfillment of things I’ve foreseen prophetically. Authentic prophetic ministry has a much greater purpose than simply accurately predicting events. To the contrary, it is very often a clarion call, a sounding of an alarm to the Body of Christ abroad, that we may in turn thwart the diabolical plans for evil on the horizon, and watch these very events completely change course—not unlike the path of a tornado or hurricane, which defies logic by changing course for no explainable reason—when it was actually commanded to change course as the result of the cries of the Saints.

*Intermission: I promised at the onset of this article, that though things would get very rocky as we progressed, we would yet end on a score which fortifies your hope in the Lord’s sovereignty over all things—including the alarming series of events which may very well unfold under our noses over the next 6 months—while the collective mainstream media and attached social networks do their best to distract and dumb-down the populace.

We will soon revisit and underscore our hope, but not until we examine a few remaining issues yet to be touched upon.

Now that we have considered our personal survival, let’s take a look at the macro picture—the much larger picture.


Hatred of Israel and hatred of Jews (*Note: I purposefully spell this out in plain English, versus using the more veiled phrase, “anti-Semitism”) has accelerated to mind-boggling levels in recent years—within Western Christianity.

I have for 17 years gone toe-to-toe with literally thousands of “Christians” who quite simply hate Jews and Israel. Unknowingly, an enormous cross-section of Western Christianity has been infected with a toxic level of Replacement Theology, which, in very elementary terms, suggests that the Western Church has replaced Israel with respect to all of God’s promises to Israel—leaving the literal soil of Israel, and all the Jews thereon, dangling in the theological breeze of obscurity. In essence, the notion is that the Christian Church has become “spiritual Israel” – wholly detached from the land of Israel, and the Jews therein. The concept of Christians being “spiritual Israel” is a partial-truth, which begs the other part of the truth—to produce the whole of understanding. And, because of the extreme lack of spiritual intimacy within the Body of Christ in the West presently, a sea of sheep are blindly waddling toward a massive slaughter house of terminal deception, believing the “Apple of God’s Eye” to be nothing more than a worn out fable, and “Old Covenant stuff.”

Please allow me to set the record straight, and to offer the whole truth—truth that I have mediated upon for the last 17 years—of the 34 years that I have spent running toward—and admittedly often running from—the Lord.

This will be but a cursory glimpse of the whole of what could be a very lengthy study. For the present, I will get to the heart of the matter.

Romans 11:17-27 is very clear on God’s “covenant” (v. 27) with Israel, as well as being very clear on the “…grafting-in of Christians to the Olive Tree of Israel…” (vv. 19-21); and, the evolution of the hardened (Jewish) hearts—into hearts that are ultimately made jealous (Rom. 11:11) by Christians (v. 25) who are enveloped in the love of God—as the result of enveloping Him—with worship and adoration.

Shall we then accuse the Apostle Paul of being “old covenant,” when he has clearly stated within the “new covenant,” that the “old covenant” promise to literal Israel, remains?

There is a great deal more scripture I could insert here, but I believe what I have referenced thus far should well serve my point.

I have written extensively over several years, about what I believe to be the true nature of the relationship between the Believer and the Jewish Nation. None of such has been that shaped or influenced by teaching or doctrine I’ve been exposed to on the matter. My conclusions are based solely upon the personal meditation of Scripture, despite having subjected myself to decades of “formal learning and training.” The reader can find more of my gleanings on this topic throughout my web site, if desired. Within this article however, I will simply say that I believe the marriage between Christianity and a Redeemed Israel is the ultimate fulfillment of the “…one new man…” (Eph. 2:15).

In a lateral vein, I alluded to the “partial-truth,” a few paragraphs back, contained in the notion that the Body of Christ at large is “spiritual Israel.” In different words, and for the sake of complete clarity, once again the other half of this truth is that which is artfully avoided in the West; overlooked, obscured and perhaps even wholly unseen by much of Christendom: the reality is that the Body of Christ at large, and more pointedly each individual Believer, has become an extension (key-word) of the commonwealth of Israel. We are therefore an extension of “spiritual Israel,” on account of having been grafted-in to the “olive tree” representing the same. This makes literal Israel, also “spiritual Israel” – the other half of the whole, which is wholly obscured by Replacement Theology, as well as by the general and growing hatred of Israel within the Western Church (not to mention the extreme hatred toward Israel from the White House—7 ½ years in the making).

I will never forget, during 1 of 3 trips to Israel, witnessing a Jewish farmer grafting an olive branch (a “wild olive branch”) into a much larger stalk of a mature olive tree. He was demonstrating in real-life, the essence of Romans 11—a chapter which also goes on to warn the Christian about becoming arrogant by believing that the branch has become the tree, when in fact the branch remains a branch, that is now an extension of the tree—a part of “spiritual Israel” – not the whole of “spiritual Israel.”

I challenge you again, dear reader, to continue to ask the Holy Spirit to confirm these things for you personally, as you seek to navigate the present theological maze springing-up at every turn, on the topic of Israel.

On a related note, there are many admitted excesses within emerging streams here in the West, inclusive of that within the Hebrew Roots Movement and the longer-standing Messianic Jewish Movement (by the way, Jesus was a Messianic Jew); excesses in terms of throwing out the baby (i.e., the Christ-child) with the bathwater (i.e., the cleansing that the Christ-child was born for), by tabooing the mere mention of the Cross or the Blood. On the opposite end of the spectrum, much of mainstream Christianity taboos mention of anything Jewish. The reality is that a healthy study and embracing of the Jewish history and foundation of the Christian faith, is a deeply enriching process, and lends itself to precious revelation that would otherwise be missed. Equally so, we rob ourselves of the fullness of God’s blessing upon our lives, if we do not in turn learn to bless and embrace the Apple of His Eye—the Jewish Nation, and our critical part of the whole therein, as expanded upon in previous paragraphs.

We do not bless the sin within the nation; we much rather bless and pray-for the salvation of the nation—the deliverance of the nation—the redemption of the nation. Tel Aviv could very well be called “San Francisco Minor.” Nonetheless, there is a profound destiny to unfold on Tel Aviv soil, soon enough—unlike the destiny of San Francisco Major. Shall we condemn all of Israel, because of the sexual perversion rampant in Tel Aviv?

There are things at-play within Israel; militarily, politically and economically, which, if known to many Western Christians would stir outrage. However we must remember I’m speaking of the purely secular branches of government—not the millions of those who are now contending for the heart of God on Israeli soil. Many thousands of Messianic Jews are presently contending for the souls of their kinsmen around the clock, throughout Israel, much of the time in covert fashion, and in and through the love of God, foremost, “provoking them to jealousy.” As well, there are many high-ranking Orthodox rabbis throughout Israel who have privately met Messiah, and who, covertly, water the revelation of the same at all levels. I know this to be true, having witnessed it myself in less-than-public ways. It is for this reason, again, that we bless the unfolding destiny of Israel. And, in turn, we are blessed for doing so.

I’ll end this segment on Israel, by engaging a scant measure of Apologetics, by in turn apologizing for having likely fed you more on the topic of Israel than you had bargained for. By way of partial explanation for my fervor herein, especially to those who do not know me well; I’ll share that on 09-09-99, following a 9-day fast, in the mountains of Moravian Falls North Carolina, I experienced something rather profound with the Lord, and as relates to me and Israel. Since that date, I have been very careful to refrain from imposing my unique calling in this regard, upon others. This to say that I do not expect many Believers to share my unusual passion for the Jewish Nation; we all have very unique and divinely-crafted callings. At the same time however, I do very often seek to speak clarity into the general place and purpose of the Believer’s relationship to the soil of Israel, and the souls thereupon—the Jews—a vast sea of which will, soon enough, emerge en masse, as the other half of the “One New Man.”

Your Household

Alright folks, the time has come to hit very close to home; the daily epicenter of your life; what you say as you’re getting ready for work; what you say as you stagger home from work; what you say because you don’t have work; what you say when your unfriendly, indifferent and automaton neighbors annoy you; what you think and feel when a motorist costs you an extra 3 to 4 minutes at a stoplight, by sitting through the green light—as the result of texting on their smartphone; what you think and feel in your bedchamber; and, what you think to yourself when you observe the great falling-away of the hearts of those who used to be on-fire for the Lord, and who have at this stage divorced themselves from any measure of fellowship.

A Spirit of Lawlessness has enveloped the nation, with its epicenter in the White House, and the flood of such continues to rise like a fast-moving tsunami, or like a dam breaking and enveloping a small town, only in this case it is enveloping an entire nation. As it continues to do so, I challenge you to guard your hearts from falling prey to the prophecy contained in Mathew 24:12:

“Because lawless is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.”

We are there, folks, we are now witnessing in real-time, the actual fulfillment of Matthew 24:12. And, we must heed the warning penned by King Solomon in Proverbs 4:23:

“Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the springs of life.”

It is critical at this stage, to post a 24-hour watch or vigil over our hearts, as darkness so rages about us that but one act of compromise can open the door to a season of torment.

Hold-fast to the areas in your life that were once the playground of the Adversary’s demonic minions, and which you have taken-back through the Blood of the Lamb. Do not forfeit one inch of ground that you have taken back from him.

As one who has moved in the capacity of prophetic counselor, and inner-healing/deliverance minister for some time now, I’ve likened what I do to that of a spiritual “Delta Force” mission – carrying out critical strikes in the shadows, while the rest of the world is wholly unaware—zero fanfare. In so doing I monitor trends among those I interface with in this capacity, far and wide. And, presently, as I type in fact, there is a very pointed assault being waged by the hordes of hell, to attack Believers in areas where they were most critically bound by sin at one stage. The ultimate aim of this attack, is not to simply see the Believer fall back into the same mud pit, it doesn’t stop there. But more importantly, is that to convince the Believer that they will remain in the mud pit for the remainder of their lives, as “Its simply too late, you’ve blown it for good, this time.”

It’s a lie, friends, straight from the pit. For those of you reading this, and who have been assaulted by evil in recent months, in such a way that you secretly have wondered if you’re even saved at this stage; be reminded that as you prostrate yourself before the Lord, confess your weaknesses to Him, as ask Him to cover you in His blood once again, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins (1 John 1:9). Read it, and believe it:

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

When we learn to accept the Word of God at face-value, and meditate upon it day and night, we come very close to experiencing the apex of personal happiness in this lifetime; it’s simply the way we’re wired as spiritual beings. Accordingly, Psalm 84:12 reads, “Blessed is the man who trusts in you.” The word “blessed” in this verse, as well as that within many verses through the Bible, is context taken from the Hebrew word “esher” (אֶשֶׁר), which denotes happiness. The collective references to the Scriptural usage of the worth “esher” through the Bible, paint a picture of one who thoroughly trusts in the Lord and lives by His revelation alone. Can we get there, in this lifetime? I believe so, and right now, the figurative “11th hour” for our nation, is a good time to find out.

I began this article with reference to John 16:33, and the topic of the Tribulation. I only quoted part-A of this verse, and promised to visit part-B before I was done. It is at this point that I wish to make-good on my promise and to underscore part-B—the most important part:

“…but take courage, I have overcome the world.”

Y’shua—Jesus, has in fact overcome the world—on our behalf. And, as long as you keep His Lordship at the epicenter of your heart, dear reader, and that irrespective of how ferociously the works of darkness attempt to breech the walls of your heart, you will in fact be an Overcomer—no matter how dark it gets.

The Lord has written the script for the final chapter of your life. It is found in Revelation 12:11, and reads as follows:

“And they overcame him [the Accuser of v.10] because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.”

This is your epitaph, friend. It declares you to have been an Overcomer, when the dust of the Great Tribulation has settled. Resolve even now, that no matter what you face in the days ahead, including what unfolds as soon as the next 6 months of this writing; that you will be an Overcomer.


Your trench-mate,




*Postscript (June 12, 2016): Recall that I posted this article on June 6th–six days ago. Recall also this paragraph within the above article:

“With very few exceptions, the “mass shootings” which have occurred around the nation over the past 8 years, have been staged, by our very government, for the sole purposes of promulgating an eventual national confiscation of firearms. If I were to expand upon the critical factual details of each “mass shooting,” which would expose them as the wicked charades that they are, it would only deeply anger you. And I see no point in that. Simply continue to ask the Holy Spirit for discernment, and continue to navigate what I’m saying, accordingly. There will be more “mass shootings,” wholly staged, as tipping-points for making the sale of firearms illegal, and excising our Right to Bear Arms from the Constitution—rendering the U.S. Constitution nothing more than bathroom tissue—which is how Barrack Hussein Obama has viewed the Constitution since long-before his Puppet Masters hijacked the White House with him.”

Consider then, today’s news headline, below (June 12th):

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Orlando Nightclub Attack That Left 50 Dead

**Postscript (June 16th):  Since posting the above article, I have been asked by many, “How do you know these things?.” My uniform reply is that to boldly state that I’m simply hearing from the Lord. For He will in fact reveal what goes on in the bedchambers of king’s palaces, as we “earnestly pursue the spiritual gifts, and especially that we may prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:1). He reveals what He is doing, and He reveals what Satan is doing–through the hearts of men.

Often times my simple reply serves as a fruitful prelude to then speaking a word-in-season into a person’s life. At other times however, my reply is met with disbelief and scorn, and the assumption that I dig things out of the web, and posture them as “things the Lord has spoken to me.” In either case, and for the skeptics, I’ve pasted below, a link to an article which reveals the tactics presently being utilized by our federal government, to further their agenda to disarm the American populace through staged massacres (PsyOps)–as a prelude to something much worse.

The facts within the following article will substantiate a few of the prophetic bullet-points I posted on June 6th, and which were directly fulfilled on June 12th. I commend the writers at “StateOfTheNation2012” for their hard herein:

To then augment the above article, you may wish to refer this PsyOp matrix, below (click on the hyper-link below, and then on the second hyper-link as it appears):

Psy-Ops Matrix