The Book: “Teshuvah: David’s Key”

Teshuvah Cover - MS Publisher

Yom Tov, Friends:

It is with joy and exhaustion both, that I announce the completion of my new book: Teshuvah: David’s Key.

The book defines and embraces the concept and lifestyle of repentance and contrition-of-heart before the Lord. The book further tells the sordid tale of my dark and sinful past, and how I wrestled and wallowed in the mud with my “personal demons.” In so telling my story I also parallel many excerpts of King David’s life as so beautifully depicted in song throughout the Book of Psalms. But foremost, and in conclusion, I underscore what I believe to be a critically-timed message to the Body of Christ in the West, presently.

You may view both the e-Book/Kindle and Paperback versions of this book offering via, and via the associated web-links, below:

e-Book/Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

*Note: If you wish to order the e-Book/Kindle version, and do not have a Kindle device, you may yet download Kindle software FREE, for your laptop or SmartPhone, via this link:

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As you view the FREE Preface and Chapter One sampling on Amazon at the e-Book web-link above, you’ll notice in the upper-right of the page an option to enlarge the screen as you read such (i.e., “Enlarge View”).

Please join me in praying for maxim impact through this book. I’ve priced the e-Book/Kindle version at $3.33, to underscore my favorite verse in all of scripture–Jeremiah 33:3: “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and will show you great and mighty things which you do not know.”

I had initially sought to price the hard-copy (printed version) at $5.55, to keep it very affordable, yet the required minimum price was that over $8.00, so I opted to price it at $8.88 (the number “8” representing the scriptural symbol for new beginnings).

All proceeds from the sale of the book go to supporting widows and orphans–survivors of martyred church leaders around the world, through the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs:

Your trench-mate,



*Note: if you would like a copy of the book, yet have not the means to order such online, please contact me via the email address above and I will send you a FREE copy.