The Tumbleweed Times – Vol. II

The Tumbleweed Times, Colorado County Texas – Vol. II


“The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (Prov. 4:18, NASB).

As Believers, every day in which we choose, often painfully so, to refuse to buckle to temptation, pressure, discouragement, strife and despair, and rather press-in and forge forward in our callings as torch bearers, our “light” shines brighter, and is further evident for the world to see—amidst rapidly encroaching darkness.

The brightness of our countenance, and that irrespective of how we feel about ourselves from day to day, increases, until the “full day,” as we choose to be obedient to the daily process of death to the carnal nature, that the redeemed nature may rather be seen.

“…I die daily” (1 Cor. 15:31, NASB).

It is when we feel that nothing more can die within us; and that we are but a frail and charred remain of God’s fiery dealings; that we discover yet more to be purged from our carnal nature. To this end, I can recall like it was just yesterday, over 40 years ago standing in the presence of an early mentor who quipped:

“Ya know David, just when you think that God has thoroughly purged you of the ‘old man,’ and you feel like you’ve been peeled like an orange, He will then place that peeled orange in the palm of His hand, and (((squeeeeeeeeze))) it until every last drop is gone.”  He then laughed hilariously, patted me on the shoulder and said, “Fasten your seatbelt young brother, the ride is about to begin.”

This early mentor was unknowingly expounding upon, iterating and affirming an excerpt from Daniel chapter 12, verse 10 (NASB), speaking to the Last Days, and which reads as follows:

“Many will be purged, purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand.”

Very often in scripture, the answer to a portion of a verse which seems initially mystical is actually found within the very same (i.e., “hidden in plain sight”). This said, and as we ask ourselves just what it is that “the insightful will understand”; the answer lay within the first portion of the verse: we will understand that God’s ongoing purging, purification and refining (by fire, to include fiery trials), is necessary to the very end of time. For our death to the carnal nature must remain a daily sacrifice in order to most clearly navigate (spiritually discern) what is unfolding before us.

Returning our focus to my initial volley from Proverbs 4:18; the “full day” to which King Solomon alludes, is the fulfillment, the apex, the climax and finish line of the race to which we’re called—whether such the climax is defined by the day we meet Him this side of His returning—or whether we happen to be alive when He does return for His Bride. Either day is the “full day” (the climax of our life on earth).

“…Run in such a way that you may win” (1 Cor. 9:24, NASB).

To finish the race ahead of us, wherein for many of us the Finish Line is almost in view; requires that we push the outer edge of “The Zone” – that state often described by long-distance runners – which is a product of the will – the will to finish – which is, in itself winning – irrespective of whether one is first to cross the Finish Line.

The outer edge of “the zone” is often seen in the faces of runners as they refuse to collapse—when agony is clearly on their faces—all the while spectators on the sidelines are cheering them on, shouting, “Don’t stop! You’ve got this! Press on!” These long-distance runners, though often physically, mentally and emotionally numb as they will to meet the finish line, can yet hear the cheers from the sidelines. These collective cheers over the centuries have spoken brief deposits into millions of these fatigued souls—deposits which have given them just enough inspiration to make it to the finish line.

Many of you have, following the shocking assault on humanity over the past 2 years alone, felt as if you’ve been running the remainder of the race before you on sheer will—often feeling mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, numb. Today as I pen this letter, consider my voice but one of many, on the sidelines of your race—a distant voice amidst the clamor of spectators—the voice of one crying within the wilderness of global chaos . This voice actually comes to you from atop a distant wall; a wall which often feels cold, lonely and desolate; yet a wall which enables the watchman to see out and into the horizon.  And, in the same way that the trained ear will recognize the beauty of “polyphonic texture” sewn within the fabric of Baroque Ear composers (e.g., Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Telemann, etc.), so the spiritually trained ear will recognize the authenticity of a voice crying from atop a distant wall—a voice which seeks to cut-through mass-confusion and delusion, to in turn speak-into those who will listen, which are relative few at this juncture. These runners who strain to register this distant voice amidst the throngs of spectators may in turn receive something of vision, affirmation and encouragement—just enough to make it to the Finish Line.

Those of you who’ve read my articles over the years, which date-back 25+ years ago at this juncture, and/or those who’ve listened to me from behind a given pulpit over the same span or beyond, know that I’m faithful to share precisely what I’m given from atop the wall—even when what I’m given may initially be pointedly unsettling. These also know that I always finish a given message with the reminder that we win in the end—for I’ve read “the back of the book,” many times. I therefore will always follow what initially tastes “salty” – with that which tastes “sweet.”

Those who aspire (or “earnestly pursue” [1 Cor. 14:1]) to be used as conduits of the sure-word-of-prophecy and the revelatory gifts as a whole, must understand that you are charged with relaying both that which is sweetand that which is salty—come what may.

And so, in the spirit of my previous letters, articles and messages, I share with you two parts: 1) that which I am seeing approaching on the horizon; and 2) that which reminds us that we have the victory, and that we win—in the end.

There are three critically-timed excerpts of scripture which comprise the gist of that which I wish to voice to you from atop a distant wall today, as you find yourselves hitting “the zone” within the race you’re presently running. The first of these is Matthew chapter 24, in its entirety. I will however insert hereafter an abbreviated representation of this chapter, in the form of excerpts from verses 3 thru 33:

“…What will be the sign of Your coming and the end of the age? …many will come in My name…and will mislead many…you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars…nation will rise against nation…there will be famines and earthquakes…these are merely the beginnings of birth pangs [contractions]…many will fall away and hate one another…many false prophets will arise and mislead many…because lawlessness is increased the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved…the gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to the whole world, then the end will come…there will be great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world…for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short…when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door…”.

In reflection of this very sobering chapter, understand that this one chapter reads as if it is the only authentic and trusted news broadcast on the planet presently. For an anchor person could this very day read this chapter “On Air,” and in so doing render the most accurate “news” of the day—for Matthew chapter 24 is now unfolding before our eyes—“live”. To deny such is to welcome a dangerous state of denial, which, prolonged, can readily morph into delusion—the inability to recognize reality and truth.

When one is in denial, one has chosen to believe a false reality—an untruth. The Apostle Paul very soberly warns us in II Thess. 2:11, that when we willfully choose untruths as our reality—we welcome a “deluding influence” – God’s specific measure of judgment for such.

Many will fall away…the love of many will grow cold…” This specific prophetic warning within Matthew 24 is further underscored elsewhere in scripture, to include 1 Timothy 4:1, which reads: “…the Spirit explicitly says that in later times, some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons…”.

Again, this is precisely where we are, presently. Many are in fact “falling away” and the love of many is in fact “growing cold.” Just how do we guard ourselves against succumbing to such? The answer lay within the parable of the “foolish virgins” in Matthew 25. The Bridegroom came for His virgins (the Bride of Christ) at midnight (a time of darkness), and only those who had kept their lamps burning were then able to navigate a path to meet Him in that moment amidst the darkness outside (a very timely metaphor for the state of the world presently). Herein lay the expositional (personal) application. For it is as you keep oil in your lantern, that your flame will remain lit, thus illuminating the darkness enough to recognize the current ebb and flow of Kingdom activity—namely the approach of the Bridegroom—Who is nearer now than ever before. The lamp oil is the supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit in your daily life—which is the byproduct of cultivating daily intimacy with the Lord—one on one, as much as, and whenever, possible—even when on the run amidst chaos, stress, strife and pandemonium. It is not necessarily the time span we spend at Jesus’ feet, but rather our heart-posture (our hunger for Him), which moves His heart and prompts Him to respond by watering and renewing your soul—even within the context of but a few minutes, if this is all one has to avail. It is as you carve-out windows in time in which to still yourself, that you are able to then recognize the “still, small voice” of the Lord—which will again water your soul, keeping you refreshed, lively, and alert.

“Blessed is the man who listens to Me, watching daily at My gates, waiting at My doorposts” (Prov. 8:34).

The posture depicted in Proverbs 8:34 is that of a person who is so hungry for but a glimpse of the Master of the house; that they, like a stray cat or dog, humbly waits at a door, hoping in desperation that the master of the house will let them in and feed them, and warm them, thus having compassion for them.

Gigi and I are presently caring for a Ferrell cat, which appeared from the woods not long ago. He (“Herbie”) is not unlike a sea of strays that we’ve cared for over many years. It is such a precious parable to see played-out in the animals which have sought us out and have waited at our doors over so many years. Overwhelmed with compassion, we always make beds for them in our outbuildings, and care for them throughout the day. As we have a small zoo of indoor-only cats and dogs, we typically must keep the stray cats in outside quarters, which they nonetheless cherish, as we also create sources of heat for them when it is cold outside (“Herbie” presently enjoys hand-warmer-packets placed under his bed each night, in addition to a heat-generating layer of Styrofoam under the same).

*The reader may read more of our heart-warming adventures with animals via the link below:

As you press-in daily, and refuse to succumb to the potentially heart-numbing effects of the raging darkness about us presently, thus keeping oil in your lamp, your vision will remain illuminated just enough to recognize the movement of Jesus about you—amidst the darkness—inclusive of the ebb and flow of His kindness, compassion, mercy and love, and its potential to flow through you hour by hour—right into the hearts of the lost who are strewn out about your orbit presently—and who are also looking for a door, whereby the master of the house may extend compassion—in the same way that you first received the same.

It was Jesus’ compassion for the sick and the lost, which unleashed the powers of heaven, to save, heal and deliver. When we extend Jesus’ compassion to the lost and hurting about us, we too tap into the powers of heaven, and enable a portion of earth to be invaded by heaven (“…on earth as it is in heaven…”, Matt. 6:10). As we therefore opt to remain conduits of compassion, while taking our focus off ourselves, we unlock and unleash yet another dynamic heavenly force captured in Proverbs 11:25, which reads: “…He who waters will himself be watered.”

As one who has facilitated many 1000s of healing and deliverance sessions over a number of decades, I’ve learned to recognize patterns among the masses, which in turn represent seasons, which ultimately reveal demonic warfare strategies levied against the Saints abroad. The demonic hordes about us rarely act randomly. To the contrary, their tactics are very often calculated on a wide scale. As such, it is not uncommon for me to be approached by many people within the course of but one week, who are being hit or hammered with the very same assault. With this in view, I have met with, and with accelerated frequency, a very large number of Believers who have confided that their “first love” seems lost; that their joy has been stolen; and that they no longer harbor the spiritual hunger that they used to. In summation, all of these symptoms are the result of the venomous sting of the demonic hordes about us, which have received orders to infect our thoughts and emotions, thus spawning subsequent actions which enable our testimonies to erode—very much like the sandy seashore facing the battering of an approaching storm.

Our defense against falling away and our love growing cold, is to once again keep our lamps full of oil, by refusing to allow the events about us to dissuade us from finding daily time with the Lover of our Soul, that we may daily hear His voice (amidst the clamor of many others) and feel His heartbeat for us. Intimacy with the Lord is that which will illuminate our paths no matter how dark it gets outside. Additionally, the personal affirmation we receive from Him in our times of intimacy, will free us from falling-prey to seeking such from others—a pitfall which many high-profile leaders succumb to, as their busyness often overshadows their time spent alone with the Lord, where after they unknowingly and embarrassingly fall into seeking to fill this affirmation-void by feasting upon the accolades of their adoring fans among the sea of people seated beneath their pulpits on Sunday mornings. Such the practice may easily turn into an addiction, which is no less destructive than those living in alleyways, while addicted to crack (I have spoken healing and deliverance into both profiles, which, once again, are not too far apart with respect to underlying heart-conditions).

In Matthew 18:3, Jesus tells us pointedly that “…unless you become as a little child, you’ll not see the Kingdom.” Roughly 30 years ago the Holy Spirit whispered a visual image to me as I re-read this verse, while alone in a very quiet apartment in a small town. He showed me a small child climbing onto its father’s lap, and thereafter resting its head against its father’s chest. As the child began to fall asleep, the father slowly placed his arms around the child, holding it close. The child could only hear the heartbeat of its father, while equally feeling its father’s warm embrace. The child did this every day. And, when the child was not on its father’s lap, it yet heard its father’s heartbeat. Everywhere that child went it heard its father’s heartbeat above the clamor of its daily orbit. The child felt its father’s heartbeat for itself, and also felt its father’s heartbeat for everyone encountered throughout the day.

This picture of Matthew 18:3 is pointedly profound in the context of seeking to daily keep our lanterns full of Holy Spirit oil. For as we press-in to such intimacy with our Father on a daily basis, we conclude such times by being affirmed more deeply than anyone can humanly affirm us, which, again, frees us from seeking the same from them—versus seeking such from the Father Himself. Secondly, within the context of every encounter we have with someone or some circumstance throughout the day thereafter, we hear our Father’s heartbeat—His heartbeat for those we meet, and His heartbeat in the midst of every circumstance.

Some of you reading this letter have faced trauma from your earthly fathers. Some of you, like me, grew up without a father. Perhaps even like me, you had no living grandfather; no father-figure to speak of at all. Such the void can be filled in but one way: by asking Jesus to enable your eyes to see the outstretched arms of our heavenly Father—extended to you, and inviting you to become as a little child, to include crawling upon His lap daily, that you might feel His embrace and hear His heartbeat for you—which, once again, enables you to hear His heartbeat for the lost and the dying about your path from day to day.

One final element of this Matthew 18:3 message whispered to me 30 years ago, is this: when we embrace the Lord in daily intimacy, by leaning against His chest, upon His lap, we minister to Him. This is the most profound ministry in which we will engage in this lifetime. All else, to include highly celebrated public ministry, is but third in line—after that of ministering to our immediate families. The bulk of Western church leaders have this priority terribly distorted. For public ministry is but a byproduct of our ministry to the Lordfirst and foremost. The fruitfulness, authority and anointing which may potentially adorn our public ministries, is that wholly contingent upon our intimacy with the Lord and our ministry to Him, first, and our immediate families second. As we enable the divine realignment of these priorities, it is with relative grace and ease that God’s anointing freely flows through us, over us, and around us as we grace a given pulpit, or square-off with a lost soul in an alleyway, or engage a coworker who feels compelled to share a struggle with you. This profound truth is rarely spoken of in Bible Colleges, Schools of Ministry, and Seminaries throughout the West (I know, I’ve attended them, over many years, and would later go on to teach in them).

I believe it fitting to insert the timely telling of a brief story at this juncture.

David Yonggi Cho, founding leader of the world’s largest congregation (Yoido Full Gospel Church), based in Seoul South Korea, and overseeing 830,000 people at last check; was the keynote speaker amongst an impressive lineup of internationally-known leaders gracing a church leadership conference here in the U.S. some time ago. As the conference climaxed, and it came time for the long-awaiting keynote speaker, 1000s of leaders were on the edge of their seats, with laptops, tablets and e-devices of every flavor, ready to eagerly take notes—notes which may perhaps reveal ancient secrets to growing their ministries or church campuses into personal ministry empires (truth be known). As David mounted the platform an uproarious measure of applause flooded the conference center as everyone stood to their feet to honor this amazing brother. As the noise level subsided, David scanned the crowd with his characteristic smile, and for an extended time thereafter simply remained quiet. David was waiting for the Holy Spirit to fully blanket the massive crowd—to prepare their hearts for what he was about to share (truth be known). Minutes later, as he discerned the timing was right, he said this: “Undoubtedly all of you are expecting me to share something of how one goes about growing a ministry or church campus into galactic proportions, like Yoido Full Gospel Church. I have whittled the secret down to but one simple item. In the afternoon, I take a nap.”

Following that sentence, David went silent again, donned his characteristic smile, and again scanned the massive crowd for what was an awkwardly long period for the onlookers. All that could be heard was small pockets of people nervously chuckling, albeit briefly, where after they resumed the position of their e-devices, at the ready to blaze a trail of critical note-taking. But nothing thereafter came, as David then dismounted the pulpit and exited the conference, to fly back to Seoul South Korea.

The hosting MC then awkwardly approached the pulpit, and said, “Well, I suppose we can never accuse David Yonggi Cho of being long-winded and being insensitive to time-constraints.”

Relative few of those many 1000s present in that moment, were able to truly embrace the substance of what David had just shared. For our Western culture, which is unduly mirrored in much of the public ministry adorning the fruited plane presently, does not and cannot equate rest with being the most productive thing to do. And most pointedly, in the spiritual context, it is when we are fully rested that we pose the greatest threat to our adversary the devil.

Aware of the expanse of those who read this letter, there are a goodly number of you who serve the Body of Christ in measures which impact large numbers of people, especially those among you presently serving as Shepherds. To these, do know that I am keenly aware of the pitfall of carrying upon one’s shoulders the collective expectations, needs and wants of a large number of people. If we permit it to, this collective dynamic can weigh upon our shoulders like a large sack of potatoes we must carry with us wherever we go, including taking it home, which impacts our families; and taking it to bed, which erodes our ability to fully rest. This said, please be reminded that there is only one Person you must please in your public ministry capacity, and that is your Father in heaven. For when you carefully guard your rest, you in turn carefully guard those moments in time wherein He may then massage your heart, clear your mind, and free your emotions of all that weigh heavily upon you. Second-only to Him, is your spouse and your children, or your adoptive family (a family of friends who have figuratively adopted you, or which you have figuratively adopted). All of those on the periphery, many of whom you undoubtedly care for deeply, as a good Shepherd does, must be coached in seeking their primary sustenance from the Lord Himself, that they may be freed from over dependence upon leadership for their sustenance. May this reminder free you from such the burden and enable you to hereafter carefully guard your rest.

“The one who endures to the end shall be saved (Matt. 24:13).”

This one simple sentence, which concludes my personal reflections on the 1st of 3 primary excerpts of scripture in view presently, debunks a handful of pet, westernized and popularized doctrines which have led multitudes astray over a period of centuries. As we revisit this simple statement, consider a very simple rule of interpretation that I learned in one of many (8) colleges/universities/seminaries I attended over a 24-year period while engaged in “higher learning” (tongue-in-cheek). The simple rule of interpretation in question, reads thusly:

  • What does the passage in question say, literally (i.e., exegesis)?
  • What did it mean to whom it was said (i.e., historical context)?
  • What does it mean to me, today (i.e., expositional, practical, contemporary application to my personal life in 2023)?

In this instance, verse 13 of Matthew chapter 24 musters the same answer to all 3 questions: there is no room for misinterpretation, for what is clearly stated is clearly to be interpreted: you must endure to the end, to remain saved.

It is not how we begin the race which matters most, but how we end the race.

In Matthew 16:23, Jesus alarmingly rebukes Peter by exclaiming, “Get thee behind me Satan!” This is the Apostle Peter, who was given the keys to the Kingdom, and whose revelatory faith was to be the rock upon which the Church would be built, and Jesus is calling him “Satan!” What are we to learn of this, in the context of “enduring to the end”? It is this: at any moment any one of us may succumb to be Satan’s very mouthpiece, if we fail to “hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (II Cor. 10:5). That should be very sobering for us all.

Martin Luther, who revolutionized Christianity with his “95 theses,” would in later life succumb to cursing Jews. Much of westernized theology and church history artfully sweeps that reality under the carpet. Was Luther “holding his thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ” in that moment when he cursed Jewish people? No, he wasn’t. Did he lose his salvation as the result of cursing Jews? No, I don’t believe he did, as I am quite certain that he had a “come to Jesus meeting” before he transitioned to glory. Luther’s slip-of-the-tongue could very well have been that rooted in his affinity with strong micro-brewed beer, which was one of his diet staples. It doesn’t really take much to prod any of us into compromising our tongues. And, as we observed of Peter, he had transitioned from a place of profound revelation in one moment, to a place of being called “Satan!” by Jesus, in the next. If this could happen to Peter, it can happen to us.

We are in fact, in the End-Times, friends. It is time to face spiritual sobriety, to shake-off the cobwebs of western influence, which is at this juncture no different than Babylonian influence, and allow Jesus to cleanse our “system boards” through a Holy Spirit reboot (i.e., “control+alt+delete”), that we may clearly recognize the signs of the times, and order our steps accordingly. This does not mean that we cannot have fun, or exercise humor, or engage frivolous joys; but it does mean that we are wise to take a step back, take a deep breath, rub our eyes, and look skyward, thus recognizing (discerning) that Jesus is fast approaching. For some of you, and to this end, a mini-retreat is presently in order, wherein and whereby you bring everything to a screeching halt, and excuse yourself from your hurried orbit, and spend a few days in stillness—contending for the “still, small voice” of the Lord—which beckons us to come away with Him to a quiet place. If there are those among you who take this suggestion seriously, you may wish to consider fasting and meditating upon Psalm 119 in its entirety, while also praying Psalm 119 (i.e., using many excerpts of this chapter as prayer springboards, equating to a panoramic conversation with God). This can be a powerful transaction.

We now come to the 2nd installment of the three primary excerpts of scripture which comprise the gist of that which I wish to impart to you today via this letter:

“Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, that you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God” (II Thess. 2:1-4).

I spoke of spiritual sobriety a moment ago. I will in turn say something that I pray will be very sobering for the reader to now consider. What if, this “apostasy” to which Paul referred, is unfolding right now? What if, after enduring decades of hideous assaults while sitting atop a cold, lonely watchman’s wall; that which I have witnessed unfolding on the horizon is now upon us? My deep and unwavering conviction is that this End-Times turning point, the “apostasy,” is now unfolding beneath our very noses.

The “apostasy” is the great falling-away; a tsunami of souls who have chosen, through exasperation, exhaustion and demonic harassment, to forsake the faith; and who have caved to the pressures of the world and the demonic deception levied against them, and have thrown down the baton.

Can a believer really do this? Yes, they can. Recall my unwavering conviction that we “must endure to the end, to be saved.”

I have met many of these, one-on-one; who have sat before me and declared that they’ve thrown down their lamp and have no intention of relighting the candle within. These have been stung and wooed by the very Spirit of Antichrist, and have chosen to rather do his bidding. My response? Without waiver I have exuded the compassion of Jesus, and have asked Him to move through me and demonstrate such—right on the spot. On most occasions He has answered my prayers, and subsequently brought many to tears, followed by a long embrace, and ending with me reaffirming their election, their calling, and the promise of Lamentations 3:22-23, which declares that when they awaken in the morning they will meet, like fresh dew on the grass, Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness—which was waiting for them long before they awakened.

An untold sea of Believers is presently under hideous demonic assault, a strategy with one end in mind: the turning of a heart once on fire for Jesus, to that of a cold and embittered vessel of doom. You, the reader, could very well be the only stopgap measure that some of these souls will ever encounter before they leap into an abyss of despair. The one ingredient that will arrest them from their defeated and exhausted stupor is Jesus’ compassion. When you are filled with such, your every word and deed, seemingly simple and insignificant at times, may be just enough to melt the hearts of those otherwise destined to forsake The Way.

The 3rd and final excerpt of scripture of particular meditation, and which I’ve pulled from “the back of the book” (the Book of Revelation), reads as follows:

“Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city” (Rev. 22:14).

This excerpt, friends, is nestled within the final chapter of the final book of the Bible. It doesn’t get any more “final” than that. You’ve all heard the old quip, “the buck stops here.” Well, this is where the buck stops. And, it stops with what is often overlooked as one of the most profound words for all of us, in this lifetime. Please allow me to expand a moment.

It was roughly 24 years ago, that during a fast while away at a conference in the hills of North Carolina that the Holy Spirit graced me with something I had not noticed while previously glossing over this verse countless times previous.

Re-read Revelation 22:14 once more. Now, refocus upon that word “wash.” This word denotes on ongoing act. That is, a daily act. This is the quintessential “active verb.” And, for your daily act of “washing your robe,” you inherit the “right to the tree of life [in the end], and may thereafter enter by the gates into the [eternal] city.”

Understand that this washing of one’s robe is not a one-time act (i.e., “once saved, always saved”), but is rather that of a daily acknowledgement of one’s sinful condition, whereby the Blood of Jesus is claimed; the Cross of Christ is claimed; and one’s sonship/daughtership is boldly declared as the result of “dying daily,” and receiving resurrection life every time we kneel at the foot of the Cross, and ask Jesus to cleanse us of the old nature, that we may further walk-in the new nature, and fulfill all that Jesus has apportioned to us to accomplish.

II Peter 1:10 admonishes us to “Make every effort to make your calling and election sure, for if you do these things, you will never stumble.” I pondered for many years, what it meant from a practical, daily standpoint, to reaffirm one’s calling and election. Certainly the quoting and proclaiming of several corresponding excerpts of scripture will dully underscore the tenets of our calling and election. However, it was not until that day in the mountains of North Carolina, 24 years ago, that I then understood that we make our calling and election sure, by daily “washing our robes” – in the Blood of Jesus, as we awaken each morning to the promise of Lamentations 3:22-23, and Jesus’ mercy awaiting us like fresh dew on the grass—even before we awaken from our sleepy stupor.

“The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease; for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

There are a number of you who’ve succumbed to what I have long-referred to as “spiritual fatigue” – defined by internal weariness in your soul as the result of fighting many significant and successive spiritual battles, on many fronts, for many years. You well-know the promises of God, His faithfulness; and have seen Him move in mighty ways. Your fatigue has yet had a numbing affect upon you, and you are simply tired, battle weary. This paragraph was not penned with presumption; it was penned as the result of a word-of-knowledge. And, the word-of-knowledge comes as the result of God’s immeasurable love for those of you to whom this paragraph is specifically addressed. You know you are among these that I’m now addressing because the Holy Spirit has prompted you to offer this to him, now, while allowing Him in this moment, as you still yourself, to renew your spirit and remove this deep abiding fatigue–He is quite specific in His ways and means–when responding to specific prayer and petition.

I’m praying that the battle-weary warriors among you, who have just felt the Holy Spirit begin to cradle your heart, will also draw you into a deep sleep the next time you retire for the night, and completely cleanse you of the remaining traces of this deep, abiding spiritual fatigue. He can and very often does visit us deep in the night, to do what He does best. I pray that hereafter you will awaken to the reality that He has renewed your spirit, where after you’ll realize you have new strength with which to clutch and wield the Sword of the Lord—the Word of God; and charge back into this battle of the Last Days.

Your Trench-Mate,

David the Lessor