Fourth Watch – Fourth Reich




Shortly into the journey long referred to as “the spirit-filled life,” Believers in Jesus begin to find themselves awakened at 03:00AM in the morning. Unless they then have a seasoned saint in their lives available to explain the new phenomenon they typically rollover and go back to sleep. Thereafter, it takes a while to clue-in to what is transpiring. In short, the Lord Himself often longs to speak to us during this hour (the “fourth watch”).

In Jesus’ day (as He physically walked the Earth), the “fourth watch” constituted the hours between 03:00AM and 06:00AM, an adaptation of the Roman system of manning a military watch around a given occupied perimeter or established seat of government.

“…in the fourth watch of the night He [Jesus] came to them…” (Matt. 14:25, NASB).

There are many significant moments and corresponding messages in Scripture which occur and speak to this general timeframe even long before such was defined as the “fourth watch.” Just a handful of such include for instance, the Bridegroom wooing His Bride throughout the Song of Solomon in the wee hours of morning, and correspondingly Matthew 25:1-13. Then Jesus’ resurrection in Matthew 28:1; angels appearing to shepherds in Luke 2:8-14; Moses leading the Israelites across the Red Sea in Exodus 14:25-46; and so on, with many more encounters throughout Scripture believed to be that during the “fourth watch” of the night.

It is when our physical bodies are at their most vulnerable state that Jesus often calls upon our spirit-man to respond to His desire to “sup” with us—to speak to us and to reveal things which we are otherwise not fully capable of grasping during our typical waking hours, as our minds are so often muddled and overloaded with audio-visual confusion (to include witchcraft oozing from every major news network) and physical chaos about us from hour to hour. As we then consider the excerpt above from Matthew 14:25, and Jesus approaching His disciples on the water “in the fourth watch of the night,” consider also this interesting parallel from Job 33:14-26, which reads:

“…God speaks once, or twice, yet no one notices it. In a dream, a vision of the night, when sound sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds, then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction” (NASB).

At this juncture in United States history, and that especially to the discerning Believer in Jesus, the level of wickedness presently shrouding our nation can be readily likened to Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich of Nazi Germany. In fact, the wicked actors presently destroying the nation are doing so with systematic directives taken straight from Nazi and Communist handbooks (Nazi’s and Communists being figurative “first cousins” within the larger family of demonic hosts which constitute the very hordes of hell).

To the contrary, and for the non-discerning public who have no concept of intimacy with the Lord; wickedness is typically only found in horror movies and novels, whereas life as they understand it (outside of the movie theater or novel) is largely molded by mass-media—which does their thinking for them. Like sheep to the slaughterhouse therefore, the vast majority of Americans have fallen for the very same strategy employed by the Nazis in luring millions of Jews to the gas chambers. The 21st century version however reads thusly: “to survive the ‘pandemic’ one must hurry to find the nearest ‘vaccine’ outlet and get not 1, but multiple jabs, and possibly even receive such on a monthly basis for the indefinite future.”

It should be quite clear to the discerning Believer as of this date that wicked actors based in the U.S. and abroad (i.e., Fauci, Gates, Soros, Obama, the Rothschilds, the Bilderberg and Davos clans, etc.) have created a man-made virus of little intrinsic consequence, rather designed to spawn a level of fear which was to propel the masses to run to get the (deadly) “vaccine.” In fact, the death-jab is no “vaccine” at all. Much rather, it was initially marketed as “a virus symptom suppressant.” And, not only is it not a “symptom suppressant”—it is in fact an immune system destroyer—leaving the jabbed victim vulnerable to an endless array of viral intrusions. Gene Therapy, and more precisely Gene Manipulation (i.e., the altering of one’s very DNA) is what is occurring universally among those succumbing to the jabs. The intrusion does not stop there; it gets worse. In short, the overarching intent of the death-jab was that to kill the victim within 2 years—giving the “medical machine” (industry) adequate time to financially fleece the victim’s family. The medical industry and the media industry are both wholly complicit in this wicked charade that has been the “Covid-19 Pandemic.” Those who own and run the medical and media monsters are in fact “in bed” with the creators of the most wicked mass-murder scheme in human history. They all answer to the father of lies: Satan.

As one who has facilitated thousands of deliverance ministry sessions over several decades, I must add to the above that I’ve discerned yet another toxic layer within the death-jab, and which I’ve yet to hear anyone speak to. The layer to which I refer is that rooted in the presence of aborted fetus cell lines within the shot contents. As the demonic architects of such (the luciferian globalist cabal) are fueled, managed and government by bloodlust, so a variety of demonic spirits are injected into the veins of hapless victims. Where after, almost immediately, the behavior the victim is altered, and often becomes progressively and unexplainably aggressive, hostile, and foreign. I am personally addressing (i.e., ministering-to) such within a number of victims presently.

To those unaware of the larger program which was birthed long before the rollout of the “Covid-19 Pandemic”; allow me to introduce “Agenda 21” – the 1992 United Nations unilateral agreement involving all world powers, the Luciferian Global Elite, and their subsequent adoption of “Sustainable Development.” In short, the Sustainable Development mantra is that which espouses reducing the world’s population by 95%” – by the year 2021 – to “sustain the planet.” Let the reader rather read: Lucifer wants mass-murder unleashed on a global scale. This is the true epicenter of “Agenda 21″ (more recently redefined to read “Agenda 30 [2030]”).

I sniffed-out this “agenda” many years ago—before I knew its name. The Holy Spirit had connected the dots for me. When I then met with the formal name, it made perfect (albeit demonic) sense.

We can aptly refer to this demonic network of maniacs as the Fourth Reich—marching in step and never skipping a beat—right where the Third Reich left off in Nazi Germany—over 75 years ago.

As a timely aside; and for those prone to “fact-checking” on the Internet; may I remind the reader that the Deep State both fabricates and scrubs “facts” – around the clock. As such, if one is using the Beast System’s Google tentacle, one will be led down a rabbit hole of deception. Rather, one may use or better yet, to search-out “Agenda 21” – to meet with actual facts—while they last.

On this, the 20-year anniversary of “911” – with the felling of the World Trade Center and the extravagant measures to which the CIA concocted the narrative, to include convincing the American public that anyone who questioned the media narrative was a “Conspiracy Theorist;” allow me to produce “the smoking gun.” No one that I am aware of to date has identified this “dotted line.” Please allow me.

Within just 4 months following the events of “911” a movie was released (i.e., right about the time that millions of Americans began to seriously question many components of the news narratives which simply did not add-up and which were rapidly surfacing), which would go on to yield $313 million in ticket sales. The movie was a fine production, an outstanding performance by Russell Crowe, and a very timely distraction from the horrors of 911, but the movie was something more—it was was planned concurrent with “the attacks of 911.” The movie: A Beautiful Mind, would depict a Nobel Laureate mathematician (John Nash) who, as the result of suffering paranoid schizophrenia would suffer a constant barrage of delusional episodes wherein he was certain that “the feds” (CIA, FBI, DHS, etc.) were evil maniacal monsters fixated upon killing him as the result his amazing abilities to intuit mathematical probabilities – demonstrated while working for the Pentagon in an assignment targeted at unveiling USSR military espionage stratagems.

Are we “connecting the dots” yet? In the end, the “beautiful mind” (John Nash) is revealed in the movie to have only imagined the evil within his own government, as the result of his delusion induced by his paranoid schizophrenia. Moral of the story: anyone who imagines that our very own government is capable of the evils depicted as delusion within this movie, are “Conspiracy Theorists” and likely mentally ill. Further, and for those “fact-checkers” among you, allow me to assert that you will never meet with online factual evidence of this truth: the CIA “consulted” with the movie producers. Rather read: the CIA birthed the very movie narrative—while laterally birthing the “911” program. That’s the true level of wickedness now lapping at our doorsteps. But go ahead, if it makes you feel any better, simply preclude that I (the writer) am as schizophrenic as was John Nash depicted in the movie.

By the way, the masterminds behind the 911 charade have direct ties to defense contractors which would go on to earn nearly $140 BILLION dollars during the course the “war,” with the Halliburton company alone (with direct ties to the Bush and Cheney families) earning nearly $39 BILLION dollars.

Bloodlust and Greed are the demons which birthed “911.” That is the epicenter, the largely unknown core of the how and why of “911.”

Most Americans have for many decades been so dumbed-down by the dual assault of “prescription medication” (drugs) and the equally toxic witchcraft (spiritual delusion) spawned by mass-media, to the degree that they simply cannot think beyond what their electronic devices tell them to think from moment to moment, and therefore cannot begin to connect-the-dots that I have offered for the connecting, above (the product of demonic design).

With my abbreviated focus upon the “911” saga aside, on this the 20th anniversary of such, allow me to return to our more immediate saga relative to “The Covid-19 Pandemic” – our more immediate “conspiracy theory.”

On 100s of occasions for nearly 2 years at this juncture, I have heard the following phrase, verbatim, and that following the question posed to me as to what I “see” of the “Covid-19 Pandemic” narrative: “But why would they want to kill everyone?”  The answer lay in the Agenda 21/2030 program. More deeply however, and once again, the answer lay in the author of the program—Lucifer. His goal is to murder everyone before they have the opportunity to meet with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. And in the case of ignorant and non-discerning Believers, his lateral goal is that to murder them before they arrive at a place of maturity and boldness which would springboard them into sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Enter an eternal truth—one of many nestled within the Old Testament:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6, NASB).

At the spear-tip of the collective lack of knowledge within the Western Body of Christ presently, and that namely in the U.S., is an internationally-known group of Christians with rock-star-status, who have adorned TV screens and book covers for many decades—personalities who have built personal ministry empires through the misdirected financial gifts of non-discerning sheep—while said personalities have cultivated an intoxicating dependence upon themselves on the part of the non-discerning sheep. And like nursing sheep, they are fed 1% milk (“revelation”) from week-to-week, never learning and understanding that God has offered each of us spiritual tools by which to see and hear Him for ourselves. As of this writing, many of the aforementioned rock stars have over the past year availed their personal ministry empires for the trafficking of the Covid-19 death-jab (“vaccine”).

Millions of ignorant Believers to date have thusly submitted to the coercion of their rock star idols—idols which have in turn been coerced by government operatives who have targeted church leaders who have influence over significant Christian populations, which in turn, and once again, unveils the spirit behind such coercion: Antichrist—the same spirit which was voted-in to the White House in November of 2008 and 2012—via the willing conduit of one Barack Hussein Obama—the conduit of Communist destruction of this once-great Republic. Thereafter emerged one Donald Trump, who I concluded then and I conclude now, symbolized a season of mercy within the larger and impending destruction of the Republic. I would go on to write an article entitled the same (reflected in the hyper-link below):

One prophetic voice would go on to dully encapsulate my entire article into but one sentence: “Trump is serving as a doorstop.”  Indeed that prophetic voice was absolutely correct, in that Trump kept the door of terminal judgment from slamming-shut on our nation—irrespective of what most deemed genuine or disingenuous about him, albeit for 4 years. It was during this period that the Western Body of Christ was wooed by the Holy Spirit to dive-deep, to lay hold of their spiritual roots and station themselves like oak trees on the battle field—readied for what was approaching on the horizon—the horizon that I was seeing from the position of a wall—a very lonely, isolated and unpopular wall—a wall that many choose not to ascend in this lifetime—as it symbolizes a violent affront to what I call “The Three C’s”: Comfort, Convenience, and Compromise.

It would be during the height of our national slide into the “3-C” composite represented in Revelation 3:16 (i.e., “lukewarm-ness”), that I would go on to pen the first edition of “The Teshuvah Times” (hyper-link below):

Since penning this first edition, I have pondered on dozens of occasions what to produce in subsequent editions, and have drawn a puzzling “blank.” I have at this juncture concluded that there was supposed to be but one edition—within which the central message remains active.

Lest the reader succumb to despair at this juncture, having been met with the bitter aftertaste of such unorthodox truths unveiled thus far in this article, allow me to regroup with the contents of a few paragraphs previous; namely the reality that millions of Christians have been deceived into pursuing the death-jab. For those of you reading this article and who have been lured into such; know that there is a way out, a way to be freed from its clutches, a way to be healed. This way out is pointedly displayed in this powerful verse:

“With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26, NASB).

Those are the words of Jesus—or Y’shua, if you prefer—He goes by both names—dependent upon whether we’re eating a bagel or a burrito at the time we call upon His name. This verse declares that you have access to God’s healing power, and that He maintains the ability to erase the contents of the jab from your veins—in an instant.

And, to the Cessationists and Dispensationalists who have theologized God’s power right out of Scripture, I have this to say to the both of you: cease and dispense—in Jesus’ name!

Additionally, to the Apologists among you who have succumbed to the sterile propensities within your approach to studying Scripture, and who have equally excised the dynamic power right out of Scripture, I have this to say to you: apologize.

Allow me to seal-the-deal (without apology) to those who have renewed hope in being delivered of the effects of the death-jab, by revisiting something else that Jesus has stated:

“Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you” (Luke 10:19, NASB).

Therefore, while keeping Matthew 19:26 and Luke 10:19 in your reticle crosshairs, I encourage you to repent, to fast, and to pray, while believing that Jesus’ promises are true and are yours for the asking. Armed with these truths, declare them boldly and renounce what has been injected into your veins. Regular set aside the taking of Communion, where after set to the task of Scriptural declaration and renunciation. Communion is a powerful transaction, and one which pry’s demonic tentacles off the victim, not unlike prying-off the tentacles of a starfish as it is affixed to a rock.

Lest the reader preclude that I’ve fallen prey to what could be otherwise deemed presumptive-hyper-faith (<—insert here the name of any rhinestone-clad televangelist), allow me to recall the Apostle Paul’s experience around a campfire on the Island of Malta, back in the day. The scene is recounted in Acts chapter 28 (vv. 1-6), whereby Paul is received by the island natives with great kindness, and they build a fire for Paul to keep him warm amidst an approach rain. Paul helps them build the fire by collecting additional kindling. Unbeknown to Paul however, there is a poisonous viper nestled within the kindling, which in turn escapes the flames and makes a B-line to Paul, whereby it strikes him on the hand and clamps-down on him. The viper is a deadly one; however Paul simply shakes-off the snake and slings it into the fire, then goes on about his business.

Either we believe the promise of Luke 10:19 above; or we don’t. We’ve reached a junction, dear saints, where we no longer have the luxury of straddling the fence on these points in Scripture. We must embrace a radical faith in this hour, or be consumed by the encroaching wickedness. We no longer have the luxury of hiding within the shadow of comfort, convenience and compromise. As we rather choose a radical measure of faith, we may then crawl-out from under the wrong shadow—and into the “…shadow of His wings…” – as so beautifully portrayed within Psalm chapter 91.

At this juncture I have admittedly painted a despairing canvas in describing where we are as a nation, as of this writing. However, in the same spirit that I have offered hope to the non-discerning Believer in Jesus, I offer hope to those who see just a few remaining and charred fragments flapping in the breeze of what used to be the “stars-n-stripes” – our national flag.

Seeing where our country was headed almost decade ago (2012) as a spirit of antichrist was once again voted-in to the White House (i.e., a spirit of antichrist, vs. thee antichrist) I wrote a book about personal repentance, entitled: Teshuvah—David’s Key (“teshuvah” being the Hebrew word for repentance [pron. “teh-shu-vah”]; the Hebrew definition of which is the richest I’ve found). The sole premise and thesis of the book is based upon a personal story of repentance, paralleled with King David’s story of repentance, designed to encourage the reader to embrace the same, that they may in turn, not unlike the toppling of dominos, impact people abroad who would begin to ignite a spreading fire of national repentance. I was simple-minded enough to believe that my simple-minded book would ignite such. In the end, I’m simply doing my small part to fuel what could ultimately become a national “wildfire” of repentance on the part of the Westernized/Americanized Church—which has wallowed in spiritual prostitution and harlotry for the 4 decades that I have been a Believer.

Know this: As goes the Church, so goes the country—until the End of the Age is upon us.

If the reader has access to Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you may read my book for free, online. It was never my intent to reap personal profits from the sale of the book. To the contrary, all proceeds fund a ministry which feeds and cares for widows and orphans worldwide—widows and orphans of pastors who have been martyred for sharing the gospel. I originally sought only to charge $3.33 for the book, yet was required to charge more, whereupon I then charged $8.88 for the book. One may access the free Kindle Unlimited version or purchase the hard copy at the following hyperlinks:

Free Kindle Unlimited Version:

Paperback Version:

With the focus upon national repentance, and that namely from within the Westernized/Americanized Church, I wish to return for a moment to the initial premise of this article, by briefly (I promise) alighting upon my personal history and experience with the “Fourth Watch” – the wee hours of morning, wherein the Holy Spirit gently prods us to make the choice to yield to His beckoning, to then still ourselves and sit in silence, as we contend to hear His voice.

It is during the Fourth Watch that for the past 20 months especially, I have heard but one word for the collective Western Church: “Repent! “.  I have during this period heard many prophetic voices offering a myriad of directives from the Lord, to include endless promises of great revival to come. However during the same period I have only heard but one voice among this sea of voices using the word “Repentance” – which must necessarily precede “revival.”

Throughout the pages of Scripture and church history beyond such, through current date, no measure of visitation, restoration, deliverance or revival has occurred without an entire people group, town, region or nation falling before God in complete contrition, and repenting for the sins of the same. If we do so as a nation and with the collective Church leading the way, God will raise-up a hedge of protection against the mass-murder of millions.

Barring the response on the part of our nation to fall prostrate before God with a contrite heart of repentance, we will in short order face civil war—by demonic design—which will closely resemble “Kristallnacht” (German, for “Night of Broken Glass”) – when Nazi’s stormed what had become (by Nazi design) Jewish ghettos throughout the occupation, and shattered the windows of many thousands of Jewish-owned stores, synagogues, and Jewish-occupied apartments homes, and thereafter dragged their occupants to death camps—while executing many on the spot for resisting such.

The 21st century version of such death camps happens to be sponsored by FEMA.

If the above scenario begins to unfold, there is an excerpt of Scripture which must be discussed, and one which millions of people in my estimation have largely misunderstood for centuries, as the result what I believe to be a critical mistranslation of Scripture, which has spawned subsequent misunderstanding on a grand scale. The verse in question, and rendered initially from the King James Version, reads: “Thou Shalt Not Kill” (Exodus 20:13). A more accurate rendering of the verse is that reflected in the New American Standard version, which reads: “You shall not murder.”

There is a very sobering distinction between killing in self-defense, and murdering as the result of demonic rage and bloodlust. We must come to terms with this truth, as awkward as it is for most in the Christian community to acknowledge, let alone discuss at length.

The original Hebrew definition of the word in question, upon which the King James Version was penned in the year 1611, is that of “rasah,” pronounced “raw-taskh” (רָצַח). And, the root definition of such is that to “murder” – versus “kill.” The primary root-definition therefore is that to “murder,” while the extended definition does include the word “kill” – albeit to a lessor emphasis.

I have concluded on this uncomfortable word-study for the purposes of preparing you the reader for what you may have to do to defend yourself, your family, your friends, and the helpless among your sphere of influence. We are quickly approaching a point at which the nation will be enveloped in unspeakable treachery if not stopped. My personal conviction is that Believers in Jesus were not formed, fashioned and equipped just to die at the hands of a Nazi-Communist Regime hell-bent on murdering the entire country (and the world at large) with a death-jab marketed as a “vaccine.” I simply cannot accept that. Dying as a martyr while sharing the gospel is one thing, however dying as the result of a Nazi-Communist government’s enforcement of mass-murder via a death-jab is another thing all together, and one that I will personally fight to expose and defeat.

Having thus chosen to physically withstand such if the fight comes to me, I will do what is necessarily to eliminate the threat, while equipping others to do the same. I realize that in stating such many church leaders abroad who have befriended me over a number of decades will scoff at me. Such is the cost of “sticking to one’s guns” (pun intended) when one has marinated a deeply-seated conviction as the result of meditating upon the same for a very long time. My conviction herein can be readily likened to a similar conviction which ultimately led one Dietrich Bonheoffer to the Nazi gallows. I will not compare myself to Dietrich spiritually, but I will assert that I share his level of courage–a level of courage which will be required of all of us in the days ahead.

One of the most unpopular dynamics incurred within the exercising of authentic leadership, is that of very often feeling lonely and isolated—as the result of the masses opposing what you personally know to be truth and/or wisdom—and exercising such at all costs.

“And they overcome him [the Antichrist] because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death (Revelation 21:11, NASB).

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently declared that anyone questioning and/or refuting the media industry/medical industry narrative of the “Covid-19 Pandemic” and the proposed death-jab solution to the same, is a “potential terrorist threat.” Thus stated, it is more fitting that the agency rather be named the Department of Homeland Destruction. In this vein, this article alone is worthy of qualifying me as a potential “terrorist threat.” This said, I am wholly aware of the gravity and cost of the truths I have chosen to circulate in and through this article. It will take this level of boldness from all us, if we are to survive what our Nazi-Communist government has planned for us, even before 2021 comes to a close.

I have to date experienced the mysterious scrubbing of articles from my web site; the immediate erasure of social media posts; the terminal blockage of log-in’s to social media; the extended blockage of any Internet access via my devices; the remote termination of brand new electronic devices (including phones); the remote hacking and manipulation of the onboard software which controls the ECU in my vehicle; the mysterious and repeated remote termination of my debit and credit cards; and the repeated confirmation that everything I write or speak into a device is recorded. Despite all of this, I continue, with boldness, to declare brutally honest truths. I believe each of us are called to such in this hour—no matter what.

I am convinced that as of October 15th of this year, a little over a month from the writing of this article, a largely unknown “shift” will occur within the bowels of the Beast System presently seated in Washington D.C. This “shift” will accelerate the wickedness planned for our largely unsuspecting nation—if not stopped. News media will not divulge such. It is up to “We the People,” and more importantly, We the Believers, to expose, refute and push-back the works of darkness through lives of contrition, brokenness, repentance and boldness in the days ahead—before the Lord. We have the collective authority to counter-punch such with a Kingdom-shift. In this spirit, there is no more fitting excerpt of Scripture than that rendered in Jeremiah 1:10, which reads:

“See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to tear down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant” (NASB).

We have been given this authority; it is now time to act upon it.

Your trench-mate,


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