MPD/DID and The Broken Heart

*MPD – Multiple Personality Disorder

*DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder

*DID has replaced MPD as a clinical diagnosis/label. They are one-in-the-same.

It is difficult to address this combined topic without also contributing several pages of thoughts herein.  I’ve yet managed to greatly condense my thoughts, aware that the average time available to read, exacerbated by the average attention span, dictates that I attempt to keep my posts to that which requires no more than 12 minutes of a person’s time.

Please note that my ability to write several pages on this topic in no way suggests that I’m an expert on the subject.  It rather underscores that I have ministered to a sea of people, sporadically, for 33 years at this stage–a sea of people who’ve been ravaged by every known trauma to mankind, and my collective experience has taught me many things along the way.  I write from experience therefore, versus clinical indoctrination.

Having facilitated a number of deliverance and inner healing sessions centered around DID, I’ve come to realize an interesting frequency with which DID is the natural byproduct of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).  In my personal experience, the SRA victims that I’ve ministered to have been subjected to such at a very young age, without exception. Though there are many who’ve suffered the same, as adults.  The primary subsequent trauma(s) is that which is now commonly labeled DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), having replaced MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) as a diagnosis/label.  In simple terms, and in terms foreign to clinical psychology; DID denotes a “broken heart” — a heart which has become fragmented at the point-of-trauma.  One fragment remains the child–locked in the age time-warp in which the trauma occurred–the child which still needs healing–though the fragment lives now within the collective heart of an adult.  Another fragment represents the adult, who has tried to survive and cope–minus the lost fragment of childhood.  The task then, is to integrate the fragments, by speaking healing therein, while also casting-down and casting-out any remaining demonic strongholds therein.

It is important to note that one does not have to face the trauma of SRA to incur DID.  There are many kinds of trauma which spawn such, in my personal experience in ministry.

I’ve spoken in very simple terms here, so as not to overwhelm those who may be new to these dynamics.  In keeping this post simple, I am reminded of a timely quip from the late Woody Guthrie: “Any fool can take something simple, and make it complex.  However, it takes a genius to take something complex, and make it simple.”  A true, authentic, gifted Teacher can take something complex, and make it simple.  Those who take something complex and keep it complex, often do so with a strong root in egocentricity.  I do make it a point to break-down the mask of complexity, and expose its most elementary form. In so doing I’ve crafted a quip/maxim of my own, which goes like this: “Most seemingly complex issues or conditions can be reduced and deduced to a very simple explanation.”

With the above in view, I continue…

Most Apologists and Theologians, who are often one-in-the-same, enjoy attacking anything done in the name of the Lord which initially appears not to be found within the pages of Scripture.  These unfortunately welcome the “paralysis of analysis” into their lives.  Meaning, they engage so much analysis that they’ve fallen-prey to the paralysis of spiritual bondage. As such, much of what I write comes under attack by the same, as it often speaks to unusual dealings and experiences with the Lord.  To this end, I remind the reader firstly that our God is The God of Creativity.  He creatively speaks to each of us, all of the time.  And often times, when He cannot get our attention through His creative means in the course of a given day, He’ll wait until we’re in a deep sleep to do so.  Look up Job 33:14-16.  Give that a quick read right now.

With rare exception most that I have interacted with within the professional fields of psychiatry and psychology have been trained to perpetuate secular-humanistic modalities which equate to two primary courses of action imposed upon a given seeker/client:

1) The seeker/client is classified by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders).


2) The seeker/client is dully sold on the notion of taking psychotropic medication of one form or another.

Two very destructive conditions then ensue: 1) the seeker/client immediately forms an identity with the DSM classification.  They begin to define themselves by the same.  The new label becomes who they are; they thereafter align the totality of their being with this life-lense and life-filter.  And, 2) the seeker/client is immediately ushered into a mental, emotional and subsequent spiritual fog as the result of the psychotropic medication.  The end-result? The person is stuffed into a place of terminal bondage–not unlike a cold, dark, damp and frightening corner of a basement–especially so as the industry is successful in convincing the seeker/client that their respective therapy and medication should received/adopted as a “lifestyle” (i.e., terminal therapy and terminal medication).

I have met thousands (I mean this quite literally) of people who have for many decades been strung-along by these professionals, all the while never having experienced any measure of freedom and healing, while their therapists line their pockets with a healthy stream of revenue–which in turn lines the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

Am I wholly discounting the place and purpose of secular psychiatry, psychology and corresponding medications?  No, for occasionally I see merit in such, especially when the general industry is utilized as what I refer to as “a bridge over a turbulent brook.”  The bridge being the therapy/medication, and the turbulent brook being a tumultuous season in life (spawned by various traumas and triggers), which requires a superficial crutch for a time.  The rare exception being those with extreme chemical imbalances who must maintain such for prolonged seasons.  However, and again, I am not sold on the notion of an adult staying on psychotropic medication for life (i.e., a “lifestyle drug”).  For on countless occasions I have observed people being completely set free of dependence upon such–healed by the power in the name of Y’shua–people who had previously riddled their bodies with drugs for decades, having been convinced that it was required as a “lifestyle” (a cunning marketing concept within the industry).

Therefore, please take no offense if you are working in said industry, and please rather understand my point of view–having seeing the power of God at work in this regard.

Every facet of needed healing and freedom can be found in Y’shua–Jesus.  I’ve seen this truth played-out on thousands of occasions.  Give the following video a view, and observe how persons who’ve been bound for decades, while in the care of the “professionals,” are rather set-free within an hour, by the power of the blood of and cross of Y’shua:

For those of you who rather prefer a brief trek into the academic discussion of such (those left-brain-dominant); you may also enjoy the brief article linked below:

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Your trench-mate,