Coffee and Cogwheels – Part I

Flat White Coffee

October 10, 2015

For nearly 2 weeks at this stage, a growing number of notable teachers/writers within the Body of Christ, and without the Body of Christ, have begun to question, refute and even scoff at the many prophetic voices who have, over the past few years especially, sought to open the eyes of the distracted masses, that they may recognize the signs in the heavens unfolding—with particular focus upon the concept of the “Blood Moon Tetrad,” and more recently, the revelation of the associated “Shemitah.”

Amidst the scoffing, Jonathan Cahn has been targeted, among others, and has even been accused of “moving in a powerful measure of deception, for the lateral purposes of personal gain.” I will not name those who have sought to dilute and refute the prophetic voices who have so focused upon the signs in the heavens in recent years, as I wish to extend them the grace to recalibrate their hearts—and their equally important measure of spiritual discernment.

I am presently, as I write this brief article, under time constraints, so I must keep this article very short (short by my standards, anyway). In so keeping this short, it is very likely that those who have long studied the End Times will also scoff—at the notion of my briefly tapping this topic without also going much more deeply into the exegetetical mechanics of the same. To these, I ask your forgiveness, and also warn that if you scoff too long, without having beforehand coated your throat with a zinc lozenge, you may very well incur a sore throat, which in turn keeps you from reaching your “falsetto” when singing on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Just a fair warning—from a fairly understanding friend.

The above said, I’m going to jump right into this topic, and again, will have to do so in but a cursory measure, at best.

Firstly, Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi, is a man of deep character, gifting and anointing, and certainly so within a strongly prophetic role in recent years. Secondly, and what most do not know, is that Jonathan has channeled the bulk of his earnings from his books and speaking engagements—right back into the ongoing work of the ministry to which he is called in this hour. He has not sought fame nor fortune, and his deep humility keeps him from falling prey to the lures of such. Thirdly and lastly, Jonathan’s messages relative to the Harbinger, the Blood Moon Tetrad, and the Shemitah; all of which are divinely intertwined in an End Times prophetic tapestry of sorts, are in fact the sure-word of authentic prophecy in this hour. There are many other godly men and women who have laid the stepping stones for this message, and who have shared this message, and shouldered this message, yet whom I cannot expand upon due to time constraints. One such is the late David Wilkerson, who was a contemporary forerunner of Jonathan’s, and who passed the baton to him, in many respects.

What follows, friends, is that meant to get to the meat-of-the-matter of why I’ve dropped all that I’m doing this morning. Please soberly consider what follows.

Within 24 hours of the last Blood Moon of September 28th, multiple squadrons of Russian fighter jets and untold battalions of Russian special forces touched-down in Syria, and gave the U.S. and Israel an ultimatum, threatening to shoot them down if they entered newly established Russian air space.  In the same moment, at least one, and possibly more Chinese destroyers have entered the region—accompanying the Russians.  This aggressive military gesture by both Russia and China is unprecedented in contemporary Middle Eastern history.

An additional 24 hours later, and a total of 48 hours after the last Blood Moon, U.S. intelligence conveyed such activity to the White House and the Pentagon. During the following 24 hours, and a total of 72 hours following the last Blood Moon, the White House devised a political media scheme by and through which to pervert the raw intelligence, thus watering it down and reducing it to bite-sized portions of sugar-coated pleasantries to be served to Western Media—in the form of news vignettes which “are nothing to be alarmed about.” The same news vignettes happen to be what Jonathan Cahn’s newly-appointed critics are eating in this hour—along with over 300 million Americans, who simply go about their business while continuing to pursue “The American Dream” – which ceased to exist on the evening of November 6th of 2008.

Please observe for a moment the image below, before I continue:

cogwheelsWhat you are looking at, are cogwheels, which when engaged, propel a massive machine. As the last Blood Moon came and went, I saw a picture in my mind’s eye, of massive cogwheels representing forward-motion of End-Times events, and which were held by a massive locking apparatus, keeping them from forward motion, especially as pertains to the Middle East—and the Apple of God’s Eye—Israel. Within 24 hours after the last Blood Moon, I saw in my mind’s eye, a massive key being inserted into a massive lock—further releasing specific End Times cogwheels to then propel the machine (prophetic mechanism) of Ezekiel 38 and 39 (and laterally, Isaiah 17)—into accelerated fulfillment.

In very simple terms, I view the latest Blood Moon as that which began the transition from the reality of Psalm 83 as pertains to Israel—to the onset of the reality of Ezekiel 38as pertains to Israel (and the associated elements of Ezekiel 39 and Isaiah 17, among other critical excerpts of End Times prophecy).

blood moonAs I continue, and as you remain mindful that at best I am addressing this topic via a cursory glance; please know that there are many anointed Bible scholars, teachers and writers, who have produced volumes upon volumes of books which go much deeper into these passages. If you search these passages on YouTube for example, you will likely find a gold mine of associated messages and revelation. Many of these speakers would likely beat me upon the brow for daring to alight about this topic without then going as deeply as they would prefer, understandably so.

As you would review Psalm 83, a simple and fitting commentary on the prophetic implications of such can very accurately be labeled Israel’s Inner Ring Enemies—those enemies which lay on her immediate borders. Within Psalm 83, many nations and regions are alluded to, which now have contemporary names. Some of these are: “Edom” – Palestinians of the West Bank; “Assyria” – Syria and Iraq; “Gebal and Tyre” – Lebanon; “Ammon and Moab” – Jordan; the “Ishmaelite’s” – Saudi Arabia, etc. Within these countries and regions we see a very telling story of what Israel has been dealing with “real-time,” present day, and as I type, with respect to her enemies—not unlike rabid hyenas, heckling at her doorsteps, and daring to encroach ever closer, step by step, under cover of darkness—the darkness of global deception.

As we then transition to Ezekiel 38 (and 39, as well as Isaiah 17), we have in our sights those nations which comprise what is most accurately deemed Israel’s Outer Ring Enemies. And within Ezekiel 38, we find: “Gog” and “Magog” – Russia; the “South” – Arab Nations; the “East” – China; “Persia” – Iran; and the “West” – European Union and the former United States (which is now under the encroaching domain of the United Nations and Global Elites—who have excised the soul of this once great nation—rendering it an enemy of the Israel, sadly and soberingly so).

Also within Ezekiel 38, “Meshech” is identified, which, in Greek, is “Moschi,” the English transliteration of which is Moscow.  One need speculate no longer over who “Gog” and “Magog” are. “Gog” means literally, “Man on Top” (i.e., North). “Magog” means literally, “The Land of ‘Gog’.” Both therefore identify Russia.

At this stage in this brief article, friends, I’m going to have to withhold going any further into transliteration, and what I have long-called “prophetic tapestry,” as firstly I may have well released a firestorm of debate over what all these terms actually mean and imply; and secondly; I must return to the meat-of-the-matter of this article, by again iterating the erroneous nature of the attack upon the sure word of prophecy which has been given to us in recent years, leading up to the unfolding of the Blood Moon Tetrad phenomenon, and the associated dynamics of the Shemitah.

In short, those who suggest that the relevance of the prophetic messages associated with Blood Moon Tetrad and Shemitah was a hoax, are gravely fooling themselves.  As End-Times events went into high-gear for Israel the very day following the Blood Moon of September 28th.  And, as I have long personally quipped: “As goes Israel—so goes the rest of the planet.” This said, the End Times cogwheels have correspondingly released the forward-motion of substantial events now unfolding in the U.S. – events which I do not have time to expand upon, and which are no less grave.

U.S. news media has not and will not report the true nature of the events above. What they’re reporting is a perversion of the events above, wholly masking the extent to which Russia and China have converged upon the Middle East—with covert sights set upon the Apple of God’s Eye—Israel. In the interim, there are many other fascinating facts about Russia’s present operation in Syria, to and include the unconscionable truth that Russia is supporting the apparent righteous forces in Syria, and the U.S. is now supporting the wantonly evil forces in Syria. For the moment, an element of this happens to be true—as bizarre as that sounds. It is the overarching and future unfolding of what Russia (and now China) is/are up to however, which is at the crux of my fair warning herein.

russian n chinese soldiersIn conclusion, friends, my goal in this brief article is firstly that to refute those scoffing at authentic prophetic voices; to thirdly underscore the reality of the End Times time clock and internal cogwheels in-motion—releasing the transition and tie-in from Psalm 83 to Ezekiel 38; and lastly, to underscore my ongoing message over the past several years—that of personal and national Teshuvah—voluntary cleansing of our personal hearts and our national heart—in preparation for being personally fit and nationally fit to move in the fullest and purest measure of what God would wish to utilize each of us for in this hour—the harvest of precious souls in the midst of mounting fear and global chaos.

Events are not quite as cheerful, bright and gay as your SmartPhone would have you believe, dear friends. The reality is that while we celebrate the comic relief within the frivolity of the media-induced dumbing-down of America; God’s judgement upon this nation, as the result of joining the ranks of Israel’s enemies, is becoming increasingly more severe—by the very day.

In this vein, I have refrained from expanding upon just what is unfolding in the U.S. since the last Blood Moon, as this would necessitate another 3 pages minimum, and would detract from the more pointed message herein. I’m trusting that it will suffice to say that the End Times cogwheels are impacting the entire globe in this moment, and it is our duty as sober-minded Believers to acknowledge this in its fullness.

Certainly, the Joy of the Lord and His perfect peace are there for the asking and taking in this hour, and they are our inheritance. I am not asking that you forfeit these. What I am asking however, is that we pause to consider what I believe to be the truth in what I’ve sought to both reveal and underscore this morning.

I will also remind the reader that irrespective of what I’ve penned today; “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet” (Romans 16:20).

lion and snakeStrong coffee, over time, leaves a bitter after-taste in one’s mouth. Perhaps as a timely counter-measure therefore, I can offer you something very agreeable to your palate, by way of refreshment–in the form of a reminder that there is a Bride looking toward Her fast-approach Wedding Day (a ceremony to which you are invited). As She longs for Her Groom She has a song nestled deep within Her heart–which is now making its way to the surface, and being sung with increasing volume.  If you have a few extra moments, I trust you will be blessed by this song, below:




*Post-script (10/28/15): Eighteen days following the posting of this article, I happened to be driving along on the highway while randomly turning-into Sirrius XM car radio, to meet with the following conversation which directly confirmed, from Israel (live radio broadcast), verbatim what I have shared above with respect to what has transpired in the Middle East within 24 hours after the last Blood Moon of September 28th. “Amir”, Messianic Jew, Israeli citizen and tour guide, and founder of “Behold Israel,” is being interviewed by Tony Perkins who happens to be broadcasting from Israel this week.  I tuned-in right at the 22-minute mark.  As you click the Play-button (i.e., the arrow ” >” at the left) on the audio file below, then drag fast-forward-bar to the 22:00 mark: