Healing from Trauma – A Potent Prayer Model from Jim and Pat Banks

Roughly 6 years ago (2014) a dear friend copied me on a video of Jim and Pat Banks’ teaching about the nature of trauma, and healing/deliverance from the same. At the time in which my dear friend copied me on such, I had reached a serious stage of “ministry burnout,” having facilitated pastoral care/prophetic counseling/inner healing/deliverance non-stop for several years–this in addition to “pastoring” (I rather prefer the phrase, “functioning as senior leader”) of an area congregation.

I knew from much personal experience in facilitating the brand of ministry that I’ve been “wired for,” that there is a very real counter-punch to such, which affects the minister involved. I was however unaware of the concept and/or phrase, “Secondary Trauma,” which Jim and Pat do a great job of defining, substantiating, and ministering-to. It was as they placed their figurative finger upon such that I realized I was in fact suffering from the same. I had absorbed many layers of the very trauma I had ministered-to, over many years, and needed some very serious rest and renewal. Personal trauma was nothing foreign to me, having lived through extreme trauma as a child, as well as what is best described as outright ghoulish trauma during one particular church plant of many years previous.

I’ve inserted below, a web-link to an audio-file representing a 24-minute prayer uttered by Jim and Pat, over a group of people present for one of their conferences. This soaking-prayer speaks to trauma in general, and covers a very wide range of such. As you are inclined to receive this prayer, I encourage you to secure a place of solitude and silence, and allow yourself to be immersed in this prayer. Come into agreement with the many prayers prayed, by verbalizing them if you wish, and/or internalizing them in your spirit.

As you may scroll-down through this page (i.e. the “Healing and Deliverance” page as a whole) you will eventually meet with my original mention/post of Jim and Pat Banks, in the form of a video from one of their conferences. Within the video you will meet with a very helpful explanation of the how’s-and-why’s of trauma, as well as the subsequent healing approach, followed by prayer ministry.

For an expanded overview of the Banks’ ministry, you may go to their site via this web-link, below:

House of Healing Ministries


I have inserted below, the page-link to the FREE downloadable MP3 audio of the 24-minute soaking prayer for Healing from Trauma. You will see as you access this page, a blue icon/prompt reading: “Download the Trauma Prayer Now“:


You may also access a PDF copy of the prayer transcript, for your reading, here:

*Note: I have edited the prayer to rather speak directly to the individual versus the original group-declaration of prayer, that the reader my more personally pray such.

Prayer for Healing from Trauma – Jim and Pat Banks

On a closing note; I will share that I was very encouraged to hear Jim state nearly verbatim, something that I shared with my wife roughly 20 years ago, as I found myself explaining to her why that almost daily, the most broken people on the planet were drawn to me. This to say that throughout my Christian life, and where ever I go, the most broken, offensive, mentally and emotionally ill, “scary”, “deranged”, violent, “social deviants” make their way to me–very often in public. I was sharing with her the countless stories of having faced-off with demons of every flavor, many of which have manifested in public places, and I have engaged very colorful ministry sessions as the result. But it was during this conversation that I shared a pattern, a theory, a system, and perhaps more pointedly–a demonic warfare strategy that has revealed itself in virtually every person I have ministered to on a one-on-one basis, which totals many thousands to date. This is what I said to my wife, verbatim, 20 years ago:

“What I have observed, without exception, with each and every person that I have ministered to, and who has appeared ravaged, demonized, devastated, terminally-torn, and totally resigned to life (i.e. suicidal), is that they were so traumatized at a young age, that they have spent the bulk of their adult lives recovering from such trauma–instead of walking in the fullness of their callings. It appears to me that this is a master-plan of Satan, that of so traumatizing people that their ultimate calling is forfeited. It seems he and his hordes have a prophetic ability to see-into the futures of those who would otherwise mature into the most formidable forces for Jesus. And, I very often see with prophetic eyes, who these ravaged souls are supposed to be; it is why I do what I do in accommodating them into my life, and going-the-distance with them–knowing that on the other side of their healing is God’s fearsome recompense in and through the freedom and deliverance which releases these into the remainder of their callings.”

I had never heard another person utter nearly verbatim what I stated above, as shared with my wife 20 years ago, until I heard Jim Banks say the same within the “Healing form Trauma” video (accessible as you further scroll-down through this “Healing and Deliverance” page – my initial post of 2014).

You may purchase Jim and Pat Banks’ book, The Effects Of Trauma And How To Deal With It, from the House of Healing Ministries web-link at the onset of this post.