The View from Here


The View from Here


October 3, 2020


Growing up within the urban jungle that Southern California was in the 60s and 70s, I found myself wholly unaware that I was being exposed to the international community, the globe, and that for a much larger purpose later in life—a purpose which would transcend the imagination of a young, confused, depressed, fearful, fatherless and angry boy.

Exposed to every conceivable ethnicity on the planet, I quickly learned one thing which all of these ethnicities had in common: they hated me. It would take some time for me to realize that my blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin were an affront to them all. I grew up as a racial minority in my neighborhood. I was daily threatened, sneered at, yelled at, scorned and berated. And, very often I was beaten by gang members.

I would later travel the world in the Navy, visiting nearly 20 countries. Thereafter I would visit Israel on three occasions, under very unusual circumstances. I would also, over a period of 24 years, attend 8 colleges and universities spanning 7 states. I would sit under many dozens of professors who, for the most part, merely parroted what their professors had imparted to them, as I rarely met with what I discerned to be original thought. Throughout this panorama of academia I would meet many professors proudly representing their unique ethnicities, while also holding me in contempt for my blonde hair, blues eyes, and fair skin. So much for the theory which espouses that education is the solution for racism. Quite to the contrary, racism resides in the heart—which is where it must be excised, and that through spiritual surgery alone.

Most of my life, at this juncture, has been one protracted journey in overcoming rejection and persecution—for simply being born White (with dominant Irish ancestry on both sides of my family). Moreover, I would ultimately discover that moving-in, growing-in and walking-in the power and authority of the Revelatory Gifts would stir up yet another level of persecution—the persecution inherent within the demonic hordes assigned to torment those who represent the Light of Life—Christ Jesus.

In and through a lifetime of threats, scorn, hateful opposition, slander and even physical beatings, I have met with a few divinely orchestrated moments which have provided a healing balm to a very bruised and battered heart. One such moment came about while nestled close to a large fieldstone fireplace within a retreat center in the hills of Black Mountain North Carolina, and while engaged in a “fireside chat” with one of most influential prophets within contemporary church history, and who in recent years has transitioned to glory. “Uncle Bob,” as I affectionately referred to him at the time; and as he had done within my previous encounters with him; donned a broad smile, knowing the condition of my heart, and while also knowing precisely what needed to be spoken in that moment. I recall him stated the following, verbatim:

“Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you” (Matt. 5:11-12).

Sometimes, the most profound words of knowledge are those which come through the quoting of Scripture—at precisely the right time. I had read this passage many times before, over many years, yet when it was personally delivered to me on this recounting, it bore the fruit of Proverbs 25:11, which reads:

“Like apples of gold in settings of silver, is a word spoken in right circumstances.”

Following this retreat, I would continue to minister at many church venues far and wide, and within many conferences, all the while remaining mindful of the special fireside chat with Uncle Bob, wherein through divine timing I had been reminded of the necessary pain associated with advancing on the battlefield of one’s calling.

On the first day of this year (January 01, 2020), I penned an article representing a series of items I felt strongly impressed to share with friends abroad. One could call it A Word for 2020. Within the article I focused upon a series of bullet-points. My very first bullet-point therein, was this:


As the result of positioning this one word as my very first bullet-point within the article, I met with a very sour response from many, far and wide. It should be noted that I do not write and distribute my articles to solicit a response; I rather write and distribute them out of obedience—come what may. With all of the New Year’s glee and glitz at the time, my readers were wishing for a dose of what could readily be referred to as party-line hype, promising further marination of sentiments which might preserve The American Dream which we so desperately cling to—a dream which has cost many their callings—for none of us were ever called to pursue The American Dream. Much rather, we were called to forsake such the vein pursuit.  Consider Luke 18:29-30, accordingly:

“There is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive many times as much at this time and in the age to come, eternal life.”

I often sit atop a figurative wall; a very tall, remote, wall of stone, removed from the masses. Upon this wall I look-out and over the horizon, and I see things. What I have seen with growing momentum since January of 2009 especially, is the very real tidal wave of persecution coming to the Western Church. Nearly every other corner of the globe has already been traumatized by such persecution. However the West has largely been spared such, until now.

The collective church in the U.S. has been on lock-down for many months as of this writing, being threatened and fined for public assembly. This, my friends, is persecution—the persecution I wrote about on January 1st of this year—the word which was met with sour faces at the time.

We have arrived…

I deem this day, a Day of Decision, wherein church leadership must define who they will serve. Will we serve a Luciferian Globalist Communist Regime, or, will we serve the Lord God Almighty? Some of you may take exception to my use of the words “Communist Regime.” I have news for you; the Communists presently holding this country captive equally take exception with you.

How is it, that Communism has overtaken the country, while a sitting patriotic president wars against the same? It is quite easy; we, the Western Church, have allowed it—in and through our dumbed-down, passive, apathetic, spoon-fed, weak, feeble and undiscerning state. One prophet has aptly described the current Americanized Church (a phrase of my personal coinage some 25 years ago), as follows: “big screens, skinny jeans and smoke machines.” And there you have it; the masses have for decades been spoon-fed 1% milk, when they should have been personally hunting for, and eating, meat.

The Western Church is currently being held captive—once again, a posture of its own making. Those discerning among you have at this juncture concluded that the “Covid-19 Pandemic” is no “pandemic” at all, and was rather the brainchild of Luciferian Globalists which include George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, and a long host of other Satanists.  The layers of wickedness sown by this small band of actors alone, is hideous, were it publically known. It should come as no surprise that the “Moderna” company which has recently made billions of dollars in vaccine sales to the U.S. government is co-owned by George Soros and Bill Gates. Equally, it should come as no surprise that Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci were college roommates—both of whom have harbored long-standing visions of global depopulation. Shall we do the math? 1) Create a seeming worldwide pandemic; 2) offer the solution in the form of a vaccine; and 3) kill-off 2/3’rds of the earth’s population through the deadly vaccine.

The above formula happens to be one of the more readily utilized by our Luciferian Globalist—Deep State—Shadow Government overlords. The formula looks like this:

  • Great a problem.
  • Anticipate the reaction.
  • Provide the solution.

Or in short: Problem>Reaction>Solution.

The Problem-Reaction-Solution formula works especially well when it is coupled with yet another formula, that of the “Strategy of Tension,” defined by the creation of ongoing false-flag events, staged simultaneously, and which in turn keep the masses (the general populace) on-edge, confused, fearful, and in a state of unrest—lacking peace. The aforementioned emotions and state of being, lead to the manufactured dependence upon government as “savior.” And further, such dependence ultimately leads to the acceptance of global governance. This progression lays the red carpet for the grand entrance of the Beast System, as forecasted within Revelation (13:17).

One of the more celebrated false-flags is that of the “George Floyd murder” (allegedly killed by police), and which gave context for the Black Lives Matter scorching of cities around the country. Firstly, the “murder” was faked. George Floyd is alive and well. Secondly, the BLM uprising and riots have been artfully manufactured and managed by one Barack Hussein Obama, while being wholly funded by one George Soros.

The list of all of the false-flags presently strangulating the country grows by the day. All the while much of the Body of Christ in this country swallows it—hook, line and sinker. Friends, our collective lack of spiritual discernment in this country is downright ghastly.

In late January of this year I sought to compose and post yet another article; this one wholly exposing the “Covid-19 Pandemic” hoax. I was compelled to warn the Western Church against falling-prey to the implications of such. At that juncture what I was shown had yet to find its way onto the Internet. As I went to post the article, I discovered that all of my personal electronic devices had been “blackballed” from connecting to the Internet (remotely programmed to prevent them from connecting). This condition remained for 8 months. A computer programmer would later confirm my suspicion, that it was a government entity which had hacked and blocked all of my devices. It is helpful for the reader know that there were several activities in which I was involved at the time, which served to expose the wickedness within the Deep State and Shadow Government—my personal effort in exposing evil, and more pointedly exposing the collective assault upon our sitting president.

Consider the following verse for a moment:

“Do not participate in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead even expose them (Eph. 5:11).

Know this, friends; I don’t run about looking for evil for the sole purposes of exposing the same. However, I do readily expose wickedness in high places when I see it, for the purposes of alerting Intercessors far and wide to the strategies we may employ to undercut and tear down the same.

Earlier in this article I underscored how the timing of the spoken Word of Scripture can be profoundly impactful. How’s this for timing?

“I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant” (Jere. 1:10).


When the law of the land becomes law-less-ness, it is time to be the Church! And to act upon God’s grace, and to rather heed the law of the Lord—which is that of forsaking not the fellowship of the brethren!

“Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have made a habit, but let us encourage one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching” (Heb. 10:25).

Do you see “the Day approaching”?

I am presently sitting atop a remote, barren, secluded, cold and stony wall, looking out over the horizon, and I see “the Day approaching.” And as this day approaches, we are to be about the business of shining brighter and brighter until the full day.

“The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (Prov. 4:18).

Our countenance should be shining brighter with each passing day as the encroaching darkness seeks to overshadow us. It is very difficult to illuminate this encroaching darkness while we’re practicing “social distancing” and “self-quarantine,” and as we forsake the assembly of the brethren.

Pastor Rodney Howard Brown in Florida was one of the very first well-known church leaders who chose to publicly defy Communist law. He was immediately crucified by many other pastors around the country, who called him “rebellious” and “moving in lawlessness.” Little did his crucifiers know that Rodney was accurately seeing the lock-down for what it truly was and is—a demonic assault upon the doors of the collective Western Church at large. Shame on those who crucified this bold pastor! I don’t swim in the same “stream” as this pastor, however I do swim in the same boldness, and I for one will not bow my knees to the god of Communism—the public mask of Satanism.

The New Testament is wrought with the steady progression of persecution and martyrdom. Such persecution forced the Believers of “The Way” to dive deep, and to make their “calling and election sure” (II Pet. 1:10). There was no time for compromise; either one was committed to Christ wholly, or one was destined to be “spewed-out of God’s mouth” through judgment (Rev. 3:16).

The steady progression of persecution and martyrdom throughout the ages is dully chronicled in the riveting book, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (by John Foxe). Contemporary chronicling of the same continues through a number of ministries, not the least of which is Voice of the Martyrs, founded by the late Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. Having read all of Richard and Sabina’s writings, I’ve concluded the most profound book of theirs to be that entitled In God’s Underground, a heart-wrenching account of Richard’s collective 14 years in prison, as well as Sabina’s 3 years in prison, during the Communist Romania era. Copies of this book can only be found within used book inventories abroad. These 2 books alone (Foxe and Wurmbrand) should be required reading for every Believer at this juncture in time. It is my belief, that shadowed political pressure forced this book from the printing press. You owe it to yourself to find such.

There are many fine works among contemporary Christian authors, who recount tremendous suffering of saints abroad, to include that of the account of Brother Yun – “The Heavenly Man” – who suffered severely at the hands of the Communist China regime. Brother Yun, who once went over 2 months without food or water while in prison (a “medical miracle”), chronicles at the end of his journey of severe suffering; that the only greater pain than that experienced through torture within the bowels of the Chinese prison system, was that of Western Christians slandering him—by spreading the widespread rumor that his story was false.

My overarching purpose in speaking so seriously about the progression of persecution and ultimate martyrdom, is that to conclude the discussion by stating that it is my personal belief that the countless millions who have died for the sake of the Cross over the past 2000 years, have not done so that we within the Western Church may in turn live self-indulgent lives of compromise while fattening ourselves on an artificial and toxic diet of premillennial rapture doctrine. I simply do not see the substantive Scriptural case for the ultimate manifestation of what I deem to be theological escapism.

My aim at this juncture is that not to engage a tit-for-tat apologetics argument on the timing of the Rapture, but to rather issue a divine wake-up call to the Westernized Church, to prepare itself to define what it truly believes—proceeded by an unyielding defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—come what may.

Many among you may be familiar with the following phrase: “hidden in plain sight.”

Allow me to posit a biblical example of such:

“…in the world you will have tribulation…” (John 16:33).

The soil of our planet the world over cry’s-out with the blood of the martyrs who have gone before us. Can you not in turn see the absurdity of the contrast between their often brutal death, and our Westernized mode of Christianity, presently?

As I near a close to this diatribe (the reader: “Thank you, David”), I wish to offer a brutally candid, honest, and painfully vulnerable glimpse of my personal orbit—as it corresponds with all that I’ve shared thus far.

I have been a tent-making-minister for 39 years to date. I have for 3 extended seasons within this 4-decade period, carried the title of “pastor” – as the result of bi-vocationally placing one foot in the secular workplace and one foot in the planting, cultivation and building of local congregations. I have used nearly all of what would be otherwise called “vacation,” to answer invitations far and wide, to minister abroad. In the past 20 years specifically, I have worked within the federal (Department of Defense) contracting arena, hovering in and out of 6 different roles within construction management at military bases and disaster response sites around the country. The atmosphere within these projects has been very dark, and heavily laced with filth, vice, shocking vulgarity, hatred, malice, violence, slander, threats and perpetual disrespect. I readily liken this environment to that of prison life. And, this work has been a personal prison, for me. This employment sector however is the only opportunity I have had at gainful employment, and I have subsequently accepted it. As dark is it is, it becomes even darker when I covertly share the Gospel of Christ Jesus with the men surrounding me. Sporadically, I lead men to the Lord; buy them nice bibles; and do my best to shepherd them before moving onto the next project. And, it is with high-risk that I minister in this environment. I share this you, to underscore that I have earned the right to in turn say to you that we must be risk-takers in this late hour, and with boldness share the Gospel with those who are headed toward eternal slaughter. On this note, meditate on the verse below for a moment:

“Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, oh hold them back” (Proverbs 24:11).

In exactly 1 month from now, a carefully planned completion of the Communist overthrow of this nation will meet with the demonic activation of what could rightly be called “D-Day” – or Day of Destruction. The campaign began in January of 2009; it then shifted into Overdrive in January of 2017 as Donald Trump was sworn into office. The “campaign” in question is the wicked and covert dealings-in-darkness comprised of the infinite financial backing of George Soros and the wicked imagination and management of Barak Hussein Obama. These “covert dealings” include but are not limited to: the total destruction of the nation’s economy; the whole perversion of the educational system; the exaltation of sexual eroticism and perversion; the excising of any and every semblance of biblical morality; the death of Christianity in its entirety; and the wholesale slaughter of at least 2/3rds of the Earth’s population by the year 2030 (i.e., “Agenda 2030” – the deeply veiled Luciferian Globalist plot to kill-off the bulk of human life on this planet—formerly “Agenda 21”).

The epicenter of the Agenda 2030 plan was set in motion long ago, with the careful planning and creation of the Covid-19 virus, which did not begin in China, but rather began in a research lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (i.e., the United States). The funding was provided by the Obama Administration. The “money runner” was none other than “Dr. Anthony Fauci” – who personally oversaw transfer of the Covid-19 construct to Wuhan China.

The Covid-19 “plan” did not quite go as planned, as its impact was no greater than the average flu season, possibly less. Mass-Media however (which is owned and managed also by the Luciferian Globalists) is kicking this dead-horse, around the clock, in an effort to keep the narrative alive. The medical industry (also owned by Luciferian Globalists) is equally complicit, in and through the manufacturing of falsified records and diagnosing millions with virus—when in fact the same millions have contracted nothing of the sort. The narrative must remain alive—in order to sell the nation, and the word at large, on the remedy—the vaccine—which happens to contain nanoparticles that serve as a tracking mechanism not unlike a GPS transponder; which happens also to contain enzymes which trans-mutate human DNA; and which also wholly undermines one’s immune system—leaving the vaccinated person dangerously vulnerable to millions of viruses. In the end, the vaccine is simply one of the many tentacles at-play in the fulfillment of the Luciferian Globalists’ Agenda 2030 program.

(Pictured below: Barack Hussein Obama and Alexander Soros–plotting the death of what remains of America).

I have re-visited the Covid-19 hoax to remind you of the depths of wickedness now lapping at our feet not unlike an incoming tide on a coastal shore, whereby if one does not ascend to higher ground (i.e., the hill called Calvary), one will be consumed by such the tide. Such the tide includes what I believe to be the covert and deliberate infecting of President Trump and the First Lady, to bolster to the American public and the world at large, the hype and fear underlying a pushing of a “Phase II” narrative—the “accelerated re-emergence of the virus” – which in turn further emphasizes the apparent need for the vaccine. Once again: Problem>Reaction>Solution.

I wrote an article in January of 2017 shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated, entitled: A Season of Mercy.  And, I still contend that Donald Trump’s presence in the White House symbolizes a season of mercy. Further, it is mercy that we so desperately need in this hour, hence our corresponding need for ardent prayer and intercession as November 3rd of 2020 approaches. No, Donald Trump is not our national “savior,” however he does once again symbolize the potential for an extended season of mercy—before our nation, not unlike the fatally damaged Titanic ocean liner, pitches skyward and plunges into the dark depths below—never to return to a position of global influence.

As we rapidly approach what could very well be even greater darkness than we now see, may the lamp of Jesus resident within your heart, be found upon a lampstand, for all the world to see, that those who see it may decide whether to continue stumbling about in darkness—or to follow the Light of Life.

“No one, after lighting a lamp, puts it away in a cellar nor under a basket, but on the lampstand, so that those who enter may see the light“ (Luke 11:33).

Your trench-mate,


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