Coffee and Cogwheels – Part IV


Coffee and Cogwheels – Part IV


November 11, 2016

Yom Tov, co-laborers, it has been nearly 6 months since our last fireside chat of June, and there’s a good deal to discuss. So, please do pull-up a chair, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, and let’s continue-on with our discussion of June 5th, shall we?

By way of brief revisit to the image below (i.e. the inviting cup of coffee); we consider the inference of a divine wake-up call in and through what you’re about to read.

Flat White CoffeeAnd, by way of revisit to the second image herein (the cogwheels, pictured below); we consider the inference of a divine affirmation of the times in which we are living—the End Times, to be precise; in and through what you are about to read.

cogwheelsAs we stoke the fire and nestle ourselves comfortably in our chairs and argue the theological merits of our positions for being for or against a glass of wine; it’s timely to reconsider the nature and purpose of why I write at all.

In simple terms, I am a watchman. I sit upon a figurative wall and look out over the horizon, and I report to the inner court what it is I see. Thereafter, and by divine-design, watchmen and intercessors (who are very often one-in-the-same) set to the task of pressing-in and petitioning the Lord to respond to what has been reported. And, in the case of what I have been “reporting” for 8 years now most pointedly; intercessors throughout the nation (the U.S., and beyond) have waged warfare in calling upon God to thwart what has been long-forecasted of the brutal demise of our nation—as it continues to reel from 8 years of severe judgment—judgment in the form of God having allowed a Marxist Islamic Jihadist to nearly completely destroy the fabric of this once-great Republic.

As we continue, it is critical to distinguish between what God pointedly executes (i.e., what He does), versus what He rather allows to be executed (i.e., what He allows the works of darkness to do for example—as the result of lifting His hand of grace from a nation, or a people, or an individual for that matter). And as we distinguish between the two, we must be reminded that it is Holy Spirit-imparted discernment which gives us the ability to distinguish between the two dynamics.

On many occasions over the past 8 years I’ve asked a select few, the following question: “If God has allowed Obama to rip this country to shreds, as a form of His sovereign judgement, are we then opposing God if we oppose Obama?” Some have quipped that if God placed the man there, then yes, we are opposing God if we oppose Obama. My retort, and with deep conviction, has been that God did not “place” Obama in office, but rather lifted His hand of grace from the nation–to allow the works of darkness to fully have their way in ravaging the nation. And ravage the nation Obama has. And, to this day, with but a month left of his White House siege of 8 years, he is doing his very best to further inflict as much damage as possible, to include attempting to invoke World War III, which grants him the latitude to remain in office–thus preventing Donald Trump’s transition.

Over the past year especially, I have heard a timeless prophecy from the Old Testament, repeated with more passion, earnest, pain, agony and desperation than I have heard over the previous 34 years. The prophecy reads thusly:

“[If] My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14, NASB).

To my shock and joy, immediately followed by utter exhaustion, it become clear in the wee hours of November 9th, 2016, that millions of Believers the world-over, and especially in the U.S., had humbled themselves, had prayed, and had sought God’s face, while repenting for the “whore of Babylon” that the U.S. has become (see Revelation chapter 17).

The purpose of a book I wrote in 2012 (entitled: Teshuvah: David’s Key) was rooted in this very call—to humble oneself, and to turn from wickedness, for the purposes of receiving forgiveness, healing, and restoration. The book was a heart-cry for both personal and national cleansing of the Church in the West, that we may avert what was the very real potential for the complete annihilation of our nation—which hung in the balance within the wee hours of November 9th, 2016 — and which still hangs in the balance.

As presumptive as this sounds, most reading this article have no idea of just how close we came, as a nation, to our complete annihilation, via a veritable Death Warrant, to be served in the wee hours of the morning—just 3 days ago as of this writing. All that I had seen in the spirit-realm encroaching upon the horizon over an 8-year period hung in the balance for just a few hours. How do I know this? I know firstly because I experienced in my spirit unspeakable anguish during the wee hours of night, over the startling level of warfare over this election. I know this secondly as the result of the collective feedback from intercessors throughout the nation as the sun began to rise upon the news of Donald Trump having won the election. To be more pointedly-prophetic, Donald Trump didn’t quite “win the election.” Rather, God allowed Donald Trump to win the election—despite a very real and veiled attempt on the part of the New World Order to pervert the electoral process into a Hillary Clinton win.

This veiled attempt is not so veiled at this stage, as the forces levied against the mercy of God continue to reveal their nefarious antics.  The dross continues to surface–for all to see–for those with discerning eyes, that is.

Should Hillary Clinton have won the election (albeit solely through nefarious means), the nation, although very difficult to imagine, would have plunged yet further into the unspeakable darkness of all that the Spirit of Antichrist has within its vast arsenal of perversion, murder, torture, violence, etc., to include nuclear war with Russia—by early Spring of 2017. Were you to personally ask Vladimir Putin of the accuracy of my assertion herein, he’d readily quip: “Yep, David’s shoot’n straight, on this one; I was ready to press the button, folks.”

vladimir-putinPutin’s “button” may yet be pressed, if Obama and his personal life coaches within the NWO get their way.

On the morning of November 9th, just a few days ago, I had never before awakened so exhausted. In my exhausted stupor, the weight of 8 years of heaviness fell-off my shoulders, and I felt the way I used to feel in the Navy moments after a brush with death in the throes military operations in foreign waters—Russian waters, in fact.

Realizing that many people are in many different places within their personal-paradigm as they frequent my writings, I feel the need to clarify and underscore that I am not speaking to the political process in this nation as I speak about the presidential election. To the pointed contrary, I am speaking to the spiritual underpinnings of this process—far in excess of anything you will absorb from mainstream media in this country—a collective media-machine which has but one goal: that of brainwashing every American into believing a false-reality—a false-reality which fosters and furthers the agenda of the New World Order—a satanic organization which gives Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton (among thousands of other like-minded puppets) their personal marching orders—the same organization which expended billions of dollars in a disinformation campaign to convince the nation that Donald Trump was “unfit for office.”

If you’ve frequented the pages of Scripture as much as I have over the past 35 years, you will conclude among other things that God very often uses the most unlikely and uncouth characters to accomplish His ends. He does in fact use “the foolish things of the world, to confound the wise” (1 Corinthians 1:27). And in the case of the historical caricature of one Donald Trump, God’s formula herein has been handsomely displayed.

In mid-September a trusted prophetic voice asked me my take on Donald Trump. My response was quite simple: “He is the figurative jawbone of an ass, by way of political (Leftist-Liberal) perception. However, in the same way that Sampson slew a 1000 Philistines (i.e., God’s enemies) with an actual jawbone of an ass (see Judges 15:16), so God is offering Donald Trump to the nation, as a direct answer to millions of agonizing prayers, to serve in slaying the evil regime in Washington D.C. (D.C. = Decrepit Cesspool).” 

*Note: I wish to iterate that my reference to Mr. Trump as “the figurative jawbone of an ass,” is a double entendre, to both denote how Mr. Trump’s political opposition berates him–as well has how it appears God is using him to humble his opposition.

A few months later, interestingly enough, an internationally-known prophetic voice broadcast himself from Israel, and stated the same, verbatim. Am I saying this to posture myself as having been the first one to say it? Hardly. Rather, I say this to underscore the beauty of the dynamics of Collective Revelation, wherein the Holy Spirit alights upon many voices, at the same time, with the same message, to add velocity and widespread affirmation to what He is saying to the Saints at a given juncture.

Many of God’s people in this nation wholly missed that Donald Trump was their answer to prayer. They appeared to expect someone quite different. To the contrary they received a man with a past, a sordid past, and one laden with chauvinism and other less-than-glorious traits. However to the discerning eye, Donald Trump was plucked from such an orbit, and was systematically humbled as he made his way toward occupying the White House. Correspondingly, and quite fittingly, an old Texan preacher often quips, “Every man has a past, but every man also has a future.”  And, contrary to popular secular belief, we are not the products of our pasts—when we discover God’s amazing grace—and learn to receive it from day to day—walking into that which rewrites our futures.

Some of you are having difficulty processing and accepting what I’ve just written of Donald Trump. Most of you experiencing such have exposed yourself to too much mainstream media, it’s that simple. Conversely, if you have a hard time believing that Hillary Clinton (as well as her husband) have engaged in mass-murder, extortion, blackmail, satanic rituals and pedophilia, you have once again fallen-prey to the extreme deception within mainstream media. For the Clinton’s, closely shadowed only by the Obama’s, have perpetuated the most diabolical deeds of any couple to occupy the White House. Were the reader to know the true extent of the works of evil that the Clinton’s and Obama’s have carried out in the name of “governmental leadership,” the reader would experience a mild state of shock, or worse.

The reader must know the true nature of what occurs when one exposes themselves to mainstream media in this nation, at this juncture in End Times history. For when one willingly absorbs lies, deception, misinformation and disinformation, one is actually absorbing the spiritual toxins of witchcraft—a demonic tentacle of Satan himself—designed to confuse and delude—and to wholly estrange one from being capable of recognizing and accepting truth (see II Thessalonians 2:11).

In early 2013 I reprinted an edited version of my initial book of 2012. The early 2013 reprint was a response to collective feedback from many readers abroad, who asked that I expand upon a few points of interest therein. Within such the expansion is a very pointed excerpt from pages 93 thru 96, which includes my very troubled prophetic outlook upon the 2016 presidential election process. And, for those who’ve intoxicated themselves with mainstream media in recent years, there’s very little of interest for you within these pages in question. For those however who have prayed to move in discernment, and have remained free of the intoxication of mainstream media; you will find that without waiver, every tenet of that found within the pages in question in my book (pp. 93-96), was in fact in-the-works, and remains in-the-works, in the dark shadows of the “Deep State” – the shadow-government lurking beneath the veneer of the “Democratic Party” and the “Republican Party” as presently depicted in Washington D.C.

The tenets in question: 1) Federally-staged “mass shootings”, to establish the phantom momentum toward banning the sale of AR and AK rifles; the martialing of ammunition factories, and ultimately confiscation of all firearms. 2) The imposition of Martial Law; 3) National banking system bail-in, wherein all personal assets are subject to seizure by the federal government; 4) A postponement of the election process and/or nullification of the election results, as the result of a declared national state of emergency, which equates to Obama staying in office (and several more less-than-pleasant events).

Those who have read the early 2013 reprint of my book will recall that on page 96, and immediately following the above forecast, I stated verbatim, the following: “It is my wish that what I ‘see’ unfolding in this nation in the next few years is that which will be intercepted by mass-intercession and repentance. In this instance, I would delight in being wrong in my forecast.”

And, thanks be to God, mass-intercession and repentance is precisely what has unfolded, beautifully so. However, we are not quite “out of the woods” yet, dear readers. In fact, now more than ever we need to be interceding for the fruition of the election results, including the preservation of the presidential inauguration of January 20th, 2017.

The NWO will go to alarming lengths to ensure that Donald Trump does not transition to office on January 20th of 2017. These alarming lengths include the fueling of international war–world war, which in turn places the nation in a state which grants Obama the perceived right to remain in office, thereby terminally postponing Trump’s transition to office.

Should Trump’s transition remain unfettered, we must be reminded that such the transition is but part of our battle with the evils which have wholly consumed our nation at this juncture. For while Donald Trump is poised to set to the task of cleaning the veritable cesspool of what the White House has become, the Body of Christ must equally set to the task of cleansing the Church in this nation—ridding the temple of money-changers and hirelings. Such the cleansing of the Church must first begin with ourselves, individually, as we are in fact the “Church” – we are the temple not made with hands (see Acts 7:48).

In the same way that the figurative rats infesting the White House have been exposed very recently, so each of our lives will be exposed, soon and very soon, Last Days. Perhaps on this note we do well to remind ourselves of the following warand by divine design, as God readies His Church for the most epic of battles in these ning:

“There is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden tat will not be known” (Luke 12:2, NASB).h

And, speaking of what is “hidden, that will not be known;” I will unashamedly share that very often I hear verbatim, tidbits of what is spoken in “king’s chambers” (see Ecclesiastes 10:20). And what is presently being spoken therein is precisely what we need to remain in ardent intercession for. Among these are the following:

  • George Soros (a billionaire NWO operative) has unleashed a national army of protestors, paid by Soros himself, to stir-up national unrest to the point that Barack Obama declares Martial Law, which in turn postpones Donald Trump’s transition into office, indefinitely. In essence therefore, the election results would be canceled, if Soros and his NWO compatriots succeed.
  • Barack Obama has, deep in the shadows, over many months, fueled an accelerated ramp-up of military maneuvers in preparation for war with Russia—nuclear war. This planned war is, at its core that design to distract a duped American public from seeing that we never really did “recover” from the recession of 2008-2009. In fact, we have fallen deeper into severe recession, to the point of being but one thread away from snapping and falling into an economic depression far worse than that experienced nearly a century ago. To the give the reader an idea of just how bad our economy really is; you must know that the “5.6%” unemployment statistics that the federal government has been throwing around in recent years, is a lie. In fact, our current unemployment rate is every bit of 28%. I will offer no further economic data, as this is all that is needed to underscore where we really are at the moment.
  • The New World Order has discussed the option of assassinating Donald Trump. Why, you might ask? Donald Trump is not a card-carrying member of the NWO, nor is he a member of their proxy-party in D.C., the “Deep State.” He is brashly head-butting this international band of bloodthirsty hyenas, and they are incensed over such, and willing to do whatever it takes to stop him—including killing him. Pray therefore, daily, for divine protection over his life.

I would offer a few more bullet-points as I suggest what it is we need to be praying against at this juncture, but I believe the 3 above constitute the epicenter of what is at the core of how the works of darkness wish to thwart the election victory of just a few days ago. Correspondingly, it is only natural that many would respond in the following manner: “But David, it is very clear that God has sovereignly shielded this election from the wiles of darkness, which had planned at many levels to rig the election. Are you now suggesting that what He has arranged, on our behalf, and as the result of the cries of His people, would be so quickly thwarted?”  Yes in fact, this is exactly what I am saying.

We are implored to pray without ceasing (see I Thessalonians 5:16-18), and pray without ceasing we must, if we wish to preserve the blessing that God has bestowed upon us, in the form of a reprieve from what was the imminent destruction of our nation. We must pray by the hour, and realize that God’s blessing in this regard is not for our personal comfort, and the restoration of “the American Dream,” but much rather that designed to grant us more time to get our lives in order, and to share the gospel to a terribly confused and deluded mass of people presently staggering into self-destruction.

On the immediate heels of Donald Trump’s win, a prophetic voice that I happen to greatly respect, quipped that he no longer wanted to hear prophetic words suggesting “gloom and doom,” and wanted to rather only rejoice and be optimistic about the clean-sweep of the election, trusting that things are going to be very different now, a “new day.” Though I much appreciate this prophet’s outlook and attitude, I happen to disagree with him, in that the battle being waged over our nation is every bit as intense as it was prior to the election. Admittedly, there are prophetic fear-mongers among us, who do nothing but forecast the works of darkness, never underscoring and affirming the works of God; these can be quite annoying. But there are equally those who simply refuse to believe that we are not out of the jungle quite yet; and that we must keep our machetes in-hand and continue to swath a Kingdom path through ever-present demonic foliage, all the while being grateful for what appears to be scheduled to occur in the White House on January 20th of 2017.

Prophetic voices are charged with sharing both the bitter and sweet elements (what one prophetic friend calls “the locust and honey of what God is saying”) to His people; the unwillingness to do either or, will stifle the sure word of prophecy.

To yet come into partial agreement with the prophet I alluded to a few moments ago who no longer wanted to hear dire warnings; absolutely—I rejoice in Donald Trump’s apparent victory and God’s gracious hand of mercy in allowing it to happen. I am praying daily to walk in greater faith to believe and proclaim a season of victory, recovery and restoration for the nation.

We must equally understand that the welfare of the United States is not the Kingdom of God—they are two distinctly different pursuits. “The American Dream” actually looks quite foreign to the Church depicted in Acts 2:42-47, what I have long believed to be a blueprint to be replicated throughout the ages, quite contrary to what has become what I long ago coined “the Americanized Church” – the very reason judgment has consumed our nation over the past 8 years.

As a military veteran formerly engaged in amphibious exercises which spanned 17 countries, many exercises of which were hair-raising, I can readily attest to the sobering reality that a military unit is most vulnerable after a victory—as the same unit drops its guard while celebrating such. I therefore remain atop a figurative wall, which can often be quite uncomfortable on one’s rear end. As I sit here I celebrate, rejoice and praise God for his mercy and favor over the election results, while keeping an ever-vigilant eye on the horizon.

This is in fact a new day, dear readers, and let us rejoice and be glad in it, and continue to dance upon the works of darkness in the authority with which we have been given.

Your trench-mate,