Renewing Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit – An Audio Scriptural Declaration

The following YouTube video is a very healthy medium by which to cleanse your complete “chassis” as you opt to press the “deluxe” button at the figurative drive-through “car wash.”

I have used the car wash analogy on 100s of occasions as I’ve taught/spoken/written about Healing and Deliverance abroad. To further imagine this analogy, is to recall the automated panel at the entrance of a drive-through car wash, wherein one must select the level of wash desired. And, in the instance of Healing and Deliverance, I generally encourage people to submit to the “full monte” – which includes “undercarriage wash.”

John Eckhardt has done a great job in orchestrating many scriptural proclamations and declarations in this narrated audio, which, when repeated in tandem by the listener, acts as a “full monte” car wash, which quickly cleanses our “chassis” of dust, dirt, road grime, bird tax filings, etc, whereupon we may emerge cleansed of all that wars against us.

Entitled Prayers That Rout Demons, the listener does well to repeat each sentence as the narrator proclaims or declares such. One may find it difficult to keep-up with the pace herein. If so, simply opt to repeat the words and or phrases you have time to cover, omitting complete sentences if needed. The narrator does give pause at the close of each excerpt of scripture. One may also opt to inwardly repeat such. The key is that of believing, receiving, declaring and coming into agreement with these truths spoken to the works of darkness, where after one may emerge from a cold, cloudy day, to then break forth into a deeply penetrating ray of sunshine which warms the bone marrow.

I encourage you to find a place of solitude, and wed your spirit to these timeless truths:

A blanket of peace over you today,