The Growing Divide – Israel and the Western Church

Israeli and US FlagsTwo nights ago I was speaking with some dear friends about what I “see” of a growing divide between those within the Church who wholly embrace the place and purpose of the Jewish Nation in the life of the Believer and the advancing Church–versus those within the Church who have rather chosen the lie of Replacement Theology, which in very simple terms concludes that the Church has replaced Israel with respect to the Abrahamic Covenant–a theological tenet which is born of demonic deception.

I mentioned in this conversation with my friends, that this one pivot-point (among others presently) is partially responsible for determining whether a given body of Believers or ministry will either step-into the fullness of God’s purposes for them, or rather be led astray into their own devices, to perpetuate a soulish agenda wholly bereft of God’s fingerprints–His anointing, His authority, and the unmistakable fruitfulness of a work which is wholly aligned with His heartbeat.

Just this morning, only 2 days after sharing this with my friends, I chose to watch a video that my wife Gigi had mentioned to me just last night–1 day after the timely conversation with my friends.  As she mentioned the video to me, she had yet to arrive at the segment I will highlight momentarily (i.e., she was wholly unaware of the timely confirmation between what I had shared a day previous, and that which was spoken in the video). Within the video are 4 well known Church leaders (including 1 Messianic rabbi) whose collective ministries I am familiar with.  Within the final minutes (the last 10 minutes or so), each guest is asked to share a 2-minute summation of what they feel needs to be shared to the world within the context of their larger discussion during the broadcast.  The 2nd of the guests states verbatim what I had shared with my dear friends 2 days previous–that of the accelerated divided between those within the Church who have chosen to bless Israel (Genesis 12:3) and those who rather have chosen to curse Israel.

There is no middle ground spoken of in Genesis 12:3.  The verse clearly states:

“…I will bless those who bless you [Israel], and I will curse those who curse you…”

Many generations following the Genesis account, King David would go on to declare:

“He remembers His covenant forever, the word which He commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant which He made with Abraham…” (Psalm 105:8-9).

I do not alight upon this affirmation of what I had shared two nights previous, that I might in turn posture myself as a “prophetic guru,” in a “see-I-told-you-so” posture. I rather alight upon this affirmation of what I shared, to in turn encourage you–by underscoring that when you step-out and boldly share what the Holy Spirit has placed deep in your heart–as unpopular as it may be to the masses at the moment–He will be faithful to back it up–to affirm it–for His ultimate glory.

Watching this dynamic regularly unfold in my life is a healing balm over the many wounds I’ve incurred by those within the Body of Christ who have long scoffed at what I am given to share abroad.  I share this vignette of a post, to in turn encourage those who are seeking the Father’s heart at all costs, and who are hearing things from Him which often run radically contrary to that being perpetuated and magnified with the mainstream of Western Christianity.

The reality here, is that the wheat is being violently separated from the chaff on the threshing floor of the End-Times harvest, and this threshing includes Believers in Y’shua–Jesus.  “Judgement begins with the House of God” (1 Pet. 4:17), and the House of God–the Church Universal–is being violently sifted–even as I type–most especially the Western (“Americanized”) Church.

May you willingly yield the fullness of your being to His winnowing fork, that all that is not aligned with His perfect will for your life be swept into the growing heap of chaff to be burned.

As you are able, I encourage you to carve-out 2 hours to view this timely video, below:

Your trench-mate,