Tinnitus Healing Mediums

A fews days ago, Saturday February 4th, I phoned-in to Natural Solutions Radio to talk on-air with Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph, a Naturopathic Doctor who has been gifted with tremendous insight and wisdom in the naturopathic and hollistic health and healing department.

To access the audio-video of our conversation, simply click on the hyper-link below:

Natural Solutions Radio – February 4th 2017

Once there, click on the link to the 2nd half of the “Second Hour,” at which point you should this this video image below:

As you then start this video, Fast-Forward to 09:00 minutes into the video, and you’ll get our conversation, which lasts about 15 minutes.

During this session Dr. Ben-Joseph discusses many naturopathic healing mediums for tinnitus, including the merits of 528hz Tuning Fork Therapy. As a bonus, he first discusses Dreams and Surfing–the latter being very near and dear to my heart.

During our on-air time he also mentions “Sound Cancellation” techniques presently being experimented with by audiologists, which entails subjecting the ears to the same frequency presently being suffered in the brain. Over time, a frequency cancellation (a re-training of the brain) may result.

One can determine their Tinnitus frequency with the online sound-sampling and corresponding “sound-cancellation” tool, below:

*CAUTION: Initially place your computer volume at its lowest level, and very gradually increase it. 


There are several tinnitus cancellation videos available on YouTube. Once you’ve determined your frequency you can simply conduct the YouTube search by placing such in the Search bar. The YouTube video below is that representing 7700 Hz Frequency (the frequency I presently contend with 24 hours a day). It is a sound-cancellation video lasting 10 minutes:

To your healing,




For those who’ve read my book (Teshuvah: David’s Key) you know very well my 13-year (to date) saga with this condition.  And, as I’ve iterated in my book, I look to the day when the Lord will heal me.

This particular article below (“Tinnitus Article – PBS”) does a good job of describing the condition.  Note that within the article body you will find some audio samplings (see red framed text box on right border of message body) of what many tinnitus sufferers hear around the clock.  In my case, the “7700hz” audio sampling (web-link also below) is very close to what I’ve heard 24 hours a day, for 13 years at this stage, and at a very loud volume (roughly double the volume of what is heard in this sampling).

Audio sampling of 7700hz:


If you suffer as I do, know that there is hope for healing, for its only a matter of time before a cure is found.


Tinnitus Article – PBS

Your trench-mate,