A Season of Mercy

In and through my ongoing and often experimental diet of naturopathic and hollistic health and healing though all that nature affords us, I recently resumed a diet of Vinpocetine, an enzyme which acts in similar fashion to Gingko Biloba (in my experience), and which I also use in cycles. Having re-engaged the Vinpocetine I’ve found myself experiencing unusual flash-backs of previously shrouded memories, which confirms for me Vinpocetine’s effectiveness, in conjunction with Ginko Biloba, in enhancing neural circulation, equating to improved memory (and also the enhanced ability to concentrate and focus, it seems).

One of the vivid flashback’s I’ve experienced in recent days accordingly, is that of a group-interview that I chaired some 27 years ago, as a senior work associate and I jointly interviewed many candidates in an effort to replace me in a critical role within an I.S. management-liaison function, positioned on the campus of a very large client of ours at the time.

On this date my senior associate and I, clad in suits and ties, the garb of the day, interviewed maybe 6 candidates, one of whom would replace me as I transition into a new role elsewhere. I vividly recall interviewing a woman who had all the characteristics of being the perfect choice for the position. At the time, I was laterally very heavily involved in many facets of ministry, while serving an internship at a large congregation. In so doing the Revelatory Gifts were moving fluidly through me, and I found myself very often receiving vivid words of knowledge. As we continued the interview with this woman, who was maybe the 4th of six candidates on that day, I recall my senior associate employing some mean-spirited tactics on her. He had come to enjoy dangling a figurative carrot over the noses of these candidates, as callous sport. I honestly believe he was unaware of any wrongdoing on his part. Though I respected the man, on this day his antics in this regard deeply grieved me.

I recall us posing a series of typical interview questions to this woman. In my case, and as I have historically, I opted to simply engage conversation in general, to allow her to open up and talk freely in a number of directions. My associate however employed a tactic not unlike a homicide detective, in an effort to make the “suspect” squirm. The woman had answered every one of these questions adequately, when he then launched into a barrage of quick questions in rapid succession, to intimidate her. As he pushed her through the paces she became confused and nervous. He then precluded that her confusion and nervousness was a sign of weakness, rendering her disqualified.

When the woman realized what he was doing, her heart sank. I recall seeing the sadness and resignation in her face, which also revealed desperation. In that instant I received a stream of words of knowledge about her which broke my heart. She was single, divorced, the victim of abuse, and doing everything she knew to do to provide for her children. And, she was the perfect candidate for the job.

As the woman left the hotel conference room we had secured for the interviews that day, my eyes fell to the floor, and I recall placing my head in my hands. My senior asked me what was wrong, and I simply told him that I was tired.

We would go on to hire the wrong person for the job, not any of my doing. I realized I had no real say in the matter.

For the remainder of the day my heart grieved for this woman. My senior associate was wholly unaware of how I was affected by his meanness. He had simply perpetuated what was modeled to him previously–an interrogation, versus and interview.

As I reflected upon this flashback the other day, it initially seemed odd that this particular memory would return to me, so vividly. Until a verse also came to me, to offer complete clarity as to why.

Philippians 4:5 reads, “Let your gentle spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near.”

During the season in which I found myself working for the I.S. company, in conjunction with facilitating a steady 30 hours a week of many facets of ministry while interning with the large congregation, I daily laid my heart open before the Lord, and had allowed Him to move very freely through me. It was during this season that He had graced me with a “gentle spirit,” a spirit which in turn enabled the Holy Spirit to move through me with ease.

Over the previous 8 years specifically (2009 – 2016), and in and through many very alarming prophetic observations of what was going on within the dark shadows of our government at the time, nefarious deeds which defy the imagination, deeds which continue as I type this article; I found myself warning the nation of impending doom–unless Believers en masse would repent and petition the Throne Room for God’s mercy upon the United States. I would go on to write a book containing this very message: Teshuvah: David’s Key.


And, there was in fact impending doom as the 2016 Presidential Election approached. To this day, some 8 months later, most Americans are yet wholly clueless to the deeds done in darkness by our very own government; deeds orchestrated by a demonic horde bent upon utterly destroying what remains of the original Republic, most pointedly more recently through an attempt to lull us into war with Russia. Some refer to this “shadow government” as the “Deep State.” Others refer it is as the “Dark State.” I choose to refer to it as the Deep Dark State. And, irrespective of what one chooses to call the dark elements beneath and behind our government, one fools themselves to disregard the reality that our government was poised to utterly destroy the nation only days prior to the 2016 election. In fact, the same element had actuated a “Plan-B”, to continue the nefarious operation right through Donald Trump’s inauguration. “Plan-C” is now in place; that to convince the nation, and the world at large, that Donald Trump is unfit for office, this established through a wicked web of lies and deceit saturating every branch of media in the U.S., and that heartily funded by one George Soros. Sadly, most Americans, because of their grave lack of spiritual discernment (Christians included), continue to fall for the deception–hook, line and Soros-sinker. Such antics include fake race riots, wherein paid protesters (on both sides), to the tune of $25.00 an hour, stage convincing foretastes of civil war–a race-baited civil war which was craftily re-introduced over an 8-year period, by Barack Hussein Obama–a devilishly gifted master of societal unrest and violence.

While warning the nation over an 8 year period of what was truly transpiring under our noses, and while also making every opportunity when speaking abroad to boldly call the Body of Christ to national repentance for our collective spiritual harlotry (mine included); I found myself equally equipping a large number of people in self-defense, armed defense, food storage, etc. Many of my extended family within the Body of Christ abroad were certain that I had lost my marbles, and that I had strayed from the more critical facets of the ministry to which I’ve been called (prophetic counseling, inner healing and deliverance ministry). The same number of people remain clueless as to just how close all of the above would have been required of them, as, at this stage, had Trump lost the election, we would be at war with Russia, and several of our major cities would resemble the craters upon the Moon.

Obama, Clinton, Ryan, McCain, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, and a horde of other NWO puppets of the Deep Dark State, financially under-girded by George Soros and his ilk, had been charged with leading the media assault on Russia, to incite world war. In fact, the U.S. assassinated a number of Russian officials (3 that I’m aware of) just prior to the election in an effort to throw the election on account of a fresh war with Russia, via Russia’s sure retaliation to the assassinations (yet another series of facts which will remain hidden from the American public at large, likely forever).

Despite my daily commitment to cultivating spiritual sensitivity within varying facets of the work of the ministry, I had yet donned a strongly defensive exterior in my growing readiness to lead a large number of people in surviving what was sure to unfold in the natural, and on a national level. I had to a degree reverted to my military paradigm, having experienced some very unusual tensions and conflicts on foreign soil while in the Navy. I had also reverted to my conditioning as a former fierce pistol competitor and martial artist, and found myself at-the-ready in any possible circumstance, to survive and prevail. My goal was not mere survival, but survival to in turn have the liberty to minister to countless people as they scramble for their own survival while wholly unprepared for what was to unfold on a national scale.

Thankfully, and as the result of millions of desperate cries of the Saints in this nation leading up to Election Day 2016, God granted us a “Stay of Execution,” His hand of mercy, by placing Donald Trump in office. What Trump does hereafter rests solely upon the continued cries of the same Saints—those who are wholly aware of where the nation truly stands within the smoke and ashes of an 8-year assault upon its founding fabric—perhaps 5% of which fabric remains. We are that close to terminal implosion and destruction in every regard, as a country.

God lifted His hand of grace from this nation for 8 years (2009 – 2016), thus allowing the works of darkness to have their way in and through a man wholly aligned-with and empowered-by the Spirit of Antichrist and the Spirit of Lawlessness—one Barack Hussein Obama. (*Note that I did not say Obama is the Antichrist or the Man of Lawlessness. I rather said that he is “alignedwith and empowered-by the Spirit of Antichrist and the Spirit of Lawlessness”). There is a critical distinction. I can only discern the spirits moving through him at the moment, which I happened to have discerned as early as 2007–when most in the Christian community at large balked at me for voicing what I was “seeing” then. Thankfully, many who balked at me then, are now bemoaning the fact that what I saw then, is a reality now.

*On a seemingly unrelated aside: those among the readership of this article who either aspire-to, or, who are fluidly moving-in the Revelatory Gifts; understand that the more you mature in such, the more you will meet with opposition within the mainstream of Western Christianity, which, not unlike the perpetual flinching of a large school of nervous fish, sways to the ebb-n-flow of a compromised, soulish, worldly, watered-down brand of “Christianity.” This said, understand that “…a great falling away…” (read 1 Tim. 4:1-5) is presently underway, and you will often find yourself casting your pearls (prophetic pearls) before swine (Matt. 7:6). Do not be discouraged. Commit daily to seeing and hearing the heartbeat of God, through daily intimacy with Him. Then simply speak it, reflect it, embody it, whether it be sweet or salty from day to day. And Press On. Recall the lives of the prominent prophetic figures in Scripture (Jesus included), while equally recalling that they had extremely small fan clubs. Your task is not that to collect accolades; your task is rather that to speak the truth, in love. Period.

OK then, back to our primary conversation at hand…

As the news of Trump’s victory would ultimately be aired, I experienced something I had not experienced since my Navy days, wherein moments following the tensions of potential combat there often occurred a “stand-down,” a deflation of testosterone, adrenaline and sensory overload. I would shortly thereafter pen a song entitled “Smoke and Ashes,” which speaks to the emotions running through me at the time:


As the months have unfolded since Trump’s placement in office, I have come to realize that the U.S. has been granted a Season of Mercy—a season which will ultimately come to an end. It is during this season that I have been prodded by the Holy Spirit to once again avail my “whole heart” to him (see II Chronicles 25:2), and to allow His gentle ebb and flow to reveal a heart of mercy, compassion and love, that I may in turn better recognize every subtle nuance of His dealings with others, that I may in turn speak into the same more accurately.

“…whatever the Father does, these things the Son does also…” (John 5:19, NASB).

We’ve been granted the eyes to see what the Father is doing—spiritual eyes, if we ask for them. And as we simply speak-into what the Father has already placed in motion (that which we “see” of His immediate handiwork), we’re doing precisely what we’ve been called to do. However a heart of compassion, mercy, tenderness, gentleness and love are required to make the ministry “stick” – for an eternity.

The Japan tsunami of 2011 which left unspeakable damage in its wake (while also leaving an unspeakably long list of unanswered questions in its wake—questions as to the origins of the tsunami) found 95% of its survivors scrambling in desperation to survive the water and food lines, which often required a person to stand 8 hours or more in line, for a mere ration of food and water. The other 5% of the survivors had been watching several different U.S. based Christian ministries on satellite television, and had taken the advice to stock up on disaster-ready food rations. These were seen ministering around the clock to the 95% who were unprepared for the disaster. This equation alone is why I continue to remain in a state of readiness for survival—that I may have the freedom to move about the masses while ministering to those who are plagued with confusion and chaos. This is precisely where the Body of Christ should be following a disaster—right in the epicenter—and prepared for such.

While I remain ready for the worst of times, I am also duly reminded that I cannot allow the rigors and intensity of the times in which we live, to rob me of the “fruit of the Spirit” – the trademarks of those who allow the Holy Spirit to wholly have His way within every cavern of their hearts, resulting in a “gentleness” which can feel His every move in every setting or circumstance.

“…the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy” (James 3:16, NASB).

For 36 years at this juncture, I have found it difficult to receive the ministry of many prominent (publicly praised and celebrated) Christian leaders, as I have failed to see any trace of the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. Many of these have authored very profitable books and have grown very profitable (monetarily) ministries, and have uttered some very convincing revelation. However, when I thereafter find no trace of the fruit of the Spirit in their lives, such convincing revelation is no longer convincing. For irrespective of whether one is uttering the sweet or salty revelation of the Lord; there should always be found the unmistakable trademarks, traces or scent of the fruit of the Spirit in its wake–which enables the word-in-season to form an eternal stamp upon one’s heart–versus the temporal influence upon one’s mind.

A few years ago, and while in the midst of a nefarious scheme on the part of the Obama Administration to further fuel national rioting–thus creating a tipping-point for inducing Martial Law, gun confiscation, the activation of FEMA camps (yes, they are real), toward completely overthrowing the U.S. government through a hybrid Islamic-Marxist regime take-over, I penned an article entitled The Believer and Self-Defense:


A surprising cross-section of the Body of Christ saw fit to counter and/or refute my position within the article—a cross-section of the Body of Christ which has largely fed upon 1% milk for the duration of its existence. However, I still maintain that it is a man’s moral obligation, as a Believer, to defend and protect women and children with arms, when they are available. I believe I have laid the Scriptural foundation for such in the article in question. My article on self-defense is one of the “800 pound gorillas in the living rooms” of most Christians in the West, and which nearly everyone tiptoe’s around. Truth be known, 10s of 1000s of Christian leaders in this country are physically armed at home, and physically armed when in public. It is an unspoken shadow activity that few are willing to openly discuss. I have openly discussed such, and I trust and pray that the common sense within my discussion will “stick” abroad.

Psalm 116:15 reads, “How precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His godly ones” (NASB). When his “godly ones” yield to martyrdom, it is truly a precious heart-posture for Him to behold. And, certainly, were I personally faced with a predicament wherein unarmed, I would be forced to deny Yeshua or die, I would choose death. However, until such time, I quite simply refuse to be the victim of a flash-mob who is paid by George Soros to carry out a counterfeit revolution in tandem with a mass-media-monster which is paid by the same to perpetuate a nefarious and national psy-op. The majority of Americans, much of mainstream Christianity included, have been wholly duped by such deception.

My convictions on self-defense aside; in and through the gist of this meditation today, I’ve come to conclude that the willingness to yield to “the wisdom from above,” and most particularly the “gentleness” within such, arms us with Holy Spirit power which far transcends any munitions (arms) made by the hands of men, when it comes to being used by Him to challenge and change the hearts of a sea of lost souls—a sea which is very close to facing the worst storm of its existence—second only to the flood of Noah’s day.

Presently the “President in Exile” – as he views himself (Barack Hussein Obama) and his Islamic soul-mate advisor (Valerie Jarrett) have set-up a command center within walking distance of the White House. Both Barack and Valerie have unleashed every covert mechanism by which to fuel a national outcry to remove the people’s choice from office—one Donald Trump. In concert with them is ¾’s of Washington D.C., which includes the majority of “Republicans” (most Republicans in D.C. presently are paid turncoats–fooling the gullible Conservative American populace). Donald Trump’s life is at stake as I type this, quite literally. The Deep Dark State will stop at nothing to take him down, whether it be through the laughable fabrication of “Russian interference in the election,” a web of other erroneous assertions, or worse…

Very soon the Internet, which is quietly being policed by our Police State (instated as of January 2009), will purge articles like mine, web sites like mine, and like-minded ministers, and the masses will then have no source of truth as to what is unfolding within our government. Left to their own devices, while also failing to cultivate spiritual discernment, they will continue to accept Fake News as reality. As they do so, they will continue to believe the counter-insurgent, double-speak psy-op which concludes that Christians are “the enemy of the State” (military training manuals printed between January 2009 and January 2017 reflect such). As this sentiment continues to mount we will be faced with very real (physical) violence at our doorsteps. It is at this time that we must first opt to submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to speak with “the wisdom from above,” that His grace may be given the license to do what it does best. While doing so, I yet conclude that we are charged with protecting the physically weak, the helpless, and woman and children. Admittedly I have penned a seeming paradox here. But it is not, really. Please read on…

I have over the past 8 years heard 100s of prominent Christian leaders exclaim, “It’s time for Christians to rise-up and take a stand!” Really? What do you suppose they mean, when they say “rise-up and take a stand”? Are they talking about prayer? One hardly needs to “rise-up” and “take a stand” to pray. In fact, it is most effectual when it’s in private, in my experience. Surly, there are appointed times when Believers must publicly gather en masse to prayerfully and prophetically proclaim the unction of the hour, and in specific places geographically. However, I have yet to witness anything as powerful as the prayers which have been uttered from dark dank corners of prison cells. Let’s again acknowledge one of the “800 pound gorillas in the living rooms” of most Western Christians; for “taking a stand” is going to require a physical stand–in the face of violence. Things will become physical, on a national scale, soon and very soon; the Marxist-Socialist-Islamic-Communist movement will see to it. And when things do occur as such, may each of us be truly Spirit-led as we negotiate the trial of a lifetime—as we physically “take a stand.” We must very seriously define what this means, for ourselves, before the “stand” is required of us.

We win, in the end. But, until we meet with the end our hearts and prayers must determine the means to the end. At the same time, once again, we must also decide where we stand on the issue of physical self-defense. That is, when is it time to physically defend ourselves? And, when is it time to yield to martyrdom?

As iterated at the onset of this post, I am convinced that with the Trump presidency, we have entered a Season of Mercy. And as also iterated earlier, I believe the duration of this season to be wholly dependent upon the velocity of the collective cries of the Saints, as we petition the Throne Room of Grace for God’s mercy over the U.S.—which has become spiritually a modern day Babylon—not unlike the Babylon depicted in the Book of Revelation—which meets with shocking destruction. It is during this season that we are charged with making every possible inroad with unsaved friends and family, to draw them into the saving knowledge of Yeshua—the lover of our souls. Aware of the gravity and urgency of the hour in this regard, I find myself tip-toeing through a figurative minefield in the geographical region in which I live, as the area is wholly consumed in a shocking display of deception and anarchy. The mere mention of anything “Christian” is immediately met with anger, hostility and outright hatred. These dynamics have become a daily occurrence for me.

I am reminded of II Timothy 3:1-4, which reads:

“…realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure…”

And on it goes…

We have arrived, friends. We are there. We are in the “Last Days.”

I am convinced that because of our casual comforts here in the West, we are predisposed to doubting just how late the hour really is. As I say this, I am reminded of the late Derek Prince, who once quipped, “the two greatest pitfalls in the life of the Western Christian are comfort and convenience.” Indeed so. Because of such, many of us have settled for a state of lukewarm-ness as our expression of “normal Christianity.” The present state of the collective Church in the West is partly to blame, as, what is being spoon-fed the masses is once again, 1% milk, when we need meat to survive the times. This brings me to a critical point: our task in this hour is that to remain Kingdom-conduits—through which the coming Kingdom of God is announced—through every measure of the Kingdom of God found within each of us. Our ability to proclaim the coming Kingdom to a lost and dying planet is directly commensurate with the depth to which we’ve cultivated the same within our hearts. And, as we continue to cultivate the Kingdom of God in our hearts, to serve as Kingdom-conduits, we do well to realize and accept that here in the West, the United States namely, we find ourselves within a veritable pressure cooker, an oven of God’s impending judgment, wherein we have the glorious opportunity to be further refined by His “refining fire” – one final opportunity, for some of us.

The refining fire of God’s judgment is, I believe, at the epicenter of our existence as a nation, as a Church, and as a Believer, on this day in August of 2017.

For the serious Bible students among the readership of this article; perhaps you’ll be inclined to ponder the Book of Jeremiah with me for a moment, and namely chapter 27, which describes the God-mandated “yoke” of judgment under King Nebuchadnezzar (the seeming 21st century version of which may be one Barack Hussein Obama). As I allude to Jeremiah 27 and the apparent/arguable/convincing link between King Nebuchadnezzar and Barack Hussein Obama, it stands to reason that many would in turn incorporate I Peter 2:13-15 into such the discussion as well. To refresh the reader’s memory, I Peter 2:13-15 reads:

“Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority, or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who do right. For such is the will of God that by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men.”

Though this excerpt from I Peter seems to “fit” the extended discussion of Jeremiah 27 as it would pertain to a Barack Hussein Obama parallel, I must contend that it does not. Here’s why: as you re-examine what I Peter says, and do so carefully, you’ll note that “…a king…sent by him (God)…” is that to “…punish evil doers and…praise those who do right.” Barack Hussein Obama empowered and exalted evil doers, and persecuted those who do right—the very opposite of I Peter’s definition of a “human institution” or “one in authority” who has been “sent by him” (God).

I am fully convinced that God did not “place” Obama in office, I believe He rather allowed (key-word) the works of darkness to have their way in the United States for a protracted season, as a form of His fierce judgment, by simply removing His hand of grace from the U.S.—and from the Western Church—which had fallen into spiritual harlotry. And the Western Church remains in spiritual harlotry.

Allow me to elaborate a bit further. Psalm 104:9, as well as other excerpts of the Psalms, declares that the borders of the sea will not transgress their placement unless God commands such. This said, the 310,000 (yes, 310,000) people who lost their lives in the South Asia Tsunami of December 2004, did so as the result of a tsunami which was allowed (key-word) to create the greatest natural disaster since the Great Flood. I am fully convinced that God did not create that tsunami. Rather, and as Scripture declares such, He simply lifted His hand of grace and allowed the borders of the sea to transgress their boundaries. Why? Judgement. For those who were not distracted by the more prominent news of the day (e.g. Paris Hilton’s sex life), and who took it upon themselves to deeply question why so many had to die as the result of the tsunami; these will have discovered that the most shocking destruction of the tsunami occurred precisely where some of the oldest (ancient) Buddhist and Hindu shrines and temples once stood. Explorers who investigated the aftermath said that some of the foundations beneath such shrines and temples were completely erased from the map–as if they had never existed.

Where am I going this this? The same applies to the 8-year reign of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. God allowed the figurative boundary of the sea to transgress its border, by allowing a flood of evil to wholly envelope the White House, to in turn nearly completely destroy the United States of America. The destruction continues, in the shadows.

King Nebuchadnezzar, though godless, was referred to as God’s “servant.” He was hardly a “servant” of God in the classical sense, and was much more so a vessel of judgment, which the nations were to submit to as chastisement for their idolatry. The notion is that of knowingly submitting to a king who is not submitted to God, while acknowledging that God yet placed him there. By contrast, Barack Hussein Obama perverted justice at every turn, exalted godlessness, promoted sexual perversion; empowered, financially under-girded and aided Israel’s number one enemy, Iran; empowered and financially under-girded Islamic terror on every front; and called every semblance of good, “evil,” and every semblance of “evil,” good.

One of the greatest theological treatises ever penned on the topic of submission to authority, in my reading experience, is that written by Watchman Nee, entitled “Spiritual Authority” (copyright 1972). On pages 63-64, the author states: “The day shall come when the lawless one who is the anti-Christ shall be in power; he then will distort the entire system of law and openly label good as bad and vice versa. The the good shall be killed and the evil exalted.”

Friends, if there ever was but one sentence penned to describe what occurred in the White House between January 2009 and January 2017, Watchman Nee has penned it–45 years ago. Though I can only discern the spirits that were at work during that time frame in the White House, I would not be surprised to discover in the end, that Barack Hussein Obama was more than just moved, motivated-by or propelled by these spirits, and rather the very embodiment of them. We all “see in part…know in part…prophesy in part…and look as in a mirror, dimly,” so I can only see a part of the whole. My point: there is a time to submit to God-ordained authority. Then, there is a time, and as Watchman Nee has alarmingly pointed out, that submitting to demonic authority means riding the demonic coattails of the same straight to hell.

My observations and discussion of the strained similarities between King Nebuchadnezzar and Barack Hussein Obama and the lateral discussion of God-ordained authority versus demonic counterfeit authority aside; the U.S., and the Western Church, has, as of January 2017, yet been granted but a brief reprieve from figurative “Babylonian” enslavement as a form of God’s judgment—His refining fire of purging. We experienced 8 years of godless, antichrist-exalting perversion of every branch of government during Obama’s reign in the White House. It was during this period that Christians were forced to carefully examine their souls, and to willingly yield to the weight of the reality of God’s judgment foremost upon the Church. 

While Donald Trump now occupies the White House, we fool ourselves if we conclude that he has “saved the nation.” To the contrary, he is but one man, leaning against a figurative massive dam with all his might, and mustering every ounce of strength to keep the cracks of evil from bursting open. Donald Trump has, at his core, a true love for the United States and its founding fabric—irrespective of whether or not he realizes that 95% of such the fabric has been decimated by the Obama Regime—which still runs Washington D.C. – in the shadows—the shadows of a Shadow Government—the Deep Dark State.

A Maniacal Machine was carefully crafted between January 2009 and January 2017 which was designed to destroy the nation—ongoing—long after Obama’s departure from the White House. This machine is still moving full-force, despite the fact that President Donald Trump now occupies the White House. This machine is well-oiled, and is chipping-away at every element of freedom which remains in the United States—what little is left.

We must pray for Donald Trump, friends, for his physical safety, and for his salvation; for his entire family. We must also pray that every godly person in government “rise up” and fight the tide of overwhelming evil in Washington D.C., that we be granted more time to share the gospel in this once-great nation, before the full weight of God’s judgment is unleashed. We, the Saints, can extend this Season of Mercy, as we petition the Throne Room of Grace night and day.

As we plea with God for an extension of this Season of Mercy, we must on the one hand maintain sharp sensory sobriety with respect to the very clear and present danger of physical violence and persecution steadily marching toward our doorsteps, while also maintaining spiritual sobriety by carefully guarding our hearts—and the precious gift of the “wisdom from above” deposited therein, which includes the gift of a gentle spirit.

Your trench-mate,



*Postscript: By way of a note to the casual web-surfing reader who may not be a Believer in Yeshua–Jesus; as well as a note to the casual web-surfing reader who may be a Believer in Yeshua–Jesus, yet who has been perhaps unduly influenced by the maniacal-mainstream-media-machine, thus diluting your spiritual diet to date; please understand that what I have penned above, as well as what I’ve penned in all of my articles on this page to date, is anything but “political commentary.” To the radical contrary, what I have penned is what I believe to be the reticle–the epicenter of a figurative rifle scope–which represents the spiritual center upon which intercessory prayer warriors may focus–to push back, prevent, and/or delay the inevitable. All of my previous articles on this page have represented just that–a very specific and critical intercessory-prayer target – to prevent and/or delay the very things I “see” from my position on a figurative wall, as a watchman.